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Will Hillary Clinton Win the 2016 Presidential Election?

Many of my clients come to me with yes/no type of questions. There are simple methods to address a yes/no question for both Tarot and Lenormand. When reading for myself I normally do not do predictive readings. When consulting the Lenormand or Tarot I tend to focus on questions geared toward gaining guidance or finding out in general what to expect from a given situation. I do not ask yes/no questions very often, but my curiosity has gotten the best of me. So I am asking the Lenormand something that I am sure many people are wondering: Will Hillary Clinton Be Elected President in 2016?


Consulting my Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer, 2015 & available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, BooksAMillion & at other book sellers), I asked the question. I decided on the Obelisk card as the significator (The Tower card in other Lenormand decks). Obelisk represents authority as well as government institutions.

Shuffling the cards I pulled a simple Line of 5. The Line of 5 is read from left to right in a narrative style. I did pull the Obelisk on purpose by locating it in the deck & pulling the 2 cards prior to it & the 2 cards that follow it to create the reading. From left to right we have: Crossroads + Fish + Obelisk + Clouds + Sacred Cow. Sacred Cow is the same as The Bear card in other Lenormand decks.

The Crossroads, Fish, Obelisk, Clouds & Sacred Cow cards from "The Egyptian Lenormand" copyright Nefer Khepri 2012, 2015, & Schiffer Books 2015; published by Schiffer Books, 2015).
The Crossroads, Fish, Obelisk, Clouds & Sacred Cow cards from “The Egyptian Lenormand” copyright Nefer Khepri 2012, 2015, & Schiffer Books 2015; published by Schiffer Books, 2015).

Crossroads is about a choice, a decision needing to be made. This card covers all the past emphasis on the question of whether Hillary would run or not in 2016. That question alone received a great deal of media coverage.

Fish is the card of plenty and abundance in the Lenormand divinatory system. It can translate as “many.” I see this as indicating many people had a say in whether Hillary would run. She did not make the decision in isolation. Also, funding may have been a major issue that had to be carefully considered.

Obelisk is the pre-selected significator card. Known traditionally as The Tower, Obelisk represents government institutions, power, and authority. I chose this card to represent Hillary’s run for the White House since the presidency is the most powerful authority in America.

Clouds represents confusion, misunderstandings, perhaps even intentional misinformation. I believe this harkens back to the email scandal as well as her handling of the Benghazi incident. I think both of these issues will come back to haunt her repeatedly throughout her campaign. People are going to be digging for dirt extra hard for 2 reasons: 1) she’s a woman; and 2) she’s a Clinton.

Sacred Cow is the outcome. This is the same as the Bear card in other Lenormand decks. Sacred Cow represents a strong female character, sometimes a mother-figure. What stronger female would there be on the PLANET than a female US president? Sacred Cow can also represent your general finances (savings, investments) as well as  windfall.

Looking at the pattern of mirroring, we have Crossroads mirroring Obelisk, meaning that there is real authority behind her decision-making. She has some very intelligent advisers, not to mention her husband who has already been President so he knows the score.

Fish mirrors Clouds. This may not be so great for Hillary down the road. Fish is money, Clouds represents confusion or misinformation.  This might be indicating that some sort of financial scandal will affect her campaign or that there may be a mismanagement of campaign funds. That’s never a good thing.

Obelisk mirrors Sacred Cow. The way I see it, this indicates that there will be a huge influx of authority for Hillary, the type she has never had before. She will move way up in her social status. What is higher than the presidency?

Summing it up let’s examine Crossroads + Sacred Cow. This is telling us that a decision made will lead to a huge windfall, investments pay off. I see a successful outcome here.

The quintessence (this is when you add the card numbers all together to arrive at a single number that will represent a 6th card for the reading) is 22 + 34 + 19 + 6 + 15 = 96.  There are not 96 cards in a Lenormand deck so 96 is further reduced by adding the digits together, which gets us 9 + 6 = 15.

The quintessence of this reading is Card # 15, which happens to be Sacred Cow. A windfall.

Based upon this reading, I’m predicting here for the record that Hillary Clinton will win her bid for the White House in 2016. Furthermore, as many head to the polls to finalize their decision (Crossroads), when paired with Sacred Cow, it looks like Hillary very well could win in a landslide. The quintessence of the reading also supports that conclusion.

And there you have it, but do keep in mind this is a yes/no question & as such there is a 50% probability of getting it right OR wrong. We will all know the answer come November 4, 2016.

Lenormand Annual Reading for 2015

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

Happy 2015!!

