The Isabella Oracle.

The Isabella Oracle is self-published by Lynn Boyle of Aquarius Wellbeing. Lynn has been self-publishing oracle and Lenormand decks for a number of years now. Lynn now has 62 decks to her credit, 59 of which are still in print that she sells through her Etsy shop. She’s been a very busy bee!

Isabella Oracle 1

The Isabella Oracle consists of 54 cards packaged in an organza drawstring bag that is accompanied by a 3-page print out of card meanings in A4 size. The cards are typical Lenormand size and are printed with a semi-gloss coating with black borders. The card number and title appear within the black border centered at the base of the image. The style of the artwork is photographic using images within the public domain (i.e., copyright-free).

The first 36 cards may be separated from the remainder of the deck and used as a stand-alone Lenormand deck. Card titles of the first 36 cards derive from traditional Lenormand keyword meanings. For example, Card 1 traditionally known as Rider, is interpreted as a messenger; therefore, Card 1 of The Isabella Oracle is aptly entitled Messenger. The second card that is traditionally Clover and seen as representing luck is entitled, Luck. The images themselves consist of traditional Lenormand card imagery. The remainder of the first 36 cards are titled as follows:

3: Travel, 4: Home, 5: Health, 6: Confusion, 7: Complication, 8: Ending, 9: Appreciation, 10. Severing, 11: Strife, 12: Conversation, 13: Child, 14: Tricky, 15: Strength, 16: Wish, 17: Change, 18: Friend, 19: Authority, 20: Society, 21: Barrier, 22: Decision, 23: Theft, 24: Love, 25: Commitment, 26: Secret, 27: Paperwork, 28: Man, 29: Woman, 30: Harmony, 31: Success, 32: Intuition, 33: Solution, 34: Abundance, 35: Security, and 36: Burden.

This portion of the deck can easily stand alone as a Lenormand deck. Lynn Boyle chose traditional Lenormand images for these cards with the exception of 8: Endings. Here, she has a skull with the traditional depiction being that of a coffin. Card number 10: Severing is depicted with a knife while traditionally a scythe is found on this card. Authority, the 19th card, which traditionally is called Tower and depicts a tower, in The Isabella Oracle here we have the figure of a king carved from wood.

Beginners would do well with this deck in particular because they are basically receiving 2 decks in 1, and having a keyword on each of the first 36 cards will also help them to learn the Lenormand system as long as they maintain a separate list of the traditional card titles. Card titles for all 54 cards nicely convey the core meaning of each card.

The remaining 18 cards transform The Isabella Oracle in a 54-card oracle deck. Card images are reminiscent of Lynn Boyle’s Aquarius Gypsy Lenormand. The card images and titles of the additional cards work well with the first 36 cards and nicely flesh out readings when all 54 cards are used. Card titles and images are as follows:

37: Agreement (handshake), 38: Breakthrough (the Hindu god Ganesha), 39: Cleanse (tree frog), 40: Contemplation (a man meditating), 41: Cupid (winged cupid statue & hearts), 42: Cycles (ferris wheel), 43: Disappointment (heart pierced by 3 swords), 44: Doorway (door), 45: Forgiveness (dove of peace), 46: Hand of Fate (hand of Fatima), 47: Illusion (broken mirror), 48: Malfunction (broken bottle), 49: Rebirth (phoenix), 50: Timing (clock), 51: Toxic (bottle of poison), 52: Transformation (butterfly), 53: Observation (owl), and 54: Yin Yang.

The cards shuffle easily and withstand rifle shuffling well. I have used The Isabella Oracle with equal accuracy as both a Lenormand and oracle deck. The black borders make the images “pop” and the deck looks lovely against a dark reading cloth.

Isabella oracle 2

The Isabella Oracle is available directly from the deck creator at: where she has numerous 5-star reviews, offers 59 decks for sale, and has been on Etsy since 2013. I can tell you based upon my own experience she ships quickly & despite the package being shipped from Australia to Texas, it arrives quicker than what one would expect.

Wishing you many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full DisclosureI received a copy of this deck from the publisher to consider it for review. I only review those decks and books that I find personally useful and feel would be of interest to my followers.

