I Have Decided to …

… write a book!!

When my mom was alive she was always encouraging me to write a book, but my daughter was younger then, my business was struggling, so my time was required elsewhere.  I had no time for book writing, but I did have plenty of ideas.  Five days before Mom died on January 20, 2008, she made me promise her that one day I would write a book.  I told her that when my daughter was older & required less care I would do just that.

Many of you who know me from my Facebook groups also have read my posts about my husband.  He’s a Virgo (I’m Gemini), he’s a banker (I have no skill with numbers whatsoever), & he was raised a born again Southern Baptist (totally different from him on that count, too!).  He and I are about as different from another another as any couple can be, yet here we are 18 years later and still happy.

He’s a great husband, but Stuart’s never encouraged me about my business at all.  My parents were the ones to encourage me & they’re both gone now, so  have no one to help push me forward.  Stuart used to laugh at what I do, but after a personal visit from Isis Herself, he has never laughed about my beliefs or practices since (more on that in another blog & it’s a great story!).  For Stuart, it has always only been about the money generated.  He has no concept that through my work I actually HELP people & that most of my clients have turned to me only after they have exhausted all other more traditional avenues of help.

However, he received a major clue of how much needed my services are back in 2009.  It was a very slow summer for my business.  I received ONE order for the month of July. ONE.  It was for a $40 reading.  I still remember!  The month before I had only made around $350.  Then August rolled around and once more, the well was dry.  Stuart has always been very security-conscious (due to having starved to death in 2 previous incarnations even though he never believes me when I tell him), so when I had that very dry summer he gave me an ugly ultimatum.

I’ll never forget. It was the first Thursday of August and he told me that if I didn’t generate $500 by that Monday then I’d have to look for a regular 9-5 job.  I didn’t know what to do.  So I did the only thing I knew that just MIGHT work in that short time-span. I asked for help.  I sent out a mass email to all my clients at the time asking them if they were even thinking of ordering, to please do so or by Monday I’d be pounding the pavement and would have to leave my business behind.

The reaction was both immediate and startling.  I received a total of 114 emails from people begging me not to retire and telling me that although they couldn’t afford to order at the time, that I had helped them so much in the past with either an enchantment that helped them to manifest what they needed at the time or through a reading that gave them useful guidance or through my artwork.  They all told me how much I meant to them.  I read those emails & cried & cried.  Then I cried some more.

By Saturday I had received just over $300 in orders.  I told Stuart nothing at the time, hoping like crazy that by Monday I’d hit $500 & could shove that in is face.  By Sunday night I not only had $500 in my PayPal account, I had over $600!!  Some clients weren’t even ordering.  Henri sent me $11.11 just to help me out.  Margie sent me $50, again, just to help.   Neither one wanted anything in return except for me to remain in business.  So come Monday I was able to show Stuart, not only did the money come in, but I also had him sit and read through some of those emails (the ones that didn’t mention anything personal since I do not share ANY details of my clients’ lives with Stuart or anyone else).  Stuart was in tears & told me he had no idea how much others valued my work. He promised then that he would never interfere with my business again.

Now, flash forward to this past Friday.  There we are eating dinner & Stuart suddenly pipes up and says, “you NEED to write a book!”  NEED.  It was his emphasis, not mine.  I was shocked & I even started to laugh.  Here I had told him for YEARS that I wanted to write a book, but it was he who had laughed at me and he had totally poo-poo’ed the idea.  Now here he was telling me I needed to write a book.

He continued on by saying that through social media my name was already out there and I have all this knowledge just sitting in my head & that I’m a skilled writer.  He said it was time to start sharing with others of like mind.

Saturday he brought it up again.  He began to discuss time management with me.  He offered to do a time management study of my business so now I have to clock in and clock out over every little thing I do (oh, crap, I forgot to clock in when I began this blog post!).  He will then consolidate it all for me and tell me where I’m spending my most time and how I can run my day more efficiently.  His goal is to help me clear 2 hours a day so I can spend 2 hours a day writing that book.

I’m not sure of when I’ll get to the point where I’ll be able to create 2 more hours to my day by being more efficient, but since he’s willing to help me, I am definitely willing to give this my best shot.  As to what type of book will I write, I’ve had many paranormal and supernatural experiences so I’m thinking it will be a spiritual autobiography.  I’ve had experiences going back to at least the age of 4, that I can remember.  At the time I didn’t understand what I was experiencing, but as an adult who has acquired a great deal of knowledge, I can look back at most of these experiences and now know exactly what was going on at the time.  I plan to describe my experiences and then offer my own understanding of what was happening and why.  I hope that such a book will help those of you who have had similar experiences, but do not understand the mechanics or the reasons behind them.  Understanding of such matters results in spiritual growth, and that is the goal I have for my book.  That it helps all who read it to expand upon their own spirituality and to grow as individuals toward a more concrete expression of their soul’s purpose.

A lofty ambition, I know, but then again, only my parents believed in me when I wanted to get a PhD.  No one felt I could write a dissertation.  Well, I did, and that was a TON of work, very difficult, and stressful.  I figure a book of this nature will not be nearly as stressful as writing my thesis was, but in a way it will be a second thesis for me, and the one I have always wanted to write.

Until next time, wishing you all many blessings,

~ Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R.M-T.






  1. I for one am seriously looking forward to reading your book…Thanking you in advance for sharing your SELF with us!Dont give up!


    • Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I’ve wanted to write a book for 15 years & this is the first time my husband has supported me on this. I know that now it’s just a matter of time 🙂


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