What Goes Around, Comes Around

We live in a reciprocal universe. What we send out into the universe comes back to us in one form or another. If you do a person a good turn, then in time someone does you a good turn or somehow you are repaid for your kindness. Today was a perfect example of this principle.

I took my daughter to the craft store. She & I are both artists & we needed a few supplies, plus we had coupons. As we walked out of the store praising one another for all the money we saved a man came walking up to us.

He had on a dirty white polo shirt and quite worn and tattered jeans. He was in jeans although it was 99 degrees in Houston today. His face was creased with the type of wrinkles that excessive worrying can create.

man-111302_1920 from pixaby.com. Free use image.
man-111302_1920 from pixaby.com. Free use image.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” he said. “I don’t like coming up on people like this, but my wife & I are trying to get to my friend’s business in Rowlett, Texas. He has a job for me there that would help me get back on my feet. I hate to trouble you, but we are out of money & need to buy gas. We have only 250 miles to go and we’re here from New Orleans where I’ve lost everything due to a fire. Anything you can do to help, we would appreciate it greatly.”

Free image: chakras-310119_1280, pixabay.com
Free image: chakras-310119_1280, pixabay.com

Thankfully, I am a psychic intuitive. Even before the man opened his mouth I felt a huge pull on my solar plexus chakra. Your solar plexus is located at the midpoint of your body at the base of your breast bone. It stores your life energy and helps to regular the energy levels of your upper and lower chakras. When someone pulls that severely on my solar plexus I know that they are severely depressed and that they may have reached the end of their rope.

I did not hesitate.

I asked the man to move aside with us out of the way of parking lot traffic and I would see what I had for him. He thanked me profusely and said even loose change would help.

As a woman I know how dangerous it is to open your purse in a parking lot, especially in front of a male stranger, but I had my 18-year-old daughter with me who is a trained black belt, plus I intuitively knew that neither of us was in any danger & this man really needed our help.

As I looked in my wallet I was surprised to see that for once, not only did I have

dollars-388687_1920, free image from pixabay.com
dollars-388687_1920, free image from pixabay.com

cash, but my cash consisted of three twenty dollar bills. I had nothing smaller than a twenty & then I remembered I had been to the ATM machine two days ago & had withdrawn $60 from my account. I also had a single one dollar bill, but I knew there was no way I could give him only that.

I took out the twenty, folded it so he would not be able to see the denomination and handed it to him. My daughter saw it though & her mouth dropped open, then she quickly snapped it shut & said nothing.

The man thanked me & gave me the usual “God bless you,” & said this would help he & his wife reach his friend in Rowlett. I blessed him as well & my daughter & I continued to walk toward my car.

My daughter looked at me with stars in her eyes. She hasn’t looked at me that way since she was small. She said, “wow, Mom! What did you do? You gave him $20!”

I smiled & said, “well, that’s all I had. It was either that or a $1 bill & I didn’t want to do that to him, plus I know he needed it. I felt such a pull on my solar plexus. That man is in real trouble.”

My daughter put her hand on her upper abdomen as she exclaimed, “me too! I felt that pull too! It hurt, actually. What was that?” She knows all about chakras because I’ve taught her.

I explained that when someone is extremely depressed, desperate, or very low on their own physical energy they will unknowingly (in most cases) reach out to the nearest person & begin to draw energy from their solar plexus in order to replenish their low energy reserve. I told her I felt that even before the man began to speak & that told me he wasn’t scamming us. He was in real trouble so I did what I could to help out.

As we got in my car both of us felt relief from his solar plexus energy pull. We looked back and took a good look around the parking lot. The man was nowhere to be seen. My daughter pointed out that had he been a scam artist we would have seen him begging from another person.

As we drove off I could still feel a slight pull on my solar plexus so I instructed my daughter to send off a quick prayer to Archangel Michael & ask him to sever the energy cords that man had sent out to her & that I would do the same.

That’s a very simple process that is painless to all involved. All you do is ask Archangel Michael in your own words to use his Sword of Truth to sever all energy cords running to you from that person. State their name if you know it. Then ask that Michael sever all energy cords running from you to that person through all space, all time, & across all dimensions.

This occurs instantaneously. Michael does not wait & you will feel immediate relief. I have used this method countless times over the years. I felt immediate relief after I said the prayer & I asked my daughter how did she now feel. She said she felt fine & that she felt better after she prayed to Michael.