Has anyone tried to do their annual Lenormand reading, and if so, what’s your 2015 looking like? I haven’t had time to lay mine out yet. I’m busy working on 2 Annual Lenormand readings for clients at the moment. I plan to lay mine out either tonight or tomorrow & then I’ll share it here. It’s a pretty simple reading to do although it does use all 36 cards.

If you’re using a deck that has extra cards, as my deck, The Egyptian Lenormand does, remove the Cat card & the extra gender cards. This will leave you with 36 cards. Shuffle & concentrate on what you should expect during 2015.

Cut the deck.  I do this by cutting them into three piles, a habit I carry over from my decades of reading Tarot cards. I recommend you carefully turn each pile over and note the bottom cards. I have found these three cards to provide the overall “theme” of the year. Reassemble the deck and begin to lay out your annual reading.

As you lay the cards out do so in sets of 3. 3 cards for each month of the year. That will total 36 cards. Be sure to write them down in a simple list that you can then go back to later & analyze. For example:

January: Birds + Tree + Garden
February: Flowers + Mountain + Child
March: Rider + Ship + House

and so on for the year. Once you have your master list you can then break the reading down into simple steps.

The next step is to discover the quintessence for each month. The quintessence is actually a secret extra card. You find it by adding up the number on each card you received.

The Rider, Ship & House cards from "The Egyptian Lenormand" (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.
The Rider, Ship & House cards from “The Egyptian Lenormand” (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.

For example, let’s look at March: Rider (1) + Ship (3) + House (4) = 1 + 3 + 4 = 8. The 8th card of the deck is the Sarcophagus (Coffin in other Lenormand decks). Sarcophagus is the quintessence for March, which basically sums up that month’s energy or it can add extra information, or both.

What if the numbers of the cards add up to a number higher than 36? That’s simple. You take that number and reduce it by adding the digits together. For example, let’s say you received Djed Pillar (36) + Man (28) + Anchor (35). That means you would add 36 + 28 + 35 to get 99. Next, you add 9 + 9 and you end up with 18. Card # 18 is The Dog, so The Dog is the quintessence for this 3-card reading.

I highly recommend if you do give yourself an annual reading that you note it in your journal. Believe me, you are going to want to refer back to it numerous times throughout the year. I did this with mine last year & was shocked at how accurate it was. The way I note it down in my journal is like this, but you may think up a better way ~

First, make your master list of the 3 cards you received for each month. Next, start a NEW page in your journal for EACH month. Across the top of each page note:

2015 Annual Lenormand Reading: January (next page February, & so on).

Each month receives its own journal page so be sure you have at least 12 pages remaining in your journal, and if not, buy a new one. I love blank journals. I’m addicted to them.

Below the heading note your 3 cards using the following information: name of the card, number of the card, and if you also practice cartomancy include the playing card association for that particular Lenormand card. A month’s entry would then look like this, as an example:

Clover (2) + Crossroads (22) + Fish (34) & below that playing cards:
6D        + QD                      + KD.

This is a good example of why playing card associations are so important in Lenormand. Look at the above. We have the 6, Queen and King of Diamonds. You can then read this in 2 ways. You can first focus on the meaning of each of the Lenormand cards & then you can focus on the playing cards. Here, the cards appear to be talking about a couple, the Queen and King of Diamonds, but you’d never get that from only focusing on the traditional meaning of the Crossroads & Fish cards. It can really pay off to examine the playing card associations.

The next step is to add up the cards’ numbers to arrive at the quintessence. For the above example that would be 2 + 22 + 34 = 58 that further needs to be reduced to 5 + 8 = 13, so the quintessence card is The Child, the 13th card of the deck. You would then note that on the next line of your journal entry. So now the entry looks like:

2015 Annual Lenormand Reading: January
Clover (2) + Crossroads (22) + Fish (34)
6D      +       QD               +    KD
Quintessence: Child

Here we have a couple and the mention of a child. Interesting, don’t you think?

The next step is to briefly interpret the cards & write down your interpretation. Leave room at the bottom of the journal page for notes later. Check back each month to see how accurate you were. If you weren’t very accurate re-examine the cards to see where you went wrong. Sometimes they will speak about large issues or events and sometimes they speak about very small things we may have missed. Have fun with this & let me know how it goes.

If you would like a Lenormand Annual Reading from me, I am offering them for only a limited time on SALE.  My Annual Readings run at least 18 pages, typed, single-spaced. They are $175 regularly, but until January 20, 2015 they are on sale for $130. After January 20th the price goes back up, no exceptions.

