How To Help a Spirit Crossover.

SONY DSCUpon quickly scanning an email a stranger sent me about a spirit who is interfering with his attempts to communicate with his spirit guides I saw the following vision:

A woman in a long white dress or gown, Victorian style, running through the trees. Someone is in hot pursuit. She keeps looking over her right shoulder and is crying. It’s night, the forest is dark. The leaves are blocking out the moonlight. She stumbles and falls. She appears to have hit her head on a rock. At that point I seem to be standing over her in the vision, then everything goes dark.

The person who emailed me did so after reading my article on How to Contact Your Spirit Guides. It’s very popular and it drives a great deal of traffic to my site. He told me he regularly contacts his guides, but lately a spirit has stood in the way. The spirit keeps asking for help and he has no idea who it is or what type of help they may need. That’s the gist of his email. He never mentions the spirit’s gender or anything else about it prior to my reply.

I reply with an explanation of what I am seeing and also some tips on how he can help this spirit into the light so she can crossover. Then he replies that the voice he hears asking him for help is that of a woman. The gender of the spirit is now confirmed.

I then ask him where he lives because I sense the area has a lot of history and that if he did some research he may find mention of this poor woman’s death.

Queen of Wands, from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot, copyright Lisa Hunt & US Games, Inc., 2011.
Queen of Wands, from the Ghosts & Spirits Tarot, copyright Lisa Hunt & US Games, Inc., 2011.

He replies that he lives in a small village and he has heard a story about a woman who was a healer. She was found at the bottom of a well and had been dressed in a long white gown. No further information is available. He suspects the woman in my vision was her.

Just another day in my life with visions that come unbidden, but I sure hope it helps this poor woman’s spirit to find lasting peace. The man who emailed me is going to try two methods I sent him to help a spirit crossover. I include them here in case any of you need the information:

Method 1: Visualization.

Mentally guide the spirit into the light. Find a quiet place to sit and reflect. Ask for protection as you would prior to a session with your spirit guides, then ask your own spirit guides AND angels to come forward & tell them you are gathered to help this spirit crossover.

Next, envision the White Light. What I do when I have done this for spirits is I envision a doorway filled with blinding white light. I tell the spirit this is the Light of Heaven, it is where they are meant to go so they can be reunited with their own spirit guides & angels to go over lessons learned & lessons yet to be deciphered, and from there they can go on to reunite with loved ones and then move on to their next phase, whatever that may be. I stress to them it is safe, they will not be harmed & that this is where they are truly meant to go and they will be accepted with unconditional love & receive the healing & guidance they require.


Method 2: Invoke Archangel Michael for help.

Ask Archangel Michael to guide the spirit to the other side. Michael is the Conveyor of Souls. He gathers lost spirits to him & guides them on over. All that is required is a white candle, calling on your own protection, then lighting it for the spirit and asking Michael to help it crossover. You do this by invoking him & you can use the Catholic prayer below or pray to him in your own words. I suggest using your own words, especially since the spirit may be afraid to crossover not knowing what awaits them. The prayer here is for protection and it’s kind of heavy-handed for the situation, but I’m including it anyway.

 Archangel Saint Michael,
Defend us in our battles.
Be our protection against the wickedness & snares of the devil,
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray.
And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host,
By the power of God,
Thrust into hell
Satan & all evil spirits who roam the world
For the ruin of souls. AMEN.

Until next time, wishing you many blessings,

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  1. My mother went to a medium yesterday and she told her my father had not crossed over. His spirit is earth bound. He had a difficult life and it breaks my heart that is still suffering in death. The medium couldn’t even connect with him. I have been talking to him to try help guide him. I would appreciate any guidance.


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