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What Goes Around, Comes Around

We live in a reciprocal universe. What we send out into the universe comes back to us in one form or another. If you do a person a good turn, then in time someone does you a good turn or … Continue reading

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Review: Carry Me Crystals oracle deck

How often have you carried crystals and stones in a pocket or your purse in order to keep their positive energies with you? I am sure the majority of those who read this blog have done this at least a … Continue reading

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How to Connect With Your Spirit Guide

Did you know you have several spirit guides? Everyone does. Some have just a few while some, like my daughter, have 31 (!!). Why she needs so many is anyone’s guess, but she is a teenager so that may be … Continue reading

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Deck Review: Healing Light & Angel Cards: Working with Your Chakras.

Healing Light and Angel Cards: Working with Your Chakras, by Saleire. Schiffer Books, 2015. This is a neat little oracle deck. It comes housed in a hinge lidded box with a magnetic closure, which is standard box design for Schiffer … Continue reading

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Deck Review: Inspiring Butterflies: A 27-Day Course of Self Discovery

Inspiring Butterflies: A 27-Day Course of Self Discovery    Marge Richards & Ginny Zaboronek Artist: Charlotte Garrett Schiffer Books Publishing http://www.schifferbooks.com ISBN # 978-0-7643-3969-1 USD $39.99 The importance of color regarding balance and harmony of the human psyche and physical well-being … Continue reading

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