Book Review: Color & Conjure

Color and Conjure: Rituals & Magic Spells to Color

Text: Natalie Zaman

Art: Wendy Martin

Llewellyn Books, 2017

$14.99 PB, 176 pages


Just in time for Halloween/Samhain is a lovely witchy coloring book, Color & Conjure with spells and commentary by Natalie Zaman and line drawings by Wendy Martin. If you’re a witch, pagan, or are interested in spells AND you enjoy coloring, then this is the PERFECT coloring book for you.

Containing 176 pages, Color & Conjure consists of 13 sections:

  • How to use this book
  • Money
  • Love
  • Family
  • Protection
  • Health
  • Creativity
  • Personal Power
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Magic & Nature
  • Awaken the Chakras
  • Coloring pages
  • Resources for adapting & enhancing your spells

In the section entitled, “How to use this book,” Natalie Zaman points out that intention and focus are of primary importance when performing spells & that coloring can be a valuable tool that helps to increase focus upon magical intentions. When you combine your intention, focus, a few well-thought-out words and perhaps some magical correspondences suddenly your coloring page becomes a powerful magical tool.

Color & Conjure is not simply a magical-themed coloring book. There are other titles that fit that description. Color & Conjure combines coloring with actual spells so that your own coloring can be used in combination with candles, oils, herbs, and other tools in order to set energies into motion that help to manifest positive change in your life.

Each chapter consists of 3 – 5 (mostly 5) spells with the chapter on the chakras containing seven, one spell for each of the seven main chakras. Instructions on how to perform the spell are included that cover wording, the use of candles & easily available kitchen herbs, and also suggestions as to which colors to use to color in the images based upon the meaning and magical correspondences of the colors. Instructions are very simple so even if you have no experience with spells you will be able to easily put Color & Conjure to good use.

What I particularly like about Color & Conjure, other than the wonderful idea of combining spells with coloring, is that the pages on which the spells are printed always include a small version of the corresponding coloring page, which is located in full size in the latter half of the book. You can follow the author’s coloring suggestions on that smaller version of the coloring page or make up your own just to see what it would look like and then color in the main coloring page. That smaller version of the coloring page is a great place to experiment with color and artistic mediums. The type of paper used in the coloring book is the same throughout so you will know how your artistic mediums will respond on the large coloring pages by practicing on their smaller counterparts. Each chapter’s lead page also has an image you can color.

Each spell includes the page number of the corresponding coloring page. For example, on page 38 the spell, “Mirror, Mirror,” which is a spell for self-love and self-appreciation has a smaller version of its corresponding coloring page on the lower left-hand side, along with a ribbon that includes a hand pointing to the words, “see coloring page 121 where you will find a large version of the same coloring image on page 38.

color & conjure color pageThe page numbers of the coloring pages are 1/3” from the bottom edge of the page next to the binding of the book. Each coloring page is completely perforated for easy removal for coloring and you can then set the page with your candles and other magical tools when performing the spell. Coloring pages are all printed single-sided.

After the spell is completed you can bury the coloring page, burn it, or keep it in your Book of Shadows as a remembrance of the spell you performed. I really like how the page numbers are so close to the binding. When you pull the coloring page out of the book the page number remains within the book so all you have on your coloring page is the image itself.

Coloring images have a ¾” border on all four sides so you can even frame these if you so desire. Wendy Martin’s use of line is quite pleasing to the eye. Line thickness varies ever so slightly throughout each coloring page that helps to emphasize some symbols over others. Many adult coloring books have highly intricate images for which you need to use something with a very fine point like gel pens. Wendy’s images have large enough areas to color that you can easily use crayons with Color & Conjure. Many adult coloring books do not work well with crayons due to the intricacy of the images. The drawings have an overall open and friendly energy to them and the compositions are all pleasing to the eye.

Color & Conjure will appeal to any magically minded person who also enjoys to color, but even if you don’t, this coloring book is a great resource of very simple and easy to perform spells. I recommend it to any artistically inclined witch, but also to anyone who would like a resource of quick and simple spells.

The remainder of this review is intended for artists and colorists who wish to know the technical details regarding how this paper accepts various artistic mediums:

  • Overall size: 9 x 9 x 1/2″
  • Paperback
  • Page total: 176
  • Main coloring pages: 50
  • Smaller versions of main coloring pages: 50
  • Images of chapter headings: 11
  • Title page coloring image: 1
  • Concluding page image: 1
  • Perforation: yes
  • Protective sheet: none
  • Paper weight: 60 lbs (my best estimate)
  • Recommended artistic mediums:
    • colored pencils ~ layering & burnishing up to 4 layers of colors works well on this paper weight. I have not tried more than 4 layers of color.
    • crayons
    • water-based markers ~ I used Tomball, Zig, and a generic no-name store brand. This paper holds up well to 4 layers of blended water-based markers. As you add a fourth layer be careful because at this point the color will begin to bleed through the page.
    • Gel, glitter, and milk pens

Color & Conjure derwentI did attempt to use Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils. I layered 3 colors and then applied water somewhat sparingly. The paper did buckle on the colored surface as well as the reverse side of the page. Most of the buckling disappeared once the page was completely dry, but I can still feel the buckling if I run my fingers over the page; as a result, I do not recommend watercolor pencils or watercolors.

