The Egyptian Lenormand: Question & Answer Time

The Egyptian Lenormand, by Nefer Khepri. Copyright Schiffer Books & NK, 2015.
The Egyptian Lenormand, by Nefer Khepri. Copyright Schiffer Books & NK, 2015.

Since Schiffer Books published my Egyptian Lenormand card & book set I am now being asked these questions often on Facebook, Twitter, & email so thought I’d answer them all here in this post for everyone’s convenience. If you have a question & you don’t see the answer here, please email me at

Q: What’s this I hear about “activation” of your deck? Is that something I can do myself?

A: My Lenormand is different from any other in that the images were channeled directly from the Egyptian deities with Whom I have been working for the past 2 decades. They wished for “their” system to be used not just as a Lenormand deck, but also for healing and magic. They placed specific energies into each image, but those energies must be activated via a ceremony for which all instructions are included in the accompanying guidebook. YES, you CAN do this for yourself! Once activated the deck goes beyond fortunetelling & becomes a valuable tool for healing & magical work.

Q: Why didn’t the self-published edition come with the 2 extra Activation cards that the Schiffer edition has?

A: The gods had other plans at the time. Although they did share some of the information with me when I first created the deck, they did not explain the entire process to me. They told me the full explanation would come “later.” Of course they are all-knowing so they KNEW that a major publisher would pick up my deck. I was unaware of that at the time. Once I signed my contract with Schiffer the gods then provided me with all the information needed in order to activate the deck and how it is meant to be used for healing (there’s a specific method detailed in the accompanying guidebook).

Q: Can I get you to activate a copy for me?

A: Most definitely. I sell signed AND activated copies through my deck’s official website; however, I also recommend to all who purchase a copy that they also take their deck through the Activation Ceremony as it is explained in the accompanying guidebook. That will then succeed in placing your own unique energy into your personal copy of the deck. I have had quite a few people now report back to me that after they purchased from Amazon & elsewhere they began using the deck right away for readings & were amazed, but that after they took their copy through the Activation Ceremony the deck became even more useful to them as readings became more accurate and much easier for them to interpret. When I activate your deck for you I also give it a Reiki Master attunement as well, since I am a master teacher & able to pass attunements.

Q: Do you ship worldwide?

A: Yes, I do, via Priority in the continental USA (excluding Alaska & Hawaii) and via 1st Class Air to everywhere else (including Alaska & Hawaii). I have 2 payment links at the website, so just use the one appropriate for your area of the world.

Q: Why does a deck from you cost so much more than Amazon?

A: Firstly, Amazon will undercut everyone regardless because they buy titles in massive bulk. When you order in bulk direct from the publisher, as Amazon does, they are pretty much given wholesale prices. Amazon can then afford to sell items cheaper than anyone else. Secondly, a deck from me costs more ($40, plus shipping) because I take the time to perform the full Activation Ceremony for your copy & give your copy a Reiki attunement. That requires my time & energy which is included in the $40 price tag.

Q: Where can I purchase a copy of The Egyptian Lenormand?

The Egyptian Lenormand, box lid.
The Egyptian Lenormand, box lid.

A: The Egyptian Lenormand is available at most Amazon sites worldwide & at my publisher’s website, I have also seen it carried by (they ship worldwide for free), Walmart, Target, BooksAMillion, and online at Barnes & Noble. You can also ask your local new age shop to carry it & the owners can order from New Leaf Book Distributors.

Q: Do you have any other decks for sale?

A: Yes, I do.

The Turtle Lenormand, collage of card images. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2015. Self-published.
The Turtle Lenormand, collage of card images. (C) Nefer Khepri, 2015. Self-published.

I have self-published “The Turtle Lenormand” & that is a deck that has at least one turtle on every card. I created it for myself initially simply because I adore turtles. It is a special Limited Edition that had a total one-time print-run of 50 copies. 28 copies remain available & each deck comes with a special Turtle Friend made by polymer clay artist, Susan Keen Krontz. My Turtle Lenormand is available at its official site:

Q: Are you working on any other decks?

