How to Magically Protect Yourself from the Negative Thoughts of Others

A lot of people ask me what they can do to protect themselves from people whom they suspect are sending negative thoughts their way.  Here is an excerpt from a client’s Enchantment Report from the other day. I figure many of you may find it useful.

What I recommend you do is make a list of all the people you know are sending you negativity and also those whom you suspect.  Next to their name write their date of birth or where they live or work – just a piece of personal information to attach their written name to their personal energy.
Get a white candle – votive or taper, doesn’t matter.  You will also need olive oil and the following herbs (all dried & crushed or powdered): Garlic, Rosemary, Bay Leaf.

Put about 1 teaspoon of each herb onto a paper plate.  Give the herbs reiki (if you are reiki attuned) with the intention of cleansing and purifying the situation.  If not, just hold your hands over the herbs & imagine that intention flowing into them. Rub the oil onto the candle, then carefully roll the candle through the herbs so that some stick to the candle – just enough to be sure a bit of each herb is on the candle. You don’t have to completely coat it.  Set the candle in a safe holder.

Ask for your angels & guides to be in attendance and then read the list of names out loud and state your intention of clearing any negative thoughts or feelings they may have sent your way now or at any other point in Time and Space (as this may be karmic, so that statement includes past lives).  Light the candle and ask your Higher Power to cleanse the situation and heal it. Then place the list under the candle.  When the candle is halfway consumed re-read the list and then burn it in the candle’s flame. 
Allow the candle to burn completely out and dispose of ALL remains, even the candle holder so be sure to use one you don’t care about & that is inexpensive.


Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.


  1. Very well written article. Simple, straightforward and easy to follow through. One question I have is: Are there days/hours or moon cycles that will assist in this banishing? I’ve heard that banishing negativity is best done during the waning moon. Does that apply here, or is one day as good as any other?


    • Yes, the waning moon is best for banishing, but sometimes you can’t wait that long depending on what’s going on. In that case, the best days of the week are Saturday (ruled by Saturn the planet of decrease) and Friday (as told to me in a channeling session by Archangel Michael). So if you have to perform a banishing on someone or some bad situation and the moon is waxing, then choose a Saturday or a Friday. Thanks for your question & for reading my blog.




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