How to Locate & Close Spirit Portals.

Today is a very weird day, but it has inspired this blog entry.

So far I have seen not one, but TWO figures walk across the width of our backyard this afternoon. Our backyard is surrounded by a 6 foot high wooden privacy fence and we have two side gates that we keep locked at all times. Unless someone climbs the fence, there is no way to enter our backyard without our knowledge.

The first figure was that of a man who looked in at me through the window in our backdoor as he walked across our deck. He was an older man, probably in his 60s, in a dark black coat. In the middle of summer. In Houston! I ran to the back door thinking oh my gods, who the hell is in my backyard & is the door locked? Thankfully it was locked & as I looked out through the window of our back door the man was nowhere to be seen.

I  ran out there with the dog & both side gates were locked from the inside. There was nowhere that man could have gone unless he managed to jump the six foot high privacy fence, which I sincerely doubt considering his age.

Two hours later I see a dark-haired boy out there, probably around 8 or 9. He was also walking across the yard in the same direction as the man, and at about the same spot. I repeat my actions. Gates were still locked, no sign of the kid. To top it off I’ve been smelling incense off and on all day today.I haven’t burned any incense in over two weeks because my daughter is sick from mono.

When it cools off tonight I’m going outside with my pendulum to see if I can identify any portals. My best guess is that a new spirit portal has opened up. We used to have one in our front yard that I successfully shut down and there were 2 in my daughter’s room. Now there’s only one in her bathroom. No matter how many times I shut it down, that particular portal keeps coming back. She sees all sorts of stuff in her bathroom & thinks it’s cool, including a woman dressed in a long white gown who will actually step out of her bathroom, take a look around my daughter’s room, and then shake a finger at her! When she tells me this I say to her, “you see? Your room is so messy you’re upsetting our ghosts!”


Pendulums can be used to identify portals.  If you practice a healing modality; such as, Reiki, you can use that energy to close the portal. The process is very simple.

Any weighted object attached to a chain or string can be used as a pendulum. In the picture you are looking at my personal collection. The pendulum on the left is made of copper pipe with copper wire wrapping. This is used for clearing and balancing the chakras. The pendulum in the center is made of amethyst (my favorite stone) and I use that one for divination. The pendulum on the right is my favorite pendant shown here as an example of how a pendant can also serve as a pendulum.

With your pendulum (dowsing rods will also work if you have any) slowly walk the area of the suspected portal. Keep an eye on your pendulum and pause about every other step. If your pendulum starts to rotate you have identified a portal.

Portals are either an entry or exit point to the physical world from the spirit world.

The next step is to use your pendulum to identify which type of portal you have discovered. This is also very simple. Your pendulum will be swinging either in a clockwise or counterclockwise circle.

Clockwise circle: you have found a portal that allows spirits to enter the physical plane.

Counterclockwise circle: you have found a portal that serves as an exit point for spirits to leave the physical plane and return to their own world.

IMPORTANT: You do NOT want to shut down an exit point! Exit points are necessary, otherwise spirits would get trapped here.

If you find a portal that is serving as an ENTRY point, you can close it down. For this you will need to have been attuned to Reiki or some other healing modality that you can use to direct energy down from the universe, through your body, out through your hand, and into your pendulum. This is the process I use:

I open myself up to the flow of Reiki as I say a prayer for protection. I draw the Master symbol followed by 3 Cho Ku Rei’s, followed by 3 Sei He Ki’s, followed by 3 more Cho Ku Rei’s. If you’re attuned to first degree then simply focus on channeling the energy.

I channel the energy down through my crown chakra down to my feet, into the earth, then up again through my feet, up my legs into my torso and along my arms and out through my hands. At this point you can state your intention to shut down the entry portal. Then keep an eye on your pendulum.

The pendulum should continue swinging clockwise this entire time and not waiver from that direction, but once the Reiki begins to flow into the portal what will happen is the portal will start to decrease in size until it closes. You know it has closed down when your pendulum completely stops rotating or swinging.

