Holiday Sale!


I wish you all a very joyous holiday season. As my way of celebrating, I offer you a 15% discount off of ALL Services at my site,

 My holiday sale runs from today through Jan. 30, 2017! This also applies to my visionary art for those of you who have been saving up. I won’t run this discount again until next Yule/Christmas time 🌲

Email me at FIRST with what you’d like to order. I will send you a PayPal invoice that will reflect the 15% discount. The payment links at my site are NOT at the discount price because this offer is open ONLY to my followers.

🌲 All orders will be filled according to the following criteria:

~ ☃ Enchantments: spells are timed according to the proper lunar phase & best day of the week based upon your magical intentions

~  Tarot & Lenormand card readings are scheduled on a first-come/first-scheduled basis. Please keep in mind I always book up 2 weeks in advance for readings so if you do order one, there will be at least a 2-week wait no matter what time of year you order

~  Visionary Artwork: takes time, it’s all channeled so it comes through when it comes through. Usually, a piece takes me 6 – 8 weeks, but once in a while they can take longer so please be prepared for that possibility when ordering a Soul Portrait, Manifestation Mandala, & Spirit Guide Portrait.

NOTE: I do not have a page at my site for Spirit Guide Portraits. If you would like one, they are 9 x 12″ with the image itself measuring 7 X 10″. The price is $125USD + shipping, so your final cost will be $106.25 + shipping. These also tend to take me 6 – 8 weeks to complete.

Offer expires midnight CDT on Jan. 30, 2017.

Exemptions: tuition for my courses, The Egyptian Lenormand, The Turtle Lenormand, & Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm.

I do have signed & activated copies of my Egyptian Lenormand available at the link above ready to ship & it will arrive in time for Christmas within the continental USA if ordered by Thursday, noon CDT, December 15th. Overseas shipping takes 10-21 days.

The Turtle Lenormand is in its second printing & currently has severely limited availability. Please email me at if you’d like to order. It is $30, plus shipping. I ship worldwide.

Guidance & Inspiration From the Angelic Realm (GIFAR) is open for pre-order. Please visit my deck’s blog for the creation story of my first oracle deck as well as some sample readings. There is also an ordering page at the blog.

Mercury Retrograde: The Joke’s on You!

This is what happens when you attempt to make a major car purchase during a Mercury retrograde and you have a witch for a wife.  Read on …

My crazy non-believer husband has been trying for the past 2 weeks to buy a new Mazda 6 during the Mercury Rx when you are NOT supposed to be making large purchases of a mechanical nature because then the thing could turn out to be a lemon. His argument against it was that the car wasn’t made during an Rx so why not buy it during an Rx. So, I lit a protection candle for him & the car.

Then problems began.

He had the car chosen, it was going to be washed & the paperwork done so he could go back to the dealership in a couple of hours. This was early week before last. So I lit another protection candle thinking oh, oh, the deal is going through today! Guess what? THEY SOLD THE CAR OUT FROM UNDER HIM!!!!! So no car!!!!!! Then they had to get him another.

Turns out the car that was in transit to the dealership here got misdirected to another dealership in San Antonio, so once again, NO CAR! Finally, the car he wants in the color he wants turns up here. He goes to see it, this was on Thursday. They start the process, he comes home to go back the next day to finalize everything. Turns out someone came along & LEASED THAT CAR! So again, the car was gone!

Today he’s home due to it being Veteran’s Day & he has the day off. He calls the dealership & they tell him the car is on its way, they have the paperwork all done, so all he has to do is come in & sign once the car arrives & had been checked by their mechanic. So looks like he gets the car TODAY. Meanwhile, Mercury went direct YESTERDAY. Turns out that was a VERY POWERFUL protection candle I lit for him! 

I laughed really hard when he got off the phone & told me what the car dealer had told him.  My husband also laughed and then said, “Wow, you do powerful candle work!  But all it did was continually screw things up for me!”  I told him, NO, it protected you from screwing up & making that huge purchase during a retrograde!

Now, let’s see if he actually does get the car today.  If he does, I’ll post some pictures.

The universe really cracks me up sometimes.