A: Oh, yes I am! Several, in fact. All at once because that’s how us Geminis roll!

You can follow the progress of my first pictorial deck, which will also be my first oracle deck, at its own group on Facebook. This deck is called “The Aloha Spirit of Maui” and is based upon nearly 4,000 photographs I took myself on 3 separate vacations to Maui, Hawaii undertaken in 2009, 2011, & 2014. I plan to self-publish this deck sometime in early 2016 & it will consist of 44 cards. This deck also has its own blog that I plan to continue posting to now that I have other obligations taken care of & you can find it here.

Serapis Bey, for Meagan. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2015.
Serapis Bey, for Meagan. Copyright Nefer Khepri, 2015.

If you’d like to keep up on a deck I’m creating of Spirit Guide Portraits you can do so at my other Facebook group: The Visionary Art of Nefer Khepri. I have no idea when this deck will be complete. All images are channeled from a wide variety of spirit guides so they come through when they come through & when there are orders to fill.

To order your own Spirit Guide Portrait, I am creating a NEW site, which is nearly complete. Portrait size is 9×12″ with the actual image being 8×11″ & they sell for $120 plus shipping. If anyone would like one sooner rather than later, let me know & I can send you a PayPal invoice as I have been accepting orders for a while now, but the site itself will be ready in the coming weeks. You can keep an eye on its development at, but please note there are no payment links posted as of yet & I’m still working on the organization of the site.

I am also working on TWO tarot decks, one of which you can also keep up with in my Visionary Art group (link is above), but my other tarot deck is TOP SECRET. I have no projected completion dates as of yet for either of these projects, but for one deck I have 17 completed images already & for the other I have 14 images drawn & ready to paint.

Feel free to ask me questions & perhaps you will see your question included in a future blog post.

Upcoming post: weird energy appearing in anniversary photos. What could it be? Debunkers are welcome to comment because I really want an explanation.

Wishing you many blessings,

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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The Egyptian Lenormand: signed & activated copies available ONLY HERE

The Turtle Lenormand: my most recent self-published deck. 28 copies out of 50 remain

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The Egyptian Lenormand: Signed & Activated Copies In Stock

A photo of a Square of 9 reading with my Egyptian Lenormand deck (Schiffer, 2015), the guidebook & a lovely bouquet of flowers from my husband.
The Egyptian Lenormand (C) Nefer Khepri 2012 & 2015, (C) Schiffer Books 2015.

I have received another shipment from my publisher, Schiffer Books, & I now have additional copies of The Egyptian Lenormand back in stock. They come signed and I take them personally through the entire Activation Ceremony as presented in the accompanying guidebook. Your deck arrives activated for the additional uses of healing and magical manifestation should you decide to use it in that manner.  Although it does arrive activated I do recommend you also take your own deck through the Activation Ceremony as discussed in the book. This will lend your own unique energies to your deck that will result in even greater accuracy in your readings.

Currently I have only 9 copies in stock, all ready for immediate shipping. I ship worldwide. In America I ship via Priority and elsewhere I ship via First Class Air.

 The Egyptian Lenormand now has seven reviews posted on Amazon. Each reviewer gives The Egyptian Lenormand 5 stars.  I thank every person who was kind enough to take the time to post their review to Amazon.

I have been receiving many comments in email about my deck, three of which I include below:

When I opened the box & removed the cards they tingled in my hand. It kind of scared me & I almost dropped them. I’ve never felt anything like that before. I immediately did a reading with them & WOW! That’s all I can say. I was floored. Thank you for creating such a lovely deck that really speaks to me.” ~ Kara, Brookfield, IL.

I have never read Lenormand cards. I don’t know what they are, but I just HAD to buy your deck because I have had a life-long love of all things having to do with ancient Egypt. Your artwork is lovely. The bright colors just seem to dance off the cards. They all look so pretty together. I love the book. It is the only book I have read about Lenormand cards and your keywords and descriptions of the cards, plus the sample readings you include have made learning very easy for me. I thought it would be hard like tarot, but it’s not – thank God!” ~ Kathleen, Boca Raton, FL.

