Notre Dame Fire: Faces of Good & Evil

As kids we’ve all looked up at the sky and tried to see animals and various symbols in the clouds. The brain sees a random pattern and it works to make sense of it, which is the scientific explanation for seeing faces, animals, and symbols in clouds and other things. This is called Pareidolia.

Then there are those situations when numerous people see THE SAME THING in a cloud or some other phenomenon WITHOUT telling each other what they are seeing. This is called holy-crap-would-you-look-at-that!!!! Something paranormal is occurring and when multiple people see the same thing without discussing it amongst themselves, this is what makes me sit up and take notice.

Notre Dame original APF photoThe case of photos taken of the Notre Dame fire fall into the second category. Many are now reporting seeing faces of good & evil in the flames. I was working online at the time so I was seeing both video and photos posted live from the cathedral. This is the first one I saw. It is from the AFP. This has NOT been photoshopped or altered in any way other than I cropped it from how it appeared on my Facebook daily feed.

This photo stopped me dead in my tracks and I just STARED. My mouth fell open. Then I began to cry and pray simultaneously. I first saw two faces in the Notre Dame fire: one face good, the other evil.

Seeing faces of good & evil is not new to me. I have been in this line of work professionally since 1995, but I have had personal paranormal experiences that date back 50 years (hard to believe I’m 55!). I have had a great deal of run-ins with ghosts and some extremely nasty entities of a demonic nature, but only once before was I driven to simultaneous tears and prayers (a story for another post!).

The photo above, in my opinion, is photographic evidence of the never-ending battle of detail untouchedgood versus evil. This is a detail here I have cropped from the original. The first thing that my eye saw was the evil. I can see the eyes, nose and wide gaping mouth of some evil entity on left side of the flames. I have outlined the features to the best of my ability.

Immediately next to that entity to viewer’s right I see a small face that appears to be wearing a crown. I have also outlined those features. Is it Jesus Christ? Well, other than the Crown of Thorns, Jesus never wore a crown in life so I doubt he’d appear wearing one. The crown I can see appears to be of the royal style, so I believe that smaller face here is one of the former Kings of France. Here are the two faces simply circled. det circle

I did some quick online research, and although I cannot be 100% certain, I believe the smaller face belongs to King Childebert I who had built a chapel dedicated to Notre Dame in AD 528.

The reason I believe this second face is King Childebert I is due to a strong psychic impression I received as I saw the face. I heard”Merovingian” and then I heard the word, “Child.” I thought, no, that’s not a child. I know very little of French history, but when I plugged

King Childebert I of France. For psychic readings, spells & visionary art visit
King Childebert I of France. Source: Wikipedia.

in “Merovingian” and Child into our good friend Google, it came up with Childebert I (image source: Wikipedia) and when I googled further about him, that’s when I discovered he was the one to dedicate a chapel on the site to none other than Notre Dame Herself. So my money is on this second face in the fire being Childebert I.

This third cropped section of the main picture at the top includes my outlines of the facial features. I saved this for last so as not to influence your perception in case you were trying to see something yourself. Here, you can see the demon’s eyes, nose, and wide gaping mouth, then immediately next Notre Dame Fire: Faces of Good & Evil. For readings, spells, & visionary art visit Magickal-Musings.comto and touching the demon is who I believe to be King Childebert I. I feel that the smaller figure is attempting to protect Notre Dame. I see it as quite benevolent, while the larger one, well, just one look and I’m sure you get the idea. Honestly, in all the decades I have looked at photos of entities, this one is definitely the face of evil itself.

second face The above is another untouched photo. This is from the cover of The Sun, but I found a copy of the same cover photo without that publication’s title and caption, which in my opinion was in VERY poor taste to the point I did not wish to repeat it on my blog. There is a large face in the fire in profile, facing left, plus two smaller faces up at the very top directly above the flames. Can you see them?

second faces outlineI now circle what I see and hopefully you can make out the facial details for yourselves.  A face of good or evil? The large face in profile looks definitely male to me. The feeling I get from it is one of tremendous sadness. This is either a protector or perhaps a former bishop, king of France or some other dignitary to whom Norte Dame Cathedral was of great personal importance.