I turned this into a life lesson for her. I told her the way the universe works is whatever we send out into it we get back, usually three times over. This occurs whether we send out good or bad energy. I told her since I did that man a good turn & did it from my heart, expecting nothing in return, that at some point soon the universe would repay me in kind. She nodded in agreement & said, “Wow, Mom. You’re so generous. Oh, I love you so much! This is a wonderful lesson for me. Thank you!”

If I hadn’t been sitting down in my car I probably would have fallen over. I couldn’t even reply because I was all choked up. I certainly did not expect that type of a reaction from her. I expected her to roll her eyes and say, “OK, Mom,” as she usually does.

We came home & a few minutes later my husband came home. He lost his nice banking job in October, 2015 & we’ve been struggling ever since to keep the bills paid & food on the table. In March, 2016 he purchased an Always Best Care business franchise. He now provides in-home care for seniors. His business has been struggling for over a year now.

As I placed a load of laundry into the washer I overheard him speaking on the phone with one of his clients. I heard him say, “Twenty? For this weekend? Yes, we can do that. Let me make some calls & see  who I’ll send out.”

He came out of his office & told me a regular client needed extra help this weekend & just asked for 20 additional hours of care for his father, who is bedridden due to a stroke.

I immediately thought back to the $20 I had given that man in the parking lot.

Twenty hours will cost the client $20 per hour & my husband’s share will be $10 of that with the other $10 going to the caregiver, his employee. 20 times $10 is $200.

Within an hour my family had been repaid not 3 times over, but TEN times over for the generosity I displayed with that man in the parking lot.

And now you see how the universe works.

What goes around indeed does come around. Sometimes quickly, as in this case, but in most instances it does take a bit of time. Do good without any expectations & watch how you can benefit another person while in time you also reap a karmic reward.

Wishing you many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm

The first oracle deck I have ever created, is finally complete! I am happy to announce that ~

Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm

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Channeled from Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and David Bowie, Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm is intended to provide you with not only spiritual guidance, but concentrating on the channeled phrases on the cards helps you to connect with your angels & spirit guides.

For the story of how this oracle deck came to be, please visit my deck’s blog.

The deck is all hand-created. I hand-painted the watercolor gouache backgrounds in color combinations I was shown so the colors associated with each phrase are also channeled. I created the font by hand and each phrase is handwritten, not computer-generated. Each original image was attuned to Reiki up to the master degree and also attuned to the * Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (* CIER) that is  a new healing modality Archangel Michael is introducing to us at this time.

Please note that this is a self-published deck. As such it will have a limited print-run. I cannot guarantee how long copies will be available & please understand I am unable to hold copies in reserve.

Your deck arrives:

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Archangel Michael Needs YOUR Help

Saint Michael’s & All Angels Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Devika Brendon, 2015


I began channeling Archangel Saint Michael back in 1996 & have been channeling messages from him ever since. Last year he presented me with a new healing modality that complements other healing modalities, such as Reiki, IET, tapping, and so on. Today he has a message he wishes for me to share with everyone. It’s a very important & timely message. I respectfully ask each of you to please share his message via social media. Share buttons appear below the post. He is calling upon all of his Earth Warriors to help in the cause. That means YOU! Please help by sharing & doing the best you can to follow Michael’s guidelines below. Together, we can all make the world a better place. Thank you.

~ Nefer Khepri

A message from Archangel Michael that pertains to current political events ~
My Dear Ones ~

As the vast majority of you are aware, I and my legions have been fighting a war against evil since Time immemorial. We have gained ground & we have lost ground. Such is the nature of any war. I admit to you that recently we have lost ground, but no matter the result, the ground would have still been lost.

The area of your planet known as America, also the area known as the United Kingdom, these are what you refer to as the two great “super powers” of your planet, of your people. It is an accurate label for each of them, yet their leaders leave much to be desired.

The leaders of these countries do not merely lead their own people. They lead the world. They shape your world’s economy. Their laws define what is considered moral behavior and they define what is thought to be human rights. Unfortunately, at this time in your planet’s history it tremendously pains me to say your planet has reached the start of its darkest hour.

I am not here to spread Love and Light today. I am here with a warning. Simply put, for the time being ~

the dark side is winning.

Dare I repeat it? The dark side IS winning.

