Deck Review: Healing Light & Angel Cards: Working with Your Chakras.

Healing Light and Angel Cards: Working with Your Chakras
Healing Light & Angel Cards. (C) Saleire & Schiffer Books, 2015.

Healing Light and Angel Cards: Working with Your Chakras, by Saleire. Schiffer Books, 2015.

This is a neat little oracle deck. It comes housed in a hinge lidded box with a magnetic closure, which is standard box design for Schiffer Books. The box measures 5 1/8” x 3 1/8 ‘ x 1 ½” so it’s a nice size to bring along when traveling. The total number of cards is 42. The guidebooklet is the same size as the cards and has 96 pages.

The manner in which this deck is used is uncommon among oracle decks. Most oracle decks are not organized according to suit while the Tarot is divided into the Major and Minor Arcanas, with the Minor Arcana consisting of four suits. Oracle cards are usually numbered and titled, but not clearly organized.

The Healing Light and Angel Cards are organized into six “suits.” I use the term suit lightly because not all suits have the same number of cards, yet each suit has a clearly and easily identifiable theme. The suits are as follows: Chakra Cards

  • Chakra Cards
  • Action Cards
  • Color Cards
  • Animal Cards
  • Crystal Cards
  • Angel Cards

The manner in which Saleire intends for us to use the deck is to shuffle each suit of cards separately from one another. So you end up with six piles of cards in front of you. For the reading you then choose one card from each pile, therefore one card from each suit.

The concept revolves around working with your chakras.The Healing Light & Angel Cards are helpful in identifying blocks and imbalances within your chakras that, once identified, can be focused upon for further healing so blocks can be removed and balance can be regained. Every reading should begin with you asking something along the lines of, “which chakra needs to be worked on and brought into balance at this time?”

Another way I have used The Healing Light & Angel Cards is to ask why I have a certain health issue. I had a chronic 39-year knee problem that was miraculously healed by the Virgin Mary during a trip to Rome in 2012 (see the post here), but I wanted to know WHY the heck did my knees bother me for nearly 40 years. When asking the question the chakra card I drew at random was the Root chakra. The Root chakra is your foundation, stability, and security in life. This is what grounds us and helps to maintain the health of all the other chakras. I thought back and realized at the time I first injured my left knee my cousin, aunt and uncle had just moved away to Florida after us kids having grown up together. It was a huge adjustment and thinking back, as a child my security and foundation was threatened. About a year later my grandfather, an aunt and two cousins also moved away, so once again I felt my familial foundation being undermined. The Healing Light and Angel Cards helped me to realize the reason behind my knee condition.

This deck can help you to get at the root of physical, emotional and even spiritual afflictions and then you are better informed in how to deal with and heal these conditions. The other suits offer suggestions as to which colors, stones, angels, animals, and actions can be taken in order to facilitate the healing process.

The artwork is computer-generated and has a soft, calming feel to it. Colors are bright for the most part, and the Color Cards suit consists of fractural images that are quite beautiful. The images can also be used as focal points for meditation as well.

Wishing you many blessings,

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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