Working with Positive Affirmations

This is an excellent positive affirmation you can use every day. To be their most effective, affirmations need to be repeated aloud 5 times. It can take up to 5 repetitions for a statement to reach your subconscious. Also, it’s best to repeat an affirmation in sets of 5 three times a day. I suggest upon waking, then around the middle of the afternoon, then once more at bedtime. I find that schedule works best for me, but a different schedule may work better for you. Find something that works, then stick to it.

It also helps to write out your positive affirmations on little Post-It Notes & stick them where your eyes will find them during the day. Good spots to place them include: along the edges of your computer monitor, on the mirror, the dashboard of your car, the refrigerator, and so on. I have a very long history of bad knees and one affirmation I have used that has a tremendously positive effect on my knees is: My knees ARE healthy, whole, & pain-free. That is now the truth for about 95% of the time.

Also, it’s important to remember to always state your positive affirmations in present tense, as though they are ongoing or have already occurred. For instance, “I enjoy driving my new car” .  For example, another affirmation I only began to use in October & came true for me in December is, “I give thanks for the wonderful Mediterranean cruise I am enjoying with my family.” 

For Christmas my father-in-law announced his plans to treat my daughter to such a cruise & he was nice enough to invite my husband & I along, but we’re paying our way, except for the deposit on our cabin, which my wonderful father-in-law paid for us. HOWEVER, with this final example I’ve just shared with you I point out the danger of positive affirmations, and yes, they CAN be dangerous. 
There’s the old saying, “be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.” Note my affirmation for the cruise included that I enjoy it with my “family.” At the time I was picturing in my head only my husband & daughter. However, the Universe heard “family” and decided that also included my IN-LAWS! HA HA! Joke’s on me, but I’m sure I’ll manage to have a great time, regardless of their constant presence!

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