Deck Review: Fairy Tale Lenormand

The Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt is a delightfully charming deck. Stemming from Lisa Hunt’s long interest in fairy tales (The Fairy Tale Tarot is also one of her creations), she painted the delicately soft watercolor images and Arwen Lynch wrote the accompanying guidebook. Published by US Games Systems, Inc, The Fairy Tale Lenormand immediately joined the ranks of my favorite Lenormand decks.

Scenes are depicted in soft, yet bright watercolor paintings that are intricate and highly detailed. The style is long familiar to fans of Lisa Hunt’s tarot decks. Hidden faces in clouds and rocks, intricately latticed tree roots and branches, along with tremendous attention to the finer details makes The Fairy Tale Lenormand a feast for the eyes. The cards measure 3 1/2 x 2 1/4″ with a light tan border containing muted scrollwork. Card numbers appear in the upper left-hand corner. Card titles and playing card associations are centered at the base of the card.

Consisting of the traditional 36 Lenormand cards, The Fairy Tale Lenormand, like most modern Lenormand decks, includes an extra pair of male and female cards. This is done to accommodate same-sex readings; and, some readers may wish to include both sets of gender cards in order to address situations in which there are a number of people involved. Card titles hold strictly to tradition with the female card entitled “Lady” and the male card entitled, “Gentleman.”

The accompanying guidebook is the same size as the cards. As it is quite small one would expect just a simple LWB (Little White Book, basically a pamphlet often found with tarot decks), but instead we are treated to an actual Lenormand card-size paperback book with an actual spine. The guidebook contains 124 pages. The fairy tale that is the inspiration behind each card is briefly summarized. Keywords and a general meaning are provided for each card. The guidebook concludes with several spreads: several examples of a Fan Spread using a focus card plus 3 additional cards, a 12-card Crossroads Spread, a 16-card Tower Spread, and a 12-card Happily Ever Afters Spread. This guidebook does not go into the longer Grand Tableau spread due to space constrictions, but a discussion of the Grand Tableau can be found in any number of new Lenormand books out on the market.

The Fairy Tale Lenormand comes housed in a lovely tin box. Lisa Hunt created artwork specifically for the box, which is decorated on all six surfaces. This set of deck and guidebook make for a very lovely presentation. The tin box provided sturdy and completely secure storage for the cards that allows for ease of travel. It’s a lovely little kit that I am sure any Lenormand reader would love.

If you’d like to see every card, please click on my YouTube video review of The Fairy Tale Lenormand. This is my VERY FIRST video deck review. I also invite you to view the other videos on my YouTube channel and subscribe if you like. There is plenty more to come.

Recommended Books: 

Fairy Tale Lenormand by Lisa Hunt & Arwen Lynch

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards: An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand by Andy Boroveshengra (hard copy)

Lenormand Thirty Six Cards (2015 Edition): An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand by Andy Boroveshengra (Kindle Edition)

The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook: Reading the Language and Symbols of the Cards by Caitlin Matthews.

Wishing you many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full Disclosure: I received a copy of this deck from the publisher to be considered for review. I only review those decks I consider to be of interest to my followers.

The Avalonian Oracle

avalonian-oracle-boxHow I absolutely love the stories of King Arthur, his knights of the round table, & the gods, goddesses, & magical beings associated with those stories. I have been to England & climbed to the top of Glastonbury Tor, which I still consider to be one of the highlights of my life. I was understandably excited when I heard news of The Avalonian Oracle being published by Schiffer Books. The complete title of this deck is, The Avalonian Oracle: Spiritual Wisdom From the Holy Isle. The 128-page paperback guidebook is written by Jhenah Telyndru with artwork by Emily Brunner. The deck comes housed in the 6 x 9 x 1 1/2″ hinge-lidded magnetic closure box that is pretty much standard now for Schiffer decks. The deck can be stored on its end so the footprint in a bookshelf is very small.

The Avalonian Oracle is a 46-card oracle deck with a twist. There are seven “suits,” avalonian-oracle-2which are referred to as “Cycles.” The guidebook is organized so that the cards belonging to each cycle are discussed in each chapter, which results in the guidebook containing seven chapters of card meanings and interpretations. The other two chapters consist of an introduction and the guidebook concludes with a chapter devoted to eight card spreads and a few concluding paragraphs with suggestions as to how to use the cards as a magical tool.

