How to Perform A Releasing Spell

As we approach the winter season here in the northern hemisphere, I’d like to remind everyone that this time of year is PERFECT for releasing those things which no longer serve you. Worries, fears, anxieties ~ and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You know what the rest of that list is for you.

This time of year is perfect for going within, focusing on self-care, and learning what things we need to relase so we can be ready to accept new blessings into our lives during the coming spring season.

As we all prepare to observe the holidays in our own unique manner, do yourself a favor. Perform this little releasing spell with the intention to help yourself to release that which no longer serves you. Many of us still retain trauma from 2020; and, let’s face it – 2021 wasn’t so great either. It is time to let all that crap go so that we can enter 2022 with a brighter and more positive perspective.

Materials Needed: Releasing Spell ~

a stack of spell books, a censur with smoke rising from it, small bowls for herbs, dried flowers all resting on a table.
  • White Paper
  • Pen with BLACK ink
  • White or blue candle, small: chime or tealight
  • Incense: I recommend frankincense & myrrh, or if you have palo santo or a sage stick feel free to use that
  • Safe candle holder in a size appropriate for your candle
  • Lighter (do NOT use matches!!! – see below)
  • Incense holder

Spell Duration: : anywhere from 10 – 60 minutes, that all depends on you and how much time you’d like to devote to your spell.

Timing: any Saturday OR for double the energy use any Saturday during a waning moon (when the moon is moving from full to new)

Instructions: Once you have gathered all your materials you will need to make the time to sit with your pen & paper. We use black ink because black is the color of banishing and what you will be doing is sending all this crap away from you, which is what banishing accomplishes.

Carefully list all the things you wish to release. All your fears, worries, & anything else you would like to see gone from your life. Be sure your list is legible because you will need to read it out loud when you perform the spell. Once your list is complete, sign it in whatever signature you normally would use for a legal document, for example, and date it. What you just wrote is a contract between you and the Universe focusing on all the things you wish to release. Signing and dating your list makes it official and that tells your subconscious mind that this is an important thing you are doing.

Performing the Releasing Spell

Once you have prepared your list it is now time to prepare your candle. Remember that incense is optional. Nothing else is really necessary for this spell other than your list and candle, along with a LIGHTER (no matches!!) and a safe holder that is in a size appropriate to the size of your candle.

A brief word about matches: I do not use matches EVER because they are made from sulfur. In my experience, the demonic will often announce its presence with the stench of sulfur. Therefore, I do not use matches due to the scent of matches possibly attracting dark spirits. I always use a lighter.

Place your candle in a safe holder to be sure it fits, then you’re going to cleanse your candle. You cleanse your candle simply by rubbing it from the middle out to both ends. Remember

Candle, Wedding, Decoration, Table, Romantic, Glass

to include the wick. This removes any unwanted energies from the candle that it could have picked up in the manufacturing or shipping processes, or from sitting on the shelf at the store before you bought it.

Next, you’re going to charge the candle. You do this by focusing on your intention. Now for this spell our intention is to RELEASE or to get rid of/banish what no longer serves our highest good. You rub the candle the same way in which you cleansed it, but this time you focus on releasing whatever is written on your list. Imagine those things either leaving your life, growing smaller and less powerful, or just disappearing. You do this for about a minute or until your candle feels “ready” to you.

Be prepared for a possible physical reaction from your candle. Sometimes after the cleansing process a candle can feel lighter in weight. Sometimes after charging it can feel heavier in weight or it may even tingle in your hand. Don’t freak out if any of this occurs. It’s normal and is part of being the magical human that you are.

Light your candle and read your list out loud. Before each item on your list say the following phrase:

I freely and willingly release ... <state the first item on your list>

Repeat the same phrase for every item on your list.

When you are finished with your list conclude by stating in a firm voice like you really mean it:

All these things I have stated, I release them. I clear them from my life. They no longer hold any power or infuence over me. I am free of them. And as my will, so mote it be.

Regarding your list, you can either burn it in the candle flame or bury your list outside or in a potted plant.

Know that your releasing spell is done. Take several cleansing breaths and know you are now ready to invite new and better things into your life.

Allow the candle to burn itself out. If it has not extinguished and you need to leave you can snuff it out and then relight it when you return. Candle remains should be disposed of away from your property in any way you see fit.

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Until next time, I wish you many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R.M-T.

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