Once your pendulum has stopped moving, step back 2 – 3 paces and wait a few seconds. Then return to the same spot and test that spot for the portal. Your pendulum should not react in ANY way if you have successfully closed the portal. If it does react, then you’re dealing with a very large or strong portal and you will need to repeat the procedure in order to shut it down.

Please remember to leave all EXIT portals alone. Your pendulum will swing counterclockwise when it identifies an exit portal. Those must remain in place so our spirit guides and other spirits have an easy exit point back to their world.

If you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home it could be that your home contains one or more portals. Locate them using a pendulum and if you find an entry portal, simply shut it down. New entry portals can form, but it’s rare for them to occur in the same exact spot again, except for my daughter’s bathroom sink! That portal keeps coming back and if I’ve closed it down once, I’ve closed it down 500 times in the 14 years we’ve lived in this house. Just keep at it. This method is simple and it really does work.


~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Ghostly Visitors

Our house.
Our house.

When we purchased our house 12 years ago I was told by a psychic that it was a spiritual highway. She said many spirits would be seen, but not to worry as they were merely passing through and wouldn’t stay. She also stressed that our house was very well protected due to the energy I had around it.

Our house was brand new, built on virgin land (there had formerly been a pine forest here) & we were the first owners. I figured the psychic was wrong, but as my daughter grew older I found out how correct she had been.

My daughter was 4 when we moved from Corpus Christi, Texas to the Houston area. I never knew until she was around 12 that she regularly saw entities in her bedroom at all times of the day and night.

She began telling me about her experiences once she fully realized I had a strong interest in the paranormal. I never wanted to unduly influence my child so I never taught her to read tarot cards (I did try when she was 12, but she showed me she already knew so I handed her the deck & instructed her to have fun with it & she’s been reading tarot ever since), but I discuss angels with her and how important it is to call on them as our spiritual friends, especially in times of trouble. I also taught her about reincarnation, but nothing about the paranormal. She’s an only child and I didn’t want her to grow fearful of sleeping by herself in her room so I was always very careful as to what type of spiritual information I shared with her.

One day I was watching “Ghost Hunters” and she walked into the room and asked what it was about. Since I don’t find their show frightening at all I allowed her to watch it with me. Once it was over she began telling me about things she has seen in her room, which run the gambit. A few of the many examples are:

A lady in Victorian dress who walked in from my daughter’s bathroom, made eye contact

Victorian woman playing the piano. Image by Patrisyu. Image # 100265938 at
Victorian woman playing the piano. Image by Patrisyu. Image # 100265938 at

with her, then appeared to pick something up from the floor & place it in my daughter’s trash can. She then gave my child a reproachful look before walking toward and through the exterior wall of my daughter’s bedroom. I explained to my daughter that spirit was trying to encourage her to clean her room! My child is very messy so even the ghosts disapprove.

Another time she heard movement in her bathroom, which is attached to her bedroom and has a connecting door. She went in to take a look and saw a figure in a white hooded cloak with only two holes cut for eyes. She couldn’t see any eyes. The holes only showed blackness. She was 15 when this occurred and by then full of herself so she told it to go away and it did. I always told her if you see something you don’t like tell it to leave & tell it it has no right to be in YOUR house. She took my advice. Later when we were watching some movie about the South she exclaimed while pointing at a cloaked figure of the KKK, “Mom! That’s what I saw in my bathroom that one time! I’m glad I told it to leave!” Yeah, it’s NOT cool to have members of the KKK hanging out in your child’s bathroom.

Several times, but only at night with the lights off, upon going to bed she has seen small lights of blue, red, yellow, and green flitting around her room. We believe those to be fairies, but we can’t be sure.

A Strange Creature

The strangest incident occurred two years ago when my daughter was 14. She doesn’t read fairy tales and I’ve never read them to her, though she has seen the Disney movies. It’s possible she got this image from a movie, but I really don’t think so merely because her description was so highly detailed and it didn’t seem to match anything with which she was familiar at the time.