The introduction in most guidebooks is basically a “how to use this deck” chapter, but that is not the case for The Avalonian Oracle. The chapter is important and should not be glossed over in order to get to the meat of the book. The introduction lists the names of the cards in each “cycle” and by their titles and brief explanation of the “cycle” this gives you a good overview of the overall feel and vibration for each cycle of the deck. The introduction is also an excellent reference point to use as you do readings with the deck. The cycles are not indicated on the cards, but you can easily discover to which cycle they belong if you refer to the introductory pages. That will then tell you in which chapter you can find each card’s meaning.

The cards themselves build upon the concept of the spiritual journey and include such avalonian-oracle-1beings one would expect to encounter when taking a spiritual journey that is of a Celtic nature. Cycle One (5 cards, referred to as Seeds) focuses on your journey to Avalon and the various stages that comprise that part of your journey. Cycle Two (5 cards, referred to as Stations) is about the stages of healing we encounter. Cycle Three (5 cards) depict the goddesses you may encounter on your journey (Rhiannon, Ceridwen, Blodeuwedd, Arianrhod, & Branwen). Cycle Four includes a card for each moon of the year (13 cards for 13 lunar cycles) . Cycle Five (9 cards) is entitled the Nine Morgens who are important ancestresses. Cycle Six (3 cards) represent the 3 realms of the universe as the Celts saw them. Cycle Seven (6 cards) represent the forces that make up the Avalonian cosmology. When doing a reading it is important to note from which cycle your cards originate because knowing that will add a deeper meaning to your readings.

The information included for each card varies from Cycle to Cycle. For example, the cards of Cycles 1 – 3 include with their card interpretations a card description, keywords, quest, divinatory meaning, and affirmation. This same information is included for the cards of Cycle 4 (the 13 Moons of Avalon), but a brief explanation of the particular herb associated with each of these cards opens the card interpretations. The final card of the deck, The Silver Wheel, includes an herbal association as well as a brief discussion of the mythology of the Silver Wheel. Otherwise, all other cards follow the descriptive outline of card description, keywords, quest, divinatory meaning, and affirmation.

The cards measure 3 3/8″ x 5 1/4″. They are well laminated with a glossy finish. Card avalonian-oracle-3backs are completely reversible although the guidebook does not provide reversed card meanings. The cards are are of sturdy, yet flexible card stock that makes them easy to shuffle. They have a blue border with silver detailing. The herb, plant, animal totem, symbol, or spirit associated with each card is depicted within the card image itself and also in isolation as an additional feature of the card in the lower left or right-hand corner of each card.

The Avalonian Oracle provides very deep readings. I recommend that when using this deck you leave your reading out for a while so you can ponder it. I have gained many fresh insights into various situations simply by leaving the reading out so I can look it over as I walk past it throughout the day. If you have an affinity to the Celtic pantheon, culture, or the Goddess in general, you will really enjoy this deck.


~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full Disclosure: I received this deck from the publisher in order to consider it for review. I only review those decks that are of interest to me & which I feel would also be of interest to my followers.


The Dreaming Way Lenormand

Fantastical. Picturesque. Fanciful. Imaginative.

These terms encompass the loveliness that is The Dreaming Way Lenormand. The artist behind this deck is Kwon Shina who also created The Dreaming Way Tarot (US Games, Inc., 2012). The booklet is written by Lynn Araujo. The Dreaming Way Lenormand is published by US Games, Inc. and retails for $15.95. It is packaged in a compact fitted box that measures 2.875 x 3.875.” The cards and booklet are typical playing card size, 2.5 x 3.5″ and fit nicely in the hand. They shuffle easily even for those of us with small hands.

The Dreaming Way Lenormand consists of the traditional 36 cards that comprise a Lenormand deck. Card titles are traditional with the sole exception of Card # 22, typically entitled Paths, Roads, or Crossroads. Card # 22 represents being faced with a choice; therefore, for The Dreaming Way Lenormand this card is entitled, “Choices.” The card titles are presented in a small cream-colored block at the base of each image and are non-intrusive. The card numbers are presented in a small non-intrusive circle at the top center of each image. Playing card associations are not included on the cards, nor are they mentioned in the accompanying booklet.

