Where the Hell Have I Been??

Firstly, I wish to thank everyone who stuck around. Examining my stats I have only lost 17 followers. My most recent post was in September 2019. Since then A LOT has happened in our crazy world just when we all thought it couldn’t get any crazier a pandemic hit. The world is still reeling & who knows how long it’ll take to get back to “normal,” or if that will ever happen. Do we even want that to happen? That’s a good question for another blog post.

As for me, I’m still here. I dyed my hair purple figuring we’re in a pandemic & who knows what will happen. Purple has always been my favorite color. I was so happy when I discovered it was Northwestern’s color when I applied for admission. Now I can sport my purple pride as I do here in this picture. I took this right before the 2021 Citrus Bowl. My Wildcats beat Auburn 35 – 19. I had done a reading that morning & knew they’d win by a wide margin so I got all decked out ready to celebrate. It’s great to be an accurate tarot reader.

As to where I’ve been, for those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know I haven’t gone anywhere. I’ve been where I’ve always been. Running my business from my home in Houston, Texas. What had been different is I had little to no free time so I had no time to blog.

My husband is also an entrepreneur. He owns an Always Best Care franchise that provides in-home care for seniors. His business has had some serious struggles that began in late 2019 & then became a hundred times worse when Texas went into lockdown on March 24, 2020. I had to help steer what was a quickly sinking ship.

Two goofballs at Wrigley Field – a surprise trip arranged by my hubby July 8, 2021.

This meant I had to run my business while being basically a full-time employee for my husband’s business whenever he needed me, which was fairly often. Most days I worked 10 hours. Weekends I worked at least 8 hours as I maintained my business & helped out my husband.

Late 2019, all of 2020 & much of 2021 was not kind to us. We faced many hardships, not just as entrepreneurs, but also as a family.

After completing her core courses as a 2-year member of the Honors Program at the local community college, our daughter moved to Dallas in order to continue her studies. By that time she was engaged so her fiancé, a very talented chef, followed her up there where he landed a job in one of the best Italian restaurants in town. We were so very happy for her.

Two babies now out on their own.

Our daughter has struggled with moderate to severe anxiety due to a condition known as Irlen’s Syndrome, which is basically crossed wires that interfere with how the eyes & brain process color. Our daughter can’t see the yellow portion of the color spectrum & must wear corrective custom tinted lens that allow her eyes to process color normally. She began to have problems eating & it became apparent there was a big problem. It took me over a year of begging to get her to see our doctor who immediately diagnosed her with anorexia (minus the body image component of the disease) & started her on Lexapro, which has helped her tremendously. She is eating better, but is still struggling to regain the 26 lbs she lost when she was already trim.

So, I’ve had a lot going on. On the plus side we added to our family on July 5, 2020. Magick is a female Australian Shepherd we got when she was 5 weeks old. She is a very high energy dog & so loving & playful. We all love her & she’s brought much needed joy into our lives.

A very rare serious moment

I’m still running my business, but I’m making some changes, the first of which will go into effect November 1st, or whenever I can figure out how to edit my site – whichever comes first.

The first change is that I will stop offering readings to the general public. If I have done a reading for you sometime in the past 5 years you will be regarded as an established Reading Client. That means you can still order a reading when you need one. As far as reading for the general public, it is no longer conducive to my mental or emotional health. Reading cards is draining, even on the best of days. Given all that has happened in not only the world, but also in my own personal life, I sadly need to pull back from reading for new clients. That is not to say I will never read for the public again. I hope to do that again, but it won’t be anytime soon.

I will still be performing spells & accepting commissions for my Soul Portraits & Manifestation Mandalas. Heads up! If you have ever wanted to order one, I shall be increasing my prices in January, 2022.

The second change that I hope many of you will enjoy and benefit from is I am in the process of designing my own online school. The working name is The Magickal Musings Academy for Seekers.

I am very excited about this! First up will be a complete tarot course. I do not offer certification, but by the time you complete my course you will be equipped to provide others with professional readings.

I will also be offering for the first time to the general public my exclusive courses on the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray of Archangel Michael (CIER) & Per Ankh – both of which are healing modalities for which I am the exclusive channel. I am also planning on teaching a course on witchcraft & I’ll also offer classes & workshops on a wide variety of topics. Watch this space for all the details & be sure to follow me on Facebook & join my group where all details will be announced first.

I also plan to blog more so I will be back & I promise not to take another 2 years before my next post! Again, thank you one & all so much for sticking around.

Wishing you all many blessings,

Dr. Nefer Khepri

Email: IsisRaAnpu@gmail.com

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