How to Locate & Close Spirit Portals.

Today is a very weird day, but it has inspired this blog entry.

So far I have seen not one, but TWO figures walk across the width of our backyard this afternoon. Our backyard is surrounded by a 6 foot high wooden privacy fence and we have two side gates that we keep locked at all times. Unless someone climbs the fence, there is no way to enter our backyard without our knowledge.

The first figure was that of a man who looked in at me through the window in our backdoor as he walked across our deck. He was an older man, probably in his 60s, in a dark black coat. In the middle of summer. In Houston! I ran to the back door thinking oh my gods, who the hell is in my backyard & is the door locked? Thankfully it was locked & as I looked out through the window of our back door the man was nowhere to be seen.

I  ran out there with the dog & both side gates were locked from the inside. There was nowhere that man could have gone unless he managed to jump the six foot high privacy fence, which I sincerely doubt considering his age.

Two hours later I see a dark-haired boy out there, probably around 8 or 9. He was also walking across the yard in the same direction as the man, and at about the same spot. I repeat my actions. Gates were still locked, no sign of the kid. To top it off I’ve been smelling incense off and on all day today.I haven’t burned any incense in over two weeks because my daughter is sick from mono.

When it cools off tonight I’m going outside with my pendulum to see if I can identify any portals. My best guess is that a new spirit portal has opened up. We used to have one in our front yard that I successfully shut down and there were 2 in my daughter’s room. Now there’s only one in her bathroom. No matter how many times I shut it down, that particular portal keeps coming back. She sees all sorts of stuff in her bathroom & thinks it’s cool, including a woman dressed in a long white gown who will actually step out of her bathroom, take a look around my daughter’s room, and then shake a finger at her! When she tells me this I say to her, “you see? Your room is so messy you’re upsetting our ghosts!”


Pendulums can be used to identify portals.  If you practice a healing modality; such as, Reiki, you can use that energy to close the portal. The process is very simple.

Any weighted object attached to a chain or string can be used as a pendulum. In the picture you are looking at my personal collection. The pendulum on the left is made of copper pipe with copper wire wrapping. This is used for clearing and balancing the chakras. The pendulum in the center is made of amethyst (my favorite stone) and I use that one for divination. The pendulum on the right is my favorite pendant shown here as an example of how a pendant can also serve as a pendulum.

With your pendulum (dowsing rods will also work if you have any) slowly walk the area of the suspected portal. Keep an eye on your pendulum and pause about every other step. If your pendulum starts to rotate you have identified a portal.

Portals are either an entry or exit point to the physical world from the spirit world.

The next step is to use your pendulum to identify which type of portal you have discovered. This is also very simple. Your pendulum will be swinging either in a clockwise or counterclockwise circle.

Clockwise circle: you have found a portal that allows spirits to enter the physical plane.

Counterclockwise circle: you have found a portal that serves as an exit point for spirits to leave the physical plane and return to their own world.

IMPORTANT: You do NOT want to shut down an exit point! Exit points are necessary, otherwise spirits would get trapped here.

If you find a portal that is serving as an ENTRY point, you can close it down. For this you will need to have been attuned to Reiki or some other healing modality that you can use to direct energy down from the universe, through your body, out through your hand, and into your pendulum. This is the process I use:

I open myself up to the flow of Reiki as I say a prayer for protection. I draw the Master symbol followed by 3 Cho Ku Rei’s, followed by 3 Sei He Ki’s, followed by 3 more Cho Ku Rei’s. If you’re attuned to first degree then simply focus on channeling the energy.

I channel the energy down through my crown chakra down to my feet, into the earth, then up again through my feet, up my legs into my torso and along my arms and out through my hands. At this point you can state your intention to shut down the entry portal. Then keep an eye on your pendulum.

The pendulum should continue swinging clockwise this entire time and not waiver from that direction, but once the Reiki begins to flow into the portal what will happen is the portal will start to decrease in size until it closes. You know it has closed down when your pendulum completely stops rotating or swinging.

Once your pendulum has stopped moving, step back 2 – 3 paces and wait a few seconds. Then return to the same spot and test that spot for the portal. Your pendulum should not react in ANY way if you have successfully closed the portal. If it does react, then you’re dealing with a very large or strong portal and you will need to repeat the procedure in order to shut it down.

Please remember to leave all EXIT portals alone. Your pendulum will swing counterclockwise when it identifies an exit portal. Those must remain in place so our spirit guides and other spirits have an easy exit point back to their world.

If you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home it could be that your home contains one or more portals. Locate them using a pendulum and if you find an entry portal, simply shut it down. New entry portals can form, but it’s rare for them to occur in the same exact spot again, except for my daughter’s bathroom sink! That portal keeps coming back and if I’ve closed it down once, I’ve closed it down 500 times in the 14 years we’ve lived in this house. Just keep at it. This method is simple and it really does work.


~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Ghostly Visitors

Our house.
Our house.

When we purchased our house 12 years ago I was told by a psychic that it was a spiritual highway. She said many spirits would be seen, but not to worry as they were merely passing through and wouldn’t stay. She also stressed that our house was very well protected due to the energy I had around it.

Our house was brand new, built on virgin land (there had formerly been a pine forest here) & we were the first owners. I figured the psychic was wrong, but as my daughter grew older I found out how correct she had been.

