how to cleanse your home

How To Cleanse Your House

I am happy to share with you my quick and easy method for performing a spiritual house cleansing in 7 easy steps. I am asked often, “how do I cleanse my house?” People think a house cleansing is complicated and highly involved. It isn’t, not unless your house is being plagued by an entity; and if that is the case, I highly recommend you hire a professional to come cleanse your home of undesired energies.

You will need:
  • 1 sage bundle (any type of sage)
  • a lighter
Whether you live in a 1-story home, 2-stories or more, apartment high-rise, or a cabin in the woods, ALWAYS begin and end at your front door or the door you use the most often.
how to cleanse your homeFirst, if you have never used a sage bundle they can be tricky. You need to light them, get a good flame going, then wave it around until the flame goes out, but the sage bundle continues to smoke. As you walk around your home performing the house cleansing keep a lighter on you. You may need to relight it if it should stop smoking, especially if the negativity is heavy.
 1. Open a window in each room if possible before you begin to give the energy an easy escape route. Most negative energy will leave immediately once a house cleansing has begun. 
2. Start at your front door or the door you use MOST OFTEN. Could be garage, back door, whatever.
3. Be sure you are constantly walking COUNTERclockwise (so always to your RIGHT) through your house from the door and around each room. Always walk toward your right.
4. Open at least 1 drawer in each set of drawers or cabinets & be sure to wave the sage in there as well. Wave it briefly inside your kitchen appliances & washer/dryer too.
5. Be sure to allow smoke to rise up into the upper corners of each room AND CLOSET. Those upper corners of rooms and closets are the spots in which negativity most likes to hide.
6. As you complete your counterclockwise circuit around the house, end at the same door where you began. Open the front door & in your own words tell the negative energy to GET OUT, IT IS NOT WELCOME.
7. Then, be SURE to invite in the positive energy in the form of angels, deities, whatever you prefer, but be SURE to invite IN positive energy or else the negative energy will simply return and could be worse than before you did the cleansing.

As you can see, it is simple to cleanse your home, but if you feel you may need professional help, I do offer a Spell for long-distance house cleansings. The Spell involves a set of 4 votive candles & you receive photos and a typed report detailing how your candles performed & what that means, plus I provide you with my psychic interpretation of the candle remains. You can find my Spells at my site, and for the House Cleansing spell, here is the direct payment link should you desire to order.

Wishing You Many Blessings,

~ Dr. Nefer Khepri, PhD

Exclusive Channel of the Clear Iridescent Energy Ray (CIER) of Archangel Michael

Reiki Master Teacher

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