I look at more than just each month. I also divide your year into quarters so I examine the cards further in sets of 3 months each to look at overriding themes and major events and situations. I still have time to start a few more readings for January (this will end tomorrow since the first week will already be behind us), after that, your reading would commence on February 1, 2015 and run through January 30, 2016.
If you wish to order, please click on this secure PayPal payment link. Please remember this payment link expires on midnight CST on January 20th.

Wishing you all a very blessed New Year.  Remember to focus on thinking positive and make 2015 the best year yet!!

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Lenormand Thirty Six Cards: Fortune Telling with the Petit Lenormand

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards: Fortune Telling with the Petit Lenormand.

Andy Boroveshengra

Self-published 2014

Kindle $8.99/paperback $13.36

available on Amazon

The version I review here is the PDF e-book. I have not seen the paperback edition.

Lenormand 36 Cards book coverLenormand Thirty Six Cards is written in a clear and easy to understand style. It is obvious when you read the text that Andy Boroveshengra is a seasoned teacher of Lenormand. He maintains a balance of addressing readers who are brand new to Lenormand with more experienced readers as he shares his methods of reading the cards. Exercises are included throughout and I encourage you if you’re serious about learning how to read Lenormand cards that you do every exercise. They will help tremendously. People new to Lenormand will find his book to be fairly easy to follow while those who already work with Lenormand cards will no doubt learn a few things as I have.

The PDF has 142 pages and there are full color illustrations of the cards throughout for easy reference. Cards used are the 1880 Dondorf. What I particularly appreciated about the illustrations is the use of red arrows and lines superimposed on the cards for the section on how to read the Grand Tableau, which uses all 36 cards. This will be most helpful to those new to Lenormand and will most likely aid in clearing up some confusion for those who have already discovered Lenormand.

These days increasing numbers of books about Lenormand card reading are being produced and you may well wonder what makes this one any different from the rest out on the market.

Firstly, Andy Boroveshengra is highly qualified as a Lenormand reader and scholar. I have seen him repeatedly exhibit a very impressive knowledge of original Lenormand sources that he has mentioned on his blog as well as on social media. He bases his knowledge on original sources and this comes through in his writing as well.

Secondly, Andy Boroveshengra learned Lenormand from his Aunt Elise. She was illiterate and he has no information on who would have taught her. Andy was also taught Lenormand reading methods by a French woman named Euphemie Al Ansari. His grandmother and mother practice palmistry, which they both have taught to the author as well; and, Andy’s mother also reads playing card tableau as did her mother before her. Andy uses a number of her reading techniques and through his own work he is passing along his family’s knowledge. The author’s substantial background in the field contributes to the reliability of  Lenormand Thirty Six Cards as an accurate source of information. The author adheres to traditional card meanings and includes tried and true methods of interpretation.

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards begins with a discussion of the meaning of each card. The card title, playing card association, and keywords open the discussion of each card’s meanings. In addition to the main meaning of each card additional meanings are provided and the author often discusses how the meaning can vary based upon adjacent cards. Health meanings are also included for each card.

The next section deals with “Card Themes,” which is akin to card meanings, but here the focus is on areas of life that are represented by the cards. This chapter is organized according to theme. Themes include: Communications, Love, Family & Home, Happiness, Work, Finances, Warnings, Sickness, Trouble, & Animals. The following section breaks the cards down into Positive – Neutral – Negative classifications. This is most useful so that when a new reader lays the cards they can scan their reading quickly to get the overall feeling of their reading.

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards continues on with a discussion of the people cards. The obvious people cards are the Man and Woman cards, but other cards; such as, Snake, have court card playing associations so they are also included in the discussion of people cards, but Andy Boroveshengra points out he does not include the Jacks as people except for the Jack of Spades that is on the Child card. His emphasis is on those cards that are associated with the queens and kings of the court cards.

Next, the type of card combinations are discussed. Here readers are briefly introduced to the idea of “near and far” in a reading that Andy Boroveshengra goes into in much greater depth in a subsequent chapter. He then takes the reader through a simple 5-card reading and the combinations found therein. Card order is of crucial importance when interpreting Lenormand cards and the author provides a good number of examples and proves that for Lenormand A + B does not equal B + A. Card order changes the meaning of the cards. Additional methods summarized include Counting, Mirroring, Knighting & thematic Chaining.