The two smaller faces up at the very top in the smoke look quite female to me. Are they additional protectors? Something that was set loose in the fire? Something attacking the cathedral? We will never know, but there are two additional entities present nonetheless. Also note this depicts the moment the spire of Notre Dame began to collapse.

On the right is another photo of the Notre Dame fire. I neglected to make note of the figure in firesource of this one so if anyone knows, PLEASE tell me so I can give proper credit. Thank you. Here, I can clearly see a very tall figure standing in the flames, or perhaps the figure is comprised of the flames. I also sense this figure as being a protector. What I actually see is a very tall woman in a gown. Could it be Notre Dame Herself? I do not see this as the Virgin Mary. I have seen plenty of photos of Her apparition and those photos carry a certain energy. This photo does not have that energy, but it does scream out PROTECTOR, and a very angry protector at that.

What we have here in these photos and the others are share below, in my carefully considered and educated opinion is photographic evidence of the battle between good and evil. The main reason I believe this, not only due to the obvious images caught by various cameras, but due to what I had been told two years ago.

I have been channeling Archangel Michael since October, 1996. He told me two years ago that the battle between good and evil, which had been waging on the astral plane for untold millennia, was in danger of breaking out onto the physical (earth) plane. As he told me this he added in a very grave tone:

“The first to be attacked will be the holiest of holy places of the world’s religions. When you see this occur, know that my Legion and I need your help. Pray for us. Not to us, but FOR us, for in praying for us, you pray for yourselves and your world, including the life you know.” ~ Archangel Michael, as channeled by Nefer Khepri, September 14, 2017.

When I first heard about the fire I knew. Michael and his Legion were losing ground and we’re all in deep, deep trouble. Every single one of us regardless of faith or spiritual practices. Now is the time for all of us to band together.

This is cry for help from Archangel Michael. I implore you to heed his call and pray FOR him, PLEASE!!! Here is a prayer I wrote. Feel free to use it or make up one of your own. I also include the official prayer to Michael as sanctioned by the Catholic Church as that includes a section of Michael defeating the forces of darkness.

by Nefer Khepri, written April 17, 2019.

Universal Source, gather all the white light
Send it to Archangel Michael & his Legion of Light
At this time of tremendous need.
Give them the strength to overcome
Lower vibration entities
Intent on causing chaos & harm on the earth plane & elsewhere.
Surround Archangel Michael & his Legion of Light
With Divine Protection & a barrier
That no entity of the dark can touch or cross.
Provide all succor and aide to Archangel Michael,
Including every Being of Light from all walks of faith
Who are helping Archangel Michael & his Legion of Light.
We ask this of you, & it is for Michael whom we pray.


official prayer

Once I shared this around on my social media, my friends and clients began contacting me to say they had either seen the same thing I did or they pointed out other entities they could see. I asked them to outline what they could see and send me their photos. Here are the highlights.

The following are courtesy of friends on Facebook.

Notre Dame Fire: Faces of Good and Evil. For readings, spells, & visionary art visit
Outlines courtesy of Diane Stallings. Two angelic figures. Note this may be the exact same photo that began this blog post.

This next photo outline is more of a psychic impression, but can you see the woman in a gown?

Notre Dame fire: faces of good & evil. For readings, spells, & visionary art visit
Outline courtesy of Victoria Whitaker, women in a gown.

And in the photo below (which is the same photo as above ,which I believe is the exact same photo that begins this blog post), here is the head of a wolf. Note how the wolf is next to the woman. Both of these are from the same Facebook friend. What we may have here is a goddess and her wolf companion. The Morrighan, Artemis, Diana, Skadi, and Leto are all associated with wolves. Could this be one of Them?

Notre Dame Fire: Faces of Good and Evil. For readings, spells & visionary art visit
Outline coutesy of Victoria Whitaker. Possibly the head of a wolf.










The photo below was posted to Instagram by @carineroitfeld and sent to me by Helen Perry. Do you see the bearded man? Who may he be? Those I have shown this to believe this to be Nostradamus. Who knows?

beared face in smoke outline

What do you see in the photos above? Do you see what they see? Faces of good and evil? Demonic, angelic and historical figures? Or do you see other things?

Or do you see nothing but smoke, flames and debris? Let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you many blessings,

~ Dr. Nefer Khepri, PhD

Exclusive Channel of the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (CIER) of Archangel Michael

Reiki Master Teacher

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