How to Use Your Body As Your Own Personal Oracle Stuart Miles, 2012. Image ID 100123080. Stuart Miles, 2012. Image ID 100123080.
Every single day each of us is faced with options and alternatives about which we must make a choice. Sometimes choices are obvious, but many times they are not and this leaves us questioning which option or alternative is correct for us. Your intuition & your own body hold the answers that you seek.
Most people do not read Tarot or do any other type of divination, nor are they gifted psychics. In fact, the majority of people have a difficult time connecting with their intuition. There is a way to connect with your own body and learn to use it as a valuable tool for assessing a situation, a list of options, and anything else about which you are facing a decision. This method is simple to carry out and you can practice it anywhere, even in front of other people. They will never be aware of what you are doing.
Our bodies are natural barometers. They respond in various ways to external stimuli. This is why when you visit certain places you may feel sad or upset in some way. That’s because your body is picking up on the sad or upsetting things that have happened in that location (except in cases where you have bad memories of the location, of course). Certain people may also make you feel unpleasant for whatever reasons. These feelings well up because that is how your body is choosing to respond. Your own energy field has analyzed the environment and finds it to be less than satisfactory so your body has a physical reaction.
Your body’s reactions are your clues as to when something is a good choice for you, or not.  When something “feels” right you may experience happiness, relief, or any other positive emotion. Your physical body will feel loose, perhaps completely tension-free and you
Image 100174993 from Posted by Farconville, 2013.
Image 100174993 from Posted by Farconville, 2013.
won’t have any unpleasant physical sensations. When something is not right for you your body will also react, but in a negative manner. You can feel any number of things ranging from mild anxiety or worry to severe reactions like trouble breathing, physical pain in various places (especially the neck, chest and stomach), numbness and tingling. Basically, any unpleasant reaction is your body’s way of telling you, “No, this is not right for you,” while the positive reactions or a feeling of being free of negative reactions is your body’s way of telling you, “Yes, go for this. It’s a good choice.”
How do we then actively ask our body for help with life’s choices and decisions? Here is the simple method I have used for years and it has helped me tremendously. I am not sure where I learned it, but most likely I read it in a book somewhere. I have used this method for over 30 years and it has worked well for me nearly every single time. The trick is simply this: it does take practice. It does take time to learn how your body really responds to external stimuli and it will take time for you to decipher your own body’s clues for you, but it can be done and it shouldn’t take you very long to master this process.
There are just a few simple steps to take. What I suggest is if you are faced with more than 2 choices or options, write down a list. Leave space underneath or next to each option on the list so you can take notes as to how each makes your body feel. By the end of the session you should have your answer. In many cases this method works the first time you use it as long as you can quiet your mind enough to truly focus on your body.
Once you have your list, the first thing you do is close your eyes (unless you’re in front of others then leave your eyes open) and breathe deeply and slowly. Breathe in and out slowly 10 times. This helps to clear your mind and it also settles your nerves if you find the decision upsets you or makes you feel anxious. This is also a good practice for anti-anxiety. When you find yourself feeling anxious or worried take a time out to breathe in and out deeply 10 times. The additional oxygen entering your body will help to calm you.
After you have carried out the breathing exercise allow your mind to focus on ONE option. Continue the deep breathing and bring your attention to your body. Give yourself a mental scan beginning with your head, working down to your neck, shoulders, chest, arms, stomach, hips, your legs and finally your feet. Ask yourself if you are feeling any tightness, pain, or any other type of discomfort in any of these areas. Pay special attention to your head, neck, chest and stomach. These areas of our bodies are much more sensitive to external stimuli than the rest of us and you will most likely notice a reaction in these areas before you notice anything anywhere else in your body.
Follow this same process for each option and in between be sure to take notes on your list of options so you don’t forget what your body felt when you considered each alternative. Once you have gone through all your alternatives examine your list and your notes. There is an excellent chance that you now have your answer.
Our bodies are wonderful tools. We do not just reside within them. They are barometers for what is going on in our lives, but it is up to each of us to train ourselves to understand the signals our bodies send to us. I hope that you find this article to be helpful.
Wishing You Many Blessings!
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