Crayons and colored pencils GLIDE over this paper. I had to be careful to not run out of the lines because the crayons and pencils glide so easily and quickly. This paper also helps crayons and colored pencils to present a very level color coverage. I did not see any streaking as I applied color. Gel, glitter, and milk pens all present even coverage on this paper so I highly recommend their use for smaller areas of the line drawings.

Color & Conjure pageNote: If you are like me you may be hesitant to mar your coloring book with color. There is a simple fix. This is what I do with my coloring books. I basically very carefully take them apart. This is the method I use and so far I have not ruined a single image:

  • I carefully cut or tear the front and back covers from the spine of the coloring book.
  • Next, I begin with the first image (or title page) and carefully bend the page back and forth against the binding. Bend the page along where the paper actually meets the glue of the binding.
  • As you see the page begin to give slightly, VERY carefully pull or rip the page from the book. Do this slowly with patience.
  • Do the same to the last page of the coloring book.
  • Return and repeat the process with the remaining front page, then the remaining back page, and so on until you have pulled all the pages free from the spine.

I keep my coloring page originals in a manila file folder with the book cover for reference. When I wish to color an image I make a copy. Keep in mind that copies made on a printer can bleed based upon what type of ink you use in your printer. I copy the images onto 110 lb light cardstock. That takes any artistic medium fairly well, but again, be careful how much water you use if using watercolors or watercolor pencils as the cardstock can “pill up.”


~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Full Disclosure: I received this book from the publisher in order to consider it for review. I only review those decks that are of interest to me & which I feel would also be of interest to my followers.


How to Perform a Spell: Supermoon 8/29/15

Supermoon!!! Saturday, August 29, 2015.

IMG_7883-1This is the main reason for today’s post.

The Supermoon (all one word) occurs when the moon is the closest to the earth in its orbit. Last year we had three Supermoons. As the moon is closest to the earth tides react more strongly along with our emotions. Emotions usually start to run high as long as one week prior to the Supermoon so if people around you have been acting a bit, well, crazy-nutso, now you know why. It will all blow over by September 1st as the last of the Supermoon’s energy wears off.

How you can best take advantage of the Supermoon is to light a candle for yourself. The Supermoon is also the full moon so that part of the lunar cycle can be used for any purpose. Just be sure to include only one purpose per candle. You can light multiple candles for yourself, if you wish.

The main things people are interested in manifesting for themselves or improving are:

  • Love and relationships of all kinds
  • career, and finances
  • Health
  • Spiritual growth
  • Banishing

Here are some basic tips on candle magic and then I’ll cover ideas you can use for each of the aforementioned magical desires.

First thing you do with a candle is you have to cleanse it. You don’t know what sort of vibes or energy it picked up in its manufacturing process, shipping, or while on the shelf of the store in which you purchased it.

You simply cleanse a candle by rubbing from the middle out to both ends; and, don’t forget to include the wick. Imagine gray or black smoke leaving the candle. The candle will grow warm due to the heat of your hands, but you may feel the candle grow lighter in weight. This is because you’re removing excess energy.

Once you feel the candle is cleansed (use your intuition!) it’s ready to be charged, but before that, be sure you have gathered all the supplies you intend to use. You never want to be in a position where you’ve calling on Deity and realize you forgot to set aside the herbs you want to use with your candle. Gather all materials, and the you’re ready to charge and use your candle.

Charging a candle is the opposite of cleansing it. Focus on what you wish to manifest. Let’s say you hope for a new and better job. You can focus on the thought, “A new and better job than the one I have now comes to me in the perfect time.” Keep that thought in mind as you rub your candle from either end toward the middle. Again, don’t forget to include the wick and imagine your desire entering the candle and moving down the length of the wick. This way as the candle burns and the wick and wax are consumed that will release your wish out into the universe.

Note: if your intention is to cleanse or banish something out of your life when you charge your candle you do so in the same direction you used to cleanse it. You imagine your intention leaving the candle, beginning at the middle and working out to either end, including the wick.

If your mind wanders at any time during the process, don’t worry. Just bring your thoughts back to the task at hand. If you have never performed candle magic before and you do not practice meditation it’s perfectly normal for your mind to wander. Don’t give up. Just refocus on your wish and keep going.

Once you feel your intention has been set into your candle it’s time to use it.

Items you will want to have on-hand for candle magic are as follows. You can include all or just some of these items. That’s up to you.

