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Bayou Witch Incense logo, created by Lisa Hunt.
Bayou Witch Incense logo, created by Lisa Hunt.

I am often asked if I use incense, oils and herbs when I perform spells for others. The answer is yes, however, I am VERY particular as to where I obtain my materials. I have been in business since 1997 and during that time I have worked with a number of businesses that provide the materials I use for my spell work, but none can compare to Bayou Witch Incense.

Located in Louisiana, Bayou Witch Incense has been providing oils, incense, herbs, candles, and other products to American retailers for the past 25 years. Next month they will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of their online store, located at

The proprietor is Celeste Heldstab, who is a pagan practitioner. She works with high grade essential oils to create wonderful oil and perfume blends. I have used essential oils for years and for magical work NONE can compare to the oils crafted by Celeste of Bayou Witch Incense. I believe the quality is not only in the oils themselves, but also the great care Celeste takes every time she creates an oil blend. I am very sensitive and I can feel her energy in everything she creates.

I purchased a perfume about a year ago called Blue Nile. It smells so lovely and whenever I wear it suddenly people talk to me for no reason. I can be in the produce section and someone will turn to me with a smile and say, “check out these peaches! I bought some last week and they were delicious. You should try them.” Or I could be looking at the meat and someone will point and say, “did you know that these packages have been mislabeled Choice when they’re really Prime? I used to work in a restaurant as a cook and I know Prime when I see it. Look at that marbling at Choice prices!” In both cases I did purchase the peaches and the mislabeled Prime and was very happy. I had people just smiling at me all over the grocery store. So now whenever I go out to buy groceries I am sure to be wearing Celeste’s Blue Nile. It also brings a smile to my face to see all the men suddenly take notice, some of whom are quite cute!

The incense is created all by Celeste by hand and she uses her essential oils and blends when adding scent to the incense. The incense comes packaged in brown plastic to help protect the oils within the incense from exposure to light. Labels are hand-written, which adds even more charm and Celeste’s own energy to her products. The incense smells divine and a typical stick of incense from Bayou Witch Incense will burn for approximately one hour. I do not have that length of burn time with any other brand of incense.

Over the years I have become increasingly particular about the materials I use for spell work and must say that of all the providers I have tried over the decades, no one compares to the quality and the degree of customer service provided by Bayou Witch Incense. I have recommended Celeste’s products to my clients and friends numerous times over the years, and I shall continue to do so as long as Celeste remains in business.

If you desire magical materials that are crafted with care, love, and with attention to other magical details, look no further than Bayou Witch Incense. I truly cannot recommend their products highly enough.

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~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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