The Stanley Hotel: NIght 2

I managed to find time to upload & include a couple of pics, one of which is a great orb!

Wednesday night at the Stanley had us scheduled for a ghost tour.  They run them 3 – 4 times a night. I had assumed they were all the same.  I assumed incorrectly.

Firstly, there are different tour guides, which is a given at a place as popular as the Stanley Hotel.  Secondly, the property consists of a number of buildings in addition to the Hotel itself.  There’s a lot of ground to cover.  So different tours at different times focus on different areas of the property.

LaToya, our tour guide in the Pet Cemetery at the Stanley Hotel.
LaToya, our tour guide in the Pet Cemetery at the Stanley Hotel.

Our tour guide’s name was LaToya & she does an AWESOME impression of Shelley Duval that had us all laughing.  She’s very knowledgeable.  As she told us about each room on the tour she would embellish by using different voices and chance the inflection of her own voice to add to the drama.  She was really nice & allowed us 10 – 15 minutes after each presentation in order to carry out our own investigations of each room.

The tour began in the basement with a DVD presentation of a short 10 minute film called “The Stanley Effect.”  The theory, also put forth by the team of SyFy’s show, “Ghosthunters,” claims there are large deposits of quartz and limestone beneath the hotel.  It’s well known that quartz and limestone can trap or “record” energy and then replay it over & over again.  Many of the hauntings at the Stanley are believed to be residual, however ghosts have been known to make eye contact and interact with guests as well.  So there are quite a few intelligent hauntings here as well.

From within the basement we proceeded to the tunnels.  There are tunnels running beneath the Hotel created to make it easier for staff to reach different areas.  We only were shown one tunnel, but within it two people in our group heard a woman’s voice say, “hello” & I caught a couple of orbs (pictures forthcoming at a later date).

We then proceeded up to the first floor that contains the Hotel’s lobby, the MacGregor Room used for banquets and events, the Billiards Room, & the Music Room.  I did not feel the energy really shift until we went into the Billiards Room. It was actually difficult to breathe because the air felt so thick.  I took several photos as did my daughter, but due to other activities I haven’t had time to upload & examine them yet.  I shall do so today and will probably have something to post tomorrow.

Other than a feeling of heaviness, I did not sense anything else in the Billiards Room.  We then moved on to the Music Room that had been made for Mrs. Stanley who had a great love of music, especially the piano, and also poetry.  Her original piano is still there in the back of the Music Room.

After LaToya gave her talk I walked up to the piano that is partially covered by a projector screen.  Ghosts are telepathic.  When people speak aloud to them on the paranormal TV shows they’re doing that out of respect for the viewers so viewers know what’s going on.  Telepathically, I introduced myself to Mrs. Stanley.  My side of the conversation went something like this:

“Hello, Mrs. Stanley.  I’m Nefer Khepri & I’m here with my daughter & husband on vacation.  Thank you for having us as your guests.  Your Hotel is absolutely lovely & we consider ourselves fortunate to be staying here a few nights.  We arrived Tuesday and we will be leaving on Saturday to go back home to Houston.  I was wondering if you would do me the great honor of posing for a picture for me?  I have my camera right here, will count to 3, then I’ll take a few pictures of your piano.  Thank you so very much for posing for me and again, thank you for having us as your guests. It’s an honor.”

P1030468Then I snapped a few pictures.  In the very first picture I caught a HUGE orb against the projector screen!  I saw it immediately & someone behind me also saw it as she exclaimed, “she caught an orb!”  Cameras began snapping by the 25 or so participants on our tour.  The room filled with the light of flashes going off.  That first picture is the only one in which I caught anything in that room, so far that I know of.  The LCD screen on my Panasonic Luminex is not very good, but I can see much more when I upload to my laptop. I hope to have a bit of time today to do that so I can post more recent pictures I’ve taken.

I thanked Mrs. Stanley profusely, of course.

Once we left the Music Room we went outside to the Concert Hall.  It’s a separate building about 500 yards from the Hotel’s main entrance.  It was neat to go inside as that building had been featured quite a bit in the Halloween live six-hour investigation the cast of “Ghosthunters” carried out a few years ago.

We were seated up in the balcony at first.  As I sat down I suddenly felt something hit or perhaps kick the back of my left heel.  My foot and lower leg went shooting out of its own accord as it had been pushed by an unseen force.  I quickly looked at the woman seated to my left.  She was sitting with her legs crossed so there was no way it was her.

On Night 1 I was tickled by a ghost.  On Night 2 I was kicked by a ghost.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Physical contact is not only increasing, but it’s becoming stronger.  I told my daughter should a ghost punch me she has my permission to her tae kwon do on it.  She’s a black belt, after all.

I caught a picture of several orbs while in the Concert Hall, taken from the balcony.  Now, I’m guessing it’s all dust, but you never know.  I haven’t had time to upload the photos to my computer for a closer look.  I like to enlarge all the orbs in the hopes one will show a face like the Children’s Orb I caught on Night 1.  For those of you who have not yet enlarged that on your computers, do so.  It’s downright one of the freakiest things I’ve ever seen in my life!

From the Concert Hall we took off to the Pet Cemetary. Yes, Stephen King fans, there IS a Pet Cemetary here, but it’s nothing like in the book. It’s quite unassuming and small.  We also saw a shooting star on the way to the pet cemetery that a few claimed must have been a UFO.  Perhaps, but to me, it looked much more like a shooting star.  The sky here is very clear and I’m sure UFO watchers must experience sitings here, but we haven’t had time to sit around staring at the sky when there’s so much to see and do much closer to the earth.

We examined the Concert Hall from top to bottom, met “Lucy,” the residing female spirit there, who was turning LaToya’s flashlight off and on.  Personally, I am not experienced by that.  Those flashlights have a screw top that investigators loosen to make it easier for ghosts to turn the flashlight on.  I really think the phenomenon can be explained by subtle vibrations causing a slight shift in the flashlight that shifts the batteries into making contact, thus turning the flashlight on.  However, this remains to be fully explained.

It was an interesting night and great fun for everyone.  While leaving the Concert Hall a door swung open right in this woman’s face of its own accord.  My husband and I were right behind her & that woman screamed like you would not believe!  We were shocked.  Stuart tried to debunk it, he could not.  The door did not seem to react to the vibrations of the group walking in front of it, nor was it loose in its frame.  The door is located on the landing between the 1st and 2nd floor of the Concert Hall.  Later on I went back up to that landing during our free investigating time and discovered if you pull hard on the door without turning the knob that it will open.  Now, perhaps the door hadn’t been secured in the first place, I cannot say. However, there is no way that door could open by itself unless it wasn’t closed properly in the first place, which is quite possible.  Then the vibrations of 25 people walking first up those stairs, then later down those same stairs may have caused the door to open.

All in all,  a fun & very entertaining night.  My aunt, uncle, cousins and their families are now in town & we’re having a little family reunion after 33 – 35 years.  I probably won’t have much time to blog after today, but when I get back home I’ll be blogging more and including all of my ghostly pictures.

The Stanley Hotel does NOT disappoint when it comes to paranormal activity!


    • Thanks, Aparna. I have more orbs in pictures & also a lady. I’ll be posting more over the next 2 weeks.

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