  • Paper plate (a MUST if you are using oils and/or herbs)
  • Either olive oil or an oil specific to your magical intention
  • Herbs specific to your magical intention
  • Favorite crystals or stones as an item to focus on (totally optional)
  • Incense for atmosphere (totally optional)

If you are placing herbs onto your candle, but you don’t have any scented oil on hand that matches your magical intention, use olive oil. Olive oil is excellent at absorbing energy. Put a bit in a small dish or bottle and hold it in your hands. Focus on your intention and “see” your intention enter the oil. Your olive oil is now charged for your magical purpose.

In order to place herbs on your candle, first with your fingers rub the oil into the candle the same way you charged the candle. Start from the bottom and rub the oil up to the middle, then go to the top of the candle and rub the oil from the top to the middle. I do NOT recommend you place any oil on the wick. That can cause a huge flaring flame when you first light the candle and those can be dangerous. You don’t want to singe your eyebrows!

If you are using herbs your candle is now ready to be coated in herbs. Simply sprinkle the herbal mixture onto the paper plate. Hold both your hands palms downward over the herbs with your fingers together as though you’re wearing mittens. Focus on your magical intention again and visualize it entering the herbs. The herbs are now charged for magical use for your particular intention.

Lay the oil-coated candle on its side onto the area of the paper plate closest to you and slowly roll it TOWARD you across the paper plate if your intention is to manifest something into your life or bring something to you. If you are focusing on getting rid of something (banishing), then place the candle on the side of the paper plate nearest you and roll it away from you.

Once some of the herbs have adhered to the candle’s surface it’s ready to be focused upon and lit. You do not have to get all the herbs to stick to the candle. Just some is fine. If there are empty patches on your candle, don’t worry. The important thing is that at least a few crumbs of each herb you used are somewhere on your candle.

Always be sure you have a candle holder appropriate for the size of candle you are using and burn it in a safe place away from drafts, small children and animals who might knock it over. Sparks can fly off of candles burned for magical intentions and they can be large sparks so also be sure your candle is far from curtains, books, papers, and other highly flammable objects.

Focus on your intention, repeat it either in your mind or out loud 9 times, also remember to call on whatever aspect of Deity you wish to work with, then light the candle. Thank deitiy and know that your intention is going out to the universe and that when the time is right the universe will manifest your intention into your reality.

The final step is very important. Just LET IT GO. Forget about your spell. Don’t dwell on it. Don’t wonder if and when it’s going to work. Trust in the universal forces you called upon to know when the time is right for you and go about your life. Those who dwell on spell work and wonder if it’s working or if it will work at all are introducing doubt into the equation, and that is the last thing you want because doubt will undermine all your work and your desired result may never manifest. Also, be careful if you tell anyone about what you’ve done. Many are not as open-minded as you are and they will also doubt you, perhaps even ridicule you; and, this can cause your spell to fail. So let it go and trust that your desire will manifest at the time and in a way that is for your highest good.

You may be wondering what herbs or oils you should use. I’m including a brief and simple list of supplies that most of you can easily find in your kitchen for the herbs. I’m also including the most popularly used oils for each type of magical intention. Again, oils are extra and not 100% necessary, but they do add a nice touch.

Note: herbs can be fresh or dried. Personally, I find it easier to work with dried herbs, but the choice is yours.

  • Love and relationships of all kinds
    • Herbs: rose petals, cinnamon, basil, nutmeg
    • Oils: rose, jasmine, patchouli
  • career, and finances
    • Herbs: basil, cloves (whole or crushed), cinnamon
    • Oils: frankincense & myrrh (this comes as a blend & you can also find them individually), Abundance oil (available as a blend from many retailers)
  • Health
    • Herbs: rosemary, bay leaves (whole or crushed, but if placing them on a candle be sure to crush them first), garlic (to drive illness out of the body)
    • Oils: rose, rosemary, bay
  • Spiritual growth
    • Herbs: frankincense (in the form of a resin) & myrrh (raw form is in bits of twig & bark), white rose petals, jasmine
    • Oils: frankincense & myrrh blend, sandalwood
  • Banishing
    • Herbs: garlic, black pepper, salt (though not an herb, it really works), bay leaves (whole or crushed), rosemary, dragon’s blood resin (this can be found in powdered or resin form)
    • Oils: frankincense & myrrh, rose, vetivert, dragon’s blood

Remember, the Supermoon is THIS Saturday, so you don’t have much time. Supermoon energy lasts for 1 week prior and 1 week after the actual date of the Supermoon so if you miss out on Saturday you still have varying degrees of energy to work with over the coming week, but the moon will be waning, so focus on removing obstacles to the things you wish to manifest and perform your spell as if it were a banishing. You will be focused on banishing the obstacles from your life that stand between you and your desires if you perform this spell after the actual date of the Supermoon.

Most of all have fun with this. Shoot me an email or post to my timeline on Facebook or tweet at me as to what you did and how you think it went. I’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you many blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T.

Author of The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015)

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Text copyright Nefer Khepri, 2015.