The next section is all about Spreads and opens with a lengthy discussion of the Grand Tableau. Here, Andy Boroveshengra breaks the Grand Tableau down into manageable sections. Although at first glance the amount of information he provides appears to be a bit daunting, it really isn’t as long as the reader does not rush and takes time to absorb the methods discussed for each section of the Grand Tableau. A thorough analysis is provided of a sample reading for which the image of the spread is repeated throughout this section so the reader does not have to look back and forth between the text and the image. If one were to remove the illustrations this section would not appear to be nearly as lengthy as it does so don’t let this dissuade you from further reading.

Once the discussion of the Grand Tableau is concluded other spreads discussed are linear spreads consisting of 3, 5 and 9 cards with information on yes/no readings. A discussion of the 9-card 3×3 spread concludes this section and includes two examples along with color illustrations of each spread.

The main body of text ends on page 125, but Andy Boroveshengra also included appendices.

Appendix I covers the life of Mlle. Marie-Anne Adelaide Le Normand that concludes with a list of resources for further reading.

Appendix II covers the meaning when multiples of Lenormand cards with the same playing card association appear in the same reading.

Appendix III summarizes timing indications of particular cards.

Appendix IV is very valuable as it contains information about the author’s health combinations. Andy Boroveshengra gained knowledge of card combinations pertaining to health by doing readings for health professionals when he was a member of the NHS.  Although untraditional, I have repeatedly discovered that his health combinations hold true for my readings as well.

Appendix V contains a list of decks recommended by the author.

Appendix VI lists online resources.

Appendix VII is a translation of the “Philippe” Lenormand instructions for reading Lenormand cards. Appendix VII concludes the text.

If you purchase Lenormand Thirty Six Cards and no other book you will be well-informed on how to interpret Lenormand cards and how to use the most popular spreads. Much of this information has been posted on Andy’s blog over the last few years. Prior to all these books currently available, for several years Andy’s blog was my only source of information when I was learning how to read Lenormand cards. I did just fine with his material as my only source. Lenormand Thirty Six Cards makes for an outstanding addition to anyone’s book collection who is truly interested in learning how to read Lenormand cards. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Wishing  you all many blessings,

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Day 2 of the Lenormand Challenge & a Sample Reading

Here is Day 2 of Pepi’s Lenormand Challenge followed by a Line of 5 reading for Lady X to serve as an example of how Lenormand cards work and how I carry out a Lenormand reading.  Her blog is now on my blog roll as Mystic Pepi. Do check it out.

Day 2. Which was your first deck? How did you get it? 

My first Lenormand I purchased already opened from a lady my aunt knew and from whom she had purchased her own Lenormand deck, which was identical to mine.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to provide any further information because I never bothered to scan any of the images from it into my computer so I have none to show; and, I cannot locate the deck at the moment.  I know it’s here somewhere, but I can’t find it.  I suspect my 14 year old daughter took it.  She has this way of “acquiring” certain decks of mine that she then stashes in that black hole she calls a bedroom.

However, I can discuss my initial experiences with the deck, which I well remember.  It came with a little bi-fold pamphlet with a single string of key words for each card.  For example, regarding Clover the pamphlet would just say, “Short-lived luck, luck.”  It kept it VERY simple.  There was also a brief discussion of the concept of “near and far” cards.  If certain cards are nearer your significator in a spread then their meanings are more important while cards further away have less of an impact.  It then showed a picture of the Grand Tableau that uses all 36 cards.  I never did attempt that spread until I joined the Lenormand Cards Study Group on Facebook.  There was plenty of guidance available from the wonderful members of that group and I quickly learned.

There were two main reasons that first Lenormand deck never caught on with me.  Firstly, I was trained in Tarot so I was accustomed to looking at images laden with symbols.  Lenormand is the opposite – there is usually only one main symbol on a card so your intuition has very little to go on.  I did not realize at the time that a traditional Lenormand reading does not involve intuition. Instead, the reader adheres to the traditional meanings of the cards and uses reading conventions like “near and far.”  My intuition was getting nothing from the cards, the bi-fold pamphlet wasn’t very helpful, and there weren’t any books on the subject.  Plus, I was attending grad school at the time for my Masters degree and that was consuming about 90% of my time.

As a result, I set that little deck aside and treated it as an interesting curiosity over the years, but I never thought I would ever be able to actually learn the proper way to use it.  Now have I not only learned the methods of reading the Lenormand, I have adapted them to how my intuition works.  So when I do a Lenormand reading for a client I am giving them much more than the traditional meanings of the cards.  I receive impressions or feelings that I also share with my client so my readings are well-rounded, thorough, and the client receives a lot of information.

Many of you are probably wondering, “what the heck is this Lenormand that Nefer keeps going on about?”  So I figured I’d give you a sample so you can see how it works.