Kwon Shina’s watercolor paintings are conveyed with soft pastel backgrounds and vibrant foregrounds that help the center image of each card to look as though it is popping off the card. The watercolor medium lends itself nicely to the dreamlike quality of the imagery.

The booklet by Lynn Araujo contains 91 pages and is the same size as the cards. The booklet and cards are housed together in the box with the booklet resting on top of the cards. The introduction briefly summarizes several deck reviews of Kwon Shina’s previous deck for US Games, Inc., The Dreaming Way Tarot and concludes with Lynn Araujo’s commentary about Kwon Shina’s artwork. The bulk of the booklet focuses on the card meanings. Card interpretations begin with a quote from various historical luminaries of their respective fields. The imagery is described and then the traditional interpretation of each card is presented. Card interpretations conclude with several keywords. The booklet concludes with a very brief summary of Lenormand reading syntax. Readers new to Lenormand will need to purchase another book in order to fully comprehend how to correctly read with the Lenormand system. One sample reading of five cards is provided. There is also a 10-card spiral spread that concludes the booklet, but it is not followed by a sample reading.

The Dreaming Way Lenormand comes housed in a sturdy small box that is well suited for travel and will fit easily in a purse. I enjoy decks that travel well due to their compact and study packaging. Readers will enjoy The Dreaming Way Lenormand due to the soft dreamlike quality of the artwork that is presented with a great deal of charm. This is a lovely deck for beginners due to the charming simplicity of the images, but a beginner will also need to purchase a more in depth Lenormand book. I highly recommend Lenormand Thirty Six Cards: An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand, by Andy Boroveshengra. For those wishing to go truly in depth with their Lenormand studies I also recommend The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook: Reading the Language and Symbols of the Cards, by Caitlin Matthews.


~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full Disclosure:

I received a copy from the publisher to consider for review. I only review those decks I feel make a valuable contribution and that I feel my followers will also enjoy.


The Pagan Ways Tarot: Deck Review

Pagan Ways TarotThe Pagan Ways Tarot, created by Anna Franklin, is obviously a pagan-themed Tarot deck. If it strikes you as being somewhat familiar you may own a copy of The Sacred Circle Tarot (Llewellyn Publications), which she also created in collaboration with Paul Mason. The deck comes housed in a sturdy box nestled into two sections separated by a cardboard insert. The 6 x 9” guidebook rests on top of the desk in a hinged box with magnetic lid closure. This is a very nice feature of Schiffer decks that keeps the overall box measuring 6 X 9” and the magnetic lid allows for the box to be stored in a bookshelf on its end. The lid will not fall open.

The cards are covered in a shiny glossy laminate. They shuffle easily, but may be a bit difficult to shuffle for those of us with smaller hands. The card image is inset within a black border with the card title for the major arcana cards located in the lower border and number in the upper board. The minor arcana numeric and court card designations are located within the top border while the card titles are located within the bottom border. Titles of the minor arcana cards in numerous cases correspond to the Thoth titles. Court cards are designated Princess, Knight, Queen and King. The Princess and Queen cards correspond to the pagan sabbats or stations of the Wheel of the Year. Knights represent the action taken by their suit’s particular element while Kings represent the element itself.

Images for the Pagan Ways Tarot are created via photographic collage and computer manipulation in a very realistic manner that gives one the impression that you are looking through a window at a very real living scene. Anna Franklin states in her introduction to the 190-page paperback guidebook that she depicts gods and goddesses on every card. She chose to depict them in everyday clothing rather than in the garb of their time period and culture in order to create a cohesive look for the deck. A card such as the 3 of Swords does not depict a god, but Anna Franklin includes a brief dialogue between The Fool and the deity represented by this card. In the case of the 3 of Swords no deity is depicted, but the focus is on the stormy background and the deity speaking to The Fool is the Egyptian god, Set, who is the god of chaos, storms, and the desert.

