The History of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Wishing you all a most Blessed Our Lady of Guadalupe Day!!! Today is the anniversary of Her appearance to the Aztec peasant Juan Diego (now St. Juan Diego). Juan Diego was walking in the mountains on his way to Mass (he had converted to Catholicism six years before) when he heard a strange & beautiful music emanating from the top of a nearby hill. Tepayac Hill was long held sacred by the Aztecs & they associated it with the home of their earth goddess, Tonantzin, mother of the gods whose holy day was always celebrated by  the Aztecs near the winter solstice. Tonantzin’s temple had stood on this hill, it’s stairs long stained with the blood of war captives who had been sacrificed to Her. Torn down by the Spaniards in their massive effort to destroy all that was indigenous, now only the hill remained. Juan Diego would have been aware of the significance of this hill so I figure he went to check out this music thinking  the goddess Tonantzin may be putting in an appearance, but what he saw was not Her, but another Lady of Light, the beloved Virgin Mary.

What’s interesting about this is several things, the two that  immediately come to mind is that the Virgin Mary chose for Her appearance a spot already regarded as holy by the natives, plus it was a spot of tremendous violence and torture. Secondly, there was Her appearance, which as Juan Diego would shortly describe Her, matched the appearance of native Aztec (Nahuatl) women in color and facial features. So, the Virgin of Guadalupe is an apparition of color. This fact very seldom receives any mention.

When Juan Diego reached the music he heard a woman calling to him. “Juantzin, Juan Diegotzin.” The English translation is something like”Dear Little Juan,” & this would be the manner in which a Nahuatl woman would speak to a beloved child. As Juan Diego reached the top of the hill he saw a beautiful young lady who could not have been older than fourteen standing within bright light. He dropped to his knees. The entire hill shone with Her brilliance and the entire scene was overwhelming to Juan Diego. He thought this was Tonantzin, but as She spoke, She made no reference to the Aztec earth goddess. Instead, She identified Herself and Her request thusly:

“Know my son, my much beloved, that I am the  ever Virgin Mary, Mother of the True God who is the Author of life, the Creator  of all things, the Lord of heaven and earth, present everywhere. And it is my wish that here, there be raised to me a temple in which, as a loving mother to thee and those like thee, I shall show my tender clemency and the compassion I feel for the natives and for those who love and seek me, for all who implore my protection, who call on me in their labors and afflictions: and in which I shall hear their weeping and their supplications that I may give them consolation and relief. That my will may have its effect, thou must go to the city of Mexico and to the palace of the bishop who resides there, to tell him that I have sent thee and that I wish a temple to be raised to me in this place. Thou shalt report what thou hast seen and heard, and be assured that I will repay what thou dost for me in the charge I give thee: for I will make thee great and renowned. Now thou hast heard, son, my wish. Go in peace. . . employ all of the strength thou art able” (Catholicism dot org article, which discusses the Virgin of Guadalupe in full, but please keep in mind this is from a strongly Catholic point of view:

Juan Diego immediately agreed to go speak to the Bishop of Mexico. Upon his arrival he was ridiculed and mocked. Discouraged, Juan Diego reluctantly left the bishop’s palace and headed back home knowing he must find a way to convince the bishop that he spoke the truth.

The following week Juan Diego was once again walking through the mountains on his way to Mass. He again walked near Tepayac Hill and once again he saw the young lady. When she asked Juan Diego what had transpired, he told her. She told Juan Diego to return to the Bishop to relay Her request. He did so and although the Bishop did not think he was experiencing a hallucination and did see some lady, he still did not believe she was the Virgin Mary and sent Juan Diego away a second time.

It was the dead of winter in Mexico. Plants were not in bloom, and when Juan Diego saw the Virgin a third time she told him to go to the top of the hill where he would find many flowers in bloom. She instructed him to wrap some of the flowers in his tilma, a simple cloak made from woven cactus. This was common clothing for the indigenous people at the time. When he reached the summit of the hill, Juan Diego was amazed to see the ground covered in various blooming flowers, one of which was the Castilian Rose. The rose is sacred to the Holy Mother, as it is to numerous manifestations of the Goddess.

Upon returning to the Virgin with his tilma now full of flowers, She further instructed Juan Diego not to open the cloak until he was in the presence of the bishop once again. Knowing that roses do not bloom in winter, Juan Diego had renewed faith and knew that now the bishop would have no choice but to believe him and build a church to the Virgin Mary on that very hill where Tonantzin’s bloody temple had once stood.

When Juan Diego went before the bishop a third time, he was only granted the audience because a member of the bishop’s staff saw a flower within Juan Diego’s tilma. He attempted to snatch it away, but Juan Diego stopped him. He now had physical evidence in his possession and the bishop was told.