Here is an actual reading I did for a client today.  For this reading I stuck to using a spread known as the Line of 5.  It consists of 5 cards.  Based on the question, I pre-select a significator to represent the question. It is then shuffled with the rest of the deck.  Then once thoroughly shuffled, I began to turn the cards over one by one until I reach the pre-selected significator card.  I then pull out the 2 cards prior to it and the 2 cards that follow. This then makes up the Line of 5.  This is a method I learned from the blog of Andy Boroveshengra, My Fortunae: The Journal of a Fortuneteller.  Unfortunately, Andy has since removed this information from his blog due to someone else swooping in, stealing it all, and claiming it as their own when Andy was so kind to provide it to the public for free.  He is now working on his own Lenormand book that should be completed in April, 2013.  Keep your eyes peeled for it because the information contained within will make that book worth its weight in gold.  I believe it will be an e-book & probably available through his blog.

The Line of 5, once all the cards are laid, are then read from left to right. You basically construct a sentence with it, or a paragraph.  There are other methods used with the Line of 5 to mix things up a bit, but I prefer to keep it simple, plus reading from left to right you receive the answer to your question and the main information that you need.

So, in a reading for Lady X, she wishes to know what her outlook for romance looks like in 2013.  I am using the Melissa Lenormand for her reading, self-published by Melissa Hill.

For her question’s significator I chose The Heart.  The Heart represents romance, love, contentment, and regarding health it focuses on the cardio-vascular system.

Shuffling the cards for Lady X, she received the following cards:

First, I always look at the cards on the bottom of the cut. I always cut the deck into thirds so there are always 3 cards to examine.  These cards can present important information, usually of the nature of something the client needs to know of which they are completely unaware.  The information here is usually something that can catch a person off-guard when it unfolds.

For her cut of the deck, Lady X received:

Fish + Coffin + Dog

Fish is prosperity and money.  Coffin is endings, sometimes severe illness, and yes, it can represent death.  Dog represents a great friend, loyalty, faithfulness.

What I see here is some sort of business transaction with The Fish in which Lady X will be involved.  Coffin is telling us that for some reason this business transaction will not work out or Lady X may find it unsatisfactory in some way and bring it to an end herself.  The Dog is a good friend.  This may involve a loan to a friend Lady X seriously considers, then decides to follow The Bard’s advice and “never a lender or borrower be” and decide against making the loan.

Now on to her actual reading.  I have placed the thirds of the deck back together in my customary manner and now have turned all the cards over looking for The Heart and have pulled the 2 cards prior and the 2 cards after for her reading.  Lady X has received:

Coffin + Bouquet + Heart + Sickle + Garden

The Melissa Lenormand, self-published by Melissa Hill, copyright Melisssa Hill
The Melissa Lenormand, self-published by Melissa Hill, copyright Melisssa Hill

Firstly, when you do place emphasis on the cards within the cut of the deck (some readers do, some don’t & there is no set rule for or against this practice), when I do this and then one of the cards of the cut ends up in the reading I look upon that as the importance of this card being emphasized. So for Lady X the Coffin card is very important regarding her question of romance in 2013.

The Coffin leads off her reading, which immediately tells me that in the past she had to end an important romantic relationship.  So she is coming from an unsatisfactory romantic past. I intuitively feel that this relationship ended badly and that the relationship itself was probably not a very happy one.  The Coffin card isn’t telling me about the unhappy relationship, it’s my intuition, which I do mix in with my Lenormand readings, probably much to the chagrin of readers who strictly adhere to the traditional Lenormand reading method.  However, I find it provides a more well-rounded reading, plus I can’t turn my intuition off having been first trained in Tarot.

The second card is Bouquet.  This is a very positive card.  Bouquet can indicate a gift, happiness, or news of an engagement.  Here, following Coffin what I see is that although a past relationship has ended and was probably very disappointing for Lady X, she is willing to share her heart again with another despite the risks of being hurt.  This card tells me that she’s also optimistic about her romantic future and is hoping for the best.

The third card is the significator for her question, the Heart.  Again, this represents love, romance, and contentment.  Here following Bouquet the Heart card is saying that Lady X would view a new romance as being a major gift to her, a blessing to which she looks forward.

The fourth card is the Sickle.  The Sickle represents cutting away at old things that no longer serve us.  It can even mean receiving a physical cut, even surgery if this were a health question.  In the case of Lady X’s question about the chances of romance in 2013, the blade of the Sickle points to The Heart card.  This is significant.  Sickle is one of the very few Lenormand cards for which directional positioning is important.  The direction in which the Sickle points or will follow through with its swing indicates what is going to be “cut.”