Anna Franklin depicts The Fool’s journey as occurring through the entire tarot deck. His journey is not strictly limited to the major arcana, which is the case for the majority of decks. As a result, The Fool is the main character of the Pagan Ways Tarot and he dialogues with the god or goddess depicted on every single card. The dialogue develops The Fool’s character as he learns the lesson of every card.

The Fool introduces the Pagan Ways Tarot, but at that point the organization of the guidebook departs from tradition. Instead of seeing The Magician as the next card we see the Ace of Swords. The Fool then travels through the cards of the Swords (the element of Air and Intent) suit, followed by Wands (the element of Fire and Will), Cups (the element of Water and Love), and the Pentacles (the element of Earth and Manifestation). Once the dialogue between The Fool and the gods and goddesses of the minor arcana concludes then we meet the archetypical cards of the major arcana.

The major arcana of the Pagan Ways Tarot  represents The Fool’s journey along the path of initiation. Card titles are a mix of traditional and pagan with such titles as The Lady and Lord for the Empress and Emperor, respectively. Additional changes include: The Elder for the Hierophant, Wyrd for the Wheel of Fortune, the Underworld for the Devil, Rebirth for Judgment, and Universe for the World. As with the minor arcana, The Fool engages in conversation with the character depicted on each card of the major arcana. The dialogue lends a vitality to the guidebook you do not often see and it makes for an enjoyable read.

The guidebook for the Pagan Ways Tarot is printed on high quality paper and what I like the most about it is that the cards are depicted in actual size and also in full color. This is not common among guidebooks, but Schiffer has done this with a few earlier decks. This feature makes the guidebook a wonderful study aid. You can take it with you to study easily enough and leave the actual cards at home.

The guidebook for the Pagan Ways Tarot concludes with three appendices. The first is a glossary of symbols depicted on the cards and a brief interpretation of each. This is very useful when a particular symbol catches your eye as you’re doing a reading. The second appendix is entitled “Using the Cards for Divination” and includes four spreads: the Zodiac Spread, a 7-card Planetary Spread, the 21-card Romany Spread, and the traditional 10-card Celtic Cross. Card positions are explained, but the guidebook does not contain any sample readings. The final appendix entitled “Using the Cards for Meditation and Spiritual Development” includes suggestions for meditating upon a single card, connecting with the Elements, and focusing on the Wheel of the Year.

The Pagan Ways Tarot is a well thought-out deck that will appeal to pagans and non-pagans alike. The imagery is vibrant, imaginative, and a pleasure for the eyes. I highly recommend it.


~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full Disclosure: I received a copy to consider for review by the publisher. I only review decks that I find useful to myself & that I feel my followers will also enjoy.

Deck Review: The Dolphin Divination Cards

Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens. Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1993 $13.00.

A Guide to the Dolphin Divination Cards By Nancy Clemens. $18.00

3 cards from The Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens.
The Dolphin Divination Cards (C) Nancy Clemens & Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc. 1993.

For those of you who love the novelty of round decks, this is not only round. It’s also small & cute measuring a mere 2″ across. It’s great to tuck in your purse to allow for readings to be done anywhere & under any circumstances.

I first ran across The Dolphin Divination Cards in 1996 when I was the assistant manager at a new age store. The owner had an open deck on the counter next to the register and would allow customers to pull 3 cards. For those of you who own your own shop, we sold a lot of these decks due to giving customers the opportunity to interact with the cards before making their purchase.

The cards have words on them in an attractive font that say things like:

  • Deep Dive
  • Change
  • Play
  • Low Surf
  • Ocean Dreaming
  • Meditation
  • Harmonics
  • Creativity
  • New Light Body

The list goes on. In fact, this tiny deck has 102 cards.

The Dolphin Divination Cards are housed in a 2 x 2 x 1 1/2″ box. The box contains a single fold-out sheet of paper containing a brief introduction on how to use the cards, two 3-card spreads (Body/Mind/Spirit and Past/Present/Future), a 5-card spread, and a 4-card Medicine Wheel spread.

You do not have to worry about memorizing meanings. There is now a guidebook for The Dolphin Divination Cards available that discusses each card in more detail. If you’re a stickler for card interpretations then you’d probably also want the book, but personally I do not find it necessary.

