How to Use Positive Affirmations Effectively.

How do you start your morning?        Tea Cup, Vintage Tea Cup, Tea, Cup, Vintage, Drink

  • Exercise?
  • Enjoying a cup of coffee?
  • Walking the dog?
  • Getting the kids ready for school?
  • Meditating?
  • Bathing?

These are just a few things people do each morning as part of their regular morning routine, but you can easily work in one more little thing that can help to set you up to experiencing a wonderful day: a morning affirmation.

Affirmations are positive statements usually beginning with the “I AM” statement. I AM is powerful all on its own. It states what you ARE. I AM is the Name that God chose for Himself as He was speaking to Moses from the burning bush (“I AM who I AM.”) I AM is a statement that is in present tense, so it is NOW. I AM is a statement of being. The words that follow I AM state exactly what you are, how you are, and they can state your expectations. 

I AM are two words that when used together CREATE.

I Am, Being, Be, Am, Spirit, Spiritual, Soul, SoulfulThe words that follow I AM establish your reality and the experiences you will have when you use an I AM statement.

Consider your own inner dialogue. What types of phrases follow when you use the I AM statement? Here are a few examples:

  • I AM so broke.
  • I AM disgusted with <fill in the blank>.
  • I AM fed up.
  • I AM tired.

Many of us, myself included, have negative self-talk. We think to ourselves and use these phrases every single day. When you recognize negative self-talk simply take the phrase and change it into its positive counterpart. For the above phrases that would give us:

  • I AM prosperous.
  • I AM happy with <fill in the blank>.
  • I AM content.
  • I AM energized.

Do you see how simple this is? Next, focus on the positive counterpart and repeat it to yourself at least five times.

It takes a minimum of five repetitions for a statement to reach your subconscious.

Once an affirmation reaches your subconscious mind your higher self then gets to work on bring forces into play that help to make that statement a part of your reality.

When using morning affirmations – or affirmations at any time of day – it is important that you repeat the affirmation in sets of AT LEAST FIVE.  I use 7 myself because 7 is a mystical number and many view this number as being lucky.

Try affirmations and see how they work for you. To be fair, give the process at least 30 days. It takes time for all the cogs in the universal wheel to fall into place in order to allow your wishes to manifest in reality. Some affirmations may take significantly more time to manifest change. For example, an affirmation I used for a whole year was:

My knees are healthy, whole, and pain-free.

I suffered from a chronic problem for 39 years. I used this affirmation for an

Manifestation Mandalas are available by commission. Visit Image copyright Nefer Khepri, 2011.

entire year along with meditating upon my very first Manifestation Mandala that I created for myself. My Manifestation Mandalas are 12×12″ acrylic paintings on stretched canvas charged with positive energy according to the four wishes you hope to manifest into reality. No two are alike. Every time you look at your Manifestation Mandala and use affirmations you are setting energy into motion that helps to manifest those four wishes.

For the very first Manifestation Mandala I created, which I created for myself (I always experiment upon myself before releasing new Services to the public to be sure they work), I repeated the affirmation everyday for a year. Then we went on a cruise in the Mediterranean. This was back in 2012 and I blogged about my miraculous healing of my knees that occurred during that trip (see: Miracles DO Happen). So for me, it took a year for the energies to all fall neatly into place. My knee problem was miraculously healed in Rome and I went about my merry way, until last August when I reinjured my knee.

Consider what you wish to manifest and then create a positive affirmation you can use every morning as part of your daily morning routine. When you word your affirmation be sure to AVOID the word “want,” as in, “I want a new car.” Look up the word “want” in the dictionary and you will find its original meaning is “to lack something.” When the universe hears the word “want” it translates it as having its original meaning. So the universe hears you saying, “I lack a new car,” when you are saying, “I want a new car.” You’ll never get that car.

Instead, replace the word “want” with “desire,” “wish,” or “need.” Any of those words will be more powerful in an affirmation as they all focus on some aspect of manifestation.

Image may contain: textThis is a great affirmation to use every morning. Try it for a week & see how it goes. I use a morning affirmation everyday. Feel free to use mine if you prefer it:

Today I am at peace within myself & with others. 
Today I call in all blessings & know that I am worthy to receive. 
Today I love myself & do what I can to show others I love them.
Today is an amazing day for myself & all whom I love. 
~ Nefer Khepri

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