Gratitude Leads to the Manifestation of Wishes

Wishing you a Blessed Manifestation Monday! Do you realize the importance of gratitude in manifesting your wishes?

Gratitude is important and many never realize that Gratitude is what makes Manifestation of our wishes and dreams possible.  Here is my very simple method of how this works.

Gratitude leads to Manifestation of your wishes & Dreams. For card readings, spells (enchantments) & visionary art visit:

Feeling grateful ahead of time and expressing gratitude for something that has not yet manifested into reality lays the ground work for that wish to more easily manifest for you.


  • IMAGINE what you desire.
  • FEEL that it is REAL already.
  • Put your EMOTIONS into it.
  • Express GRATITUDE for your wishes and dreams manifesting into reality.
  • KNOW that you deserve this and that it will come to pass.
  • TRUST that Gratitude and Manifestation go hand in hand.
This is how you manifest your wishes & dreams into reality. I have used this method to manifest a dream trip to England, rock concerts I’ve always wished to attend, my husband, my daughter, and my business.
Please do NOT allow the simplicity of my blog post fool you!
The TRICK is in feeling & expressing Gratitude. It is that act which allows your wishes and dreams to manifest into reality.

Gratitude must ALWAYS precede Manifestation. Gratitude is the food that feeds our wishes and dreams. 

Secondly, but just as important as Gratitude, is believing that you are DESERVING of having your fondest wishes come true. We all have wishes, but how many of us truly believe we deserve the good things for which we wish? Think about that a minute. Do you truly BELIEVE that you deserve these great things?
You need to get over the idea that you’re not good enough, that you don’t deserve it,  and/or that you come up short.
  • You ARE good enough. 
  • You DO deserve it. 
  • You are far from short.
Once you convince yourself of those three things, then you are well on your way to using that belief in yourself combined with Gratitude in order to manifest your wishes and dreams into reality.
My method is very simple, although others will try to tell you “take my course/seminar/buy-my-book” when ALL the information you need is exactly what I just typed here for you – for FREE.
Practice this daily with the SAME 1 – 2 wishes. Remember it is crucial you express the feeling of GRATITUDE before your dreams  are able to manifest. Gratitude provides energy for your wishes and dreams. This alerts the Universe that you are truly ready to receive. Gratitude is what helps manifestation to occur.

7 Steps to Manifestation. For Spells (Enchantments), Card Readings & Visionary Art visit Magickal-Musings.comThis method is not a quick fix. It isn’t a magical formula that will change your life overnight. This method requires your time and dedication. I won’t lie and say “gratitude will help your wishes to manifest in 30 days or less!” Most likely that will not be the case, but miracles DO happen. This does take time. The longest I ever had to wait on one of my dreams manifesting for which I used this method was thirteen years.

Yes, that’s right. THIRTEEN YEARS, however, I kept the faith. I never gave up. I practiced my visualization almost daily. I put my emotions into it. I knew I deserved it. I trusted that it would eventually occur. When my wish did manifest it was even better than I could have ever imagined!

What was the dream, you ask?

I focused on seeing my favorite singer, Paul McCartney, in concert. I also focused on my 3 best friends attending the concert with me. I also saw where we all sat and even wrote out the SET LIST for the concert.

It took 13 years to happen, but when it did,  not only did I attend that concert with my former 3 best friends (years had gone by so we had all parted ways, but reunited for this event), but the set list? IT WAS MY SET LIST!!! The songs were IN THE SAME ORDER. What was even more awesome is I had shown the set list to my friends & gave each of them a copy. This was in the day before you could easily search for concert set lists on the internet. The question I have about the set list to this day is: did I manifest that set list by reading it over so often when I would do my visualization or did I have my first major experience of being psychic?

I may never know, but does it even matter?

My other big dream was to go to England and see all the places connected with the real and the legendary King Arthur. I also focused on my desire to see a ghost because there are few places on this earth more haunted than England.

I saw myself in England at places like Stonehenge. I visualized myself seeing a ghost, and so on. I put my emotions into it and expressed gratitude for a trip that I would not be able to take being a poor college student. I never shared this dream with anyone.

Upon graduation with my Master’s degree my parents gave me a choice. I could either have a used car or take a 2-week all-expenses-paid trip to … where??  England! Well, I took the trip!

My mom had one in mind. It was a tour offered through the History Book Club. The theme of the tour just happened to be the real and legendary King Arthur!

So there I went on my first trip out of the country and I was alone. I joined up with my tour group at a hotel in London and from there we saw many marvelous places. To top it all off in my hotel room in Plymouth I saw my first ghost! It was a head, arms and torso apparition!

So, if I can manifest all this into reality by expressing a bit of gratitude daily for my long-time wishes and dreams while visualizing myself living my wishes and dreams, just imagine what YOU are capable of accomplishing with my simple method!

Try it. Stick to it. Don’t lose faith. KNOW it will come to pass.

I wish for all of your fondest dreams to come true. I am grateful now in THIS moment for YOUR wishes and dreams as they manifest into reality in the right time, the right place, and under the perfect conditions for you.

And as my will, so mote it be.

Until next time ~

Sending you all many blessings,

~! Dr. Nefer Khepri, PhD

Exclusive Channel of the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (CIER) of Archangel Michael

Reiki Master Teacher

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