The political systems of the great super powers have been under evil attack for decades. Myself and those who work with me have done what we can to protect these political systems from total corruption by ensuring that truly good people have held the reins of power. It is quite unfortunate that as with any war, particular battles are lost. It happens to your greatest generals. I am sad to say that it happens to me as well.

The current political upheaval your planet is experiencing is but one battle that has been recently lost, but it is not the WAR. The war continues, as it shall for as long as evil decides to buck the authority of The Source of All. Evil knows no authority but its own, when in truth it holds NO authority in this or any other universe. Evil is the thorn in the side of all that is good.

Evil has taken root in the hearts of humans. We work with each and every human in an attempt to root out the evil within the heart and soul; however, in order for our efforts to be successful the human must DESIRE to be cleansed. Many of your centuries ago that was the case. Humans did not wish to be evil. They found no joy in it, no great “pay off” so they were open to our healing energies. Unfortunately, as your Time has marched onward evil and greed now work hand in hand. People believe in order to benefit, in order to have what you term “money”, and what you consider to be “riches”, that you cannot be a good person because good people are walked on. Good people finish last.

That idea has been sowed by evil and is now being reaped by countless humans around your planet. What is worse is that many of these individuals are in positions of what you would classify as real political power.

I am not here to pass judgement. That is not my job, and I thank the Source of All That Is, Was, & Ever Shall Be that that is NOT my job. It is a task I have never envied. I am not here to say that the current world leaders are evil, but what I can tell you is what I have seen in their hearts. The vast majority of their hearts are black. BLACK, I tell you. Black as pitch!

I now call on all my Earth Warriors. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I have touched your hearts, your very souls. I call upon you to rise up! Take a stand against evil. Let evil know its influence upon your lives and upon your countries is NOT permitted.

Take a stand by returning to prayer.

Take a stand by sending out positive energy into the minds & hearts of those individuals who are in positions of power.

Take a stand in living your own life with more love & understanding toward others, especially those who disagree with you.

Take a stand for your children. Be a stronger parent, an even better example than what you already are knowing you are shaping future generations of your planet’s population.

Take a stand and be firm in the face of adversity as you have faith that the Source of All shall see you through it.

Take a stand by believing in yourselves as having the actual & very real power to change everything within a generation should you so choose to answer that call.

Take a stand & follow me, Archangel Michael, He Who Is Like Unto God, the Prince of the Heavenly Host, Warrior of Good, Defender of the Faith. I call upon each & every one of you to do what you can. Big, small, it doe not matter. As long as you focus on sending out only good, then your good works can & WILL TURN THE TIDE. We need you. We need your help. Without you the battle will be lost.

I repeat,


The turning point has come. The turning point is NOW. Do what you can to help turn the tide and you can all take it upon yourselves to save your people, your planet. It is not too late. Light still shines in countless hearts & souls. Allow your light to shine even brighter. Be an example to others. Show them what joy it is to live in the Light so that they gradually turn from the dark path they have chosen for themselves.

I stand beside you. My legion stands behind you. Whenever you feel threatened or even if you are simply feeling overwhelmed, call my name. I, Micha-El, He Who Is Like Unto God, I shall be at your side immediately. In fact, I am at your side already, little do most of you realize.

Sent via the Universal Consciousness of the Christ,


Channeled by Nefer Khepri
November 12, 2016
Houston, Texas

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The Game 7 Rain Delay Miracle


This morning when I woke up to Steve Goodman’s immortal classic, “Go Cubs, Go” running through my head on repeat I thought to myself, “as I get out of bed it’s the first time I’ll be doing that with the Cubs as World Champions.” I had the same thought when I showered, brushed my teeth, got dressed, & had a bowl of RizzO’s cereal for breakfast.

As I ate my RizzO’s I thought back to Game 7. I thought back to the prayer I sent up to Archangel Michael, who just happens to be a personal friend of mine. I explained to him for the upteen millionth time what it means to be a Cubs fan. How much hope & disappointment is involved. I asked him to send a miracle so that just this once before I die I could see my fondest wish manifest into reality. I asked him to do something stupendous. Something that would never be forgotten so that as I told my version of events to others I could say, “it was because of Michael. Michael, the greatest of Archangels, made this happen.”