Here, the Sickle points to The Heart.  This can mean a couple of things.  First, as Sickle CAN indicate surgery (but definitely not in every reading) I would be remiss if I did not point this out to Lady X and suggest to her she get her blood pressure checked as The Heart does represent cardio-vascular health.  Also, I have no idea of Lady X’s health history.  She may have some sort of an issue with her physical heart and the Sickle here may be an indication that she needs a doctor to examine her to ascertain the health of her heart.  Although I do not do health readings for legal and ethical reasons (many will try to use readings as a substitute for not seeing a doctor & only rely upon the information given in a reading – the main reason I do not do health readings), I would point this out to Lady X as one possibility.

The other interpretation that immediately comes to my mind is that Sickle following Heart indicates that Lady X’s heart was hurt so badly while a part of this former relationship that she may not yet be completely healed from it. Hence, she may be carrying forward energy from that relationship that is having a negative impact upon her future romantic prospects.  I would then point this out to her and suggest to her that she work on healing further from that relationship.  Something may need closure that has not been addressed or she may think she has properly addressed the entire situation, but has perhaps overlooked something and once she begins to think it over she will probably be able to quickly figure out what it is since this obviously still causes her emotional pain.

The final card is Garden.  Garden represents socializing, social activities, and a person’s circle of friends.  Regarding Lady X’s question, the Lenormand cards are saying that the Garden provides her best chances of meeting someone new.  This card is advising her to get out and socialize.  It may even indicate that the next man in her life she will meet through mutual friends or in a social context like a party or at a club, some type of gathering place.

Taking all the cards in account in order to sum up the reading for Lady X, I would tell her that it’s important to realize when to get out of a situation that no longer serves us, which is what she did (Coffin), and that despite bad times in the past she is open to receiving new blessings in her life (Bouquet) that includes a new romance (Heart). However, she is still hurting from this past relationship and there may be some unresolved issues she will need to face in order to properly release them and move on (Sickle following Heart), and that once she does she will be free of the past and is most likely to meet this new man in a social context (Garden).  However, Garden may just mean a year spent having good time with friends and that the man has yet to manifest for her, so it may be after 2013 when the actual man does come along.

And that is your basic Lenormand Line of 5.  If you’d like to order a reading, please click here.  The link for the Sample reading at my site doesn’t function yet as I still need to revise that page, but I’ll have it up in a day or two.

Day 1: The Lenormand Challenge

One of my lovely Facebook friends, Pepi, has begun a daily Lenormand Challenge at her blog:  Mystic DePepi.  I am going to try to participate daily and post my answers to Pepi’s challenge questions to my blog.  The card to get me started will be the Rider, in some decks is known as the Cavalier.

from the self-published Brittas Wahrsagekarten Lenormand.
from the self-published Brittas Wahrsagekarten Lenormand.

The Rider represents someone bringing a message, usually of the written variety on paper, but not always.  The Rider can also represent a young man who is athletic.  The Rider begins my journey with the 30-Day Lenormand Challenge.

Pepi’s first question for anyone participating in her 30-Day Lenormand Challenge is:

1.  How did you end up into the world of the Lenormand?

Well, for me the journey was a bit convoluted.  One of my aunts was very spiritual, but she always attempted to keep it well hidden from other family members.  While staying with her one summer visiting the branch of my family that lives in central California I woke up one morning to find her seated at her dining room table.  She had all these cards out on the table in front of her. She was bent over the cards concentrating and muttering to herself.  I got her attention and asked her what the cards were.  At the time I was already reading tarot and she was well aware of this.

I could see pictures and names on the cards; such as, Bouquet, Clover, and Sun.  However, these cards were much smaller than tarot cards, and the deck only consisted of 36 cards.  My aunt explained to me it was a French method of divination named after a famous reader (Madame Lenormand) who had once read for Napoleon and his wife, Josephine.  That immediately caught my full attention.

At the time I was in graduate school studying for my master’s degree.  As a result, I had very little time for non-academic interests.  However, I did purchase a deck and began playing with the cards as my sparse spare time permitted.  However, the guide book was very brief and only contained one spread (The Grand Tableau) that uses all 36 cards.  That was too daunting a task for me since the largest tarot spread I was doing at the time was the astrological spread with 13 cards.  So I set that Lenormand deck aside for 23 years.

