Archangel Michael Message for 1/17/2013


Image from Google images that did not provide a photo credit. If this is your art, please let me know so I can credit you.This came through in a personal message to  a woman in my group, Magickal Musings, just a few minutes ago.  I am going to be posting this all over so if you see it 5 – 7 times on your daily feed, I apologize, but this particular message is worth as much repetition as it can garner. Also, feel free to share. Just cut & paste the entire message below, and please include my name & site link at the bottom as I have included it here so people can find me if they so desire. Now here is Michael’s message. I am shaking all over from this!

This message was received in response to someone asking me what a high pitch whine in their ear could mean and that they have suddenly developed a gift of “inner knowing” when they hug people. I responded by telling her this is all part of the results of the culmination of the Great Shift that ended on 12/21/12. That many of us have been given new gifts that will develop over the course of the next year or so, according to what  have been told by Archangel Michael, whom I have been channeling since 1998. As I was thinking I was finished commenting to her post Archangel Michael came through with a message for her, but it is truly for all the world.  The use of upper-case was dictated by Michael. This is his way of adding emphasis to his words during a channeling session.

“Dear Little One ~ Welcome to the Process!! Your angels & guides are helping you to open up more and right now they are working to clear blocks and debris from your aura and chakras – your energy body is being cleared, now Little One. It is best for you to drink a great deal of water – much more so than what is usual for you. Also, refrain from watching violence on the TV or hearing about it in the news. Focus on pure, happy things that will further help to cleanse you. Ask your guides to further open you up to the new gifts that are coming for there is a number of them & they are all wonderful. THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS HAS DESCENDED TO THE EARTH. IT HAS RETURNED!!! Announced here, before anywhere else. It is now up to everyone on earth how you children decide to make use of it. Despite all the turmoil, negativity & hate on your planet The Source of All That Is decided in infinite mercy to send this GREAT LIGHT to your world. Make use of it as you will. This is your one GREAT LAST OPPORTUNITY. In Universal Love & the Christ Consciousness, Michael, He Who is Like God, Prince of the Heavenly Host.”

As Channeled by:
Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

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