Lenormand Annual Reading for 2015

Photo credit: Superstock.com
Photo credit: Superstock.com

Happy 2015!!

Has anyone tried to do their annual Lenormand reading, and if so, what’s your 2015 looking like? I haven’t had time to lay mine out yet. I’m busy working on 2 Annual Lenormand readings for clients at the moment. I plan to lay mine out either tonight or tomorrow & then I’ll share it here. It’s a pretty simple reading to do although it does use all 36 cards.

If you’re using a deck that has extra cards, as my deck, The Egyptian Lenormand does, remove the Cat card & the extra gender cards. This will leave you with 36 cards. Shuffle & concentrate on what you should expect during 2015.

Cut the deck.  I do this by cutting them into three piles, a habit I carry over from my decades of reading Tarot cards. I recommend you carefully turn each pile over and note the bottom cards. I have found these three cards to provide the overall “theme” of the year. Reassemble the deck and begin to lay out your annual reading.

As you lay the cards out do so in sets of 3. 3 cards for each month of the year. That will total 36 cards. Be sure to write them down in a simple list that you can then go back to later & analyze. For example:

January: Birds + Tree + Garden
February: Flowers + Mountain + Child
March: Rider + Ship + House

and so on for the year. Once you have your master list you can then break the reading down into simple steps.

The next step is to discover the quintessence for each month. The quintessence is actually a secret extra card. You find it by adding up the number on each card you received.

The Rider, Ship & House cards from "The Egyptian Lenormand" (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.
The Rider, Ship & House cards from “The Egyptian Lenormand” (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.

For example, let’s look at March: Rider (1) + Ship (3) + House (4) = 1 + 3 + 4 = 8. The 8th card of the deck is the Sarcophagus (Coffin in other Lenormand decks). Sarcophagus is the quintessence for March, which basically sums up that month’s energy or it can add extra information, or both.

What if the numbers of the cards add up to a number higher than 36? That’s simple. You take that number and reduce it by adding the digits together. For example, let’s say you received Djed Pillar (36) + Man (28) + Anchor (35). That means you would add 36 + 28 + 35 to get 99. Next, you add 9 + 9 and you end up with 18. Card # 18 is The Dog, so The Dog is the quintessence for this 3-card reading.

I highly recommend if you do give yourself an annual reading that you note it in your journal. Believe me, you are going to want to refer back to it numerous times throughout the year. I did this with mine last year & was shocked at how accurate it was. The way I note it down in my journal is like this, but you may think up a better way ~

First, make your master list of the 3 cards you received for each month. Next, start a NEW page in your journal for EACH month. Across the top of each page note:

2015 Annual Lenormand Reading: January (next page February, & so on).

Each month receives its own journal page so be sure you have at least 12 pages remaining in your journal, and if not, buy a new one. I love blank journals. I’m addicted to them.

Below the heading note your 3 cards using the following information: name of the card, number of the card, and if you also practice cartomancy include the playing card association for that particular Lenormand card. A month’s entry would then look like this, as an example:

Clover (2) + Crossroads (22) + Fish (34) & below that playing cards:
6D        + QD                      + KD.

This is a good example of why playing card associations are so important in Lenormand. Look at the above. We have the 6, Queen and King of Diamonds. You can then read this in 2 ways. You can first focus on the meaning of each of the Lenormand cards & then you can focus on the playing cards. Here, the cards appear to be talking about a couple, the Queen and King of Diamonds, but you’d never get that from only focusing on the traditional meaning of the Crossroads & Fish cards. It can really pay off to examine the playing card associations.

The next step is to add up the cards’ numbers to arrive at the quintessence. For the above example that would be 2 + 22 + 34 = 58 that further needs to be reduced to 5 + 8 = 13, so the quintessence card is The Child, the 13th card of the deck. You would then note that on the next line of your journal entry. So now the entry looks like:

2015 Annual Lenormand Reading: January
Clover (2) + Crossroads (22) + Fish (34)
6D      +       QD               +    KD
Quintessence: Child

Here we have a couple and the mention of a child. Interesting, don’t you think?

The next step is to briefly interpret the cards & write down your interpretation. Leave room at the bottom of the journal page for notes later. Check back each month to see how accurate you were. If you weren’t very accurate re-examine the cards to see where you went wrong. Sometimes they will speak about large issues or events and sometimes they speak about very small things we may have missed. Have fun with this & let me know how it goes.

If you would like a Lenormand Annual Reading from me, I am offering them for only a limited time on SALE.  My Annual Readings run at least 18 pages, typed, single-spaced. They are $175 regularly, but until January 20, 2015 they are on sale for $130. After January 20th the price goes back up, no exceptions.

I look at more than just each month. I also divide your year into quarters so I examine the cards further in sets of 3 months each to look at overriding themes and major events and situations. I still have time to start a few more readings for January (this will end tomorrow since the first week will already be behind us), after that, your reading would commence on February 1, 2015 and run through January 30, 2016.
If you wish to order, please click on this secure PayPal payment link. Please remember this payment link expires on midnight CST on January 20th.

Wishing you all a very blessed New Year.  Remember to focus on thinking positive and make 2015 the best year yet!!

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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