I really didn’t think Egyptian imagery would work well with the Lenormand system. I bought your deck simply out of curiosity. I prefer to work with more traditional decks like the Blue Owl, which is my favorite, but I have to say once I read the book I could easily see how you merged the Egyptian imagery very well with traditional Lenormand card interpretations. Where symbols deviate they do so for good reason & I appreciate how well you explain this in the book. I’m very glad I bought this deck & look forward to years of using it.” Martha, Boulder, CO.

 If you’d like to read more, Amazon reviews are posted at Amazon.

I am including the links to three video reviews as well.  The first is by Beth Henry of Divinationary. You can find it here at her YouTube channel.  The second is by Anita Perez of A Metaphysician’s Journal. You can find her review on YouTube as well. The third is posted by MonsoonMagick at her YouTube channel. I am very grateful to Beth, Anita & MonsoonMagick for their informative reviews of The Egyptian Lenormand. Please do check them out.

I conclude with a lovely collage photo done by Bobbie Jo Drake. If you follow me on Twitter you will recognize this image, no doubt. I thank Bobbie Jo for her kind permission to use her photo.

A collage featuring several cards from "The Egyptian Lenormand", including Tree, House, Rider, Ship, & Clover. Photographed by Bobbie Jo Drake, 2015. Used with kind permission.
Collage photo created by Bobbie Jo Drake, used with kind permission.

Preview: my next blog post will focus on how to invoke Archangel Saint Michael to cleanse your home of negative energy so stay tuned for that.

Thank you for following my blog & feel free to leave comments.

Wishing you all many blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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The Egyptian Lenormand: signed & activated copies available ONLY HERE

The Turtle Lenormand: my most recent self-published deck. 31 copies out of 50 remain

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The Egyptian Lenormand: Deck Reviews & General Information

The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015), copyright Nefer Khepri 2012 & 2015; copyright Schiffer Books, 2015). Featuring left to right: Sarcophagus, Snake, Desert Fox, Garden, Rider, Moon, Mountain, Key, Sun, & 176-page guidebook.
The Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer Books, 2015), copyright Nefer Khepri 2012 & 2015; copyright Schiffer Books, 2015). Featuring left to right: Sarcophagus, Snake, Desert Fox, Garden, Rider, Moon, Mountain, Key, Sun, & 176-page guidebook.

I would like to thank the six individuals who took the time to post their reviews of my deck, The Egyptian Lenormand, to Amazon. Koneta Bailey of the blog “New Paths Tarot”, Mary Nale of Attune Magazine, Anita Perez, LaRaine, Anna from InnanaWorks, & Celene. I very much appreciate your feedback & that you took the time to share your opinions & experiences with The Egyptian Lenormand.

There are now a total of six deck reviews posted at Amazon, each of which gives The Egyptian Lenormand 5 stars. You can view the reviews here. 

If you would like to order a signed & activated deck, they are ONLY available directly from me. I ship worldwide via 1st class. I tend to ship out on Mondays and Fridays, weather permitting. Order directly from me at my deck’s official site.

For those of you who have been kind enough to purchase The Egyptian Lenormand, I humbly thank you and ask that you please follow the Activation Ceremony in the guidebook and fully activate your deck. There are very special energies within the images. They were all channeled (with the sole exception of The Child) from the Egyptian deities with Whom I work. There is a chapter devoted to the Activation Ceremony with full and easy to follow instructions. There are also chapters on how to use the deck for healing and magical manifestation. It cannot be used for either unless it is activated. Without activation is it merely a deck for divination/fortune telling. Once activated, The Egyptian Lenormand becomes a powerful tool.

I thank everyone who has been contacting me via email & social media to share

My cat checking out The Cat card of my "Egyptian Lenormand" (Schiffer Books, 2015).
My cat checking out The Cat card of my “Egyptian Lenormand” (Schiffer Books, 2015).

their experiences of using The Egyptian Lenormand with me. I very much enjoy reading your messages.