Juan Diego knew he had a bouquet of roses wrapped within his tilma, but as he unfurled his tilma in front of the bishop and his staff he was as stunned and amazed as everyone else in the room.

Not only did the roses fall out of JuanDiego’s cloak, but now they had multiplied. Rose petals fell across the floor, but that was not the only miracle.

As they all looked down at the tilma in amazement the once plain cloth was now decorated with what seemed to be a painting of the Virgin Mary Herself, in full color and dressed in the cloak and colors She wore when she appeared to Juan Diego on Tepayac Hill. The face was identical to the face of the young woman as seen by Juan Diego.

The bishop immediately ordered a church to be built in honor of the Virgin Mary who would be known in that area as the Virgin of Guadalupe. She is the patron saint of Mexico and no saint in Mexico or the Americas is revered more than She.

To this very day Juan Diego’s tilma is on display in the cathedral that now sits on the summit of Tepayac Hill. The tilma, made from simple cactus strands, never should have lasted beyond 20 years. To this day it is still in a pristine state and even miraculously survived an attempt to blow it up. Pilgrims from all over the world come to visit the shrine every year with visitors numbering at least 20 million a year.

My dad visited the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1981. He had had several surgeries on both wrists and elbows for carpel tunnel syndrome, but still had so many problems that he could barely hold a glass to his lips without having to worry he could drop it. The doctors had done all they could and he was told he would have to deal with that condition for the remainder of his life. My dad was 45 at the time.

My dad always took great delight in telling the story of the Virgin of

Guadalupe every December 12th. It was a very special day in my house and this was how it always was because Dad had always been devoted to the Virgin Mary, long before he made the pilgrimage to Her shrine in the hope of a miraculous cure to his condition. We would light a candle to the Virgin of Guadalupe and everyone was allowed to open one present,which became known as our Virgin Mary present. My dad was uneducated and had been a laborer his entire work life. If he didn’t have full control of his hands and arms there would be no other way he could make a living to support his family. He knew this and was making the pilgrimage with tremendous faith,but also out of great desperation.

After his 1981 pilgrimage to the shrine my dad had his own little chapter to add to the story of the Virgin of Guadalupe.The way he told it was like this:

He went to the cathedral and like many others traveled the final 3 miles on his knees, 1 mile for the Father, 1 mile for the Son, and 1 mile for the Holy Ghost. All the while he prayed for a healing from the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Upon finally reaching the cathedral there were hundreds of people already inside so Dad had to wait quite a while to be able to reach the shrine in which the miraculous tilma of Juan Diego was now housed. As Dad knelt before the tilma to say one final prayer he felt a soft hand on his left shoulder. At this point of his recounting Dad would always cry.

Dad would tell us he knew better than to turn around. No one was that close to be able to touch him. He knew that was no ordinary hand. Then he heard a voice of a young woman. Dad said her voice sounded melodious, almost like music, but the musical notes formed words. The voice said, “Betito, mi nino, no te precupes.”

Dad’s name had been Roberto, Beto for short. If he had been a baby he would have been called Betito, or “Little Beto.” As with Juan Diego, the Virgin Mary had addressed my dad as if he was a beloved child of Hers, which of course we all are no matter our religion or spiritual beliefs. The phrase translates as, “My little Beto, my son, do not worry.”

Dad mentally thanked the Virgin of Guadalupe and just knew he had been healed. When he stood up he had no pain.

From that day forward my dad’s hands, wrists, and forearms never swelled up again. He had full range of motion again and never suffered any additional pain, which mystified his doctors with whom Dad was quick to share his experience. They all agreed that Dad’s situation was indeed a miracle and could be explained in no other way.

My family’s connection to that tilma was not yet over. Fast forward now to me as an adult living in Corpus Christi, Texas. Note that Corpus Christi translates as, “Body of Christ.” I am not particularly religious. I practice Wicca, but was raised Catholic. I also was never particularly close to the Virgin Mary, despite my father’s great devotion to Her. A photo of the tilma of Juan Diego was on tour and had come to the church in downtown Corpus Christi.

I don’t know what prompted me to go see the life-size photograph of the tilma. I think at first it was just curiosity. The original had somehow channeled healing energy that head healed my dad, after all. At the time I suffered from night blindness. I had very poor vision at night to the point that I couldn’t see well enough to drive, even on well lit roads with the headlights on.

I arrived at the church at around 5 PM and as I sat there praying in front of the photo I fell asleep. I am not the type to drift of and I don’t even take naps because when I do I always wake up with a headache. When I woke it was around 8 PM and a woman was telling me the church was about to close for the night.

When I walked out and realized it was pitch black outside I had a little panic attack. How was I going to be able to see to drive home? I thought about calling my husband to come pick me up and we’d come for my car the next day, but I was worried what could happen to my car overnight so I decided to risk it and just drive very slowly.

