How To Prepare For a Card Reading

When preparing to either receive a card reading or to do one for yourself or others, there are certain steps you can take as both the reader and the client in order to assure  yourself of receiving (if the client) or giving (if the reader) the best reading possible given the gift(s) and skill set of the reader.magic-2492890_1920

My tips for how to prepare for a card reading are based upon my own professional reading practice that I have had since 1995 & my personal practice of reading Tarot, which I began to do in 1976.

How to Prepare For A Card Reading: Client ~ 

If you are the client  & someone is reading the cards for you here are a few tips to help the reading to go smoothly & for it to be as accurate as what is possible for the reader, given their spiritual gift(s) & skill set:

  • Prior to any reading, call on your angels, spirit guides, & your higher power for protection. Do not assume the reader has done this for you. Many readers do not invoke any type of protection simply because they were never trained to do so; or, in some cases, a reader may work with lower energies that you would not wish to be around your own energy. Your own spiritual team (as I call your angels, spirit guides & higher power) will protect you from lower vibrations & will also help the reader to give you as accurate a reading as what is possible for them to give.
  • Do not cross your ankles, knees, or arms. Crossing our extremities blocks the flow of energy & this can have a detrimental affect on your reading as it blocks the flow of energy for whoever is reading your cards (even if you read for yourself).
  • Drink water during the reading. Water is a natural conductor of energy. Not only will it nourish you, it will help to keep your vibration high and allow the reading to flow better.
  • Go into the reading with positive expectations. Meaning: believe you will receive valuable information. Do not go into a reading out of just mild curiosity – or worse, treat it like a joke. Card reading from a reputable reader is NO joke. If the reader is actually gifted & knows his or her stuff you will be receiving valuable, sometimes life-changing information. Treat the reader & the process of obtaining a reading with respect.


How To Prepare For A Card Reading: Reader & Spiritual Protection ~

If you are the reader or are reading the cards for yourself, here are a few ways you can prepare for the reading.

Always keep in mind that the cards and your mind work together as two tools that help you to connect with higher energies in order to better harness your intuition so you can receive messages, whether you are conscious of the process that is occurring during that aspect of a card reading or not.

Therefore, it is ALWAYS IMPORTANT to call on your form of spiritual protection FIRST, prior to EVERY reading (same goes for spell work!). Call on your angels, spirit guides, and whomever you see as your higher power. These are the light beings I refer to as the Spiritual Team.  Your Spiritual Team is always with you, but they cannot act until you grant them permission to do so. We grant our Spiritual Team permission by asking them for their help. So ask for their protection prior to the reading and they will not only protect you, they will also help with the reading.

The reason spiritual protection is important is due to the fact that lower vibration entities are attracted to such activities like card reading and spell work. Calling your Spiritual Team for protection keeps such entities at bay.


How to Prepare For a Card Reading: Reader, basic prep ~

  • Be sure the chair in which your client sits is comfortable. Some readings can run long so keep that in mind when choosing a chair for your prospective clientele.
  • Eliminate outside interference and interruptions. Mute your phone, or better yet, just turn it off for the duration of the reading and be sure pets and family members do not interrupt you.
  • Always be sure you have water to drink as you read the cards. Water is a natural conductor of energy and will help facilitate the flow of psychic information being received.
  • Always have a box of tissues handy for your client. People are often very emotional about the questions they are asking & it’s good manners to offer a tissue to those who may need one.
  • Remember that many people who come to you for a reading do so because they seek answers, guidance, and oftentimes they come asking about an event, relationship, or situation that is currently causing them great pain. Please remember to remain compassionate and nonjudgmental.
  • Keep in mind the client has paid you for your time and expertise. Do your best to never allow the reading to be interrupted and you should also time yourself. For example, if the reading is to be 30 minutes, be sure you are able to present the information properly within that time frame. It is best to not chat with the client during the reading. Save that for after the reading is over.

Most importantly, treat your client the same way you would wish your reader to treat you.


How to Prepare For A Tarot Reading: The Death Card ~ 

If your client demonstrates fear of the Tarot in general or perhaps tells you they are afraid The Death card may appear in their reading, explain Death more often than not simply represents a major change coming up.

The Death card actually rarely signifies a physical death, but a good reader knows how to examine surrounding cards to determine if that may be the case. If it is, please focus on explaining this to your client as compassionately and as diplomatically as possible and lead into it slowly. In my own professional practice the Death card only has meant physical death twice. This is how I handled it.

  • First, I explained that Death only means physical death as a way to give us an opportunity to find closure with the person before they leave the physical plane.
  • Next, I explain that death is a normal part of life and that the soul lives on because energy can never be destroyed.
  • Thirdly, I show my client how surrounding cards point to the Death card meaning an actual physical death.
  • Lastly, I draw 1 – 3 additional cards on the Death card alone if the person’s identity is not already clear in the reading.

I hope that clients and readers alike find my tips to be useful. They come from over 40 years of combined personal and professional experience.

Wishing You Many Blessings,

~ Dr. Nefer Khepri, PhD

Exclusive Channel of the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (CIER) of Archangel Michael

Reiki Master Teacher

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