She was in her bathroom and thought she heard a noise. She looked through the doorway into her room and saw a strange creature touching some items she had out on her bed. The creature had its back to her so my daughter had plenty of time to get a really good look at it.

She described the creature as having hair all over it that resembled short dog fur, but not as thick. The creature’s color was a very dark brown like the color of tree bark. It had two small pointy ears on the top of its head with small tufts of fur protruding from them. There was a long tail. It stood on two legs and they looked like the legs of a horse and the creature’s feet were hooves.

The creature was wearing some sort of loose-fitting tunic that was also brownish in color and very close to the same color as the creature. Over its left shoulder it had a long leather strap to which a small leather pouch was attached that rested on the creature’s right hip. The pouch had a flap serving as a cover and appeared to be full of small items of various shapes. The creature also wore a belt and within the belt was tucked what looked like a small flute that rested against the back side of the pouch.

My daughter says she watched the creature for at least a good five minutes until she became stiff from standing so still. So she cleared her throat. The creature jumped, obviously startled. It spun around and saw my child at which point the creature looked completely frightened and disappeared right in front of her, but not before my daughter could see additional facial features and realize the creature was following the same path the Victorian woman had taken a few years prior to this incident as it started to run toward the exterior wall of her bedroom as it disappeared right in front of her. My daughter described its disappearing act as “an obvious cloaking device”.  Thank you, Gene Roddenberry and “Star Trek.”

She was able to see the creature face to face briefly. The creature’s face was hairless except for a small beard and it had the features of a man.

Photo & costume (C) Lindsey Burcar, 2012. image
Photo & costume (C) Lindsey Burcar, 2012. image Note that this satyr has a leather pouch much like the one my daughter saw.

I believe what she saw was a satyr, a supposedly mythological creature of the forest and one of the ways the god Pan is depicted in art. I have always believed them to be real, as well as elves and gnomes based upon an experience I had as a teenager, so why not satyrs? I searched the internet and found a picture and showed it to my daughter. She excitedly exclaimed it was exactly what she saw. Could it have been Pan Himself? I guess we’ll never know, but I’m glad my daughter saw it because she now knows what I have known since I was 14 and had a similar experience. Creatures of fairy tale aren’t so made-up and make-believe after all. Satyrs, elves and gnomes do exist, but they have been hidden from our sight just as most spirits also remain hidden as they walk the shadows between our world and the next.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

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Back Home Again From the Stanley Hotel :)

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado.
The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013.

We arrived home from our stay at the Stanley Hotel last night.  My husband remarked several times, “best hotel bed I’ve ever slept in anywhere!”  So, that’s his endorsement of the Stanley Hotel in a nutshell.

Room 426, Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado.
Room 426, Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado.

As for me, I agree with him about the bed.  I would also say that the Stanley Hotel did NOT disappoint when it came to the paranormal.  I caught a lot of orbs and other things with my camera and I haven’t even uploaded the pictures my daughter took, so who knows what her camera may have caught.  We shall soon find out.

The atmosphere of the Stanley Hotel is quaint.  It’s   filled with antiques (including a Stanley steam car!!!).  There are vintage sepia-toned photographs of the hotel and its guests from back in the day decorating the walls in the hallway as well as the rooms and bathrooms.  I loved looking at them and wished I had taken the time to photograph some of them.

The rooms are small, however.  Please keep in mind if you do book a room there that this hotel is over 100 years old.  Back when the Stanley Hotel was built, in 1908 – 1909, people were smaller due to poorer nutrition.  I warn you all, if you do stay on the 4th floor, I am not sure about this, but all the rooms may have gabled ceilings that come in at a 45 degree angle near the windows (in some cases) or the back of the room (in our case).  Be careful not to hit your head. My husband  who is 6 feet tall repeatedly hit his head and my daughter who is 5 feet 3 inches also hit her head (twice).  I was the only one who didn’t get a mild concussion while staying in room 426.