I drove all the way home mystified that I could see perfectly fine! The night blindness seemed to be gone and my vision was sharp, highly detailed, even on the few unlit roads I had to take in order to reach my house!

Ever since then I have not had one single instance of night blindness and I can drive at any time of day or night without having sight issues.

A miraculous cure? I tend to think so, although it was not one I had asked for at the time, but I still appreciate it to this day.

The Virgin Mary was to work another miracle for me, which I have blogged about previously. To summarize, my family went on a Mediterranean cruise in 2012 that began with 2 days of free time in Rome. Our hotel was a few blocks from the Basilica of Mary and for some strange reason my father-in-law, who is a born again Southern Baptist, was very anxious to visit the Basilica. I had a 39 year chronic knee condition and both of them were so badly swollen that I had next to no ability to flex them. Making the 3 block walk to the Basilica about killed me, and then I saw the stairs I’d have to climb to go inside.

In a strange way I knew that I was meant to go inside and that I had to inside NOW. Not tomorrow when my knees felt better from the 7 hour plane ride from Texas to Rome, but NOW. I felt compelled, I guess in a way just as my father-in-law felt compelled for whatever reasons.

My daughter had to help me up the many stairs to get inside the Basilica. Once inside I immediately asked someone where Mary’s shrine was located. I didn’t want to waste any painful steps walking around looking for it. I knew an image of Her was housed here that was purportedly painted by St. Luke while the Virgin Mary was still living(although I have since learned that is not the case).

I found the shrine and despite the tremendous pain it caused me, I knelt in front of it and prayed to the Virgin Mary for a miracle. I asked Her to please fix my knees JUST FOR THE TRIP. I knew the condition was chronic and I explained that once I returned home I didn’t care what happened, but to please allow me to enjoy the trip without any pain and I would be always grateful to Her for that favor.

I then stood up.

As I did so I realized when I straightened my knees they didn’t hurt. This surprised me, but the biggest surprise was when I looked down at my knees. Previously, both had been swollen to the size of softballs.Suddenly, they were normal size and looked like they had never had any problems whatsoever! I took a step toward my daughter, who walked forward to offer me her arm, then another, then I motioned for her to stop as I took a third step.Then I began to stomp on the hard marble floor as I said repeatedly, “there’s no pain! There’s no pain!” Then I began to say I had been healed. Others heard me. Soon there was a small crowd in front of Mary’s shrine sending up their own prayers to Her.

I often wonder how many miracles She handed out that day.

As for me, my knees didn’t bother me for the duration of the trip. I walked, climbed, jumped, and scampered all over the Mediterranean without any pain whatsoever. Upon returning home I figured, OK,here it comes. The pain and swelling will come back because I had only asked to be healed for the duration of the trip.

The healing took place on June 27, 2012. Today is December 12, 2018.

I have not experienced any additional pain or swelling in either knee since then, except for the aftermath of having smashed my left knee on the door of a kitchen cabinet last August, which –coincidentally or not – occurred on August 15th, the feast day of the Assumption of Mary. I think in a weird way it was just a reminder from Her that she could give and She could also take away. I hadn’t been paying her much attention for the 2 years prior and I think perhaps She was disappointed in me,so She sent me that important reminder, and I’ve returned to giving Her thanks daily for having cured my knees. It did take a year for that knee to heal from the injury, but it’s fine now and the other is none the worse for wear, all raise and gratitude to the Holy Mother.

For further information on Juan Diego’s tilma and additional miracles of the painted image that Science still cannot explain today, please visit for further information of the miracle of her eyes:

Regarding the iconography (symbolism) of the painted image on the tilma visit:

-of-guadalupe-image/message-symbols, which is a fascinating read.

How to Balance Your Chakras

Materials Needed:


  • Two glasses of water
  • A pendulum either in copper or made from a natural stone (do not use glass)
  • Chair (in case you’d like to sit)



