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How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

I received proof today that a spiritual house cleansing is a tangible thing that even a nonbeliever can sense once it has been carried out, but more on that later. I live in Houston and after a very brief, but … Continue reading

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Archangel Michael Needs YOUR Help

  I began channeling Archangel Saint Michael back in 1996 & have been channeling messages from him ever since. Last year he presented me with a new healing modality that complements other healing modalities, such as Reiki, IET, tapping, and … Continue reading

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The Game 7 Rain Delay Miracle

This morning when I woke up to Steve Goodman’s immortal classic, “Go Cubs, Go” running through my head on repeat I thought to myself, “as I get out of bed it’s the first time I’ll be doing that with the … Continue reading

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Spiritual House Cleansing with Archangel Saint Michael

This is my personal method for undertaking a heavy duty spiritual house cleansing. I share all the steps with you here & I hope that you find my method useful and helpful. You will need the following: 4 candles a … Continue reading

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Spiritual Protection Online

There are a lot of sensitive people out there; and by “sensitive,” I mean open to receiving and picking up on energies that the typical person cannot feel. I have some advice regarding online activity for all who are sensitives: … Continue reading

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Archangel Saint Michael: Your New BEST Friend!

I’ve been channeling Archangel Saint Michael since October, 1997.  I never set out to do this on purpose. I began hearing his voice one day while I was taking a shower. Yes, Michael likes to hang out in bathrooms, evidently. … Continue reading

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Archangel Michael Message for 1/17/2013

MESSAGE FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: 1/17/13: This came through in a personal message to  a woman in my group, Magickal Musings, just a few minutes ago.  I am going to be posting this all over so if you see it 5 … Continue reading

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