Spiritual House Cleansing with Archangel Saint Michael

This is my personal method for undertaking a heavy duty spiritual house cleansing. I share all the steps with you here & I hope that you find my method useful and helpful.

You will need the following:

  • 4 candles
  • a safe holder for each candle
  • a lighter
  • incense (optional)
Archangel Michael candle. These are encased in glass & stand 10" tall. If left burning unattended 24/7 they burn for approximately 1 week.
Archangel Michael candle. These are encased in glass & stand 10″ tall. If left burning unattended 24/7 they burn for approximately 1 week.



Ideally, the candles should be Saint Michael candles. Now, if you can’t find them, that’s okay too. What you will then need are 4 red candles, all the same size, and a safe holder for each one. You will be burning all 4 at once so you need 4 candle holders.

Here is the picture of Michael that is most often used on his candles. I recommend you print it out 4 times. 1 copy is to be placed under each candle holder as each candle burns. You need 1 copy for EACH candle, total of 4 copies.

Michael’s official prayer sanctioned by the Catholic Church is:

 Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle; be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray: and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

This is the prayer I always use.


First, be sure you won’t be disturbed. Turn your phone off. If you have pets or small children be sure they are otherwise occupied. You cannot stop the process once you have begun or it won’t work.  If you are having serious paranormal issues in your home be forewarned: they will know what you are attempting to do so they may act up as you attempt to perform the cleansing. Whatever happens, just keep going; and, most importantly, show NO fear. Be strong. Even before you call on him Michael will know what you are about to do and he will be with you. To be extra safe, you can pray to him the day before and tell him your plans & ask for his protection ahead of time.

Place each candle at approximately the 4 corners of your home & be SURE that if that is a closet do NOT put the candle in the closet. Sometimes you can’t get them exactly into the 4 corners so use your best judgement & place the candle as close to the corner as you can with it still being in  a safe position, that means away from drafts, curtains, papers, or books – things that can catch on fire from a stray spark.

Be sure the candle holders you’re using are SAFE, meaning they are the correct size and fit for the type of candle you are using.

Once you have all 4 candles in place, go the candle that is nearest the front door or the door you use most often. You will light that one first.

Do NOT use matches. That’s sulphur & sulphur is associated with dark spirits. Use a lighter instead.

You can use incense if you want, but it’s not required. If you do use incense the best for house cleansings are any variety of sage or frankincense and myrrh (my personal favorite).

If you use the glass encased candles, they will burn for about a week if left burning around the clock. If there is to be no one at home you will have to extinguish each candle by SNUFFING it out. Never blow it out. Every flame is a fire elemental & that’s a huge insult. You can relight the candles when you return home. If you do this daily it will take longer than 7 days for the candles to consume all their wax. When relighting repeat the prayer to Michael once for each candle and again, move in the same direction as previously (instructions below).


Starting at the candle nearest your main entrance, say Michael’s prayer 3 times, then in your own words explain the problem & ask for his help.

Move on to Candle # 2, which will begin to form a counter-clockwise circle around your home. If you face the front door as you pray, the next candle will be to your LEFT.  If you are facing into your home from the front door when you pray then the next candle will be to your RIGHT. Decide ahead of time which direction you will face because you must face that direction for each candle to maintain the proper counterclockwise direction throughout your home.

I tend to face the wall along which the candle is resting for a threat outside the home. The only time I face inward toward my home is if there is disharmony among family members. For this type of spell I always face outward, so like you’re looking out at the street, your side yard, and your backyard as you move around the house lighting the candles.

Say Michael’s prayer 3 times at each candle while stating your petition for his help in your own words each time.

End back at your front door (or whichever door you use the most). Open it & make a sweeping gesture outward (you may want to use an actual broom, that’s up to you and if so, position it at the front door before you start). Imagine all the negativity as gray or black smoke being swept out of your home. As you do this you can say something like,

“In the Name of ___________, I sweep out all negative energy, all evil, and all discord from my home.”

The blank is to be filled by the name of your higher power. God, Jesus, or whatever deity you call upon.

Say this NINE times while maintaining the sweeping gesture throughout.

Turn around & stand outside your door facing inward & say the following NINE times:

“In the Name of __________ I invite in all the angels, protective and benevolent spirit beings, and our spirit guides to take up residence in our home & serve to protect us from negative & evil outside influences. My home is now filled with the universal white light.”

Then you are finished. Allow the candles to continue burning. Should you have to extinguish them, upon relighting repeat Michael’s prayer just once at each candle, moving in a counter-clockwise direction around your home relighting the candles. This will recharge the candles for their original intentions. Remember to SNUFF them out if you need to extinguish them. This is easily accomplished by placing a small plate or flat object across the candle’s opening. If you are using pillar or taper candles you will need a candle snuffer and these are pretty inexpensive.