REDRUM on the mirror, 4th floor, across from the elevator.  Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO.
REDRUM on the mirror, 4th floor, across from the elevator. Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO.

There is an antique OTIS elevator that serves as the only elevator for the hotel.  We loved riding in it and could easily picture an old timey elevator operate working the hand crank.  It was only crowded twice, both on Friday when the Stanley Hotel has additional people due to those who come in for the tours over the weekend.  For an OTIS elevator, it moves quickly (I’ve been in others in Europe that took forever).  At one point we got a HUGE laugh when we saw someone had taken some red lipstick and had used it to write the infamous, “REDRUM” word from The Shining on the elevator’s mirror.  At one point someone also wrote it in light pink lipstick on the mirror just outside the elevator on the 4th floor.  Again, it was good for a big laugh.

The staff of the Stanley Hotel are friendly, polite, and helpful.  Pillows, towels and room service were all delivered to our room within 15 – 20 minutes by staff members who did NOT hold their hand out for a tip (I’ve stayed in places where they do that & it’s so annoying!).   Some are willing to speak about their paranormal experiences while others are not.  I even found two people who claim the Stanley isn’t haunted at all, that it’s just all for show!  They must not be very observant at all.  I showed one of them my pictures and I could tell she was genuinely freaked out by them even though she worked hard not to show it.

Prior to booking our stay at the Stanley Hotel I read a lot of online reviews complaining about the noise during the night from people walking the fourth floor taking pictures and carrying out their own investigations.  This was not a major issue for us, although one of the tours does stop right outside Room 426, which is where we stayed.  At one point a tour group was outside our room after we had returned from hiking at the top of Trail Ridge Road in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  We heard all this noise & my husband, who was shirtless at the time after having just showered, was going to open the door to see what was going on when I quickly reminded him it would be a tour group.  He then laughed and said, “then I really SHOULD open the door to give them a REAL scare!”  That made me laugh.

The noise at night didn’t bother me and I am a very light sleeper.  In fact, the only night I heard anyone in the halls was Friday night.  On the weekends the Stanley is full of extra people who come just for the tours, but are not guests staying at the hotel.  So the gift shops, Steamer Cafe, and Cascades restaurant are full of people, as also the lobby and other public areas of the hotel.  On Friday night I heard someone walking the halls several times.   Now, I never did get up to look, but whether that someone was living or dead, I’ve no idea.  At one point I heard children giggling outside our room.  In that case I did open the door to immediately look.  It was around 11:15 PM, Thursday night.  I saw no one.

We checked out of the hotel Saturday morning.  Check out was a breeze.  There were small issues with our room (for one, the toilet water runs periodically) and I presented the staff member with a list and made it clear these were NOT complaints, otherwise we would have spoken to them sooner, but just tiny things that needed to be repaired before the next guests checked into the room.  She thanked me and was very appreciative of the information.  I was truly sorry to leave the Stanley, as was my daughter.  We had a great time, have caught some awesome stuff with our cameras, and we definitely want to go back at some point.

Our arrival in Estes Park, CO.
Our arrival in Estes Park, CO.

I’d like to take this opportunity to send out a great big THANK YOU to everyone who kept us in your thoughts & prayers.  The trip was great.  We all had a wonderful time.  Our flights going and returning home were completely uneventful, on time, and comfortable (thanks go out to United Airlines, also).  Everything went well and a family reunion with my aunt and two cousins I hadn’t seen in 33 – 35 years went much better than I dared hope.  I met my cousins’ families & everyone enjoyed getting re-acquainted and meeting each other for the first time.

My aunt & uncle.

I last saw my uncle last in 2008 when my mother (his oldest sister) was dying.  Our original plan had been to go visit him and my aunt where they live in Colorado Springs. However, with all the summer traveling they were doing we could not come up with a mutually convenient time to visit, then my uncle said, “well, the week of the 5th we’re going to Estes Park.  It’s a nice resort town.  Why don’t you meet us there?”  So that’s how we ended up going to Estes Park for our family summer vacation this year and also how I ended up inadvertently staying at the Stanley Hotel – definitely a dream come true for me.

