The Egyptian Lenormand Goes to Press!

I am currently hard at work on my forthcoming deck, The Turtle Lenormand (now open for pre-order & limited to a print run of only 50 copies), however, I have

Egyptian Lenormand box cover.
Egyptian Lenormand box cover.

discovered today that my soon-to-be-published deck, The Egyptian Lenormand, is already receiving recognition although physical hard copies are not yet available.

My deck has been available for pre-order on Amazon for approximately 2 months and has always been well ranked in the New Releases categories of Divination and Fortune Telling, and lately, also in the category of Tarot.

I am honored that there is so much interest in The Egyptian Lenormand before it is actually released. From the very beginning that deck was a tremendous honor for me. Here is the reason why.

I did not create it.

Sure, I drew the pictures and colored them with Faber-Castell watercolor pencils & Caran D’Ache watercolor crayons. Yes, I was the one who put a great deal of work into the deck & many nights made my family scrounge food for themselves because I was “in the zone” creating without time to cook dinner, but the images were given to me by the Egyptian deities with Whom I have been working since 1998.

The first image to arrive into my consciousness was The Key card. Now, at the time, I thought it was just a nice image, a one-off and that would be that. A few days later I heard the collective voice of the gods say, “Now, We would like to see Father Thoth. Perhaps standing in front of a moon.” I thought to myself ,”oh! That would be such a nice image.” So I created it. As 2 more images quickly followed I realized what this was becoming ~ The Egyptian Lenormand.

My Mother. Circa 1940.
My Mother. Circa 1940.

I dedicated The Egyptian Lenormand to the memory of my mother, who was an outstanding woman who overcame a major life-threatening physical disability, racial discrimination, and gender discrimination. She outdid the doctors’ estimate of living to only 30 by living to be 82. She did not follow their advice when they told her to abort me & gave birth to me via c-section with four doctors in attendance. She went to school when no one wanted to help get her there & she had to walk nearly a mile while wearing a metal brace on one leg her entire life due to spina bifida. She was the best mother to me and a fine example I struggle to live up to everyday. She NEVER complained & it wasn’t until she was on her deathbed that I found out the spina bifida had caused her pain every single day of her life. She never told anyone, not even my father.

Me hanging out in my Grandpa's bar at the age of 3 with my grandpa.
Me hanging out in my Grandpa’s bar at the age of 3 with my grandpa.

All my life, since the ripe age of 2, I have loved to color & draw. In Kindergarten I was hauled off to the principal’s office for coloring goldfish purple. The teacher was walking the rows of desks looking at our work & when she came to me, she stopped & asked “why are your goldfish purple?” I was 5 at the time. I looked up at her & said, “Because they’re PURPLE goldfish!” Didn’t she understand that?? She took that as insubordination instead of the opportunity to foster a child’s creativity. The principal merely told me to color what I wanted & sent me back to class, but following school policy he had to call my mom. My mom had a friend drive her to the school (we had only 1 car & Dad drove it to work) & raised holy hell about what happened. I’ll never forget. I could hear her screaming from inside my classroom since the principal’s office was only about 5 doors down. My teacher looked white as a sheet, then SHE got called into the principal’s office & we didn’t see her for 3 whole days! That was the first time I can recall someone standing up for me & my creativity. It made a lasting impression.

By the time I was in high school I had already had a one-woman art show at a local mall – twice, & my art had won a few local awards. It was my high school academic counselor who told me, “there is no money in art unless you’re dead, so choose something else.” That single negative statement also made a lasting impression upon me that I regret to this day.

So, what did I do? I focused in college on Archaeology instead, yet another career in which there isn’t any money! I guess I showed them, didn’t I? I never made much as a lecturer prior to receiving my doctorate and then realized I’d never make any decent money unless I published a book that sold well and made a name for myself in academia as did my mentor, Linda Schele, who did VERY well for herself until she unfortunately passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1998 – a tremendous blow to the field of Mayan epigraphy and iconography.

Once I couldn’t find a post-doctoral position I got lost one day in the town to which my husband and I had just moved. I wandered around driving to see if I could find a familiar intersection when I found a new age shop. I decided to check out what they had & ask for directions.

I walked in to find the owner on the FLOOR in TEARS while this young guy was standing over her screaming!! As I took a step into the shop my first reaction was to yell, “Hey! What are you doing?” He stopped, told her he quit & ran out. I immediately got on the floor to hug and comfort the poor woman. She was so upset and told me that now she had no one to watch the shop when she had to attend to other business at times and she pointed out how everyone knows how difficult it is to find good help these days.

I then told her, “well, I need a job. I have a doctorate & can’t find anything in my field. The way things are I’m willing to work retail if that’s what it takes.” So we talked, we hit it off and in about 2 hours I had had a nice lunch AND a new job. I started work the next day and that is what soon gave birth to my site and business,

That was in 1995, but it wasn’t until late 1997 that I began my business out of my home reading for local clients and not until 1998 that I founded my website, which has been at the same URL ever since. But in all that time, from the start of graduate school in 1985 and opening my business in 1998 I had not created a single piece of art. I had left it behind – my big life-long dream was no more, or was it?

I made friends with a local artist named Vasu and she encouraged me to return to my art. She kept after me and kept after me and finally, just to get her to leave me alone I created something, showed it to her and she loved it and said, “now you have to keep creating and never stop.”

That is the BEST advice ANYONE has EVER given me. I followed it, more or less, but I wasn’t serious. I was trying to keep my business afloat while taking care of a new baby I had in 1998, my husband and our new house. It wasn’t easy and my days were filled with responsibilities and little time for myself with a delightful little girl to raise. However, in my spare time I focused on my art and bit by bit the muscle memory that is so crucial to making decent drawings returned to my left hand and I could see a steady improvement in everything I drew.

Then in October, 2012 the images and the voices began for what was to become The Egyptian Lenormand. It wasn’t until I had the first four images completed that I realized it was to be a Lenormand deck. I figured at some point the well would run dry and the divine inspiration that had been coming through would cease.

The card back to the "Egyptian Lenormand." (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.
The card back to the “Egyptian Lenormand.” (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.

But that’s not what happened. Instead, the gods saw me through the entire deck, even the design of the card back was dictated and described to me by Them.

Thus, my dream has become a reality. I never completely released my dream of being an artist and I’m very happy to say that now my visionary art (Soul Portraits and also Manifestation Mandalas) is selling to clients around the world. My deck is about to be published, I’m nearly finished with my next deck, and am also working on a pictoral oracle deck based upon my vacation photos I took on 3 different trips to Maui, Hawaii. Where will it all lead? Only time will tell, but in the meantime I am truly enjoying the process of creating.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported me along the way by liking the Page for The Egyptian Lenormand, joining the group, liking and commenting on my posts about the creation process, & I’m also very thankful to the 90+ people who purchased a copy of the self-published edition. I still have FOUR copies remaining if anyone is interested. I also appreciate the continued interest, and along with all who are interested, I’m also really looking forward to the day I can finally hold the Schiffer edition of The Egyptian Lenormand in my hands.

That day is coming soon. Stay tuned to my blog for further details as to the exact release date and the availability of signed Author’s Copies.

Dreams DO come true. Believe and reach for the stars!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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