Archangel Michael Needs YOUR Help

Saint Michael’s & All Angels Church in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Devika Brendon, 2015


I began channeling Archangel Saint Michael back in 1996 & have been channeling messages from him ever since. Last year he presented me with a new healing modality that complements other healing modalities, such as Reiki, IET, tapping, and so on. Today he has a message he wishes for me to share with everyone. It’s a very important & timely message. I respectfully ask each of you to please share his message via social media. Share buttons appear below the post. He is calling upon all of his Earth Warriors to help in the cause. That means YOU! Please help by sharing & doing the best you can to follow Michael’s guidelines below. Together, we can all make the world a better place. Thank you.

~ Nefer Khepri

A message from Archangel Michael that pertains to current political events ~
My Dear Ones ~

As the vast majority of you are aware, I and my legions have been fighting a war against evil since Time immemorial. We have gained ground & we have lost ground. Such is the nature of any war. I admit to you that recently we have lost ground, but no matter the result, the ground would have still been lost.

The area of your planet known as America, also the area known as the United Kingdom, these are what you refer to as the two great “super powers” of your planet, of your people. It is an accurate label for each of them, yet their leaders leave much to be desired.

The leaders of these countries do not merely lead their own people. They lead the world. They shape your world’s economy. Their laws define what is considered moral behavior and they define what is thought to be human rights. Unfortunately, at this time in your planet’s history it tremendously pains me to say your planet has reached the start of its darkest hour.

I am not here to spread Love and Light today. I am here with a warning. Simply put, for the time being ~

the dark side is winning.

Dare I repeat it? The dark side IS winning.

The political systems of the great super powers have been under evil attack for decades. Myself and those who work with me have done what we can to protect these political systems from total corruption by ensuring that truly good people have held the reins of power. It is quite unfortunate that as with any war, particular battles are lost. It happens to your greatest generals. I am sad to say that it happens to me as well.

The current political upheaval your planet is experiencing is but one battle that has been recently lost, but it is not the WAR. The war continues, as it shall for as long as evil decides to buck the authority of The Source of All. Evil knows no authority but its own, when in truth it holds NO authority in this or any other universe. Evil is the thorn in the side of all that is good.

Evil has taken root in the hearts of humans. We work with each and every human in an attempt to root out the evil within the heart and soul; however, in order for our efforts to be successful the human must DESIRE to be cleansed. Many of your centuries ago that was the case. Humans did not wish to be evil. They found no joy in it, no great “pay off” so they were open to our healing energies. Unfortunately, as your Time has marched onward evil and greed now work hand in hand. People believe in order to benefit, in order to have what you term “money”, and what you consider to be “riches”, that you cannot be a good person because good people are walked on. Good people finish last.

That idea has been sowed by evil and is now being reaped by countless humans around your planet. What is worse is that many of these individuals are in positions of what you would classify as real political power.

I am not here to pass judgement. That is not my job, and I thank the Source of All That Is, Was, & Ever Shall Be that that is NOT my job. It is a task I have never envied. I am not here to say that the current world leaders are evil, but what I can tell you is what I have seen in their hearts. The vast majority of their hearts are black. BLACK, I tell you. Black as pitch!

I now call on all my Earth Warriors. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I have touched your hearts, your very souls. I call upon you to rise up! Take a stand against evil. Let evil know its influence upon your lives and upon your countries is NOT permitted.

Take a stand by returning to prayer.

Take a stand by sending out positive energy into the minds & hearts of those individuals who are in positions of power.

Take a stand in living your own life with more love & understanding toward others, especially those who disagree with you.

Take a stand for your children. Be a stronger parent, an even better example than what you already are knowing you are shaping future generations of your planet’s population.

Take a stand and be firm in the face of adversity as you have faith that the Source of All shall see you through it.

Take a stand by believing in yourselves as having the actual & very real power to change everything within a generation should you so choose to answer that call.

Take a stand & follow me, Archangel Michael, He Who Is Like Unto God, the Prince of the Heavenly Host, Warrior of Good, Defender of the Faith. I call upon each & every one of you to do what you can. Big, small, it doe not matter. As long as you focus on sending out only good, then your good works can & WILL TURN THE TIDE. We need you. We need your help. Without you the battle will be lost.

I repeat,


The turning point has come. The turning point is NOW. Do what you can to help turn the tide and you can all take it upon yourselves to save your people, your planet. It is not too late. Light still shines in countless hearts & souls. Allow your light to shine even brighter. Be an example to others. Show them what joy it is to live in the Light so that they gradually turn from the dark path they have chosen for themselves.

I stand beside you. My legion stands behind you. Whenever you feel threatened or even if you are simply feeling overwhelmed, call my name. I, Micha-El, He Who Is Like Unto God, I shall be at your side immediately. In fact, I am at your side already, little do most of you realize.

Sent via the Universal Consciousness of the Christ,


Channeled by Nefer Khepri
November 12, 2016
Houston, Texas

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