Behold, the Power of Chocolate!

A little over a week ago when I went to get groceries  I bought  HEB Creamery Intense Chocolate, which is now our favorite flavor & the only one we buy.  It is chocolate ice-cream with a band of chocolate sauce & small chunks of dark chocolate. It is to DIE FOR!  BEST EVER!!  Anyway, I stuck it out in the big freezer in the garage since we were only halfway through the one in the kitchen freezer.  The day after Stuart had finished it off I was going to tell our daughter I had another one in the big freezer, but I heard this male voice.  All it said was, “Tell no one about the ice-cream in the garage!”

Yeah, weird.  I thought so, too.  I asked the voice, “why not?”  No reply.  So I figured maybe I had better listen because the voice was very powerful & sounded quite authoritative, so I told no one & the ice-cream just sat out there.  Then I totally forgot about it.

Three nights ago I had a fantastic dream.  I was standing at an all-you-can-eat ice-cream buffet.  They had tubs & tubs of every flavor imaginable.  The tubs seemed to go on forever and I couldn’t even see where they ended.  I had a large bowl in one hand and a large spoon in the other.  Every tub had its own ice-cream scoop.  I was about to start scooping some Rocky Road into my bowl when I figured to heck with that.  I took my spoon & I was scooping Rocky Road from the tub directly into my mouth as fast as I could, then an angel appeared next to me & I figured I must have died & this is my own version of heaven.  My hip had been hurting badly the day before this dream & the angel asks me if it still hurt.  I said no & he said with a wave of his hand toward the Rocky Road, “behold the power of chocolate.”

Right after he spoke my husband’s alarm went off, which woke me up.  I was upset because I was about to snarf down all this great ice-cream, calorie-free, but NO!  The evil alarm woke me up & ruined what would have been a fabulous ice-cream free-for-all.  I was really angry at the alarm.  Later that day I shared the dream with members of my Magickal Musings group on Facebook, my family, and also a few friends.  We all had a really good laugh over it.

However, the morning I woke up from that dream I had a really bad sore throat.  It continued on through the rest of the day & at dinner when it was very painful to eat my husband quipped from across the table, “that’s what you get from eating ice-cream too fast, you know!”  Referring to my dream.   I was not amused, but our daughter laughed her head off and added, “yeah, and you didn’t take your Lact-Aid, either!”  Yes, I am lactose intolerant.  However, that’s the great thing about dreams.  We often find ourselves doing things that in waking life are either impossible or would cause us discomfort.  I had truly enjoyed eating that dream Rocky Road and when I woke up I could still feel the texture of the rich chocolate ice-cream, marsh-mellows and almonds in my mouth.

The sore throat was worse on Day 2.  I began to think I may end up being Typhoid Mary for the flu for our town if I wasn’t careful.  However, I wasn’t coughing  and hadn’t developed any congestion.  By Day 3 it was clear I had a ping pong or golf ball stuck in the left side of my throat. It was now almost impossible to swallow any solid food so right after my failed attempt at eating some breakfast I called my doctor.

The Best GP ever! Dr. Rodrigo De La Cotera of Houston, TX.

Diagnosis:  Strep throat, an advanced case.  The only plus was that my GP told me ice-cream & popsicles really help with the internal swelling & he wanted me eating ice-cream & sucking on popsicles despite the fact that I have high triglyceride levels & ice-cream is very bad for that.  (I love him! LOL)  So when I returned home from seeing my GP I suddenly remembered that tub of ice-cream in the freezer out in the garage, got it out and the same voice out of nowhere said, “I told you so!” I nearly dropped the ice-cream on the garage floor!  I said to the voice (that sounded like Archangel Michael, but it was definitely not him, but someone else also very powerful), “So you knew all along I was going to get strep throat & I would need this ice-cream & feel too sick to go out & buy any?  Why didn’t you tell me I was about to get sick?”  The voice replied, “I did!  I sent you that dream of the ice-cream buffet!”

Here is a little lesson for us all.  So you see, a silly dream that you find funny may have been sent to you by one of your angels, a spirit guide, even a higher angel (which this one is because my guardian angel’s name is Thomas & he’s kind of goofy so it clearly wasn’t him).  Sometimes a dream is just a dream & I had a lot of laughs over the all-you-can-eat ice-cream buffet dream,  and now look at what has occurred.  Some dreams are no laughing matter & this is an experience I will remember for a long time to come.

Behold the power of chocolate, indeed!

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