Author Photo 2I am Nefer Khepri, professional artist and the author of The Egyptian Lenormand card and book set (Schiffer, 2015). I’m also a mother, a wife, friend, cousin, daughter-in-law & eternal student who has been fascinated with the metaphysical my entire life. I have been in business at my site: http://www.magickal-musings.com since 1998. I now have clients on every continent with the sole exception of Antartica. I guess penguins don’t need spiritual consultations 🙂

I began reading tarot at the age of 14 with the help of only one book at the time (Eden Gray’s classic, The Complete Guide to the Tarot).  I am self-taught. My mother grew frustrated with her cards & threw them in the trash. I found them & her book, asked if I could keep them, and as they say, the rest is history. I began immediately reading the tarot for myself, my mom, & my friends. I have never stopped & find deep fulfillment from the many ways my clients have been helped and guided by my tarot readings over the years.

My background is mixed. I became interested in reincarnation and Edgar Cayce courtesy of my mother, who was a very open-minded individual. I became interested in ghosts and the paranormal through my father, who was also very open-minded, plus he had many paranormal experiences while growing up in Mexico. My great grandmother on my father’s side was a very well known curandera (Mexican for “white witch” and “healer”). People would walk from miles around to see her. She would give them herbal cures and read their cards and their palms. I never knew about her until I began my business so I was completely uninfluenced by her and didn’t even know she was a white witch until I informed my parents I was starting my business in 1997. My great grandmother died when I was 3 and she is most likely one of my spirit guides.

I always excelled in school so decided to attend college. I majored in Anthropology at Northwestern University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1985. I continued with my anthropological studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara where I focused mainly on the archaeology of the Classic Maya civilization. It was at Santa Barbara that I became involved with the Art History department due to a professor there who taught Mayan Iconography and Epigraphy (the study of symbolism in the art & decipherment of hieroglyphics, respectively). Due to her influence I decided to go into Mayan Iconography and Epigraphy for my doctorate degree once I obtained my Master of Arts degree from Santa Barbara. I then took a year off to contemplate life, then returned to school in 1990 and enrolled in the doctoral program in Latin American Studies at the University of Texas in Austin. I married in 1994 and graduated with my PhD in 1995.

Unable to get a teaching job in my field due to being too overly specialized, in 1996 I got lost driving around a town we had just moved to and I had no idea where I was. I drove aimlessly around and then I found a new age shop. I went in out of curiosity and in the hopes of finding a new tarot deck. I walked in to find the owner in tears and the manager screaming his head off at her like a lunatic. He quit on the spot & stormed out leaving me with a perfect stranger who was literally on the floor in a heap crying her eyes out wondering how she would ever find another manager in time since she was about to leave town for her daughter’s wedding. I told her that I needed a job and that I read tarot cards. She hired me on the spot. Had I not gotten lost I never would have found that job. Or did it find me? I’ve never been able to figure that one out.

I worked at the shop for 2 1/2 years as the manager and then in December, 1998 decided to focus on my own business run out of my home, so I left. I had been seeing clients in my home for tarot readings for quite some time before then so making the transition to working only out of the home was pretty easy for me. That same month I also established my website where I’ve been ever since: Magickal-Musings (don’t forget the hyphen or you’ll end up at another site). My husband, daughter and I have since moved to another city here in Texas, but I still remain at my site doing tarot readings, candle work, and visionary art with my Soul Portraits and Manifestation Mandalas.

These days I’m working on creating two tarot decks, two oracle decks & am currently writing a book that Schiffer Books will publish in 2017.  I also created The Turtle Lenormand in 2014 that I self-published.

I maintain a strong online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and have recently gone back to Pinterest where I hope to be posting  more pictures very soon.

Please join me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest by connecting with me there & on Facebook I welcome you to join my groups so you can keep up with everything that I’m doing. I look forward to “meeting” you there!

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