My daughter was 4 when we moved from Corpus Christi, Texas to the Houston area. I never knew until she was around 12 that she regularly saw entities in her bedroom at all times of the day and night.

She began telling me about her experiences once she fully realized I had a strong interest in the paranormal. I never wanted to unduly influence my child so I never taught her to read tarot cards (I did try when she was 12, but she showed me she already knew so I handed her the deck & instructed her to have fun with it & she’s been reading tarot ever since), but I discuss angels with her and how important it is to call on them as our spiritual friends, especially in times of trouble. I also taught her about reincarnation, but nothing about the paranormal. She’s an only child and I didn’t want her to grow fearful of sleeping by herself in her room so I was always very careful as to what type of spiritual information I shared with her.

One day I was watching “Ghost Hunters” and she walked into the room and asked what it was about. Since I don’t find their show frightening at all I allowed her to watch it with me. Once it was over she began telling me about things she has seen in her room, which run the gambit. A few of the many examples are:

A lady in Victorian dress who walked in from my daughter’s bathroom, made eye contact

Victorian woman playing the piano. Image by Patrisyu. Image # 100265938 at
Victorian woman playing the piano. Image by Patrisyu. Image # 100265938 at

with her, then appeared to pick something up from the floor & place it in my daughter’s trash can. She then gave my child a reproachful look before walking toward and through the exterior wall of my daughter’s bedroom. I explained to my daughter that spirit was trying to encourage her to clean her room! My child is very messy so even the ghosts disapprove.

Another time she heard movement in her bathroom, which is attached to her bedroom and has a connecting door. She went in to take a look and saw a figure in a white hooded cloak with only two holes cut for eyes. She couldn’t see any eyes. The holes only showed blackness. She was 15 when this occurred and by then full of herself so she told it to go away and it did. I always told her if you see something you don’t like tell it to leave & tell it it has no right to be in YOUR house. She took my advice. Later when we were watching some movie about the South she exclaimed while pointing at a cloaked figure of the KKK, “Mom! That’s what I saw in my bathroom that one time! I’m glad I told it to leave!” Yeah, it’s NOT cool to have members of the KKK hanging out in your child’s bathroom.

Several times, but only at night with the lights off, upon going to bed she has seen small lights of blue, red, yellow, and green flitting around her room. We believe those to be fairies, but we can’t be sure.

A Strange Creature

The strangest incident occurred two years ago when my daughter was 14. She doesn’t read fairy tales and I’ve never read them to her, though she has seen the Disney movies. It’s possible she got this image from a movie, but I really don’t think so merely because her description was so highly detailed and it didn’t seem to match anything with which she was familiar at the time.

She was in her bathroom and thought she heard a noise. She looked through the doorway into her room and saw a strange creature touching some items she had out on her bed. The creature had its back to her so my daughter had plenty of time to get a really good look at it.

She described the creature as having hair all over it that resembled short dog fur, but not as thick. The creature’s color was a very dark brown like the color of tree bark. It had two small pointy ears on the top of its head with small tufts of fur protruding from them. There was a long tail. It stood on two legs and they looked like the legs of a horse and the creature’s feet were hooves.

The creature was wearing some sort of loose-fitting tunic that was also brownish in color and very close to the same color as the creature. Over its left shoulder it had a long leather strap to which a small leather pouch was attached that rested on the creature’s right hip. The pouch had a flap serving as a cover and appeared to be full of small items of various shapes. The creature also wore a belt and within the belt was tucked what looked like a small flute that rested against the back side of the pouch.

My daughter says she watched the creature for at least a good five minutes until she became stiff from standing so still. So she cleared her throat. The creature jumped, obviously startled. It spun around and saw my child at which point the creature looked completely frightened and disappeared right in front of her, but not before my daughter could see additional facial features and realize the creature was following the same path the Victorian woman had taken a few years prior to this incident as it started to run toward the exterior wall of her bedroom as it disappeared right in front of her. My daughter described its disappearing act as “an obvious cloaking device”.  Thank you, Gene Roddenberry and “Star Trek.”

She was able to see the creature face to face briefly. The creature’s face was hairless except for a small beard and it had the features of a man.

Photo & costume (C) Lindsey Burcar, 2012. image
Photo & costume (C) Lindsey Burcar, 2012. image Note that this satyr has a leather pouch much like the one my daughter saw.

I believe what she saw was a satyr, a supposedly mythological creature of the forest and one of the ways the god Pan is depicted in art. I have always believed them to be real, as well as elves and gnomes based upon an experience I had as a teenager, so why not satyrs? I searched the internet and found a picture and showed it to my daughter. She excitedly exclaimed it was exactly what she saw. Could it have been Pan Himself? I guess we’ll never know, but I’m glad my daughter saw it because she now knows what I have known since I was 14 and had a similar experience. Creatures of fairy tale aren’t so made-up and make-believe after all. Satyrs, elves and gnomes do exist, but they have been hidden from our sight just as most spirits also remain hidden as they walk the shadows between our world and the next.

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

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Attracting Stray Spirits: Sandalwood, Frankincense & Myrrh

Anniversary # 18, but at a different restaurant.
Anniversary # 18, but at a different restaurant.

Here is another example of me minding my own business & suddenly, out of nowhere & without warning, weirdness strikes.

