How to Master the New Reality

You have no doubt heard or read that our 3D world is moving on up into the 5D, or Fifth Dimension. If you haven’t, VERY briefly (and admittedly superficially!- use Google to find out more), every living thing, including our planet, has its own vibrational frequency. Your frequency is your personal energy. This is what keeps you going everyday and it is what others can pick up on when they “see” that you’re “having a bad day,” for example, or when they realize you’ve very happy about something. Energy is not seen, but it is easily felt, especially by a person like you who is already sensitive. You most likely already pick up on the energy of other people and perhaps even locations and objects.
My first E-Book is Mastering the New Reality: Stepping into the 5th Dimension. Within these pages is information from my own spirit guides as well as Archangel Michael (whom I have been channeling since 1996) & various ascended guides and masters.

This E-Book discusses in layman’s terms what is going on with our planet now and how you can best adapt your own energy and vibrational frequency to better match the higher frequency of our planet so that you can move smoothly into the fifth dimension with as little turmoil as possible.

Within the pages of this book you will find guidance on how to ~

  • Open your mind to greater possibilities
  • Understand the true power of your own mind
  • Connect with your higher guidance
  • Know that your spiritual team is always with you & you are NEVER alone
  • Add a little magick to your everyday life
  • Step into your own power

I am Dr. Nefer Khepri, multi-award-winning published author and artist (The Egyptian Lenormand, Schiffer Books, 2015) and the CEO of, my online spiritual business where I have been at the same URL since 1997 offering card readings, performing spells, and providing visionary artwork by commission.

My soul’s mission in this lifetime is to help as many people as possible to reach their full potential by realizing that everyone has innate gifts. All you need to do is to discover what they are. I am here to help you to do just that.

If you’re ready, use the link above to pre-order Mastering the New Reality: Stepping into the 5th Dimension, at the discount pre-order price. I plan on releasing the book in February. The pre-order price EXPIRES on February 16, 2022, after which the price for my E-Book will DOUBLE. My E-Book will never be offered at a 50% discount again.

Order now to receive a 50% discount.

You will receive your copy of my E-Book as a PDF file at the email address you have registered with PayPal. If you would prefer to receive your E-Book at another email address, please email me at and let me know.

Also, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

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Until next time, wishing you many blessings!

~ Nefer

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