As many of you know, I have channeled Archangel Michael since 1996 & I am the exclusivesword-scales-of-justice channel of his Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (CIER). I hear his voice in my head when I connect with his energy. As I explained the situation and how absolutely dire it was as I sat there fighting back tears & biting my nails this is what I heard:

“Oh, so it’s a MIRACLE you need? Well, why didn’t you say so!” Three minutes later it began to rain at Progressive Field.

Rain is spiritually cleansing. Unless you’re aware like myself, most people have no idea how effectively rain can be used to break hexes, curses, & to cleanse away what amounted to 108 years of negative energy. As it began to rain & my husband began to swear like a sailor due to the rain delay I sat there watching the rain. All the while thinking, “Michael, I trust you. You must know what you’re doing. Make that rain work for the Cubs.”

There were a number of turning points during Game 7, but when the rains came just hard enough so that the grounds crew had to roll the tarp out to cover the field it only caused a delay of 17 minutes. I knew as those minutes ticked by something stupendous was happening. I could FEEL it. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew where it was occurring: within the confines of the visitor’s clubhouse or locker room.

jason-heywardAs it turned out, Jason Heyward, had stepped up. Despite his stellar career with the St. Louis Cardinals, he did not do well all season long & fans grumbled about his $184 million price tag. Other than his great arm in the field fans had begun to consider Heyward a very expensive miscalculation. As it turns out, Heyward called a team meeting & gave the players a pep talk. He told them to go back out there & play as if the score was 0-0. Just play to win.

And that’s just what the Cubs did. They played to win, and win they did, by only one run. It takes only one run to win a ball game.

What price do you place on a World Series championship? For life-long fans it’s priceless. Or, perhaps it has a price of $184 million. I only know one thing: despite his shortcomings this season, Jason Heyward stepped up during the deepest, darkest moment of Cubs history. Heyward revved up his team & helped them to all believe in themselves & in each other once again.

If you ask this Cubs fan, I would tell you that Archangel Michael created a miracle with that short rain delay and he was the one who put the right words in Jason Heyward’s mouth. Archangel Michael has honestly NEVER let me down. Not ONCE. He came through last night with flying colors, to say the least.

Today is different from any other day of my entire 53-year life. Today is the first day that I shall be able to go through the rest of my life knowing that MY team is finally at the top. They are the very best of the best. The curse was broken. The goat died. The black cat is no more. The Chicago Cubs are World Champions & that can never be taken from them or their fans.

Long live the Chicago Cubs!!!




~ Nefer Khepri, PhD

Reiki master-teacher

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Spiritual House Cleansing with Archangel Saint Michael

This is my personal method for undertaking a heavy duty spiritual house cleansing. I share all the steps with you here & I hope that you find my method useful and helpful.

You will need the following:

  • 4 candles
  • a safe holder for each candle
  • a lighter
  • incense (optional)
Archangel Michael candle. These are encased in glass & stand 10" tall. If left burning unattended 24/7 they burn for approximately 1 week.
Archangel Michael candle. These are encased in glass & stand 10″ tall. If left burning unattended 24/7 they burn for approximately 1 week.



Ideally, the candles should be Saint Michael candles. Now, if you can’t find them, that’s okay too. What you will then need are 4 red candles, all the same size, and a safe holder for each one. You will be burning all 4 at once so you need 4 candle holders.

Here is the picture of Michael that is most often used on his candles. I recommend you print it out 4 times. 1 copy is to be placed under each candle holder as each candle burns. You need 1 copy for EACH candle, total of 4 copies.

Michael’s official prayer sanctioned by the Catholic Church is:

 Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

This is the prayer I always use.


First, be sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn your phone off. If you have pets or small children be sure they are otherwise occupied. You cannot stop the process once you have begun or it won’t work.  If you are having serious paranormal issues in your home be forewarned: they will know what you are attempting to do so they may act up as you attempt to perform the cleansing. Whatever happens, just keep going; and, most importantly, show NO fear. Be strong. Even before you call on him Michael will know what you are about to do and he will be with you. To be extra safe, you can pray to him the day before and tell him your plans & ask for his protection ahead of time.

Place each candle at approximately the 4 corners of your home & be SURE that if that is a closet do NOT put the candle in the closet. Sometimes you can’t get them exactly into the 4 corners so use your best judgement & place the candle as close to the corner as you can with it still being in  a safe position, that means away from drafts, curtains, papers, or books – things that can catch on fire from a stray spark.