IMPORTANT: Drink a full glass of water before AND after. Water helps to clear spiritual toxins from our energy bodies without the process causing undesired side effects like headache, dizziness, nausea or mood swings.
chakras pixabayAsk your angels & guides to work through your pendulum. Inform them you intend for the energy to balance, clear & heal your chakras.
First, figure out the health of your chakras.
Depending on what is YES and what is NO for you & your pendulum, a YES swing means the chakra is fine, NO means it’s out of balance or perhaps even blocked. Size & speed of the swing or rotation will denote the severity of a block or imbalance.
Do this for all 7 main chakras from ROOT to CROWN, so from the base to the top.
Once you know where the imbalances are, you balance your chakras from CROWN to ROOT.
Just hold the pendulum up over your crown until it begins to move (this can cause your arm to hurt if it takes a while). It will most likely begin to swing in a NO direction if there’s an imbalance. Wait for it to stop swinging. It will stop. If the chakra is healthy, the pendulum will swing in a YES direction. It will keep swinging in an ever widening arch or circle as the energy works to further balance the chakra.
pendulum pixabyThe pendulum will arch or swing in a YES direction if a chakra is already healthy. All it to complete its swing. It will stop at some point, but don’t force it to stop because it is sending further balancing energy into that chakra.
If the pendulum moves in a NO direction, you may with your free hand stop the swing. Once you have done that, ask your angels and guides to balance and heal that chakra. Allow your pendulum to start swinging.
In MOST cases it will kind of jiggle in place for a few seconds before it slowly begins to move in a YES direction. As it sends more healing energy into the chakra the YES movement will become more pronounced.
Allow your pendulum to do the work. Do NOT stop the movement. Allow the movement to continue until it stops on its own. Once it has stopped you will know that chakra is now cleared and balanced. Then move on to the next chakra until you have completed all 7 of the major chakras.
We have chakras in every joint in our bodies and all organs possess chakras as well. If you’d like to give yourself a nice overall  healing also focus on the chakras within the palms of your hands, your fingers,  elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, heels, soles of your feet and toes.
When you’re finished, give thanks & drink another glass of water.
That’s all there is to it.
It is also a good idea if you do this in the future to purchase a pendulum that will only be for your chakras. Be sure it is made from either copper, which is an excellent conductor of energy, or some natural stone.
My favorite choices for the stone are amethyst (associated with the crown chakra), lapis lazuli (associated with the third eye chakra), and aventurine (associated with the heart chakra). It is best to choose a stone that is known to be associated with one of the seven main chakras.  


Until next time, wishing you & yours many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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How to Create a Protective Ward.

What is a protective ward? 

A protective ward, otherwise known as a “witch’s bottle,” is a jar into which you have witchs bottleplaced items from your household, plus your magical intentions for protection for your home and all who reside therein. You then bury the jar on your property or in a potted plant if you are renting.

What you need to do in order to create a protective ward.

Firstly, be prepared to dig. Wards should be buried for 2 main reasons that are just practical:

1) animals won’t mess with them

2) people won’t see them & shoot disbelief at them, thus ruining their effectiveness.

When I create a physical ward (instead of a protective Thought Form, which is a whole different thing altogether) I follow an old recipe I read in a book somewhere. It may have been in one of Silver Ravenwolf’s books now that I think back.


  • a jar with a secure lid
  • enough sea salt to fill most of the jar (if your case is severe and you’re using the 5-jar method I mention below you will need a lot of sea salt to fill all 5 jars)
  • a candle
  • a lighter
  • protective herbs like bay leaves, whole cloves, garlic, black pepper, rosemary, starclove star anise cinnamon anise, whole cloves  – any herb that when dried has sharp pointy ends will also work, as well as the super combo of frankincense & myrrh resin

The idea is as the energy attempts to enter your home the sharp items you placed into the jar cuts up the energy, thus deflecting it’s power to do any real harm. It may still get in, maybe even cause a little chaos, but it will be relatively harmless.

You can use nails, bits of glass (I will put a food jar in a plastic bag & smash it with a hammer, which is fun!), anything with sharp, pointy edges.

Mixed with that should be the following for each jar used:

  • some dirt from inside your home (a dust bunny,   cobweb dirt off the floor, crumbs off a kitchen counter). This puts the energy of the INTERIOR of your home into the ward so the energy knows what needs protecting. You can even add a slip of paper onto which you have written your street address.

Note: if you live in an apartment building I highly recommend you do include a slip of paper with your address AND the number of your apartment. When you bury your ward, instead of burying it outside, which you would do for a house or place of business – you bury it within a potted plant that you keep either inside your apartment or out on the balcony. Also be sure to keep that plant alive.

I’d also recommend some hair from each family member, including all the pets. Again, that tells the energy who needs protecting.

I sort of layer this stuff with a lot of sea salt into which I have mixed some powdered garlic, black pepper, dried rosemary, and crushed dried bay leaf – all known to keep evil away.

Now some will also say it requires fluid. Sometimes I do that, sometimes not. Again, you can take water from your tap inside your home. Some will even use their own urine. I’ve never gone that route myself because it’s just too gross for me.

Mix it all together, cap it and then get a candle & a lighter & allow the wax to drip along the edge of the lid to seal the jar. Then you bury it.

Special prayers aren’t really needed, but you can always pray to your Higher Power, or ask Archangel Michael for his protection as you bury your ward.

Good places to bury it – depending on how your house is oriented – would be, next to the front door, next to the back door, or next to the garage door – the common entrances into a home.