I did manage to do another upload to my laptop of pictures I took on the trip.  I also managed to find more ghostly images.  Now that I’m home my plan is to transfer them all to my desktop computer. It has a larger screen with higher resolution than my laptop.  I’m hoping to be able to see more evidence of the paranormal.  As I find things I will be posting, so please be sure to keep an eye on my blog and please also subscribe so you don’t miss out on any updates.

Lastly, WordPress is having issues, at least with my blog.  The link goes “live” on my Facebook time line, my pages & in my groups instantly.  The problem has been two-fold over the last month or so:

1) the post will show up, but without the pictures; or,

2) the links won’t work and will give people an “Error 404” message.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything I can do about it.   For those of you on Facebook, when you see in your notifications I have posted to my blog, you can check the link, but if it’s not working for any reason, please do check back in a few hours.   WordPress seems to be taking about 2 – 3 hours to properly publish my blog posts. I have no idea why this is happening & I sincerely hope WordPress can clear up the problem soon.

In the meantime, please keep an eye on this space.  There will be more to come regarding the ghosts at the Stanley Hotel.

The Stanley Hotel: NIght 2

I managed to find time to upload & include a couple of pics, one of which is a great orb!

Wednesday night at the Stanley had us scheduled for a ghost tour.  They run them 3 – 4 times a night. I had assumed they were all the same.  I assumed incorrectly.

Firstly, there are different tour guides, which is a given at a place as popular as the Stanley Hotel.  Secondly, the property consists of a number of buildings in addition to the Hotel itself.  There’s a lot of ground to cover.  So different tours at different times focus on different areas of the property.

LaToya, our tour guide in the Pet Cemetery at the Stanley Hotel.
LaToya, our tour guide in the Pet Cemetery at the Stanley Hotel.

Our tour guide’s name was LaToya & she does an AWESOME impression of Shelley Duval that had us all laughing.  She’s very knowledgeable.  As she told us about each room on the tour she would embellish by using different voices and chance the inflection of her own voice to add to the drama.  She was really nice & allowed us 10 – 15 minutes after each presentation in order to carry out our own investigations of each room.

The tour began in the basement with a DVD presentation of a short 10 minute film called “The Stanley Effect.”  The theory, also put forth by the team of SyFy’s show, “Ghosthunters,” claims there are large deposits of quartz and limestone beneath the hotel.  It’s well known that quartz and limestone can trap or “record” energy and then replay it over & over again.  Many of the hauntings at the Stanley are believed to be residual, however ghosts have been known to make eye contact and interact with guests as well.  So there are quite a few intelligent hauntings here as well.

From within the basement we proceeded to the tunnels.  There are tunnels running beneath the Hotel created to make it easier for staff to reach different areas.  We only were shown one tunnel, but within it two people in our group heard a woman’s voice say, “hello” & I caught a couple of orbs (pictures forthcoming at a later date).

We then proceeded up to the first floor that contains the Hotel’s lobby, the MacGregor Room used for banquets and events, the Billiards Room, & the Music Room.  I did not feel the energy really shift until we went into the Billiards Room. It was actually difficult to breathe because the air felt so thick.  I took several photos as did my daughter, but due to other activities I haven’t had time to upload & examine them yet.  I shall do so today and will probably have something to post tomorrow.

Other than a feeling of heaviness, I did not sense anything else in the Billiards Room.  We then moved on to the Music Room that had been made for Mrs. Stanley who had a great love of music, especially the piano, and also poetry.  Her original piano is still there in the back of the Music Room.