Be sure the candle holders you’re using are SAFE, meaning they are the correct size and fit for the type of candle you are using.

Once you have all 4 candles in place, go the candle that is nearest the front door or the door you use most often. You will light that one first.

Do NOT use matches. That’s sulphur & sulphur is associated with dark spirits. Use a lighter instead.

You can use incense if you want, but it’s not required. If you do use incense the best for house cleansings are any variety of sage or frankincense and myrrh (my personal favorite).

If you use the glass encased candles, they will burn for about a week if left burning around the clock. If there is to be no one at home you will have to extinguish each candle by SNUFFING it out. Never blow it out. Every flame is a fire elemental & that’s a huge insult. You can relight the candles when you return home. If you do this daily it will take longer than 7 days for the candles to consume all their wax. When relighting repeat the prayer to Michael once for each candle and again, move in the same direction as previously (instructions below).


Starting at the candle nearest your main entrance, say Michael’s prayer 3 times, then in your own words explain the problem & ask for his help.

Move on to Candle # 2, which will begin to form a counter-clockwise circle around your home. If you face the front door as you pray, the next candle will be to your LEFT.  If you are facing into your home from the front door when you pray then the next candle will be to your RIGHT. Decide ahead of time which direction you will face because you must face that direction for each candle to maintain the proper counterclockwise direction throughout your home.

I tend to face the wall along which the candle is resting for a threat outside the home. The only time I face inward toward my home is if there is disharmony among family members. For this type of spell I always face outward, so like you’re looking out at the street, your side yard, and your backyard as you move around the house lighting the candles.

Say Michael’s prayer 3 times at each candle while stating your petition for his help in your own words each time.

End back at your front door (or whichever door you use the most). Open it & make a sweeping gesture outward (you may want to use an actual broom, that’s up to you and if so, position it at the front door before you start). Imagine all the negativity as gray or black smoke being swept out of your home. As you do this you can say something like,

“In the Name of ___________, I sweep out all negative energy, all evil, and all discord from my home.”

The blank is to be filled by the name of your higher power. God, Jesus, or whatever deity you call upon.

Say this NINE times while maintaining the sweeping gesture throughout.

Turn around & stand outside your door facing inward & say the following NINE times:

“In the Name of __________ I invite in all the angels, protective and benevolent spirit beings, and our spirit guides to take up residence in our home & serve to protect us from negative & evil outside influences. My home is now filled with the universal white light.”

Then you are finished. Allow the candles to continue burning. Should you have to extinguish them, upon relighting repeat Michael’s prayer just once at each candle, moving in a counter-clockwise direction around your home relighting the candles. This will recharge the candles for their original intentions. Remember to SNUFF them out if you need to extinguish them. This is easily accomplished by placing a small plate or flat object across the candle’s opening. If you are using pillar or taper candles you will need a candle snuffer and these are pretty inexpensive.

What you SHOULD notice afterward if the cleansing was a success:

  • the atmosphere will seem less heavy
  • you may actually be able to physically see more light entering your home
  • you may be tired, but will feel better
  • family members will argue a lot less, if at all
  • there will be a renewed sense of peace and wellbeing in your home

Should you have lousy neighbors who are constantly causing issues then you may have to repeat this spell as often as monthly. It’s a very strong spell so I definitely do NOT recommend you do this more than once a month.

If you run into problems or you feel this has not worked well for you then you may wish to contact me to perform a long distance house cleansing for you. I do this through candle work much like what you would have done if you follow my instructions here.

For situations in which the problem is at work and you cannot light candles in the workplace, simply write down the name of the business, the street address & include the name(s) of anyone being a problem and place that piece of paper under each candle. In that way you can also cleanse your place of work at the same time by proxy. The positive energies will work to cleanse your home and whatever address you stipulate on the piece of paper. Remember to write out 4 copies and place one copy under each candle.

Thank you for following my blog & feel free to leave comments.

Wishing you all many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Spiritual Protection Online

Kyron y la modificacion del ADN. (C) Maria Paula Maximo.
Kyron y la modificacion del ADN. (C) Maria Paula Maximo.

There are a lot of sensitive people out there; and by “sensitive,” I mean open to receiving and picking up on energies that the typical person cannot feel. I have some advice regarding online activity for all who are sensitives: this is important so I hope you all take it to heart.