My husband & I went to eat at Babin’s, which is a Cajun-style seafood place. Neither of us had ever been there before, but we had been wanting to try it for a long time so with hungry tummies there we were.

Babin’s is a very nice looking establishment, very homey feeling. As soon as we walked in I could just feel the positive energy rush up to greet me. It was a bit, well, weird. Not that I’m unaccustomed to feeling energy in public places (oh heck no, I feel it ALL. THE. TIME & much of the time it’s not good). It’s just very rare for the energy to rush up, get in your face and go, “hi, there!”

I immediately thought, “Oh, ok. There’s a lovely, friendly spirit here. Nice to meet you.”

I could then feel the energy move along with us as we walked further into the restaurant as though it was escorting us inside. There is a long narrow entryway that runs about 60 feet or so before you reach the hostess. Immediately beyond that is one of the most beautiful and inviting waiting areas I have ever seen. There were 3 – 4 small tables with chairs and a running fountain. The floor is flagstone or stone tile and the walls are brick.

Babins' waiting area. Picture from the internet.
Babins’ waiting area. Picture from the internet.

What struck me most as we waited for the young lady to seat us (there was no wait since we went early to dinner so it was just about 5:00 PM) was the lovely scent of incense that wafted in the waiting area. I even remarked on it to my husband and the young lady who seated us.

I guess I should have figured something wasn’t quite right when she and my husband both gave me a strange look. In my line of work you get used to that out in public or among extended family so I’m forever discounting it. I went into automatic “ignore” mode so thought nothing of their attitude – until the next day, that is.

We had a lovely dinner. The food was awesome. Our server Trevor was great, very friendly and he and my husband hit it off immediately. My husband was wearing one of his Arizona Cardinals football jerseys & Trevor just happened to be a fan. They had the nerve to talk football at the table for a good 5 minutes. FIVE MINUTES. I kid you not! No, I am not a football fan unless you happen to be a Northwestern Wildcat. Love my Wildcats!

Once dinner was over we took the same route we had into the restaurant. As we walked through the waiting area once again I could smell the incense. I said to my husband, “isn’t that a lovely smell? It’s a mixture of sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh.” Once again I got the “weird” look and no comment. That’s my husband for you. I’m used to that.

Fast forward to a few hours later and it’s bedtime. I’m in my bathroom getting ready for bed when suddenly –

… *** sniff ***  … *** sniff *** …

What IS that?

Why, it just happens to be incense!

You figure in my house, that’s normal, BUT, only in the mornings. You see, my husband is allergic so I never can burn incense later in the day because if it’s lingering in the air all he does all evening long is sneeze his poor head off. So when I use it I’m sure it’s out by noon, then he has no issues.

I do not keep candles in the bathroom and the scent came upon me suddenly so I can say it wasn’t any soap, shampoo, body powder, or any other scented item we have in the bathroom. It just seemed to waft in through the bathroom door.

I didn’t think much of it at first, to be honest. I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, so we went to sleep.

I awoke at around my usual time to use the restroom. Once you get older you can forget about making it through the entire night, I guess.

As I walked to the toilet again, I could smell the same lovely scent of incense I had smelled in the restaurant. I took a quick mental inventory and realized that the incense I had burned earlier that day was rose. That did not smell anything like what I was currently smelling in my bathroom.

I returned to bed wondering if I had somehow picked up a new “friend.”

It happens.

I go places and spirits can sense that I can feel their presence so they will sometimes come home with me. Most of the time they visit for the rest of the day, then they leave. In all cases these have been positive spirits because I have myself under protection at all times to keep the nasties away so I never worry about picking up something negative and bringing it home.

The next day I wake up (obviously), get ready for my day, have some breakfast, then head for my computer to work on a reading for a client. I have yet to burn any incense and really that day – since I did not have any spells to perform for clients – I had no intention of burning any incense. Suddenly, there it was again. The same delightful mix of sandalwood, frankincense & myrrh!

I walked out of my office and downstairs to get a glass of water and the scent followed me. I went back upstairs and quickly ran back into my office and took a good sniff. I could smell a candle I had burning, but there was no other scent other than the nice smell my office always has due to the candles, oils & herbs I store.

As I sat down in my computer chair suddenly the incense scent was back and it wafted all around me. I was then positive I had a visitor and that it was the energy from the restaurant.

So, I asked it, “what’s your name?”

I did not receive a verbal response other than I could sense laughter, as though the entity was amused it was being directly addressed.

Then I asked, “what do you want?”

Again, no verbal response, but this time I sensed a “swoosh” or wave of energy toward me that hit me all along my back. The most accurate comparison I can make is that it felt like when a child runs up behind you and throws their arms around you in a great big bear hug.

I smelled the incense for the rest of that day, the next, and the day after. My husband could never smell it though he was often in the same room with me when I was able to smell it. I would ask him, “you can’t smell that? It’s so strong!” His reply was, “you need to call the doctor if you’re having phantom smells. You might be stroking out!”

Yes, he’s very helpful that nonbeliever husband of mine.

I never heard or saw any paranormal activity other than the scent and the sensation of being hugged or rushed by energy every once in a while. It always felt nice, welcoming, and friendly so I was never worried.

It took three and a half days for the incense smell to completely leave me; however, every once in a while I will get a nice whiff of it.