You bury your ward as close as you can get it to the door (some house doors like mine are surrounded by concrete).

Now, if the case is extreme (awful neighbors, for example, or a dangerous neighborhood) you will need FIVE jars and you will bury four of them at the 4 corners of your property, plus 1 at the door you use the most often.

If you are RENTING: instead of burying the jars you will place them as close to the 4 corners of your apartment as you can get them and make sure they remain out of sight so no one bothers them. Once you move out you may then dispose of them.

If problems resume at some point it is time to renew your wards. I have lived in my house 15 years now. I have replaced the wards only three times. For me, on average their effectiveness lasts for 5 years. This will differ from location to location and you will need to use your own best judgment as to when you will need to renew your wards.

Whoever moves in my house next, if they ever dig along the foundation to put flowers in or whatever, they are going to find a lot of very strange stuff LOL!

Best time to create wards: during a waning moon on a Saturday. Waning moon runs from the day after the full moon to 3 days prior to the new moon, so check an online lunar almanac.

Until next time, wishing you & yours many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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I created this watercolor painting using the handmade organic watercolor paints of Artistic Isle for the roses (their shop is on Etsy) & the greens of the Woodlands palette by Prima Watercolors for the leaves. I did the lettering with a Pental Fude Sign Touch Pen. I am open for commissions. Email for pricing, which is based on size & time involved in creating the piece.
I created this watercolor painting using the handmade organic watercolor paints of Artistic Isle for the roses (their shop is on Etsy) & the greens of the Woodlands palette by Prima Watercolors for the leaves. I did the lettering with a Pental Fude Sign Touch Pen. I am open for commissions. Email for pricing, which is based on size & time involved in creating the piece.

Today’s the day! Happy 24th anniversary to us!  When you love someone the years fly by.

I well remember our early years of struggling. We only had my husband’s income because I was completing my dissertation at U. Texas – Austin, & that, my friends, is more than a full-time job! Shortly after graduation we had to leave Austin for Corpus Christi – not a good move as we quickly discovered that city was a very poor fit for us. I was incredibly unhappy. We made the best of things, but since I was now far removed from all of my academic contacts & there was NO opportunity for me in CC, I was stuck without a job. I was “grossly over-qualified” for everything, as I was told a number of times. I was willing to do those jobs, but I guess those employers didn’t want an employee who had much more education than they did. I’m not the type to hold my doctorate over anyone’s head, but they didn’t know that. Most who know me are unaware I hold the highest of post-graduate degrees because I’m not into Ego & showing off. If it never comes up in conversation, I don’t mention it, except for now to make a point.

Here’s the point ~

No matter what your life plans may be, remember that Life happens to us while we’re busy making other plans, as a wise Beatle once said.

I had made plans, but then Life happened. Once I realized I was not in control & that control is actually an illusion, I began to feel better about things. Shortly after that grand realization I got lost. Literally. 😇🙏🏼😇🙏🏼😇🙏🏼 I was on my way home from a doctor’s office in a part of CC unfamiliar to me. This was in the days before GPS (gasp! IKR??) so as I drove around looking for a familiar street name I heard a voice that said, “turn right at the next light.” 😇😇😇😇 A few months prior I had begun to channel Archangel Michael & I instantly recognized his voice so did as I was told.

The voice then told me to make another turn where I saw a little shop called Angel Light tucked into the back corner of a strip mall. I figured that I could get directions on how to get back home from them. I walked in to find the owner & the assistant manager in a huge fight! As he left, she literally crumpled to the floor sobbing. I helped her into a chair & gave her a glass of water. She was worried that now she had no one to watch the front of the shop while she ran errands & gave Reiki sessions. I told her I had been looking for a job. After a 5-minute impromptu interview I was hired. I had a Doctorate, was working for just above minimum wage, but I was happy. I HAD A JOB after nearly a year of looking!

While working there I became a Reiki practitioner & a master-teacher the year after I left. This is also the place where I gave my first professional tarot reading despite having read tarot since I was 14. Prior to leaving that job I established my own website, where I offer card readings (Lenormand readings these days), spells that I call enchantments, & my visionary art. I established my business in December, 1997 & last year celebrated my 20th anniversary. .

Today my business is successful. It has allowed me to remain at home to raise our daughter who has never known a single day of daycare. I attended every school function & was Room Parent for her class at every opportunity.

All that because I listened to a voice in my head.

Today is also the anniversary of being hired at that shop & the day my life totally changed, not just once when I got married, but twice. May 22nd is a huge deal to me.

Hubby & I 24 years ago on our honeymoon standing in front of the lilac trees that grew in the front yard of my childhood home in Illinois. I keep this photo on my personal altar.
Hubby & I 24 years ago on our honeymoon standing in front of the lilac trees that grew in the front yard of my childhood home in Illinois. I keep this photo on my personal altar.