Every time you are ABOUT to get online (not when you get online, but you are ABOUT to), put up your shield. Imagine that protective bubble around you, call on your angels and spirit guides and any other form of higher power in which you believe & ask that they shield you from the energy of others.

This is important. Why? Simply because there are many very sad, lonely people out there who reach out with their own energy. They knowingly or unknowingly latch on to our energy and draw from it in order to help themselves feel better. This is what is known as an energy vampire, or a psychic vampire. They can literally eventually drain the life right out of you, just like Christopher Lee in the movies,

Bloodsucker, (C) Alvaro Tapia.
Bloodsucker, (C) Alvaro Tapia.

except that their eyes don’t turn all red, at least I hope they don’t!

You can also know psychic or energy vampires in person.  An example.

You’re in a great mood, then someone calls & dumps their problems all over you. You end the phone call feeling drained, tired, like the energy has just been zapped right out of you. Truth be told, it has been. Your friend, in dumping all over you shed themselves of some negative energy, handed it on over to you, and through your words of sympathy and understanding they’ve managed to soak up some of your energy in the process. Most do this unknowingly, but there are some who are well aware of what they are doing and they do so in order to feel great all the time and feed off the energy of others.

When we put up our shields psychic & energy vampires & negative people can’t make that connection to us. As their tendrils go outward they bump up against our shields and fall away. Our guides may even cut the tendrils. I know Michael cuts many for me daily. When your guides cut energy tendrils they are not only protecting you, they are also working to prevent the sender from attaching to the energy of another person. So you may want to ask your angels & guides to not only protect you, but to also cut any and all tendrils heading your way. That way you are doing others a big favor who are not as informed as you are.

Case in point, this happened to me the other morning. I opened my email not thinking to put my shields up since I don’t do that until I log into Facebook, usually. I read an email from a very sad and miserable person who said their life is a total mess and they asked me to tell them what to do and to fix their life for them. I then felt all these tendrils head out to me and in my mind’s eye I saw HUNDREDS of very skinny black wavy lines heading right for me. It was gross, like a giant black squid. I put up my shield a bit late so some tendrils attached (also called energy cords, I use tendrils so you guys can visualize what I saw). So I had to ask Michael to cut the cords, which he immediately did, but as I asked him I began to feel dangerously ill. I felt something wrong with my HEART, of ALL things! Like it was no longer beating correctly and I began to see dark spots in my peripheral vision. I also became a bit lightheaded, but as Michael cut the cords all those symptoms stopped immediately.

Let this serve as warning to you all. A word to the wise, if you prefer.

ALWAYS put up your shield and say your protections BEFORE you open your browser. Also, if you have not been doing this, you can start right now, and after you ask for protection, ask Archangel Michael to cut all energy cords leading from you to everyone else online “in all Space, Time, and Dimensions” and that he also cut all cords leading from everyone else to you “in all Space, Time, and Dimensions.” He will do it immediately. It’s totally painless for all involved and you may end up feeling a LOT better once he’s finished.

For more on cutting etheric or energy cords with Archangel Michael’s help I refer you to an extremely popular earlier blog post of mine.

Wishing you all many blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

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Archangel Saint Michael: Your New BEST Friend!

I’ve been channeling Archangel Saint Michael since October, 1997.  I never set out to do this on purpose. I began hearing his voice one day while I was taking a shower. Yes, Michael likes to hang out in bathrooms, evidently.  He speaks to me the most when I’m in the bathroom.  Years later I read in some book that running water conducts energy and can make it much easier for you to hear your angels and spirit guides.  So the next time you need some guidance you may want to try lighting a candle next to a sink, running the water, then open yourself up to receive impressions.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael

I’ve written about Michael before and will no doubt write about him countless more times before I hang my hat and retire.  Michael has been there for me at the worst of times & also at the best of times.   He has ALWAYS been there when I’ve needed help, even in my dreams when I’ve had nightmares.  He has NEVER EVER let me down, and as far as I know, he also has never disappointed any of my clients to whom I have recommended him.

