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The Dreaming Way Lenormand

Fantastical. Picturesque. Fanciful. Imaginative. These terms encompass the loveliness that is The Dreaming Way Lenormand. The artist behind this deck is Kwon Shina who also created The Dreaming Way Tarot (US Games, Inc., 2012). The booklet is written by Lynn Araujo. The Dreaming Way … Continue reading

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My First Flying Dream!

How did everyone do with the full moon yesterday on the summer (or winter, depending on where you are) solstice?? All that energy had me BUZZING all day long, plus I got a ton of work done that I had … Continue reading

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Art ~ Returning to My First Love.

The theme of this post is to never give up on your dreams, no matter the opposition or lack of faith. As an artist my entire life (since the age of 2 when my “Potato People” graced my parents’ dining … Continue reading

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Dream: Getting Into Heaven By the Back Door

I once had a dream I had died & was standing in this LONG line waiting to get into heaven. Jesus was up at front of the line with a huge ledger book. He was also wearing glasses. St. Peter … Continue reading

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Ebola: Together We Can Heal

  I had another dream about the Virgin Mary last night. I don’t remember if She said anything to me. She was facing me, dressed in an iridescent blue robe and white gown. She was wringing her hands & had … Continue reading

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How to Connect with Your Animal Totem Spirit.

I’m often asked by people what’s the difference between a totem and a spirit guide.  The only difference is that an animal totem was always an animal while a spirit guide was once a living human being.  Animal totems are … Continue reading

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Behold, the Power of Chocolate!

A little over a week ago when I went to get groceries  I bought  HEB Creamery Intense Chocolate, which is now our favorite flavor & the only one we buy.  It is chocolate ice-cream with a band of chocolate sauce … Continue reading

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