Tarot Message for the week of Feb. 13, 2012

Images are from the Infinite Visions Tarot, self-published by Gloria Jean.

First a note on reversed cards, of which there are 2, the 2 of Wand & the 5 of Pentacles. Many readers who use reversals see them as being “bad”, that they negate an otherwise positive interpretation. I don’t see them that way at all. In my experience, when a card appears in a reading reversed it is merely calling attention to itself. It’s telling me I need to place extra emphasis on that card, and that’s it. Now, on to this week’s energies.

The message begins with the 4 of Swords ~ a card of healing, recuperation, rest, and relaxation. This may be a time of storing up energy in reserve for something coming up that you know will require a lot of energy. Or, it may be emphasizing coming out of a difficult time, but letting us know that things look brighter ahead. I can’t help but think of all the posts I’ve been reading beginning in around early November by people who say they’re not feeling “right,” that their energy is somewhat off-kilter. Many light workers have been becoming sick with head colds, stomach viruses, and the like. Many haven’t been sleeping well. This is all tied into the Great Shift, as Archangel Michael described it to me. The Great Shift began back in 1998 and the energies are culminating now. This is what we’re all feeling and why it’s got us all out of sorts like the knight here on the 4 of Swords. We’re basically feeling like we’re simply laying around waiting for something to happen. Nothing big is going to occur. The energies just need to settle down into our auras and chakras, then we’ll start to feel more like ourselves, but we’ll be ourselves at a higher and more spiritually evolved level. Everyone is changing, some in small ways, some in large ways. The 4 of Swords is saying this process is going to take time so the advice here is to be good to yourselves. Treat yourselves with patience and kindness. The same goes for others, as well because we’re all in this together.

The second card is the 2 of Wands, which appears reversed, or upside-down. So it’s screaming at me for extra attention and is saying its energy is weighing heavily on this reading. The 2 of Wands represents looking off into the future hoping for better times, keeping an eye on the horizon for new opportunities, and the potential for great growth that is just beginning. The number 2 is the number of Partnership. We need to partner with the energy. What I’m getting from this card is that instead of viewing the new energies coming in as “new”, we all need to shift our emphasis into feeling that they are really the return of an old friend. Humankind was once much more spiritually evolved than we are now, but we somehow lost our way. This is a common theme in the stories of all the world’s religions. When you see the same story in more than one place – and some removed from one another by a great deal of time and space – then you need to realize there’s more than a grain of truth in it. Humans fell in some way and lost grip on their higher perspective.

The energy that is permeating the earth plane now is what we once had returning to reclaim us all. Once you realize that and open your arms to receive your old friend with love and trust, things will suddenly get so much better. We’re on the threshold of a brand new horizon of a brave new world. Be accepting of that and tell your angels and spirit guides you are willing to move forward now and ask them to make the transition as easy on you as possible. They will comply.

The final card of this week’s reading is the 5 of Pentacles, also coming up reversed. Traditionally, the 5 of Pentacles represents financial hardship, the possibility of depression, and the feeling of being left out in the cold, perhaps ostracized by those whom you consider to be friends. Appearing in this reading as being reversed, again, the 5 of Pentacles is asking me to pay more attention to it. I am taking the image literally here. We see a nun who is seated and there are two beggars next to her (a brother and sister, perhaps?). In medieval art, as well as art of earlier periods and other cultures, the figure who stands the tallest is the person of authority in the composition. Bearing that in mind, we would then see the nun as being in authority in this picture. However, she is stooped over and looks exhausted. She represents organized religion. She is resting her hand on her knee and isn’t trying to reach out and comfort the beggars. She may be speaking to them, that’s not clear. What I’m seeing here is the failure of organized religion to acknowledge this Great Shift and to come up with any type of coping mechanisms to help their congregations move through it and become more accepting of it.

What this card is telling me is the way to acclimatize to the changes on the horizon is not through organized religion at all, but to follow your own inner guidance. Open yourself up to your higher guidance by simply stating out loud that you wish to be connected more firmly to your angels and your spirit guides. Ask them to guide you through these trying times. They will be there for you, but you need to have faith in their presence and in their ability to help you. You’ll see once you open that door that things will start to feel better to you and your life will begin to flow more smoothly. Don’t forget to ask for their guidance during those difficult times and if you know of someone going through their own difficulties it’s okay to ask your angels to ask their angels to give them extra help and support.

Until next time, wishing you many blessings,

Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.

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