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Deck Review: Fairy Tale Lenormand

The Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt is a delightfully charming deck. Stemming from Lisa Hunt’s long interest in fairy tales (The Fairy Tale Tarot is also one of her creations), she painted the delicately soft watercolor images and Arwen … Continue reading

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The Avalonian Oracle

How I absolutely love the stories of King Arthur, his knights of the round table, & the gods, goddesses, & magical beings associated with those stories. I have been to England & climbed to the top of Glastonbury Tor, which … Continue reading

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The Dreaming Way Lenormand

Fantastical. Picturesque. Fanciful. Imaginative. These terms encompass the loveliness that is The Dreaming Way Lenormand. The artist behind this deck is Kwon Shina who also created The Dreaming Way Tarot (US Games, Inc., 2012). The booklet is written by Lynn Araujo. The Dreaming Way … Continue reading

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The Pagan Ways Tarot: Deck Review

The Pagan Ways Tarot, created by Anna Franklin, is obviously a pagan-themed Tarot deck. If it strikes you as being somewhat familiar you may own a copy of The Sacred Circle Tarot (Llewellyn Publications), which she also created in collaboration … Continue reading

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Deck Review: The Dolphin Divination Cards

Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens. Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1993 $13.00. A Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards By Nancy Clemens. $18.00 For those of you who love the novelty of round decks, this is not only round. It’s also small … Continue reading

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The Egyptian Lenormand: Deck Reviews & General Information

I would like to thank the six individuals who took the time to post their reviews of my deck, The Egyptian Lenormand, to Amazon. Koneta Bailey of the blog “New Paths Tarot”, Mary Nale of Attune Magazine, Anita Perez, LaRaine, Anna … Continue reading

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Lenormand Annual Reading for 2015

Happy 2015!! Has anyone tried to do their annual Lenormand reading, and if so, what’s your 2015 looking like? I haven’t had time to lay mine out yet. I’m busy working on 2 Annual Lenormand readings for clients at the … Continue reading

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