Me at Iao Valley State Park, Maui, Hawaii. Nashia is standing behind me, slightly to my left.
Me at Iao Valley State Park, Maui, Hawaii. Nashia is standing behind me, slightly to my left.

I’m not sure what type of entity was hanging out at Babin’s and then decided to follow me home, but it’s not the first time. The most notable time was when my husband and I visited Iao Valley on the Hawaiian Island of Maui in 2011. I met a lovely spirit there by the name of Nashia who asked permission of the spirits of the land there to come home with me. Permission was granted and she has been one of my spirit guides ever since.

I have no idea if this entity will come and go, but as I conclude this blog post you have ONE guess as to what I’m smelling right this minute!

Yep! You guessed it!

Sandalwood, frankincense, & myrrh!

Thank you for reading & I welcome you to share this post with your friends using the share buttons below.

Wishing you many blessings,

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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What I Believe & Why I Believe It

The God & Goddess cards from "The Egyptian Lenormand" copyright Nefer Khepri & Schiffer Books, 2015
The God & Goddess cards from “The Egyptian Lenormand” copyright Nefer Khepri & Schiffer Books, 2015

What do I believe in? I get asked that question often by friends, family, clients, so I thought I’d explain a bit here.

Firstly, I believe in treating everyone as you yourself wish to be treated. I live by the Golden Rule. When someone doesn’t treat me as I treat them that’s when I walk away. We all have our own paths to walk & I never attempt to change another person. I figure they are the way they are because they need to attract certain lessons into their lives. So be it. I move on. I value myself too much to remain in a relationship where the other person is not treating me in the same manner I treat them.

My mom taught me this lesson, one of the most important lessons I have ever learned.

Secondly, I believe in what many consider to be the unseen world (note: unseen does NOT equal unreal). I believe in fairies, ghosts/spirits, angels, and the reality and power of the Egyptian gods. These are the reasons why.

I was raised Catholic & attended church fairly regularly from birth until the age of 14 when I was confirmed in the faith. I could see fairies in our backyard since I was a small child & I grew up with a playmate named George who was not imaginary. He was the ghost of a little boy from the 1920s, the reality of which was validated when a psychic lady came to visit my parents one day & saw him. She described George exactly as I had alway seen him, freaking out both my parents.

I grew up with a tremendous love & respect for Jesus Christ, for the great Teacher & Healer he was/is, and I firmly believe the time He walked this planet He was God Incarnate. When I was 9 I was in the hospital with a severe case of gastric enteritis. I saw Christ walk into my room. He sat on the edge of my bed and without saying a word He placed his left hand on my abdomen. The discomfort immediately left me as He gazed into my eyes. My entire body filled with a peaceful warmth I have never felt since. The next morning the doctor could not explain the reason I was suddenly perfectly fine. I insisted to everyone Christ had visited me and that during that visit He healed me. Unbeknownst to me at the time our family doctor was Jewish. He later converted to Christianity and would often say my experience was his inspiration.

Despite my strong faith and beliefs, I walked out of church  on my confirmation day, turned around & informed a very shocked godmother & parents that I would not be returning to the Catholic Church – ever. I had done all that was required of me. I did not believe in how the Church ran things, so I would not be returning.

It was then that I embarked upon my spiritual journey.

Wicca book coverDuring my senior year in high school I read the first of 2 books that changed my life: Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, by Scott Cunningham. I began practicing Wicca in 1980 & tried for several years to forge a relationship with the Egyptian deities, but They wouldn’t have me. I was told I wasn’t “ready.” Whatever “ready” was, I wasn’t it. I thought I was ready, I felt ready, but … In the meantime I worked with the Celtic pantheon, mainly the goddess Brigit. I was happy, but not completely spiritually fulfilled.

I have been drawn to ancient Egypt ever since I can remember. It was my love of Egyptian civilization that made me decide at the age of 9 to become an archaeologist after seeing the movie The Mummy, starring Boris Karloff.  (A lot happened to me when I was 9 & that year was a major turning point in my life.) Coincidentally or not, this occurred a couple of weeks after I had been released from the hospital. After 3 universities and 3 degrees I became an academically trained archaeologist with a doctorate. At a far earlier age (2) I also became an artist & most of what I drew during the ensuing years was Egyptian-inspired.

Sixteen years later in 1996 during my Reiki master-teacher attunement I saw Isis herself in a vision. It would be the first of many times I would be blessed with a vision of Her. She said only 3 words to me:

“You are ready.”

I knew immediately what She meant & that began a spiritual odyssey that continues to this day.

Fingerprints of GodsIt was a day or so after that when I began reading the second book that would alter my life, The Fingerprints of the Gods, by Graham Hancock. I read that book with the academically instructed mind of an archaeologist, but I came away with a very changed mind and fully realized that academia and mainstream science had much of it wrong where it comes to the ancient history of our planet.

A year later in mid-1997 I was receiving a healing from a friend and colleague. As she worked on me I slipped into a vision. I was in an underground cavern lit by some mysterious light source. There were stalagmites of various colors everywhere. I could see a large pool of water and in the center of the pool was a single column of what looked like pure quartz crystal that has been carved to strongly resemble an ionic Greek pillar. On top of the pillar was an amethyst crystal skull. I could see a white chevron in the center of the skull.