What you SHOULD notice afterward if the cleansing was a success:

  • the atmosphere will seem less heavy
  • you may actually be able to physically see more light entering your home
  • you may be tired, but will feel better
  • family members will argue a lot less, if at all
  • there will be a renewed sense of peace and wellbeing in your home

Should you have lousy neighbors who are constantly causing issues then you may have to repeat this spell as often as monthly. It’s a very strong spell so I definitely do NOT recommend you do this more than once a month.

If you run into problems or you feel this has not worked well for you then you may wish to contact me to perform a long distance house cleansing for you. I do this through candle work much like what you would have done if you follow my instructions here.

For situations in which the problem is at work and you cannot light candles in the workplace, simply write down the name of the business, the street address & include the name(s) of anyone being a problem and place that piece of paper under each candle. In that way you can also cleanse your place of work at the same time by proxy. The positive energies will work to cleanse your home and whatever address you stipulate on the piece of paper. Remember to write out 4 copies and place one copy under each candle.

Thank you for following my blog & feel free to leave comments.

Wishing you all many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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Archangel Saint Michael: Your New BEST Friend!

I’ve been channeling Archangel Saint Michael since October, 1997.  I never set out to do this on purpose. I began hearing his voice one day while I was taking a shower. Yes, Michael likes to hang out in bathrooms, evidently.  He speaks to me the most when I’m in the bathroom.  Years later I read in some book that running water conducts energy and can make it much easier for you to hear your angels and spirit guides.  So the next time you need some guidance you may want to try lighting a candle next to a sink, running the water, then open yourself up to receive impressions.

Archangel Michael
Archangel Michael

I’ve written about Michael before and will no doubt write about him countless more times before I hang my hat and retire.  Michael has been there for me at the worst of times & also at the best of times.   He has ALWAYS been there when I’ve needed help, even in my dreams when I’ve had nightmares.  He has NEVER EVER let me down, and as far as I know, he also has never disappointed any of my clients to whom I have recommended him.

Archangel Saint Michael, although considered by many to be “Catholic,” is one of the few angels named in the Koran as well, so he is important to Muslims.  Michael first appears in the Old Testament of the Bible in the Book of Daniel (therefore he is also mentioned in the Torah) and is there by name being referred to as “one of the chief princes,” the implication being prince of the heavenly host, which is one of Michael’s official titles.   Some scholars note that Michael is the only of the archangels to be called an archangel in the Bible. He is also referred to as Prince of the Heavenly Host, an exalted position he may have gained after defeating the rebellious Lucifer and his followers.  The implication has always been that Michael, even if he is just an archangel, may actually be of a higher order of the angelic hierarchy or have been granted special powers by God in gratitude for his great victory over Lucifer and the re-establishment of order and harmony in heaven after Lucifer’s rebellion.   Michael’s name translates as, “He who is like God.”  Again, the implication being that Michael has special powers that other archangels may not themselves possess.

Michael has delivered various messages to me over the years.  The majority of them have been meant for me personally so I have never shared them with anyone.  He comes today bearing a message for all, so I share that message below.  Please know that no matter your religion, spiritual beliefs or practices, Michael wishes for you to know he is your friend upon whom you can count in times of trouble. He has often told me to tell my clients he will work with anyone. You don’t have to be Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim to gain his attention and his help.  He insists he is here to help any who are in trouble and may be dealing with negative forces.

Now for his message for today:

“My dearest children, I am Micha-el, He Who is Like God.  I address you in my role of Prince of the Heavenly Host.  All angels are under my command, regardless of their rank, for I used the army of heaven to defeat the dark one.  I wish for you to know that I freely extend the hand of friendship to each and every one of you regardless of your beliefs, your background, and what you may consider to be your sins in this lifetime.   I judge no one for I am no judge.  I am here merely as a servant to help you in all of your needs.  

I am there for you as a sun shining in the dark.  

I am there as a light illuminating the darkest cave.

Healing energy

I am there as a mirror reflecting goodness and light.

I am there as a shield to protect you from all evil.

I am there as your friend & champion in times of trouble.

I am always with those who call upon me & state they wish for me to remain with them at all times.

I am Micha-el, He Who is Like God.  I extend love and friendship to everyone who calls My Name.   Rest assured, if you ask it of me, I shall remain with you always, unto and beyond the end of Time itself.

I extend blessings to all in Universal Love & Truth,


If you wish to call upon Archangel Saint Michael for help in any type of situation (he’s not only good at protecting us from evil, did you know he’s a genius at fixing mechanical things??  It’s true!), below is a link that takes you to a site that offers up the original long version of the prayer to Michael, as well as the shorter, more well-known prayer.  Use the longer prayer for bigger problems.  It’s actually part of the official Exorcism Rite of the Catholic Church.  The shorter prayer can be said daily as a Novena (repeated 9 times without stopping).  A good practice is to say a novena to Michael first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

You may wish to work candle magic with Michael.  If so, I recommend the following colors with which he is associated for the following purposes:

  • Red:  protection from evil & from enemies.
  • White:  protection and guidance of children.
  • Blue:  any purpose. (Michael is the Archangel of the Blue Ray.)
Michael red candle
Saint or Novena Candle for Michael

He has a “saint” or “novena” candle that comes encased in glass. It’s about 10″ tall and I have seen it in red and white wax.  I’ve never seen a blue Saint Michael candle, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  You can google to see if you can find it in blue.  If not, then you can just substitute a blue candle, if you like.

