How to Use the Power of 13 in Spells

THIS FRIDAY THE 13TH IS A FULL MOON!!!!!!!!!!! This is important to those of us who burn candles. Read on for a brief history lesson & magical suggestions on how to best use the day!
Knights Templar, Venice, Carnevale, Costume, CarnivalDo you know why Friday the 13th is considered bad luck? It all has to do with the Knights Templar. King Philip of France & the Pope were conspiring together on ways to get rid of them so they could lay claim to the vast treasure the Templars had accrued from their campaigns in the Holy Land. They cooked up false accusations of sodomy, devil worship & even accused them of eating babies! None of that was true, of course.
Those among the Templars who did not manage to escape were gathered up on Friday, October 13, 1307. They were later burned at the stake as heretics. Those who escaped are later believed to have reached America where they may or may not have taken the Ark of the Covenant along with other treasures, which may or may not be buried on Oak Island, Nova Scotia. Do any of you watch that show, The Curse of Oak Island? My husband & I are addicted to it. I sure hope they find SOMETHING! On to the magick….

The Power of the Number 13

Luck, Lucky Number, 13, Roulette, Boiler, CasinoThe number 13 is sacred to the Goddess as this is the number of members within a Coven of witches. 13 is a power number in witchcraft, long before the Templars. Repeating prayers in sets of 13, lighting 13 candles at once for a major petition, adding 13 herbal ingredients or oils – all that can draw upon the power of 13 to aid in your spellwork.

A Simple Spell to Try

Here is something simple you can do come Friday with a candle. You will need a TAPER candle. They’re easier to use for this than votives, although using a votive is not impossible. You’ll also need something sharp you can use to etch Candle, Candle Church, Devotion Candle, Flame, Lightinto the candle’s wax & a safe holder for your candle. A lighter & any other items you may wish to use. Everything else is optional.
Be sure to keep your candle away from curtains, books, papers, drafts & anything else that could cause a fire. Never leave a burning candle unattended & keep children & pets away.
On a piece of white paper (you’ll need that too), write with a pen in ANY other color EXCEPT black. DO NOT use black. That’s the color of banishing & this spell is to bring things TO you, not send stuff away.
Write out a SINGLE important request. Be careful how you word it & remember, the word “want” is the worst word in the English language. Do NOT use it! It means “to lack.” Instead, use “I wish,” “I desire,” or, “I need.”
Carefully word your intention. It can be for only ONE thing so make it a good one. Once you have it worded perfectly, cleanse & charge your candle.
Write your intention out on the piece of paper 13 times, but each time you write it, make ONE notch on the side of the candle. This places the intention into the candle. When you are done you should have 13 lines or notches on the side of your taper candle, so be sure to begin from the top & space them out with enough room so all 13 will fit onto the taper. Say a prayer, light the candle.
The idea here is as the candle burns through a notch it releases that intention out into the universe so by the time the candle has burned out it should have released that intention a total of 13 times to take advantage of the power of the number of 13 on Friday the 13th.
Wishing you all a most Blessed Friday the 13th. Use the energy wisely.

~ Dr. Nefer Khepri, PhD

Exclusive Channel of the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (CIER) of Archangel Michael

Reiki Master Teacher

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