After LaToya gave her talk I walked up to the piano that is partially covered by a projector screen.  Ghosts are telepathic.  When people speak aloud to them on the paranormal TV shows they’re doing that out of respect for the viewers so viewers know what’s going on.  Telepathically, I introduced myself to Mrs. Stanley.  My side of the conversation went something like this:

“Hello, Mrs. Stanley.  I’m Nefer Khepri & I’m here with my daughter & husband on vacation.  Thank you for having us as your guests.  Your Hotel is absolutely lovely & we consider ourselves fortunate to be staying here a few nights.  We arrived Tuesday and we will be leaving on Saturday to go back home to Houston.  I was wondering if you would do me the great honor of posing for a picture for me?  I have my camera right here, will count to 3, then I’ll take a few pictures of your piano.  Thank you so very much for posing for me and again, thank you for having us as your guests. It’s an honor.”

P1030468Then I snapped a few pictures.  In the very first picture I caught a HUGE orb against the projector screen!  I saw it immediately & someone behind me also saw it as she exclaimed, “she caught an orb!”  Cameras began snapping by the 25 or so participants on our tour.  The room filled with the light of flashes going off.  That first picture is the only one in which I caught anything in that room, so far that I know of.  The LCD screen on my Panasonic Luminex is not very good, but I can see much more when I upload to my laptop. I hope to have a bit of time today to do that so I can post more recent pictures I’ve taken.

I thanked Mrs. Stanley profusely, of course.

Once we left the Music Room we went outside to the Concert Hall.  It’s a separate building about 500 yards from the Hotel’s main entrance.  It was neat to go inside as that building had been featured quite a bit in the Halloween live six-hour investigation the cast of “Ghosthunters” carried out a few years ago.

We were seated up in the balcony at first.  As I sat down I suddenly felt something hit or perhaps kick the back of my left heel.  My foot and lower leg went shooting out of its own accord as it had been pushed by an unseen force.  I quickly looked at the woman seated to my left.  She was sitting with her legs crossed so there was no way it was her.

On Night 1 I was tickled by a ghost.  On Night 2 I was kicked by a ghost.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Physical contact is not only increasing, but it’s becoming stronger.  I told my daughter should a ghost punch me she has my permission to her tae kwon do on it.  She’s a black belt, after all.

I caught a picture of several orbs while in the Concert Hall, taken from the balcony.  Now, I’m guessing it’s all dust, but you never know.  I haven’t had time to upload the photos to my computer for a closer look.  I like to enlarge all the orbs in the hopes one will show a face like the Children’s Orb I caught on Night 1.  For those of you who have not yet enlarged that on your computers, do so.  It’s downright one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen in my life!

From the Concert Hall we took off to the Pet Cemetary. Yes, Stephen King fans, there IS a Pet Cemetary here, but it’s nothing like in the book. It’s quite unassuming and small.  We also saw a shooting star on the way to the pet cemetery that a few claimed must have been a UFO.  Perhaps, but to me, it looked much more like a shooting star.  The sky here is very clear and I’m sure UFO watchers must experience sitings here, but we haven’t had time to sit around staring at the sky when there’s so much to see and do much closer to the earth.

We examined the Concert Hall from top to bottom, met “Lucy,” the residing female spirit there, who was turning LaToya’s flashlight off and on.  Personally, I am not experienced by that.  Those flashlights have a screw top that investigators loosen to make it easier for ghosts to turn the flashlight on.  I really think the phenomenon can be explained by subtle vibrations causing a slight shift in the flashlight that shifts the batteries into making contact, thus turning the flashlight on.  However, this remains to be fully explained.

It was an interesting night and great fun for everyone.  While leaving the Concert Hall a door swung open right in this woman’s face of its own accord.  My husband and I were right behind her & that woman screamed like you would not believe!  We were shocked.  Stuart tried to debunk it, he could not.  The door did not seem to react to the vibrations of the group walking in front of it, nor was it loose in its frame.  The door is located on the landing between the 1st and 2nd floor of the Concert Hall.  Later on I went back up to that landing during our free investigating time and discovered if you pull hard on the door without turning the knob that it will open.  Now, perhaps the door hadn’t been secured in the first place, I cannot say. However, there is no way that door could open by itself unless it wasn’t closed properly in the first place, which is quite possible.  Then the vibrations of 25 people walking first up those stairs, then later down those same stairs may have caused the door to open.