That white chevron is important.

amethyst crystal skullThe crystal skull spoke to me telepathically and relayed a message that completely changed the course of my life. I received validation that my chosen path of academia, the one I had worked so hard to embark upon and to remain upon, was NOT the path for me at all. And so, like the day I left the Catholic Church, I left my academic path and have never looked back.

After the amethyst crystal skull relayed its message to me the vision then changed. I was suddenly in a desert. A ten foot tall angel appeared in front of me, opened his right hand and within it  revealed a strong and steady flame. He was the first angel I ever saw, but not the last. This angel told me telepathically that the flame would guide me where I needed to go next “in order to complete the process that had begun.” I figured the angel was referring to my visit to the cavern and the message from the amethyst crystal skull that still had my head reeling.

The angel took me by the hand and we flew up into the sky and across a vast desert. Once I saw the Giza Plateau on the horizon I knew the desert was the Sahara and that I had astral travelled to north Africa, and specifically to Egypt.

What happened next in a hidden chamber beneath the Great Pyramid is discussed in another blog post here. I suggest you read that once you’ve finished with this blog post.

amethyst with chevronAs to the importance of the white chevron, that very same day I had this vision while a friend gave me a healing session, a shipment of rocks & crystals arrived at the new age shop where I worked at the time. I was basically the assistant manager and it was part of my job to process incoming orders. As I looked through all the pretty stones I was drawn to the amethyst not only because of the vision I had just experienced, but because purple has always been my favorite color; and, amethyst had been my mother’s birthstone.

I found an amethyst that contained a white chevon, much like the cheron that had been inside the amethyst crystal skull that had just been speaking to me in the vision. I purchased that amethyst for myself and for the past 18 years it has been a treasured part of my stone and crystal collection. More on the chevron at the conclusion of this blog post.

As to who or what the Egyptian gods and goddesses are, or were, well, it’s ARE – present tense. They never “went” anywhere, They are not gone nor are They dead.  In fact, they are quite lively & wish only to help humankind spiritually evolve & “come into their own,” as they so often say to me.

Sirius Dog Star & OrionAs to where they came from, the ancient Egyptians long focused on the star Sothis (known to us as Sirius, the Dog Star) & its relation to the constellation of Osiris (known to us as the constellation of Orion) and the 3 stars of Orion’s belt, especially the central star. By the way, the Classic Maya civilization that I studied for my doctorate were also fascinated with that exact same star & believed that the god, First Father, came from that star. Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidences, do you?.

In many channeling sessions over the years the gods have told me their physical home was that central star. They came to earth to teach & to heal. They have been to many other planets with intelligent life spreading their philosophy throughout innumerable galaxies, thus giving birth to countless religions, philosophies, and healing modalities. They would be considered extraterrestrials were they to visit earth today. Back then they were seen as Gods among men, & so They were. Great teachers. Great healers.

They still live today. They are immortal. They are powerful. They are loving and compassionate. They are approachable.

They still communicate with us if we would only listen, & they still wish to help us. For a brief time they were unwilling to have anything else to do with us humans, but something happened. I don’t know if it was the Sixties, or the advent of the Age of Aquarius, or maybe some astrological alignment they were waiting for, but the gods are ready now to help us advance along our path of spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

They ask two seemingly simple things of each of us.

Have a willing heart and an open mind.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Is it as simple as it sounds, though?

When you have what the gods term “a willing heart,” this means you are fully ready and willing to accept Them into your life. Once you allow the gods to enter your heart They also enter your psyche. Very deep changes occur on the soul level. Your perception expands. Your outlook on life is forever altered. Many aren’t ready for that. If you THINK you are ready, but you really aren’t, the gods will know and you will receive a sign accordingly.

If your heart is willing, what about your mind? Do you have what They would term an “open” mind?

By “open” the gods mean that you are not viewing Them from within the dogmatic construct of your own religious or spiritual upbringing. You are accepting the gods on THEIR terms, not yours, and not your religion’s, whatever that may be. The gods will also know if your mind is “open” and therefore willing to accept Them in Their True Form.

The process by which you accept the gods into your life will be discussed in a future blog post since I’m approaching 2,000 words with this post. Meanwhile, going back over all the things that happened to me when I was 9 that shaped the person I am today, there was one other event and it all has come full circle today while typing this post, thus validating to me the timeliness of sharing this information with you today.

When I was 9 I went on a class trip to the Sears Tower in Chicago. I purchased a stone display board on which had been glued the raw and polished versions of several stones, one of which was – yes – amethyst. My favorite. And yes, that is the reason I bought the display item in the first place. It hung on my bedroom wall until I graduated college and went off to grad school.

I packed the item away and did not take it out again until my daughter was in the third grade. She had to use it for some class presentation so I dug it out and allowed her to borrow it, but somehow it ended up never returning to me. I didn’t miss it. In fact, I have not given it a single thought – until today, that is.

As I was typing this blog post my daughter came into my office gleefully exclaiming she was cleaning her room, which about gave me a heart attack. My daughter cleaning? What was WRONG with her? She later returned saying, “Mom, look at what I found in my bookcase. Do you remember this?”

