The Psychic Workbook: review

The Psychic Workbook, by Karen Fox, PhD., Schiffer Books 2015. 223 pages. 8 1/2 x 11″, PB. $24.99.

Psychic Workbook

“Being psychic is a learned skill.” (page 4, emphasis mine)

I rarely pick up a book & then can’t put it down. The Psychic Workbook is on of those rare books that is not only well-written, but it is highly informative and helpful. Anyone who wishes to work on developing their intuition and psychic abilities more fully will find this book to be one of the most useful titles ever written on the subject.

The book begins by identifying the “clairs” (clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, and even clairalience and Psychic workbook pageclairgustance), which are classifications of various types of psychic ability. The author then focuses on short exercises that help you to identify the clairs that are the strongest for you. Once you have done that, the rest of the book is filled with numerous exercises for you to do in order to develop your strongest clairs more fully AND to also focus on developing the other clairs.

Exercises range in length from short to those that require perhaps up to 20 minutes to complete, and everywhere in between. What I particularly appreciate about The Psychic Workbook is that the author provides ample space within the pages not only to record all of your answers to the questions contained within the exercises, but there are always psychic workbook page 2several pages of lined blank paper at the end of every chapter where you can record your own observations. This is really nice because then you’re not required to purchase a journal, unless you are addicted to journals like I am.

The Psychic Workbook is well-written and easy to understand and does not leave the reader feeling like an authority from on high is talking down to them (a personal pet peeve I have with many books of this nature). Instead, the tone of the book focuses on an attitude of “try this, you might like it; and if not, simply move on to something else.” Don’t feel you MUST complete EVERY exercise in the order in which it is presented. I skipped around in the book and did those exercises that interested me the most and this approach worked out just fine for me. If you want to carry out each exercise in order, of course there isn’t anything wrong with that approach either. Many people, when they are faced with a book that contains exercises have terrible flashbacks to school and having to complete all exercises within a chapter in order to be tested on the material at the conclusion of the chapter. This book is nice and friendly. I doubt very much that you will experience any unpleasant school-related flashbacks. In fact, had my schoolbooks been more like this one I may have enjoyed school even more so than what I actually did. I loved school simply because I love the process of learning new things.

Chapter headings are as follows:

  1.  So You Have a Hunch: What IS Psychic Ability & Do You Have It?
  2. Getting Started: Know Your Psychic Sense
  3. Meet the “Clairs”: Components of your Psychic Sense
  4. It’s Easier Than You Think: 7 Approaches to Psychic Development
  5. Getting Unstuck: Create the “Package” For Your Psychic Abilities
  6. It’s There When You Need It: Using Your Psychic Ability in Everyday Life
  7. Your Next Step: The Final Frontier is Not Space (Sorry, Star Trek)

The final chapter title made me laugh.

The author, Dr. Karen Fox, is a professional psychic medium, medical intuitive and psychic educator with over 30 years teaching experience. She currently teaches at the Aspen Program for Psychic Development in Denver, Colorado. She is educated in the formation and organization of curriculum and this is very apparent throughout The Psychic Workbook. The book reads like a course book from start to finish. Exercises are well organized, to the point, and all are very helpful.

The Psychic Workbook will appeal to anyone who has ever had an intuitive hunch and who is interested in developing their intuition further. The Psychic Workbook would also be of interest to those of us already psychic in one or two areas, but may want to train ourselves to develop skills in other areas of psychic development. The Psychic Workbook will appeal to newbies as well as seasoned psychic professionals and I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

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