My point to all this rambling is this ~

Once you turn control of your life over to the Universe, just throw up your hands & say OK, this is NOT working so YOU give it a go! Wonderful things will begin to occur. They may be tiny events at first, perhaps barely noticeable, but they WILL add up & your life WILL change, & for the better. This is what happens when we give all control over to our Higher Power. It gets to work & will shape our lives into the the way we are meant to live. Stop attempting to force the issue & know things will work out for your highest good in the long run.

Therein lies the lesson.

Until next time, wishing you & yours many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Solar Storms Usher in Mercury Retrograde

I won’t mince words here. There’s a whole lot of shit going on & this is what you can do to prevent it all from affecting you terribly.

solar energy
from ~ copyright free images for commercial & personal use.

A canyon has opened in the Sun that is sending out tremendous bursts of solar energy that are hitting the Earth at this time (see this link for further information). This happens around the equinoxes when universal portals open that allow energy to travel inter-dimensionally. The spring and autumn equinoxes are times of spiritual awakening for many people. The solar energy that reaches the Earth at those times is not nearly as intense as it is right now. These solar storms began on March 16, 2018 and will continue on through March 26th. To add a great deal of spice to this mix, Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday, March 22nd and shall remain in retrograde through April 15th (Happy Tax Day, America! Be SURE you have ALL your paperwork in order as Mercury retrograde can adversely affect paperwork, the transfer and filing of paperwork!!!).


Many people are currently feeling the very real physical symptoms that the energy from the solar storm. This is also what is known as “ascension flu,” which are the physical symptoms a person will experience when their vibratory rate increases to the next level, but their physical body hasn’t quite caught up yet. Here is the checklist of symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches, body aches, stomach ache, moderate to severe joint pain
  • Confusion, disorientation, memory loss, short-term memory issues, forgetfulness
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss of sleep, insomnia
  • Very intense dreams, sometimes of a psychic nature, or really bad nightmares
  • Excessive thirst
  • Lack of appetite, or if you eat meat – a sudden aversion to meat
  • The feeling that no one understands you
  • Being unable to relate to others while in the past this was never an issue
  • The need for more “alone” time
  • Sore throat
  • Ear ringing, buzzing or whining (which – if NOT physical – is the sound of information being downloaded to you by your guides or it is the rush of energy coming into you that is helping to raise your vibration)

Coupled with all of this is Mercury Retrograde, which is when the planet Mercury appears to the naked eye to be moving backwards in its orbit. Although this is an optical illusion it is a measurable fact that during retrograde periods we see an increase in traffic accidents, airline and train disasters, and our appliances and vehicles tend to go haywire, all the while this is made more exciting by the fact that people are misunderstanding one another and arguing more than usual (note sarcasm!).

Mercury is the planet of Communication and Technology. It rules the mind and intellect, also if you are a Virgo or Gemini you are ruled by the planet Mercury. Furthermore, if you have Mercury IN Virgo or Gemini on your natal chart, well, Mercury Retrograde can appear to personally have it in for you. I am Gemini and I have four planets in Gemini: the Sun (of course, which is what makes Gemini my sun sign), the Moon, Venus, and my nemesis: Mercury. Those who are ruled by Mercury (Virgos and Geminis everywhere have my deepest sympathies) or if you have Mercury in your sun sign on your natal (birth) chart are usually much more affected by Mercury retrograde periods than others. By the way, I am surrounded. My husband is a Virgo, my daughter is also a Virgo. Both have Mercury in their sun signs, and even my CAT is a Virgo! Help me, please!!!

Mercury retrograde can adversely affect travel. This can create snafus at the airport. There are more reports of lost luggage during retrogrades than at any other time. Flights are delayed, cancelled, or missed more frequently during a retrograde, thus creating travel chaos for many. Reservations get lost or double-booked, the car you rented was given to someone else and now the agency is out of cars – that sort of thing.

Mercury retrograde, especially when combined with solar storms (which is ongoing as Icomputer type this) can cause appliances, vehicles, and especially computers and phones to go on the fritz. If you have seen your phone or computer screen blink off, then back on again suddenly without warning – that is more than likely being caused by the solar storm, not Mercury retrograde, but combined with the solar energy, well, it’s anyone’s guess as to what we’ll be experiencing as individuals over the next few weeks. Be sure your vehicle is in good shape and also, while on the road please be extra vigilant. It’s also a measurable fact that there are more traffic accidents & fatalities during a retrograde period. You may see more traffic signals malfunctioning – again, that is both an effect of the retrograde period and the solar storms, so while driving please do use extra caution.

pen & inkMercury as the planet of Communication also rules over paperwork, the courts, and even relationships – anything that requires any type of communication. During a retrograde period paperwork tends to get misdirected or downright lost. Be sure when filling out applications, BEFORE you send them off MAKE A COPY! You should be backing up your files and be sure you have backups of all important files and paperwork on CD or flash drive. Do NOT rely solely upon your computer – just in case the worst should happen and it crashes.