She handed me the cardboard with the stones still glued to it. The item I bought during my pivotal ninth year of life. The year I met Christ face to face & was healed. The year I decided to become an archaeologist. The year I fell and badly injured my left knee that resulted in a 39-year chronic condition. The year I set out on what was to evolve into my true life path and purpose.

me and my rocks 2015It’s all come full circle now. Here I am holding that cardboard with those stones glued to it that a 9-year-old aspiring archaeologist bought for $3.00 on a school field trip to the Sears Tower.

Is it a coincidence that today of ALL days my daughter decided to clean her room, find this card of stones and give it back to me as I typed this blog post? Is it also a coincidence that I decided to google “amethyst crystal skull” to look for an image to use for this post and I found one for sale that just happens to contain a white chevron (and yes, I purchased it immediately and had massive chills doing so!)?

I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you?

UPCOMING: anniversary pictures in which some weird energy appears. Debunkers are welcome because I really want to know what it is or if my cell phone camera has a problem!

Thank you for reading & I welcome you to share this post with your friends.

Wishing you many blessings,

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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How To Help a Spirit Crossover.

SONY DSCUpon quickly scanning an email a stranger sent me about a spirit who is interfering with his attempts to communicate with his spirit guides I saw the following vision:

A woman in a long white dress or gown, Victorian style, running through the trees. Someone is in hot pursuit. She keeps looking over her right shoulder and is crying. It’s night, the forest is dark. The leaves are blocking out the moonlight. She stumbles and falls. She appears to have hit her head on a rock. At that point I seem to be standing over her in the vision, then everything goes dark.

The person who emailed me did so after reading my article on How to Contact Your Spirit Guides. It’s very popular and it drives a great deal of traffic to my site. He told me he regularly contacts his guides, but lately a spirit has stood in the way. The spirit keeps asking for help and he has no idea who it is or what type of help they may need. That’s the gist of his email. He never mentions the spirit’s gender or anything else about it prior to my reply.

I reply with an explanation of what I am seeing and also some tips on how he can help this spirit into the light so she can crossover. Then he replies that the voice he hears asking him for help is that of a woman. The gender of the spirit is now confirmed.

I then ask him where he lives because I sense the area has a lot of history and that if he did some research he may find mention of this poor woman’s death.

Queen of Wands, from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot, copyright Lisa Hunt & US Games, Inc., 2011.
Queen of Wands, from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot, copyright Lisa Hunt & US Games, Inc., 2011.

He replies that he lives in a small village and he has heard a story about a woman who was a healer. She was found at the bottom of a well and had been dressed in a long white gown. No further information is available. He suspects the woman in my vision was her.

Just another day in my life with visions that come unbidden, but I sure hope it helps this poor woman’s spirit to find lasting peace. The man who emailed me is going to try two methods I sent him to help a spirit crossover. I include them here in case any of you need the information:

Method 1: Visualization.

Mentally guide the spirit into the light. Find a quiet place to sit and reflect. Ask for protection as you would prior to a session with your spirit guides, then ask your own spirit guides AND angels to come forward & tell them you are gathered to help this spirit crossover.

Next, envision the White Light. What I do when I have done this for spirits is I envision a doorway filled with blinding white light. I tell the spirit this is the Light of Heaven, it is where they are meant to go so they can be reunited with their own spirit guides & angels to go over lessons learned & lessons yet to be deciphered, and from there they can go on to reunite with loved ones and then move on to their next phase, whatever that may be. I stress to them it is safe, they will not be harmed & that this is where they are truly meant to go and they will be accepted with unconditional love & receive the healing & guidance they require.


Method 2: Invoke Archangel Michael for help.

Ask Archangel Michael to guide the spirit to the other side. Michael is the Conveyor of Souls. He gathers lost spirits to him & guides them on over. All that is required is a white candle, calling on your own protection, then lighting it for the spirit and asking Michael to help it crossover. You do this by invoking him & you can use the Catholic prayer below or pray to him in your own words. I suggest using your own words, especially since the spirit may be afraid to crossover not knowing what awaits them. The prayer here is for protection and it’s kind of heavy-handed for the situation, but I’m including it anyway.

 Archangel Saint Michael,
Defend us in our battles.
Be our protection against the wickedness & snares of the devil,
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.
And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
By the power of God,
Thrust into hell
Satan & all evil spirits who roam the world
For the ruin of souls. AMEN.

Until next time, wishing you many blessings,

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Our Haunted Maui Vacation

Hotel ocean view on Maui
Lana’i Island & beach from our room at the Ashton Mahana on Maui.

Our hotel room in Maui was nearly as exciting as our daily excursions after the first night. We stayed at the Ashton Mahana in Kaanapali, Room # 902.  The first night was quiet enough, and the room was quite comfortable. My husband and I really liked it, with a fantastic ocean-front view. Actually, all rooms at the Ashton Mahana face the ocean.

The second night I woke with a start. I felt as though perhaps I had been touched. I turned to look at my husband, but he was snoring loudly with his back to me, so I knew it wasn’t him. My heart was pounded because something – a touch or perhaps a sound – had woken me abruptly, which meant a trip to the bathroom was in order.

Upon my return to bed I glanced at the clock radio, which read 3:07 AM. I immediately thought about how paranormal things tend to occur at around 3:00 AM, blew it off, and got back into a comfy position in bed. Then I glanced up at the ceiling.

