How To Use Reiki Healing Codes

"Healing & Protective Rays of the Sun," by Nefer Khepri (C) 2013. This serves as the card back to my "Egyptian Lenormand" deck.
“Healing & Protective Rays of the Sun,” by Nefer Khepri (C) 2013. Infused with Reiki energy, as are all the images, this serves as the card back to my “Egyptian Lenormand” deck.

I’d like to thank my friend, Hazel Cameron Warren for sharing the following link and information with me and members of my Facebook group, Magickal Musings.

Hazel shared a link to a blog that I am now sharing here with all of you. For those of you who may not be aware, Reiki is a form of universal healing energy. In order to channel Reiki energy for others you need to undergo a process called an “attunement” during which the Reiki symbols are placed within your chakras, thus giving you the ability to also channel Reiki energy. There are four degrees: First, Second, Third (known as the Master Degree) and Fourth (known as the Master Teacher). I have been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1999.

The blog post shares a list and information of how to use numeric healing codes that have angelic and Reiki healing energy encoded into them. These are numeric sequences that have been channeled as being helpful for specific ailments and problems. Archangel Raphael and Holy Mother Mary are responsible for this system, according to the blog article by the Reiki Doc, as she calls herself.

I’ll share my personal experience with the Reiki codes and then the link so you can check this out for yourselves. Also, do you NOT have to be attuned to Reiki in order for the codes to work. The article states that. I cannot provide personal information about this since both my husband and daughter have undergone the attunement process.

The day I read the blog post I was suffering from cramping and tightness in my left hip muscle that extended down into my left thigh. It was fairly painful to sit, to walk, to get up, to sit down, just everything. Then I read the blog article and wrote down 3 codes: one for general pain, one for the hips and one for muscles, I believe.

The codes consist of 3 or more numbers separated by a space. Each number within a code can consist of a single digit, 2 or 3 digits or even more. The codes I used all began with a 2-digit number and also contained two 3-digit numbers. The blog post states that it is very important for the spacing between numbers of each code to be maintained when you write them down, so I repeat that here.

I used the following codes:

  • 23 31 443 – for chronic pain since I’ve had this issue a number of times
  • 13 81 478 – for stiff muscles
  • 26 51 329 – for Degenerative Joint Disease – just in case

I wrote the numbers on a slip of a Post-It-Note – the part that has the adhesive on it, then I stuck it down in my clothing against my hip where it basically begins to connect to my leg.

I did not even begin to channel the Reiki energy when I suddenly felt a great deal of heat in that spot. My first thought was, “ok, paper is insulating so that’s the heat I’m feeling,” but I was wrong because the heat quickly spread in the span of about a minute to encompass my entire hip, my thigh, and my lower back! One tiny slip of paper is not going to accomplish THAT much insulation. I was immediately impressed.

I decided not to consciously channel any Reiki and see what happened. In about 30 minutes the pain that had been with me for 2 whole days was suddenly completely gone. I had regained my flexibility and could move about freely.

I also suffer from a high pitch ring or whine in my left ear upon occasion. There is a code for that as well, so I wrote it on a new Post-It-Note and stuck that little strip of paper up against my head just behind my ear where the arm of my glasses rests. So the arm held the paper in place. I went about my business while my ear continued to be a nuisance. I was surprised about 30 minutes later when I suddenly noticed how quiet the house was. I then realized my ear was no longer ringing, but I have no idea exactly when the ringing stopped so I can’t report on how quickly that particular code worked for me. Again, I did not use Reiki for my ear, either. I wanted to see what the code could accomplish on its own.

I won’t pretend to understand these codes. I certainly do not. To be honest, I see no rhyme or reason in them; however, I can tell you one important thing. THEY WORK.

Give them a try and let me know how they work for you. Here’s hoping they help to bring each of you comfort and the type of healing you seek.

The blog article is at:


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