All in all,  a fun & very entertaining night.  My aunt, uncle, cousins and their families are now in town & we’re having a little family reunion after 33 – 35 years.  I probably won’t have much time to blog after today, but when I get back home I’ll be blogging more and including all of my ghostly pictures.

The Stanley Hotel does NOT disappoint when it comes to paranormal activity!

The Stanley Hotel: Night 1 of 4.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO.
(C) Nefer Khepri, 2013

Need I say I was excited beyond believe to be staying at the haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado??  What first began as a trip to Colorado Springs to see my favorite uncle turned into a visit to Estes Park where he & his grown kids & grandkids would be vacationing during the only week we could come visit.  So he said why not come to Estes Park?  I figured yeah, why the hell not?  Then I began to think.  Why did Estes Park sound so familiar to me??  I then googled for hotels and the number one search result was none other than the Stanley Hotel.


The Stanley Hotel has been prominently featured on SyFy’s paranormal show, “Ghosthunters.”  The team had a nighttime investigation here as well as one of their six-hour long Halloween live investigations.  The Stanley Hotel has also been visited by the crew of “Ghost Adventures.”  Both sets of investigators caught various types of paranormal activity on film and deemed the Stanley Hotel truly haunted.


Stanley Hotel. Rm 217. Note the orb just below the room number.
(c) Nefer Khepri, 2013.

Made famous by Stephen King, who stayed here in Room 217 and has his own paranormal experiences, the Stanley Hotel inspired him to write the classic horror novel, “The Shining.”  That’s the only book to give me nightmares for over 20 years!  I still can’t get over the lady in the bathtub, and I’m talking the book version.  The movie version was kind of lame.   Contrary to popular believe, the movie, “The Shining” starring Jack Nicholson, was not filmed here.  However, the TV mini-series, “The Shining” was filmed here later.


I was thrilled to see we could easily book a room on the haunted fourth floor & did so immediately without bothering to consult my husband, who would have naturally nixed the entire thing due to what he would deem the silliness and the expense.  It’s not the cheapest place to stay around here, but it’s also not the most expensive if you book well in advance (at least 60 days, which is what I did).


We were given room 426.  There isn’t much to be said about it from other sources I have been able to google.  Within the room itself it felt fine. However, as we approached it from the classic antique Otis elevator (!!!) my daughter and I could feel a heaviness in the air that made it difficult for me to breathe, while she had no trouble.  My husband thought we were building ourselves up into a frenzy.  We assured him that was not the case.

We checked in and checked out the town a bit without any incidences.  My husband decided to turn in for the night while my 14 year old daughter and I gleefully took off with the K2 meter provided by the Stanley Hotel and our cameras fully charged and reach to rock & roll.


Stairwell outside of Rm 246. Stanley Hotel.
(c) Nefer Khepri, 2013

We roamed the 4th floor and only in one area, a corner across from our room, did we ever pick up on any spikes, and only one spike the stairwell that is also just outside our room.  At one point while investigating that stairwell we both heard the distinct sound of two firm footsteps on the 3rd floor landing.  We stopped to use the K2 and take some pictures, but nothing at that time showed up.

Just past Room 426 my daughter was walking behind me when she said, “Mom!  Stop!”  I did so & spun around.  She motioned for me to come to her & I did so quietly. She whispered she had just heard a voice in her right ear say, “Hey!”  We immediately used the K2 and took pictures.  Nothing again.  However, we now had two personal experiences.


As we continued to walk around we met three teenage boys also doing the same thing as they told us they had caught a lot of orbs in a back stairwell so we went to investigate.  That’s where we met another mother-daughter team and we walked around with them for about 30 minutes.  All the while I was snapping pictures of anything and everything.  A corner, the ceiling, the floor, a door jamb to one of the rooms, and so on.  My digital screen isn’t the best and I was convinced I wasn’t catching anything while on my daughter’s camera LCD screen we were seeing orbs.