Oils and incenses that Michael personally prefers are:

  • frankincense and myrrh
  • sandalwood
  • jasmine
  • rose

The best day of the week to call on Michael for protection is Friday.  He has often told me this.  From a magical perspective I would think he would choose Saturday, as that day is ruled by Saturn and is often used in magic for banishing and protection magic.  But he insists Friday is his best day.  If you wish to give your home a spiritual cleansing in his name, Michael also says Friday is the day of the week to do it, and preferably during a waning moon, although he says he will go to battle at any time for us.

Personally, I do hope that everyone who reads this blog post takes advantage of Michael’s offer.  Even if you feel you do not need his help with anything, just ask him to be with you.  Then when those dark times come you will know you have a very powerful champion in your corner who will immediately come to your aid and defense.

NOTE:  Michael’s Feast Day is coming up.  It’s on September 29th.

I am forever grateful to Archangel Saint Michael for all the help he has given me, my clients, and my family.  He is always there and has never failed me.  He will be there for you as well.  All you have to do is ask him.   Here is that link I told you about.

Nefer Khepri, PhD.

Book Recommendations for Learning About Wicca.

My Mini-Power candles, homemade from soy wax.
My Mini-Power candles, homemade from soy wax.

I receive emails constantly about people interested in learning about Wicca, but they’re worried they’ll end up with a bad book or one full of bogus information.  Now I’ll be the first to admit there is a lot of crap out there.  Much of it is someone just trying to make a buck.  However, there are a few good authors out there.

I used to teach a Wicca course out of my home years ago.  I used two books as my textbooks for the class & every student was required to purchase them.  In brief, they are:

Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, by Scott Cunningham; and,

To Ride a Silver Broomstick, by Silver Ravenwolf.

Both are published by Llewellyn & have been in print many years so you can probably find them used if you need to watch your budget.  Cunningham’s book is a very good broad introductory text that explains the Sabbats and basic Wiccan rites like how to cast a sacred circle, and so on.  Ravenwolf’s book is a bit more involved.  It contains the same basic information that you can find in Cunningham’s book as well as exercises you can do to hone your newly developing skills.

I often recommend both of these books to people who email asking what they should read if they want to learn how to practice Wicca.  So I figured I’d also share them on my blog for those of you out there who may also be wondering the very same thing.  Both books are an excellent read, and Ravenwolf has two sequels to her book that are more advanced:

To Stir a Magic Cauldron, and

To Light a Sacred Flame.

If you’re interested in working magic with angels she also has a book entitled, Angels: Companions in Magic, that I would also recommend.  I found it every useful for me when I was trying to figure out how to incorporate angels into my practice of Wicca.

Blessings to each of you on your path, whatever it may be.  May it lead you to happiness and personal fulfillment.

~ Nefer

How to Connect with Your Animal Totem Spirit.

I’m often asked by people what’s the difference between a totem and a spirit guide.  The only difference is that an animal totem was always an animal while a spirit guide was once a living human being.  Animal totems are also called power animals, spirit animals, spirit totems, totem spirits, and power totems.  All of those terms mean the same thing.

Each of us is affiliated with a particular animal totem, and most likely each of you has more than one.  Your animal totem chooses you, you do not choose it.  Now, you may have a natural love or affinity for that animal, but you can’t just wake up one day and decide that the Horse is going to be your animal totem.  They choose you just as your spirit guides do.  An excellent case in point is my daughter.

Ariel & her jaguar next to my Soul Drawing by Lisa Hunt.
Ariel & her jaguar next to my Soul Drawing by Lisa Hunt.

When Ariel was 5 she dreamt about a giant talking jaguar that asked her to climb in its mouth & promised not to hurt her.  Being a trusting child she did so. The jaguar ate her, but she said she traveled through the jaguar & she saw stars & rainbows inside the jaguar, & came out of its rectum covered in stars. The jaguar then said to her he was her power animal & would always keep her safe & be her guide & when she was older she could be a great healer or teacher if she wanted to be.

I was stunned by this because with my academic degrees in the study of the Classic Maya I knew that  Mayan shamans all have the jaguar as their main totem. They are chosen when they dream they’re eaten by a jaguar and come out the other end. Many have reported in the dream they come out covered in either stars or rainbows. Ariel had no idea, I never told her about this since she was so little, so her dream floored me for weeks.

