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Solar Storms Usher in Mercury Retrograde

I won’t mince words here. There’s a whole lot of shit going on & this is what you can do to prevent it all from affecting you terribly. A canyon has opened in the Sun that is sending out tremendous … Continue reading

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Can Anyone Say “Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period”?

!!!AYE, CARAMBA!!!   It’s been INSANE here today!!!!   I have 2 animals I have to medicate & cook special food for because on Thurs – Friday (while my husband was in the hospital with sudden heart issues & no … Continue reading

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Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2015.

The planet Mercury rules over Travel, Technology, and Communication. Three to four times a year it appears to the naked eye to be traveling through its orbit backwards. This is actually an optical illusion, however, when this does occur it … Continue reading

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Mercury Retrograde: I’m Grateful it’s NOT Contagious!

It’s funny how you can be driving around town and suddenly, right before your very eyes, Mercury Retrograde is doing its thing! This happened to me today, but thankfully it did not involve me. I was driving to my physical … Continue reading

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The Top 10 POSITIVE Things About Mercury Retrograde.

The current retrograde period runs from June 7 – July 1, 2014. The next retrograde period will be October 4 – 25, 2014. 10) If you have an altar in your home, this is prime time for cleaning & re-dedicating … Continue reading

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MERCURY RETROGRADE August 30 – September 22, 2016: How to get through it.

What it is ~ Mercury appears to move backwards in its orbit to the naked eye.  The planet does this strange loop thing that I have never understood. This occurs 3 times a year & can have devastating effects on … Continue reading

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Mercury Retrograde: The Joke’s on You!

This is what happens when you attempt to make a major car purchase during a Mercury retrograde and you have a witch for a wife.  Read on … My crazy non-believer husband has been trying for the past 2 weeks … Continue reading

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