Interpersonal relationships can also suffer. Mercury retrograde can cause people to mis-hear or mis-comprehend what you’re saying, which can then lead to misunderstandings, arguments, and hurt feelings. In my line of work as a magical practitioner, I have noticed over the years I receive more reading and enchantment orders from people experiencing a break up during a retrograde period than at any other time of the year. Please be careful with your words and remember – once words are said they cannot ever be unsaid. Think before you speak.

Here’s hoping that the next few weeks are as peaceful and stress-free for all as possible. If things do get crazy and you feel like pulling your hair out, here are a few things you can do to help yourself to feel better:

  • soak in a bath of 2 cups Epsom salts & 3 – 4 drops of lavender essential oil. This will help to clear your aura and chakras while helping to calm your frantic mind
  • take walks in Nature
  • remember to ground frequently (Geminis, I am talking 2 – 3 times a DAY for you in particular!), by hugging a tree, walking barefoot in the grass or on sand/dirt, or by placing the palms of both your hands in dirt (even if it’s a potted plant for those of you who live in the middle of a large city, that WILL work!)
  • drink more water than usual, for some you may want to double your water intake
  • try to keep your sleep pattern regular. Go to bed at the same time each night & try to wake up the same time each morning
  • eat more fruits and veggies (that’s always good advice anyway)
  • avoid violent or scary movies – this includes the news!
  • remember to tell others you love them (important all the time!)

Until next time, wishing you & yours many blessings & a Blessed Ostara to those whoOstara2 observe this day,

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full Moon Blessing Ritual for March 1, 2018

pyramids & full moon daylight
The full moon of March 1, 2018 will be in the sign of Virgo at the 11th degree. 11 is a number of Awakening and Ascension. Ascension occurs when a person’s (or the planet’s) vibration is raised. You “ascend” just a little bit higher in your own spiritual and karmic development.
The full moon of March 1, 2018 will help us to move forward with our plans. The year began with a huge BANG with the 2 full moons in January, not to mention that one of them was a real doozy being a super moon as well as a lunar eclipse! Some of us are still settling down from all that energy (ahem). Many of us have felt unsettled, uncertain, confused, and our emotions have been in an uproar due to that huge influx of lunar energy.
The full moon of March 1st will bring the down-to-earth practicality of Virgo into the Virgo purple pixabaymix. Except to feel calmer in the next few days as this particular lunar cycle’s energy begins to be absorbed by our planet. What has been unsettled or confusing will soon find a way to work itself out and you’ll be feeling better about yourself & the circumstances in your life.
Occurring on the 11th degree of Virgo, this particular full moon can open your eyes to many things. Awakenings and great realizations can occur. Be prepared to come to some realizations about situations, people, perhaps your entire life. You may experience real EUREKA moments or major AHA! events. Go with the information you receive. It will help you to further achieve your dreams and goals because it will have Virgo’s practical energy behind it.
It would be beneficial if you did something special to open yourself up to receiving the energy of this particular full moon. You may wish to go outside any one of these nights preceding the actual full moon or you can wait and do this little ritual on March 1st. It’s up to you.
Go outside and stand under the moonlight. It doesn’t matter if the moon is physically reaching for the moonvisible in your part of the world or not. You will still be standing under Her rays. Raise your hands high above your head and as you bring them down be sure your palms are oriented facing the sky. Leave your arms outstretched at shoulder high as you say the following or something similar:
Mother Moon, 
I gladly open myself to
Receive your blessings of
Peace, Calm,
Practicality, and Groundedness
Which come to the Earth
For this particular full moon.
I welcome your energy
Into my life
As well as all the blessings
This particular full moon
Brings to all.
In gratitude
(state your full name)
It is done. Know that you will receive some lovely blessings during this lunar cycle, which covers the remainder of March, which concludes on a blue moon. Remember to repeat this full moon blessing again on March 31st to receive the full benefits of both full moons of March.

May blessings abound for you & yours!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Deck Review & Card Reading: The Body Cards

As far as oracle decks go, Courtney Putnam’s Body Cards are a fairly unique concept. Methods of divination that rely upon the energy field of the human body; such as, muscle testing for one example, are accurate because our bodies have innate wisdom we can put to good use. The Body Cards are a lovely divination tool that provides us with another avenue for consulting the wisdom of our bodies. Putnam states that “[y]our body is your map, your muse, and your medicine” (guidebook, p. 5). Putnam demonstrates how The Body Cards bring this statement to life.