Then a few months later we’re driving to a friend’s house & she screams for me to stop the car. It was right after Christmas. Sitting on top of a pile of garbage bags that had holiday wrapping paper in them was a perfect very large stuffed jaguar toy with the red ribbon still around its neck! Ariel was SCREAMING from the back seat that was hers, that her jaguar promised to come to her as a stuffed toy. I got out to check it out & it was so clean & even still smelled brand new. I took it, sprayed it down with Lysol to be safe & ever since the jaguar lays at the foot of her bed, ever watchful.

In Ariel’s case the jaguar definitely chose her.  Prior to that dream she never had any interest in jaguars or any other large cats.  Our animal totems make themselves known to us in dreams.  They can also instill in us a great interest or love of them so that we become consciously aware of their energy in our lives.  Here is my story that serves as an example of this.

Ever since I can remember I have loved sea turtles.  I’ve always found them to be so cute, so precious.  Sea turtles have very old souls.  I was blessed in 2011 to swim with a sea turtle while snorkeling in Maui, Hawaii.  That was something so very special that every time I think of it it brings tears to my eyes.  I was clinging to my husband since I cannot swim.  Suddenly, I felt a pair of eyes on me.  Fearing the worst (a shark) I slowly turned to see a very inquisitive looking sea turtle eyeballing me!  I pulled on my husband to get him to stop swimming in the opposite direction, but he didn’t pay any attention so I risked all and let him go so I could float along with the sea turtle.  We floated not 3 feet apart and I could feel the sea turtle’s eyes look deep into my soul.  I was crying inside my snorkeling mask (which made a mess!).  We floated along for what seemed an hour, but it was in reality probably about 3 – 4 minutes, then the turtle turned and swam off.  That is one of the most special, most cherished experiences of my entire life.

My nickname all through school was “turtle.”  I don’t know how it started.  Perhaps I told some friends I loved sea turtles, I really don’t know.  But I grew up with that energy being reinforced around me daily as someone would often refer to me as “turtle,” which I loved because to me that meant they thought I was cute!

Another animal I’ve always adored is the Emperor Penguin.  When my husband and I were on our honeymoon in the Chicago area (I had taken him back home to Waukegan to meet my parents!!) we went to the Shedd Aquarium where Stuart bought me a stuffed Emperor Penguin toy from the gift shop there.  I named him Horatio.  Horatio had his home on top of a 6 foot high bookcase in our bedroom where he was the tallest of all my cherished stuffed animals from childhood (including a vintage stuffed E. T., the Extraterrestrial).  Ten years later at yet another aquarium, this one in Corpus Christi, Texas, Stuart bought me a stuffed sea turtle toy that I adored from the second I saw it.  I placed it on top of the bookcase next to Horatio and named my sea turtle, Antiquity.

Horatio & Antiquity
Horatio & Antiquity

The odd thing is that every once in a while I will wake up to find Antiquity laying on her back on the floor while it very much looks like Horatio has slightly shifted his position over night.  I scold him every time and tell him to stop being mean to Antiquity, that I love them both, but secretly, Antiquity is my favorite, but I’ve never let on to poor Horatio who is obviously jealous.  LOL

A year or so ago a woman on her Facebook page was offering free animal totem readings.  So I asked her what mine were & she immediately identified the sea turtle.  After discussing the meaning of the sea turtle in her comment to me she then added that she saw a little penguin who kept peeking out at her from over my right shoulder.  She told me that Penguin was jealous of all the attention that Sea Turtle was getting and that I needed to divide my affections more evenly between them.  She had no idea of my love for either animal nor did she know about my stuffed animals and their strange antics.  I took her advice & moved Horatio to our bed, told him he was extra special and left him there a few weeks before placing him back up on the bookcase along side Antiquity.  Ever since then the sea turtle toy had never fallen back on the floor.  Bizarre, I know!

If you have a great interest or love of a specific animal for no good reason that you can fathom, then that is your special animal totem.  In order to strengthen its energy in your life you can do several things.

  • Purchase figurines or stuffed toy versions of that animal

  • Collect artwork that depicts that animal & display it in various places in your home

  • Read books about that animal to learn more about its habits

If you’d like an active connection with your animal totem you can try this simple little ritual.  You will need the following items:

  • white candle (this can be a votive, a taper, but something small that will burn out in one day)

  • a holder in the appropriate size for your candle

  • lighter

  • incense in whatever scent pleases you

  • incense holder

  • a picture, figurine, or stuffed toy of your animal totem

Arrange the items in whatever way pleases you on a table top or shelf (be sure there isn’t another shelf on top of the one you’re using or the candle will burn the underside of the upper shelf).  Light the incense & wave it around to distribute the scent around the room in which you’ll be working.  Place it back in its holder.

Take the candle and rub it out from the middle to both ends, including the wick to cleanse it of any spiritual impurities it may have picked up during the manufacturing shipping, or time spent on the store shelf. Imagine it leaving as gray clouds of smoke and ask that this energy be taken up to the Light to be transformed back into Light.  Your candle may start to tingle or feel somewhat lighter to you.  Then set it in its holder.

