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My Paranormal Experience with a Ouija Board

Who has ever played with a Ouija board? Card Readings, Spells & Visionary Art at Magickal-Musingscom

Of those who have had experience with Ouija boards, how many of you have had paranormal experiences? I have. Read on.

First, A Bit of  Ouija Board History

Patented in 1891 by the Kennard Novelty Company, but in use at least as far back as the American Civil War (Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of of President Abraham Lincoln, used a Ouija board in the White House during her attempts to communicate with her dead 11 year old son), the Ouija board’s name was given to it during a board session. Asked to prove it worked before a patent would be granted, a medium was brought to the U. S. Patent Office to prove the board’s claims to contact spirits. She was told if the board accurately spelled out the patent officer’s name he would grant the patent. The board proceeded to spell out his full name correctly. The patent was granted. (see the Smithsonian Magazine article for the history of the Ouija board. It is a fascinating read!)

So the name supposedly comes from the realm of spirit and spirit was contacted in the U. S Patent Office in order to prove the board’s validity so the patent would be granted.

So, you know it’s NOT a GAME, right? The Kennard Novelty Company marketed the Ouija board as wholesome family entertainment, a game that would allow people to connect with their deceased loved ones and other spirits. Sold to Parker Brothers in 1966, the Ouija board sold over 2 million copies the following year and even outsold Monopoly. Parker Brothers continued to market the Ouija board as a game of mystery. You can find it in the board game section of pretty much any store – unless it’s a Christian book store, then you can forget it. Hasbro purchased Parker’s Brothers in 1991 and still produce the Ouija board.

Did the Ouija Board Receive a Bum Rap?

Marketed as wholesome family game that would “amaze” with answers from “the great beyond,” in 1973 the culture of the Ouija board underwent a complete change that has affected its reputation to this day.

The Exorcist was released in 1973. The basis of the story  in the book by William Peter Blatty and the movie of the same name starring Linda Blair, is that the girl who becomes possessed did so after repeated use of a Ouija board that somehow unleashes dark forces. In reality, the book was based on a true case of demonic possession, but the little girl was a little boy in St. Louis, Missouri who played with a Ouija board with his aunt. After his aunt passed away out of grief the little boy consulted whom he thought was his aunt through the Ouija board and that resulted in an official case of Exorcism performed by the Catholic Church with the full support of the Vatican.

Suddenly, the Ouija board was an EVIL thing. So much for wholesome family entertainment.

My Paranormal Experience with a Ouija Board

I am here to tell you that the Ouija board is REAL. The Ouija board is not a game.

Originally, that may have been the intention (and I seriously doubt that given its invention during the age of American Spiritualism), but with it being used so often in seances, it has become a TOOL, a tool that opens portals that allows energy to move from one realm to the other.

Read on for my own personal experience with a Ouija board.

I will add here that the Ouija board CAN be used as a valuable tool to contact spirits, BUT rules need to be followed and you have to go the extra mile to ensure that negative entities do not come through the Ouija board and trick you into believing they are something that they are not.

I was 14. Elvis had died 2 days before & I was at my best friend’s house. Everyone was sad, even our parents. The King was dead & that was a huge blow to a LOT of people at the time. For you young ‘uns, think of the grief surrounding the death of Michael Jackson times a million.

My friend knew her mom had a Ouija board. My mom had warned me to stay away – she had her own experience with one & it was not a good one. She wouldn’t share it with me until I was well into my 20’s, but that’s a post for another time.

So we got out the Ouija board and went into their screened in porch It was a hot August day. NO breeze whatsoever (that’s important for later on). We start asking if anyone is there, which is how you start every session. We were kids. We didn’t know you are SUPPOSED TO ASK FOR PROTECTION FIRST. Ooops! That was our Mistake # 2.

In case you didn’t catch it, Mistake # 1 was getting the Ouija board out in the first place.

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After about a minute of asking & me telling my friend this is bullshit, the planchette moved to YES. We both looked at each other with that, “did you do that?” look on our face. We both simultaneously said, “It wasn’t me!” Then the planchette began to circle YES all on its own.

So we asked who was there. Spell out your name.

The planchette began to go to letters. I don’t recall what they were because when it reached the 3rd or 4th letter, suddenly the door of the screened-in porch on a day without any breeze SWUNG OPEN BY ITSELF! And when I say, swung open, it did so with such force that it slammed against the wall!

We both screamed! The only way out was through that door since the porch had been added on to the side of their garage. We both ran out that door, into the house & were screaming our heads off that there was a ghost in the porch. We did not return to the porch and all the following years I went over to my friend’s house, we never went into that screened-in porch again. But wait, there’s more!

Mistake # 3, I would not realize until years later when I was researching Ouija boards due to something a client of mine was experiencing after having used one.

You are ALWAYS to have the spirit say GOOD-BYE & you do NOT leave the board until the planchette moves across that word. This is what seals the spirit portal you create each time you use the Ouija board.

We were kids. We didn’t know any better, but that, my friends, was HUGE FREAKIN’ MISTAKE # 3. We had run into the house, left the board unattended & never said good-bye.

From that point forward my friend, her parents, & her 2 brothers would often see a tall shadow person in their house. A week after that entity showed up they found their dog dead in the backyard. No apparent cause & he had been only around 6 or 7, so he was far from old. They would mainly see the entity sitting on my friend’s bed. I saw it twice myself with my own eyes. Once seated at the foot of her bed & once in their kitchen.

That entity remained in their house until they moved. Once they moved they never saw it again, but we would wonder about the family who moved in.

The Ouija Board Today

Word to the wise: the Ouija board is not a game.

Also, these days it has been my professional experience in my line of work that spirits are becoming stronger and are better able to fake things on the board so the answers you would get are all probably wrong or just what you’d like to hear anyway, so why bother? These lower energy beings are desperate for a way into our world so they can do their dirty work.

Leave Ouija boards alone. Don’t make it easy for them & do not open yourselves up to what could end up being some very nasty paranormal activity.

Wishing You Many Blessings,

~ Dr. Nefer Khepri, PhD

Exclusive Channel of the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (CIER) of Archangel Michael

Reiki Master Teacher

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