Body Cards1

The Body Cards are a tool through which we can consult our own bodies for guidance. the card imagery serves as a metaphor for physical ailments. Putnam’s beautiful collages “symbolically represent the energy, essence, and deeper meaning of each part of the body used in this deck” (guidebook, p. 10). Symbols; such as, birds, frogs, and other animals, in addition to stars and other patterns are included for additional intuitive meaning.

Courtney Putnam’s artwork is beautiful. If you like scrapbooking, art journaling, card making, or rubber stamping, you will love her art. The overall style is very much like that of the artists whose work graces the pages of the mixed media art magazine Somerset Studio, which I have been reading for years. Each card is a delight for the eyes and the soul.

The cards measure 4 x 6″, which does make them difficult to shuffle, but I’m thankful for their larger size because a reader can see the finer details of the artwork. Card interpretations consist of the title of the piece, an aspect of the card’s image upon which to meditate,  the specific location within the body to which each card corresponds, the function of the associated body part, associated chakra, and overall interpretation. A reader can discern the card’s message as it pertains to the question asked within any of the aforementioned parts of the card’s interpretation. As a result, I strongly advise readers to go over every section of the card’s interpretation. Do not merely skip on ahead to the final interpretation of the card because you may miss some valuable insights.

Each card’s interpretation concludes with a “Try This” section. Included is the associated color along with suggestions on how to incorporate that color fully into your life, suggested uses for essential oils, and a physical activity that serves to activate the energy of that particular card in your life. I have experimented with this deck extensively and can tell you that these suggested practices do garner results.

As for asking questions, in my experience decks work differently for different people.  That being stated, I find that for me this deck is best suited for answering questions that focus on the reason behind something (why did she react as she did, etc ..). It is also well suited to answering questions that begin with “what is the nature of  <name>’s connection to <name>,” when asking about relationships. An example of this type of reading is below. When seeking guidance about making a decision it is best to phrase the question as, “how would I best benefit from <state your option>.” Then ask the same question about your other choices. Or you can ask “which choice is for my highest good,” and draw 1 – 2 cards on each alternative. Another type of question you can ask is “which body part requires attention at this time,” or “where in my body am I storing emotional disappointment/trauma” and then follow that up with “how can I release the emotional disappointment/trauma in a way that is the least painful for me?”

This deck answers the why, what, how, and which questions very well, but if you wish to know if John or Nancy loves you or what their feelings are for you, this deck does not respond well to that type of question – at least not in my experience with it. Another reader may have a completely different opinion.

Sample Reading

A client came to me with a question about her relationship. Both she and her partner see themselves as soul mates, but they sense the relationship goes even deeper than that. She asked if they could be twin flames. I asked the cards “what is the true nature of the connection between M and C? I drew the following cards:

Body Cards2

Corpus Callosum: Communication ~ what is interesting is this body part is the bundle of nerves and neural pathways in the center of the brain that allows the two halves of the brain to communicate with each other. This immediately brought the twin flame concept to my mind. Without the proper function of the Corpus Callosum it would be impossible for the body to function correctly. the focus here is of pure and clear communication through kindness, compassion, and diplomacy. I interpreted this card to mean it’s important for M and C to remain clear in their communication with one another and this would be their strength as clear communication would strengthen their connection and ability to walk forward into the future together as a couple.

Soleus Muscles: Action ~ located within the calves,the Soleus Muscles are responsible for pumping blood from the lower extremities back up toward the heart. the Soleus Muscles help with balance and walking. the Soleus Muscles indicates it is time for M and C to take action on what they have been envisioning, yet they may resist or feel frightened of such action.

In summary, the Corpus Callosum verifies they do have a twin flame connection. They are two halves of the same whole, two parts of the same soul. Clear communication is of great importance. The Soleus Muscles urge them to take action now on whatever they may be hoping or planning to manifest.

Deck Design Specifics

The Body Cards are housed within a sturdy laminated box with a hinged lid and magnetic closure that allows the box to stand up on its end to be stored in a bookshelf like a book. The box measures 6 x 9 x 1 1/4″.

The guidebook measures 6 x 9″ and has 96 pages.  The guidebook is illustrated in full color throughout. Sections of the text  include Introduction, How to Use The Body Cards, 4 spreads, card interpretations, bibliography, and full color groupings of the cards as they correspond to each of the seven major chakras.

There are a total of 35 cards that are of excellent quality with a semi-gloss laminate.

The Body Cards is a unique system of divination. If you’ve been searching for something different, this is definitely the deck for you.


~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher in order to consider it for review. I only review those decks that are of interest to me & which I feel would also be of interest to my followers.