Over a year ago I joined a Facebook group, the Lenormand Cards Study Group, and it is there I began to learn reading methods for my little Lenormand deck that had been languishing in my huge card collection for over two decades.  I caught on to the reading method relatively quickly for two reasons:  1) I am a Gemini and LOVE to learn new things; and 2) I was becoming a bit burnt out on the tarot.  I needed a new tool to re-spark my intuition and that is just what the Lenormand has accomplished for me.

Now my tarot readings are going in new directions and I find the information for readings comes even easier to me than before while I have also been doing Lenormand readings and now offer them for sale at my site.  The Lenormand has opened up a whole new world of divination to me and it is now allowing me to offer my clients a whole new method of reading that is very different from the world of tarot.  I love reading the Lenormand.  The readings are always very clear, concise, and incredibly accurate.  I owe a debt of gratitude to the Lenormand Cards Study Group for putting my feet on the correct path, providing a great deal of guidance, and for also introducing me to a world of self-published Lenormand decks.  I now am the proud owner of 15 Lenormand decks, and don’t even ask me how many tarot decks I own (last count it was over 100!).

Looking forward to tomorrow’s Lenormand Challenge 🙂

Deck Review: Under the Roses Lenormand

Under The Roses Lenormand                                                                                                        

The Child.
(C) Kendra Hurteau & Katrina Hill, 2012

Kendra Hurteau & Katrina Hill

Self-published, 2012

$32.94 USD (includes shipping)

Lenormand is not like any Oracle or Tarot deck you have used before.  It’s a method that comes from France and Germany.  It is quite popular there, but is only just now receiving a lot of interest here in the USA.  The Lenormand are a set of 36 cards depicting very simple pictures (a dog for The Dog card, a house for The House card, a Sun for The Sun card, and so on).  You will not find symbol-laden art in most Lenormand decks.  However, in recent years there are a couple of exceptions.

For a thorough discussion of what Lenormand is, I recommend Helen Riding’s blog.  A link to her History of Lenormand is:  It is not my intention to discuss what Lenormand is here on my blog.  For now, I am focusing on only The Under the Roses Lenormand deck for this review, but you will gain a good understanding of what a Lenormand deck can tell you once you’ve read my review.

The phrase, “under the roses” comes from a Roman phrase, “sub rosa”.  The rose was symbolic of confidentiality and “under the roses” indicates secrets.  That is exactly what you will discover when you start to use The Under the Roses Lenormand.  Secrets will come to light.  The Under the Roses Lenormand consists of 38 cards, which includes an extra Man and an extra Woman card for those who wish to read for same-sex couples or if infidelity is suspected, then you have another card to represent a possible third party.  The deck comes with 1 introductory card and 3 additional cards containing commonly used spreads for Lenormand readings:  the Grand Tableau (Great Table that uses all 36 cards that will tell you everything you want to know & then some!), a 3-Card spread, a 5-Card spread, and an Under the Roses spread.

The Garden.
(c) Kendra Hurteau & Katrina Hill, 2012

The color scheme consists of antiqued sepia tones with a color palette of yellow, green ,white, orange, read, pink, brown, and gray.  The colors give the deck a very old world look to them and they are quite charming.  The background of each card resembles tea-dyed paper.  The cards have an ornate, but unobtrusive, frame with the card number in the upper-left corner, the playing card number and suit symbol in the upper right-hand corner, and along the base of the card are several keywords that all convey traditional meanings for each card.  The House, for example, has the following key words:  “Home, Residence, Property, Domestic Affairs, Familiarity, Security, Stability, Settling, Harmony, Materialism, Projects, Inheritance” (from the card).

There are basically three schools of thought regarding the inclusion of keywords on a card.

1)    Great idea.

2)    Horrible idea.

3)    Indifferent.

The keywords of the Under the Roses Lenormand are rendered in small italic script and are framed in a lower bordered area all their own.  I already know how to read Lenormand so I do not need to refer to the included keywords.  The tea-stained colored backgrounds of the cards and the italic black script used for the keywords, in my opinion, render them unobtrusive regarding the image on the card.  After using the deck just a few times I no longer notice the keywords.  On the other hand, someone new to Lenormand would no doubt appreciate the keywords on the cards.  The only possible drawback to a new reader is that referring to the keywords when doing readings instead of taking the time to learn the meanings of each card may stunt a reader’s own personal growth regarding their skill set.

The cards are playing card size so they are ideal for those of us with small hands.  They are also easy to shuffle and are nicely laminated.  The laminate is thin, but sturdy so it protects the cards while making them flexible enough for easy shuffling.   The cards come shrink-wrapped in a plastic lidded box.  A black drawstring pouch is also included.  The card backs are of a single red rose within an ornate frame.  They are very classy looking and look good just sitting out on my reading table.