Hold your hands palms facing downward over the candle and say three times:

I wish to contact my special animal friend

that one animal special to me

my helper and protector

who is with me to the end,

and as my will, so mote it be.

Light the candle, look at the picture or figurine and concentrate on the animal’s image until you can close your eyes and still see the image in your mind.  Then open your eyes and repeat the prayer three more times.  Then allow the candle to burn itself out.

Keep the animal’s figurine or picture in a special place and know that in one way or another it will soon make its energy known to you.  Animal totems most commonly come to us in our dreams where they can speak just like humans, so don’t be surprised if you dream of your animal one night and it suddenly starts speaking perfectly to you.

We all have animal totems.  In my experience when picking up on them around my clients, often they appear in sets of 3, 5, and 7.  So you more than likely do not have just one.  Have fun discovering who your animal totems are and I wish you many blessings on your path with them.

Spell on How to Sell a House Fast.

Have you heard of the St. Joseph trick to selling a house? I can vouch for this method. I used it & our house sold in 27 days & we got exactly what we wanted for it, no bargaining or anything, and they bought it as-is so we had nothing left to do but sign it over & move out. This is what you do:

If you own, do this in your front yard, if you rent, use a potted plant, but it must be kept in the front yard.

Obtain a small statue of St. Joseph. You can find pretty inexpensive ones made of plastic.

Print out the prayer to St. Joseph (the prayer is at the conclusion of this post for your convenience).

Find something to dig a small hole just large enough to bury the statue completely. Digging in your front yard (or in a plant you set in the front yard), dig the hole, holding the statue in your dominant hand recite the prayer. Place the statue UPSIDE-DOWN in the hole. Orient St. Joseph’s face so once buried he will be facing the street. Recite the prayer 1 more time. Bury the statue. Recite the prayer once more & this time ask St. Joseph to quickly bring a buyer. If time is of the essence tell him by the date you need the buyer, also specify other things you desire, like “I desire that the buyer pay me my asking price & take the house as-is” (that’s what I did). Also, in stating your intention NEVER use the word “want.” Look it up. “Want” means “lack” in the dictionary and that’s how the universe would relate to it, so a statement like, “I want a new car” for a spell would never get you the car, but you’d be sure to keep LACKING a car.

Combined with candle work: Place the copy of the prayer to St. Joseph under a green candle (you’re attracting a buyer so that falls under prosperity & green is for prosperity, or you can use white which is multi-purpose). Hold the candle in your dominant hand. To cleanse it rub it from the middle out to either end several times & don’t forget the wick. To charge it, focus on your intention and rub the candle from either end to the center, don’t forget the wick, and visualize your intention running the length of the candle. Then as your candle burns it will release your intention to the universe. Recite the prayer 9 times without stopping (Catholics call this a Novena), then fold it up, place it under the candle & allow the candle to burn itself out. Dispose of the residual wax by burying it in the front yard on top of where you buried the statue.

Leave the statue in place when you move and St. Joseph will bless the house & new owners.

NOTE:  this is exactly what I did & it worked.  However, if you read other places online they suggest burning St. Joseph facing the house that is to be sold, some say to bury him within 3 feet of your For Sale sign, and they also say to dig him up after the house has been sold & keep the statue in a place of honor in your new home.   I was taught this method by a Mexican curandera (white witch) & this isn’t how she told me to do it. Her method is exactly as I shared it above & I followed it to the letter.  We have kept in touch with our former next door neighbors & I can tell you the family that moved into our old house have been very happy and are doing well, so I think leaving the statue there, for them, was a good thing.  Remember, when it comes to magic do what YOU feel COMFORTABLE doing. If you’d rather bury St. Joseph facing your house, then do so. If you prefer to dig him up & take him with you, then do so.  You never want to do anything in magic that makes you feel uncomfortable or your magical efforts stand a good chance of failing.  Always do what feels right in your heart.

Good luck!

Prayer to St. Joseph

O, Saint Joseph,
you who taught our Lord
the carpenter’s trade,
and saw to it
that he was always properly housed,
hear my earnest plea.

I want you to help me now
as you helped your foster-child Jesus,
and as you have helped many others
in the matter of housing.
I wish to sell this [house/property]
quickly, easily, and profitably
and I implore you to grant my wish
by bringing me a good buyer,
one who is
eager, compliant, and honest,
and by letting nothing impede the
rapid conclusion of the sale.

Dear Saint Joseph,
I know you would do this for me
out of the goodness of your heart
and in your own good time,
but my need is very great now
and so I must make you hurry
on my behalf.

Saint Joseph, I am going to place you
in a difficult position
with your head in darkness
and you will suffer as our Lord suffered,
until this [house/property] is sold.
Then, Saint Joseph, i swear
before the cross and God Almighty,
that i will redeem you
and you will receive my gratitude
and a place of honour in my home.