Our room had a white ceiling fan over my side of the bed. The fan had a circular light fixture and five blades. As I looked up at it I couldn’t help but notice a white mist encircling the light fixture. Along the side of the fan nearest the head of the bed the mist was so thick that it was completely obscuring two of the fan’s blades. I could not see either blade through the mist.

I laid there thinking, “well, what is this, then?”

I looked around for a logical explanation first. I glanced over at the kitchenette area, which was about 8 feet to my left along my side of the bed. Along the ceiling in the kitchenette is a large air-conditioning vent. The air-conditioner was running at the time so I immediately thought the mist had been formed by humidity that collected near the ceiling fan, which was in the path of the air-conditioner vent. I laid there happy with that explanation and closed my eyes.

After a few minutes I got the strong urge to look up at the fan again and was surprised to see the white mist now slowly undulating around the five blades of the fan like a giant white boa constrictor. I watched, utterly fascinated. I’m assuming several minutes passed, but I never did look at the clock because I was too busy watching the mist. I tried to wake my husband, who merely grunted and never woke up so I don’t have a witness.

After what I guess to have been around five minutes the mist slowly began to dissipate and it completely disappeared within a few seconds. I went back to sleep wondering if our room was haunted, but I wasn’t afraid since I deal with this type of thing on a daily basis due to the nature of my business.

I told my husband about the mist the next morning. He’s an unbeliever, a Virgo and a born again Southern Baptist, so about as different from me as possible. He lifted an eyebrow and said, “well, maybe the room is haunted.” Then he smiled. I didn’t know if he was serious or just trying to humor me.

The next night I woke again at around 3:00 AM to a clicking sound. The sound was not steady like the ticking of a clock, nor did it sound mechanical to me. It sounded like something was repeatedly coming into contact with a hard surface. The entire floor of this room has ceramic tile so at first I wondered if something on the floor was being moved somehow and clicking against the floor.

The more I listened the more I began convinced the sound was coming from the bathroom. The sink in there is set into a cabinet with a surface covered in ceramic tile. I thought that something we had set on top of the sink was being moved in order to make that clicking sound. Mentally, I went through everything I had put on the sink and realized my razor was there. I always set my razor blade-side down so no one inadvertently cuts themselves on the blade. I realized that if you turned the razor blade side up that you could then place a finger on either edge of the blade and rock the razor back and forth on the sink.

I thought, no, that can’t be what’s making the noise because that would mean some entity was in the bathroom who was able to flip my razor over and then play with it. The clicking went on for about an hour and it kept me awake. Once again, I tried to wake my husband. He did hear the clicking and told ME to go check the bathroom. Gee, thanks a heap fearless husband! I was not about to go look, so I eventually went back to sleep.

The next morning I was the first one out of bed and I went into the bathroom to find my razor not only blade-side up, but on the RIGHT-hand side of the sink. I’m a lefty. I always set my razor down on the LEFT side. I asked my husband if he had moved it in the middle of the night and he swore he never touched it.

The following night upon getting into bed and laying there for about ten minute I heard a “slap, slap, slap” sound coming from the kitchen. I turned to my husband who was now turned facing me. He looked right at me and I said, “do you …” and before I could finish he said, “yeah, it’s in the kitchen now. Go look!”

I replied, “No, you go look!”

Husband, “do you think I’m crazy? I learn from horror movies. Those who look DIE!”

I replied, “So thanks a LOT for telling ME to go look!”

Meanwhile, the slap-slap-slap sound continued and I realized it was the sound of bare feet hitting the tile floor as they walked back and forth from one end of the tiny kitchenette to the other. I think this went on for around 30 minutes, but the last time I looked at the clock 20 minutes had gone by. Then I began to drift off to sleep with the slapping sound continuing on.

The following night we both heard the sound of small items being shifted around in position in both the kitchenette and the bathroom. Whatever this entity was, except for the night I saw it swirling around the ceiling fan, it had never come back into the bedroom portion of our room – something for which my husband was most grateful. When I got up in the morning I couldn’t tell if anything in the kitchen or bathroom had been moved or not, but during the night it sure did sound like items were being shifted around.

The next night was our last night on Maui. Nothing happened. All was quiet.

We got ready for the day and while I was using the sink I shoved the complimentary toiletries out of my way. They had been arranged in a straight line on the left-hand side of the sink. I shoved them further back and now they were in a sloppy triangular formation. I continued washing my face and getting ready. I went back out into the bedroom portion of our room to finish getting dressed. My husband was reading so he never left the bed.

I went back into the bathroom intending to put my make-up on, looked down and was shocked to see the toiletries once again arranged in a perfectly straight line on the left-hand side of the sink. I realized the entity had moved them so out of spite I moved them back into a jumped mess and said, “there you go! You’ve got some house cleaning to do!” Then we left to start our day.

We returned to pack for the plane ride home. I went into the bathroom. Lo and behold, the toiletries were once again arranged in a straight line! So I picked them all up & popped them into my toiletry bag and took them home. Now I have 4 tubs of complimentary hotel bath gel, hand lotion, shampoo and conditioner that have been touched by some mysterious entity.

Upon checking out I described our adventures to the manager and assistant manager. Neither one had ever heard anyone speak of anything paranormal about room 902 or any other room at the Ashton Mahana; however, as one of them pointed out to me, most people would be too afraid of ridicule to admit to having had such an experience so they could not rule out the place being haunted.

