The Way Card Oracle deck review

The WayCard Oracle: A Guide to the Inner JourneyUsually, an oracle deck consists of cards containing images, a title, and perhaps a few keywords. The WayCard Oracle is quite different from typical decks. It does not have a single image other than an arrow pointing up on the card back and as a watermark on the card image. Other than the arrow, each card has a single word in a dark green italic font.

The WayCard Oracle begins with the Hero/heroine card, which represents each of us. The deck continues with a card for each of the Elements and the remaining cards are named for life stages and experiences we all encounter at various times in our lives.

The WayCard Oracle contains a total of 33 cards that measure 3 x 5″. The card finish is matte and there is no heavy laminate. The WayCard Oracle is housed within a 6 x 9 x 1″ hinged lidded box with magnetic closure that can be stored upright on its end like a book. Those with card collections as large as mine (294 as of this blog post) will appreciate this as that style of box conserves much-needed bookshelf space.

The guidebook is a 6 x 9″ paperback containing 96 pages. There is a brief introduction, a section about how to use the deck, and the card interpretations. Car interpretations consist of a number of keywords, an applicable quote from a visionary; such as, Joseph Campbell, Jean Houston, Hildegarde of Bingen, among others.

The WayCard Oracle is meant to be used more for introspection and guidance. The deck creator, Martha Winona Travers, states that there is no yes or no card, but she does provide a few sample questions to demonstrate how a question requiring a yes/no answer can be restructured so that The WayCard Oracle can properly address the question.

I find that The WayCard Oracle provides insightful readings. I recommend it to those of you who may find the typical oracle and tarot imagery to be distracting. It is an interesting system that reminds of me other such decks, most notably, The Universal Cards by Juliet Jaffray Hubbs and Nora Monaco, which also works very well, and The Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens. The guidebook for The WayCard Oracle is very well written. It contains thorough card interpretations along with suggestions as to how best to integrate the energy of each card into your life.


~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full Disclosure: I received this deck from the publisher in order to consider it for review. I only review those decks that are of interest to me & which I feel would also be of interest to my followers.









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