What I love most about these cards is that anyone can use them. You don’t have to be a Tarot expert. I have seen many people walk in right off the street from all walks of life. They pull 3 – 5 cards and have always been entertained and sometimes even guided and comforted by the experience. Dolphins are also non-threatening. Who doesn’t love dolphins? Children can use these cards and religious people who may view tarot cards as “evil” or threatening in some way would also enjoy them.

The Dolphin Divination Cards are ideal for daily readings and for readings on the fly. You don’t have to sit and concentrate over them or consult a hefty book. Just read the message the dolphins have given you, draw your own conclusions, and you’re all set.

Card messages are suggestive in an inspirational and motivational manner. For instance, in the photograph above I pulled three cards at random for this picture asking, “what do my blog readers need to know at this time?” The cards you all received are:

“Holy Mackerel,” “Riding the Waves,” and “Migration.”

Giving those cards a quick once-over, my take on them is this ~

There are some big surprises in store, perhaps some stress with “Holy Mackerel,” but it’s brief. It results in your “riding the waves” by deciding to go with the flow instead of fighting the current. The waves then take you on over to “Migration,” which indicates movement to another place or perhaps movement toward a new realization of some sort. Either way, positive motion forward is indicated by the order in which these three cards appear.

My 16 year old daughter loves these cards and has been using them since she could read. Her friends have loved using them so I cannot stress enough this would make a great gift for any child. It’s a valuable tool that over time will teach them to rely on their own intuition when interpreting the messages the Dolphin Divination Cards provide to them and over the years this will help to hone their intuition into a strong and valuable tool.

I have enjoyed the Dolphin Divination Cards very much over the years, and I know anyone interested in divination of any kind would also enjoy them. They can be ordered via Amazon.

Preview: my next blog post will focus on how to invoke Archangel Saint Michael to cleanse your home of negative energy so stay tuned for that.

Thank you for following my blog & feel free to leave comments.

Wishing you all many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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The Egyptian Lenormand: Deck Reviews & General Information

The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015), copyright Nefer Khepri 2012 & 2015; copyright Schiffer Books, 2015). Featuring left to right: Sarcophagus, Snake, Desert Fox, Garden, Rider, Moon, Mountain, Key, Sun, & 176-page guidebook.
The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015), copyright Nefer Khepri 2012 & 2015; copyright Schiffer Books, 2015). Featuring left to right: Sarcophagus, Snake, Desert Fox, Garden, Rider, Moon, Mountain, Key, Sun, & 176-page guidebook.

I would like to thank the six individuals who took the time to post their reviews of my deck, The Egyptian Lenormand, to Amazon. Koneta Bailey of the blog “New Paths Tarot”, Mary Nale of Attune Magazine, Anita Perez, LaRaine, Anna from InnanaWorks, & Celene. I very much appreciate your feedback & that you took the time to share your opinions & experiences with The Egyptian Lenormand.

There are now a total of six deck reviews posted at Amazon, each of which gives The Egyptian Lenormand 5 stars. You can view the reviews here. 

If you would like to order a signed & activated deck, they are ONLY available directly from me. I ship worldwide via 1st class. I tend to ship out on Mondays and Fridays, weather permitting. Order directly from me at my deck’s official site.

For those of you who have been kind enough to purchase The Egyptian Lenormand, I humbly thank you and ask that you please follow the Activation Ceremony in the guidebook and fully activate your deck. There are very special energies within the images. They were all channeled (with the sole exception of The Child) from the Egyptian deities with Whom I work. There is a chapter devoted to the Activation Ceremony with full and easy to follow instructions. There are also chapters on how to use the deck for healing and magical manifestation. It cannot be used for either unless it is activated. Without activation is it merely a deck for divination/fortune telling. Once activated, The Egyptian Lenormand becomes a powerful tool.

I thank everyone who has been contacting me via email & social media to share

My cat checking out The Cat card of my "Egyptian Lenormand" (Schiffer Books, 2015).
My cat checking out The Cat card of my “Egyptian Lenormand” (Schiffer Books, 2015).

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I wish for the cards to always hold only good things for you & may you always receive helpful and accurate readings, no matter which deck you use.

Many Blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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