The assistant manager had an interesting theory. She said that many places on Maui are “haunted,” but not in the ghostly sense. Spirits of the land make themselves known on a regular basis, especially the Menehune, which are the Hawaiian version of fairies. They are known to be quite mischievous and many do not like messes. She felt that it had been a Menehune who had re-arranged the toiletries, but as to the footsteps and the white mist, she had no explanation.

Looking toward the island of Molokai from Room 902 at the Ashton Mahana on Maui.
Looking toward the island of Molokai from Room 902 at the Ashton Mahana on Maui.

As we left, my husband laughed and said to me, “leave it to you to end in a haunted hotel room.”

Well, I guess so, especially since it’s happened to me before. I doubt this will be the last time. Beautiful ocean views notwithstanding, the ghost was a nice touch! It sure did add some nighttime excitement to our vacation. If we ever do go back to Maui (highly probable since we both LOVE it there), we’re going to stay at the Ashton Mahana again and request the same room. Next time I’ll be bringing some equipment along and hope to catch some evidence of paranormal activity.

Orbs in Church.

Well, another day, another weird experience for me!

Yesterday we went to church. It’s nondenominational Christian, and during the service I saw this huge self-illuminating bluish-whitish orb!!! It was slowly traveling from left to right across the front of the stage. This church has a band every week so it’s one of those modern Christian churches, songs are very uplifting & have a good beat, you can even dance to most of them. Well, this orb was DANCING! It was making tiny jumps up & down in time to the music dancing along the front of the stage, then it would dance on back to the left side, then repeat. I saw this with my NAKED EYES. Never have I seen an orb with my own eyes, but have caught some with my camera, including the awesome orb I caught at the Stanley Hotel last August that has tiny faces throughout.

Unflattering picture 1 of me eating gelato. That’s my husband’s hand to the right. Behind me is my mother-in-law with her back to us. Note my left elbow. Nothing is there for the first picture.

Here is an example of an orb that showed up in  picture my daughter took of me June 26, 2012 when we were in Rome.  This was also the day I received the total healing of my 39 chronic knee problem from the Virgin Mary in Her basilica, which is actually about 2 blocks away from this gelato place that was down the street from our hotel.  Note my left elbow & the fact that in this first picture there is nothing there, just me enjoying fudge gelato.  BTW, the owner on the 2nd night had won Best Gelato in Rome & came while we were there with his huge trophy and did a dance, so little did we know we were eating the best. All I knew was that it was to die for.

The next picture was taken not even 10 seconds after the first picture.  My daughter didn’t like the first one because in it she caught her grammy’s backside (hee, hee).  So she had me pose with the spoon in my mouth again and snapped the second picture.  You can see in the second picture I have somehow picked up a little friend (or maybe

Orb, Rome
Taken less than 10 seconds later, now you see an orb at my left elbow.

it was some fresh Italian man trying to pick me up! LOL).  You can see the orb right at my left elbow.  No one ever saw it with their naked eyes & I didn’t feel anything.  I have no way of knowing if that was someone attached to me, perhaps healing energy from the Virgin Mary still working on my knees or even an angel She has sent to me to complete the healing (my knees were instantly completely healed & you can read about that here), or some local spirit who wanted to do a photo bomb.  It’s an interesting example of how orbs can suddenly show up from one picture to the next.

When we left church my 15 year old daughter immediately says, “Wow! Church was full of orbs today & one zoomed past my head & nearly hit me!” She said there were TONS of orbs, that they were all over the place & many around the pastor to the point that at times she could barely see him through all the orbs!!

Now, the interesting thing is this:  the pastor was talking about Apostolic Cessationism, which is the belief that the spiritual gifts of speaking in tongues, healings, & prophecy given to the Apostles were only meant to start up the Christian Church, then once started up & the Apostles died off, those spiritual gifts died with them. Some churches believe this while others believe to this day certain people have these God-given gifts & so those churches encourage their practice (like the Pentacostal church who is well known for speaking in tongues). He then said belief & practice of such things is a non-something issue, it’s not something that the church feels would keep you out of heaven, one way or another. He then said that our branch of the church believes these gifts exist, believe people can still do this, but they don’t overtly practice it in the common Sunday assembly of members. But he said there are quite a few members who can speak in tongues, heal, & prophecize. He also said as long as such things are done with LOVE, and with the intention of edifying (building up, encouraging, helping) others, then it’s FINE to do such things & to appreciate such gifts. He concluded by saying THERE IS NOTHING WRONG about practicing such gifts & that even the gift of prophecy can be a great blessing to have hints of what is coming up ahead in a person’s life.

SO! All that being said, I think all those orbs were people’s angels & spirit guides who were attending & hearing the message this morning. I think they were really happy to hear such a message being given out to so many at once (our church is huge with 3 Sunday services that all average around 600 – 1,000 people per service). Not sure who the dancing bluish-whitish orb was, but it was huge, about a foot in diameter from my view & we were seated halfway back, so I’d estimate if I were right in front of it that it would have been 18 – 20″ in diameter.

Just had to share! I was SUPER EXCITED to see that orb, but didn’t see the “tons” my daughter said she saw.  As usual, my husband saw nothing & thinks we both need to get our eyes checked!

Wishing you all Many Blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T. (only 12 copies remaining!!)