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How to Release & Heal From the Past Using Simple Candle Magic

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The moon is currently waning, plus Mercury is retrograde. This is the PERFECT time to work on releasing that which no longer serves you. Most of us need to release the past. Most of us also need to heal from the past. We all have suffered past traumas and we carry forward emotional wounds. Now is a great time to release your past & those things that are preventing you from enjoying a brighter future. How to do this?

You’ll need a black pen, white paper, a heat-proof bowl, a lighter, & a white candle in a safe holder. Oil for candle anointing & incense are optional.


  • Write down the situation/person that you need to release or from which you need to heal. Keep it a small piece of paper. If you have more than 1 situation/person in mind each will need their own tiny slip of paper, no more than 1″ wide & 2″ long.
  • Put the slips of paper into a bowl.
  • Focus on the candle. Rub it from the middle out to both ends, including the wick. Imagine any negativity clinging to the candle escaping from either end as gray smoke.
  • Next, rub your intention to the candle. This is for RELEASING so you’ll be placing your intentions into the candle as if it’s a banishing. You will rub the candle from the middle out to both ends, just as you did when you cleansed the candle, but instead of focusing on cleansing you will focus on & repeat the following mantra:
  • Place the candle in a safe holder & light it.
  • Pull all slips of paper out of the bowl. As you read each one, set it on fire in the candle’s flame, put it in the bowl & watch that sucker BURN! As each slip of paper burns know you are being freed from whatever you wrote on that slip of paper.
  • Repeat this for every slip of paper and take your time. This should NOT be rushed.
  • When you are done, give thanks to the Powers That Be. Allow your candle to burn out, then dispose of any of its remains away from your home.
It is done.

Wishing You Many Blessings,


~ Dr. Nefer Khepri, PhD

Exclusive Channel of the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (CIER) of Archangel Michael

Reiki Master Teacher

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