Dream: Getting Into Heaven By the Back Door

Dream heaven iphone LINE FORMS HEREI once had a dream I had died & was standing in this LONG line waiting to get into heaven. Jesus was up at front of the line with a huge ledger book. He was also wearing glasses. St. Peter was with him. They would ask your name, then confer amongst themselves while reading about you in that ledger.
When I got up to the front & Jesus asked my name, firstly I said, “What? You already know my name!” He replied, “don’t get cheeky with me. It’s a formality. State your name.” So I did. Then he looked me up in his ledger & as he read he went, “hmm. Hmmm” as did St. Peter.
After what seemed to be an eternity, Jesus looked me up & down & said, “It says here in 2010 you purchased an iPhone. Is that true?”
I said, “well, yes it is, Lord, why? Is that a problem?”
He said “it sure is! That’s the Mark of the Beast so DOWN you go!”
I found myself falling and falling while it was getting hotter and hotter.
When I arrived in hell the devil greeted me and said, “I have only 1 question.”
I replied, “OK, Mr. Devil, what is it?”
He asked, “Are you a Cubs fan?”
I replied, “Well, yes I am! I love the Chicago Cubs! I’m very proud to say I’m a third generation fan! I’ve seen some great games at Wrigley and even got to meet Ernie Banks, my personal hero!”
Legend & Hall of Famer Ernie Banks & me.
Legend & Hall of Famer Ernie Banks & me.
The devil released a long drawn out sigh and replied, “No one of such great faith is allowed into hell. You must go straight up to heaven!”
And that’s how I got into heaven by the back door.
True dream! I had it about 2 years ago & it still makes me laugh to think about it, but gee whiz, if the iPhone really is the Mark of the Beast then many of us are screwed, especially me since I’m on my third one!

Wishing You Many Blessings!

Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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