We all know that negative phrase, “S*it Happens.”  We’ve seen it on bumper stickers, t-shirts, coffee mugs, & elsewhere.  Why contribute to the propagation of such a negative way of thinking and of viewing our wonderful world?  Why not add just one extra letter. It wouldn’t be that much more work to say the phrase.  If you stick a “F” in there after the I, you’d have:


This image comes from a wonderful channeling of Archangel Michael by Celia Fenn. Do check it out.

And yes, the Shift is happening.  Right now.  Right here.  To you.  To me.  To your significant other.  To your dog.  Your cat.  Your bird.  Your fish.   To all your loved ones and even those people who you can’t stand.   The Great Shift is happening NOW to ALL LIVING CREATURES of the earth, and also to the earth herself.

You must have heard about it by now.  I mean, come on, it’s been going on, according to Archangel Saint Michael (whom I have been channeling since 1997) since 1998.  Many will say it started this year and that it culminates on December 21, 2012.  That’s only half right.  The Great Shift will culminate on 12/21/12; however, it began in 1998.  Michael has told me repeatedly if it began only this year the energies are so powerful it would have blown our planet to bits.

Can you imagine the forces at work here if they are powerful enough to blow a planet the size of our earth to bits had they all come through at once?   This is why the energies, which originate from the angelic realm and are being conducted to earth by the ascended masters, have been coming through in piecemeal fashion.  Otherwise, none of us would be here right now.

So, just what is this Great Shift, you may ask?  Well, I’m here to share what I know about it.  I am not channeling here, but I am paraphrasing the information that Archangel Michael has shared with me over the past 13 years about it.

The most important thing to remember is this:  it is SIMPLE for EVERYONE to accept the energies that are coming through.  Once you accept them, they begin to work on you gently and quietly. You may not even feel a thing, but at some point you will feel as though you have changed, and you will have changed.  For the better.  I assure you of this.

The Great Shift is a very high frequency energy that comes to the earth periodically.  The last Great Shift occurred over 200,000 years ago and helped to jump-start the evolution of humankind.  So, just think, if the last Great Shift occurred that long ago, how very blessed we all are to be living through the current Great Shift!!

Michael has shared with me that the Great Shift this time is meant to help all humans who accept the energy to move up to their next level of spiritual evolution.  Last time the Great Shift worked on the physical level.  This time it’s working on the spiritual level.  The next Great Shift will work on the karmic level, but I have not been informed of when that will occur.  Most likely not within our lifetimes, I would imagine.

The Great Shift is intended to help us all to move on up to our next level of spiritual evolution, and not just humans, but every living creature and plant on our planet.  The earth herself will also spiritually evolve as her vibrational frequency increases, thus increasing all vibrational frequencies of every living creature.   Like the song from that great American sit-com from the 70s, “The Jeffersons,” says, “We’re moving on up, to the top!”

Your next question is going to be:  how do I know that I’m moving on up, that the Great Shift is working on my energy helping me to spiritually evolve?

That’s a good question and the answer is very easy.  All you have to do is this:  Just say, either to yourself or aloud, that you accept the energy.  That’s it.  Simple.  Quick.  No hassle.  Michael says you can word this in any manner that you please.  What I personally said is this, and please feel free to use this if you like:

“I <state your full name> open myself to receive the higher vibrational energies sent by the angelic realm and conducted by the ascended masters to the planet earth at this time in our history. I accept these energies are for my highest good.  I AM open to receive.  I receive these energies of my own free will and I AM grateful and know that I AM blessed to be living at this time.”

That’s all it takes and then you’re done. You’re now part of it.  You are part of  SHIFT HAPPENS.

I’m calling upon all my blog followers, and I have already posted this to my Facebook personal page and business page, drop the negative phrase that has become so popular in recent years.  Instead, start telling yourself and everyone who will listen:


Because it is happening.  Right here, right now.  In the words of R. E. M & Michael Stipe, “It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”  And I do, because I know from Archangel Michael that 12/21/12 is no end, but a WHOLE NEW BEGINNING!  Everyone who says the Mayan calendar shows the world ending are full of IT, and we all know what IT is.  I have a doctorate and wrote my dissertation on the Maya.  All the fear originates from a misunderstanding of how the Maya calender works.  The Maya viewed Time in cycles, in never ending interlocking circles like the gears of a clock.  All that will occur on 12/21/12 of our calender is that the date on the Mayan calendar is going to bounce back to their zero start date.  The Maya did NOT see this as an end.  They saw it as the beginning of another cycle of time.  So, there is no need to fear.

All the violence and unrest we’ve been faced with during the past decade, they’re all just the birthing pains, my friends.  If all who read this accept the energy, and if you pass this blog post on to others or tell people how easy it is to accept these energies. If you help your loved ones and everyone else you can think of to verbally accept these energies, then if enough of us move forward in our own spiritual evolution, just think of how much easier it will be for the earth to naturally and painlessly raise her vibrational frequency to the next level, thus taking us all with her.

If this occurs, if enough of us accept these energies, then when the time comes for the Galactic Gateway to close on 12/21/12, thus ending the flow of energy for this particular Great Shift, then those who are in the dark, who have not accepted either due to ignorance, disbelief, or unwillingness – they will simply be taken along for the ride.  Just think of how our planetary home could be if EVERYONE went through the Great Shift.  Can you imagine?  No more war.  No more famine.  We all work together to find solutions to the problems that we as a SINGLE PEOPLE face.  Borders no longer exist.  We all live in harmony and in peace with one another regardless of religion, race, or creed.  Just think!

John Lennon had it right and was a true visionary when he wrote his classic song, “Imagine.”  I leave you with that to ponder and hope you will join those who have already accepted the energies of the Great Shift.

And, remember …


Say it with me, friends ~  SHIFT HAPPENS!!!!!!

Now keep saying it.  Believe it.  It’s happening.  NOW.

Wishing Each of You Many Blessings,

~ Nefer Khepri, Ph.D., R. M-T.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyable article…an important reminder not to focus too much on the physical and lose track of the Spiritual…Thank you and Blessings to you!


  2. Yes, it is & we’re all VERY BLESSED to be living at this time. I hope that you’ve allowed the energy into your life so you can experience the Great Shift as well, and remember, SHIFT HAPPENS!!!


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