Archangel Saint Michael, although considered by many to be “Catholic,” is one of the few angels named in the Koran as well, so he is important to Muslims.  Michael first appears in the Old Testament of the Bible in the Book of Daniel (therefore he is also mentioned in the Torah) and is there by name being referred to as “one of the chief princes,” the implication being prince of the heavenly host, which is one of Michael’s official titles.   Some scholars note that Michael is the only of the archangels to be called an archangel in the Bible. He is also referred to as Prince of the Heavenly Host, an exalted position he may have gained after defeating the rebellious Lucifer and his followers.  The implication has always been that Michael, even if he is just an archangel, may actually be of a higher order of the angelic hierarchy or have been granted special powers by God in gratitude for his great victory over Lucifer and the re-establishment of order and harmony in heaven after Lucifer’s rebellion.   Michael’s name translates as, “He who is like God.”  Again, the implication being that Michael has special powers that other archangels may not themselves possess.

Michael has delivered various messages to me over the years.  The majority of them have been meant for me personally so I have never shared them with anyone.  He comes today bearing a message for all, so I share that message below.  Please know that no matter your religion, spiritual beliefs or practices, Michael wishes for you to know he is your friend upon whom you can count in times of trouble. He has often told me to tell my clients he will work with anyone. You don’t have to be Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim to gain his attention and his help.  He insists he is here to help any who are in trouble and may be dealing with negative forces.

Now for his message for today:

“My dearest children, I am Micha-el, He Who is Like God.  I address you in my role of Prince of the Heavenly Host.  All angels are under my command, regardless of their rank, for I used the army of heaven to defeat the dark one.  I wish for you to know that I freely extend the hand of friendship to each and every one of you regardless of your beliefs, your background, and what you may consider to be your sins in this lifetime.   I judge no one for I am no judge.  I am here merely as a servant to help you in all of your needs.  

I am there for you as a sun shining in the dark.  

I am there as a light illuminating the darkest cave.

Healing energy

I am there as a mirror reflecting goodness and light.

I am there as a shield to protect you from all evil.

I am there as your friend & champion in times of trouble.

I am always with those who call upon me & state they wish for me to remain with them at all times.

I am Micha-el, He Who is Like God.  I extend love and friendship to everyone who calls My Name.   Rest assured, if you ask it of me, I shall remain with you always, unto and beyond the end of Time itself.

I extend blessings to all in Universal Love & Truth,


If you wish to call upon Archangel Saint Michael for help in any type of situation (he’s not only good at protecting us from evil, did you know he’s a genius at fixing mechanical things??  It’s true!), below is a link that takes you to a site that offers up the original long version of the prayer to Michael, as well as the shorter, more well-known prayer.  Use the longer prayer for bigger problems.  It’s actually part of the official Exorcism Rite of the Catholic Church.  The shorter prayer can be said daily as a Novena (repeated 9 times without stopping).  A good practice is to say a novena to Michael first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

You may wish to work candle magic with Michael.  If so, I recommend the following colors with which he is associated for the following purposes:

  • Red:  protection from evil & from enemies.
  • White:  protection and guidance of children.
  • Blue:  any purpose. (Michael is the Archangel of the Blue Ray.)
Michael red candle
Saint or Novena Candle for Michael

He has a “saint” or “novena” candle that comes encased in glass. It’s about 10″ tall and I have seen it in red and white wax.  I’ve never seen a blue Saint Michael candle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  You can google to see if you can find it in blue.  If not, then you can just substitute a blue candle, if you like.

Oils and incenses that Michael personally prefers are:

  • frankincense and myrrh
  • sandalwood
  • jasmine
  • rose

The best day of the week to call on Michael for protection is Friday.  He has often told me this.  From a magical perspective I would think he would choose Saturday, as that day is ruled by Saturn and is often used in magic for banishing and protection magic.  But he insists Friday is his best day.  If you wish to give your home a spiritual cleansing in his name, Michael also says Friday is the day of the week to do it, and preferably during a waning moon, although he says he will go to battle at any time for us.

Personally, I do hope that everyone who reads this blog post takes advantage of Michael’s offer.  Even if you feel you do not need his help with anything, just ask him to be with you.  Then when those dark times come you will know you have a very powerful champion in your corner who will immediately come to your aid and defense.

NOTE:  Michael’s Feast Day is coming up.  It’s on September 29th.

I am forever grateful to Archangel Saint Michael for all the help he has given me, my clients, and my family.  He is always there and has never failed me.  He will be there for you as well.  All you have to do is ask him.   Here is that link I told you about.

Nefer Khepri, PhD.