Photographic Anomalies in Anniversary Pictures

Minding my own business is usually when weird things occur. This is just one of those things that happen to me that I file under “weird things in Nefer’s life.” That file is pretty close to bursting by now.

Case in point, my 21st anniversary back on May 22nd. There we were minding our own business & taking some pictures when – little did we know – some weird stuff was going on.

Photo 1. Unaltered. My husband & I on our 21st anniversary, 2015.
Photo 1. Unaltered. My husband & I on our 21st anniversary, 2015.

The photo in front of our mantle at home was taken by our 16 year old daughter using my iPhone6. My phone’s camera gets a heavy workout because I’m always taking pictures of the cat, the dog, artwork, readings, and so on. It has never had any issues and all the pictures always looked completely normal.

Sometimes a picture will be a bit askew so I will pop them into Windows Picture Gallery to correct the slant. Then I will put them into Photoshop if I’m going to meme them, crop or whatever. So, here is the pic untouched as my daughter took it, straight from my phone.

Nice pic, right? Ahem.

Now, look at the SAME picture after I have uploaded it to my computer and straightened it using Windows Picture Gallery.

Photo 2: Straightened & Auto-Adjusted copy of Photo 1.
Photo 2: Straightened & Auto-Adjusted copy of Photo 1.

The picture is now straighter, but what I’d like to know is what is that weird wavy-looking “energy” or “squiggles” around us? Also, note how some of it is rising up from the statues on the mantle behind us. The statues now also have white shadows. Also note I have more of the energy around my body than my husband does.

A brief word about our mantle and the wall décor hanging above it. All of those items were gifts over the years to me from my parents. Both of my parents are now deceased.

I am now left to wonder 4 things:

Does the camera in my phone have a problem? I have uploaded & corrected other pictures and have not seen this effect in any of them so I think this can be ruled out.

Did the phone camera actually pick up on some weird anomaly? Perhaps.  What do you photo experts and photographers think? I’m very interested in your opinion.

If it is paranormal, that raises two additional questions. Where did the energy come from? Is it from the statues of the Egyptian deities behind us on the mantle as They extend a special blessing to us on our anniversary? Or, does the energy come from my parents also being perhaps present in the photo and the camera somehow picked up on their energy – which would also explain why most of the energy is around me and not my husband. Conversely, if it is a blessing from the gods, as I am Their priestess, that would also explain why there is more visible energy around me than my husband.

I also took the photos below at Longhorn Steakhouse where we went for our anniversary dinner. I apologize to all the foodies that I failed to photograph our main entrees. Stuart had the prime rib and I had the lamb chops (they were to die for & just melted in my mouth!). For dessert we had the sampler photographed here.

Original photo, unaltered.
Original photo, unaltered.
Same photo of the dessert sampler, auto-adjusted.
Same photo of the dessert sampler, auto-adjusted.

Once I saw what happened to the photo of us in front of the mantle I also put the food pictures into Windows Picture Gallery and then put them into Photoshop. I could see the same effect around the dessert sampler, but only after I had run Auto-Adjust on the photo. Looking at the original there is NO indication to the naked eye that anything strange may be occurring. The effect that was produced (or discovered?) when using Auto-Adjust makes the dessert sampler look like it was photographed under water with light coming in from the surface creating a nice rippled effect. Someone needs to invent a filter like this, if one doesn’t already exist. I assure you, I did not use a filter on these photos.

I’ve had one photography friend suggest this is steam from the coffee (located in the far upper left-hand corner, but barely visible & though it’s the same photo I did slightly crop it, but only after I realized an anomaly was present) and the cobbler on the center of the dessert tray. We began eating the dessert the second after I took the pictures and I can tell you the cobbler, though warm, was not hot. The other 2 desserts to either side were both cold desserts. Therefore, I do not think this was steam, but I can’t rule it out 100%. Also, at home standing in front of our mantle the fireplace was not lit so one cannot say that is steam in that picture.

Original, unaltered photobomb of the dessert sampler.
Original, unaltered photobomb of the dessert sampler.

Here are two more photos of the dessert sampler. They are identical except the second has been run through Auto-Adjust. This was actually the first photo I took, but due to my crazy husband photobombing it, I took a second photo, which you have just seen. As you can see from these two photos, in the original there is no anomaly, while in the second it is quite visible after being run through Auto-Adjust. Also note how there is NO energy or anomaly around my husband’s face or head.

Auto-adjusted photobomb of dessert with anomaly.
Auto-adjusted photobomb of dessert with anomaly.

Something of importance I’d like to point out is this: whenever we go to eat out we never know who is preparing our food, what sort of mood they are in, or the overall energy of the place. So as our food arrives at the table I always give it a burst of Reiki energy intended to clear it of other energies & also to bless it. Could this be a photograph of Reiki energy? That would explain why the energy is only around the food and not around my husband.

Another photography friend of mine, Kort Kramer, had this to say after he kindly examined my photos:

All that I can say is that I’ve seen similar things when I run Auto Levels in Photoshop or do the auto correct in iPhoto, though not so extreme. As I am sure you gather, Auto Adjust type actions will run a number of filters on an image to hopefully make it look better. I actually like your originals, and don’t see any sign of the “ghosting” in them. The fact that it does a set of adjustment opens the door to sometimes getting unusual effects when these filters combine. I see that it also altered the angle of the photos as well, which when combined with certain filters might explain the odd outlines. 

“So I guess I am saying that I’d put my money on saying the filter caused the odd effect. But I can’t be sure. But the fact that I don’t see an indication of them in the “raw” photo nudges me in that direction. Or you captured some Reiki energy that wouldn’t have been normally visible. I could go either way.

Since taking these pictures I have used my iPhone at the same time of day & under the same lighting conditions to take photos of my family in front of the mantle. I then ran the pictures through Windows Photo Gallery and used the same auto adjust on each of them. The weird effect is not visible in any of the photos. We have since gone out to eat again, and though it was a different restaurant we had a combination of hot and cold dishes on the table. I took several pictures to see if when I used the auto adjust if the “steam” would reappear. It did not.

I leave it open to discussion. Please feel free to comment here or tweet at me or post your opinion to my timeline on Facebook. I thought this was interesting and wanted to share. Hopefully, my camera on my phone is fine. I have not seen this anomaly occur in any other photos I’ve taken with it before or since.

Next Post: more weirdness in my life. I went to another restaurant on Father’s Day, & once again while minding my own business, I came home with an unexpected “friend.”

Thank you for reading & I welcome you to share this post with your friends using the share buttons below.

Wishing you many blessings,

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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