I’m a sensitive and I sense fluctuations in energy.  Once I got over my excitement of being here and was able to tune into that I began to get some results in my pictures, but again, due to the poorer quality of the LCD screen of my camera, at the time I was unaware of what I was capturing.


Returning to our room around 1 AM we went to bed.  I began to feel sick to my stomach so for the entire night I was up and down like a yoyo going to the bathroom.  I felt miserable.  I was awake the entire night with perhaps 45 minutes of sleep between 4 and 5 AM. 


I’m a side sleeper and I was laying on my right side.  At approximately 2:17 AM I felt the pressure of a single finger press against my rib cage just below my arm pit. It carefully ran a line from my armpit to the side of my hip, then stopped.  I laid there not believing what I had just felt.  I slightly turned over thinking it’s got to be my husband. However, he was sleeping on his side, but facing the other direction.  He was also sound asleep & snoring. There’s no way it was him.  Plus, the sheets are starched here. If he had moved at all I would have heard him.


So I rolled over onto my left side so now I was facing my husband with my back to the wall.  I closed my eyes trying to rest as my stomach gurgled.  Then I felt the same finger and it began again just below my armpit and traced a single straight line down to the side of my hip.  At that point this cloud of icy coldness descended upon me.  It enveloped me from head to toe.  I was so cold I was shivering.  It was 78 in our room (there is no air-conditioning at the Stanley). 


The blanket of icy coldness lasted what seemed like 2 minutes, but in reality it was probably more like 10 seconds, I am guessing.  It lifted just as suddenly as it had descended.  I did not experience anything else that night, except that twice I heard the pitter-patter of little footsteps right outside our room.  It is said the fourth floor is haunted by the spirits of several children.


The pictures below are only from our FIRST night here.  We’re booked for 3 more nights and we take the ghost tour tonight, so who knows what else we may also catch on film.  Enjoy the pictures and be SURE to scroll all the way through.  The one on the bottom is shown in actual size then enlarged in several subsequent image files and that one is certainly NOT to be missed!

Two orbs walking side-by-side. Lower right-hand side. Could this be Mr. & Mrs. Stanley? (c) Nefer Khepri, 2013
Two Orbs walking side by side, close up. Cropped.
(C) Nefer Khepri, 2013.
3 orbs walking along the floor at a diagonal from near center toward the left of the hall. There is also a white light anomaly on the ceiling to the left of the light fixture nearest the camera. It’s a rhomboid shape. To the immediate left of that is a tiny winged looking white thing. Lots going on in this one! (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013


Sensing energy, but not being able to see it, I took this second photo 2 seconds after the previous one. The 3 orbs & white winged anomaly are gone, but the rhomboid shape remains. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013
4th floor security guard, a woman, & my daughter on the far right. Note above and to the left of the security guard’s right shoulder. Nothing there, right? (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013
In the very next frame (2 seconds later) a white ball of mist appears above the guard’s right shoulder between the 3rd & 4th light fixtures. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013.
Same picture of the security guard now cropped to better showcase the white misty ball. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013
How Much for That Doggy in the Window? This is a glass paned door that is open against a side window. Outside the side window in the middle pan you can see 2 red glowing eyes. (C) Nefer Khepri 2013
The dog can be seen 2nd pane down & 2nd pane over from the right. Check out those red eyeballs!!! (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013.
An orb in the center of the hallway. Check out the detail to follow! (C) Nefer Khepri, 2013
The Children’s Orb. If you enlarge this you can see a LOT of faces of little children within it! This gave me the heebie jeebies BIG TIME & I’m so glad I only saw it this morning & not last night before going to bed. The story is ghostly kids run up & down the 4th floor hall playing! (C) Nefer Khepri 2013

 Feel free to enlarge this last picture. I’ll try to get a better copy posted once I get back home.

I shall try to blog more as our trip continues and will recap once we return home on Saturday, so stay tuned for more on the Stanley Hotel and its ghostly inhabitants.