The majority of the cards have the traditional Lenormand titles, with the exception of the following cards:  The Coffin (now The Grave), Heart (now The Locket, which is heart-shaped), Tower (now Clock Tower), Birds (now Owls), Scythe (now Sickle), and Book (now Journal).

Now for a sample reading.  I haven’t been feeling well for a long time and it turns out I was diagnosed last week with strep throat.  I began to feel worse yesterday and after seeing my doctor a second time, I now have a sinus infection.  So I asked the Under the Roses Lenormand what can I do to help myself feel better or to heal more quickly.  I used a Lenormand reading method called “the Line of Five.”  This is where you choose one card to represent the topic of your question.  My question is about my health so I chose The Tree as the significator card since one of its traditional interpretations is health.  I then shuffled the deck, including the Tree card.  When I felt I had shuffled enough I cut the deck into 3 piles, reassembled them, then I started turning cards over one by one until I found The Tree.  I then took the 2 cards that came before The Tree and the 2 cards after The Tree and arranged them in order from left to right in a single line.  This then becomes the Line of 5.  The cards I received are as follows:

The Grave + Letter + Tree (chosen significator) + Bear + Locket

The Grave represents illness (wow, how right on is that??).  When I did this spread I had had an intensely sore throat for two days and extreme fatigue, plus I had lost my appetite.  Followed by the Letter, this is a card of receiving news.  It can also represent paperwork and at the time of this reading it was reminding me to fill out my daughter’s paperwork she needed for school the next day.  The chosen significator was The Tree, which represents my health and the topic of my question.  The Tree also represents longevity and stability.  The Bear represents strength and power, it can also represent weight and nutrition.  I had recently allowed bad eating habits to creep back into my life and had been wondering if my diet had lowered my immune system somewhat.  Here, I have my answer – definitely yes.  The Locket concludes my reading and represents happiness, contentment, joy, and enjoyment.  I took this to mean that although my health is not the best right now that I need to use this down-time to do the thing I enjoy the most, which for me, would be creating art and being creative in general.  Creating art always helps me feel better anyway.

Now, Lenormand cards are also read in pairs as card combinations and that can change the flavor of a reading.  The first card is the noun or what the pair is talking about, and the second card is the adjective . It will describe the first card in some way or give further details about it.  So, for the above reading the first combination is The Grave + Letter.   As I said, The Grave is illness, and the Letter is paperwork.  This card combination screamed at me that I need a prescription for medication so the very next morning I got an appointment with my doctor and that was when the strep was discovered so he wrote me a prescription for antibiotics.

The next card combination is the Letter + The Tree.  This told me that the written prescription would help to restore my health.

The next card combination is The Tree + Bear.  The tree is my health, and Bear is strength and power.  So this told me in no uncertain terms that as long as I took care of myself my health would return without any major problems along the way.  Good news.

The final card combination is The Bear + The Locket.  Not only would my health be restored, but  would be very happy, joyful, and probably have reason to celebrate.  I have now been sick a total of 10 days with a second trip to the doctor today and being diagnosed now with a sinus infection and being put on more antibiotics.  The Z-Pak will end on Tuesday and my doctor said the infection should be all cleared up prior to that.  So that alone is reason to celebrate since who likes being sick.  However, the very next day, Wednesday, I have tickets to see Paul McCartney in concert here in Houston!  So, yes, the Locket is dead-on correct!  Come next Wednesday I will be celebrating BIG TIME!

So now you’ve seen a glimpse of how the Lenormand works.  You now have also seen (for those of you who read tarot or have gotten tarot readings in the past) how very literal Lenormand is when compared to tarot.  It’s quite a different system and doesn’t really leave room for intuitive interpretation like tarot does.  The Under the Roses Lenormand is a delightful deck, and according to one of the creators, Kendra Hurteau, the first edition is now officially sold out. However, the good news is that “the second edition will have keywords. There will be minor changes that collectors will recognize. At present we plan to change the back of the cards slightly by removing the black corners. There may be a few slight changes to the fronts but those aren’t certain yet.  We do plan to do an edition without keywords sometime next year.”

So, with or without keywords, you can order your own copy of The Under the Roses Lenormand once the second edition is released, which will be soon.  You can order direct from the artists at  If you are interested in being informed when my ordering page for Lenormand Readings is posted to my web site, please email me & I will place you on my notification list.

Nefer Khepri, PhD.