For more information about The Egyptian Lenormand, please join the Facebook group.

And/or you may wish to like the Page.

Please feel free to contact me with your own stories & experiences with The Egyptian Lenormand. I would love to hear from you & I may share what you have to say at my deck’s official site. You can contact me through Facebook or via email at

I wish for the cards to always hold only good things for you & may you always receive helpful and accurate readings, no matter which deck you use.

Many Blessings!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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My new deck now shipping: The Turtle Lenormand (33 copies remaining)

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Will Hillary Clinton Win the 2016 Presidential Election?

Many of my clients come to me with yes/no type of questions. There are simple methods to address a yes/no question for both Tarot and Lenormand. When reading for myself I normally do not do predictive readings. When consulting the Lenormand or Tarot I tend to focus on questions geared toward gaining guidance or finding out in general what to expect from a given situation. I do not ask yes/no questions very often, but my curiosity has gotten the best of me. So I am asking the Lenormand something that I am sure many people are wondering: Will Hillary Clinton Be Elected President in 2016?


Consulting my Egyptian Lenormand (Schiffer, 2015 & available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, BooksAMillion & at other book sellers), I asked the question. I decided on the Obelisk card as the significator (The Tower card in other Lenormand decks). Obelisk represents authority as well as government institutions.

Shuffling the cards I pulled a simple Line of 5. The Line of 5 is read from left to right in a narrative style. I did pull the Obelisk on purpose by locating it in the deck & pulling the 2 cards prior to it & the 2 cards that follow it to create the reading. From left to right we have: Crossroads + Fish + Obelisk + Clouds + Sacred Cow. Sacred Cow is the same as The Bear card in other Lenormand decks.

The Crossroads, Fish, Obelisk, Clouds & Sacred Cow cards from "The Egyptian Lenormand" copyright Nefer Khepri 2012, 2015, & Schiffer Books 2015; published by Schiffer Books, 2015).
The Crossroads, Fish, Obelisk, Clouds & Sacred Cow cards from “The Egyptian Lenormand” copyright Nefer Khepri 2012, 2015, & Schiffer Books 2015; published by Schiffer Books, 2015).

Crossroads is about a choice, a decision needing to be made. This card covers all the past emphasis on the question of whether Hillary would run or not in 2016. That question alone received a great deal of media coverage.

Fish is the card of plenty and abundance in the Lenormand divinatory system. It can translate as “many.” I see this as indicating many people had a say in whether Hillary would run. She did not make the decision in isolation. Also, funding may have been a major issue that had to be carefully considered.

Obelisk is the pre-selected significator card. Known traditionally as The Tower, Obelisk represents government institutions, power, and authority. I chose this card to represent Hillary’s run for the White House since the presidency is the most powerful authority in America.

Clouds represents confusion, misunderstandings, perhaps even intentional misinformation. I believe this harkens back to the email scandal as well as her handling of the Benghazi incident. I think both of these issues will come back to haunt her repeatedly throughout her campaign. People are going to be digging for dirt extra hard for 2 reasons: 1) she’s a woman; and 2) she’s a Clinton.

Sacred Cow is the outcome. This is the same as the Bear card in other Lenormand decks. Sacred Cow represents a strong female character, sometimes a mother-figure. What stronger female would there be on the PLANET than a female US president? Sacred Cow can also represent your general finances (savings, investments) as well as  windfall.

Looking at the pattern of mirroring, we have Crossroads mirroring Obelisk, meaning that there is real authority behind her decision-making. She has some very intelligent advisers, not to mention her husband who has already been President so he knows the score.

Fish mirrors Clouds. This may not be so great for Hillary down the road. Fish is money, Clouds represents confusion or misinformation.  This might be indicating that some sort of financial scandal will affect her campaign or that there may be a mismanagement of campaign funds. That’s never a good thing.

Obelisk mirrors Sacred Cow. The way I see it, this indicates that there will be a huge influx of authority for Hillary, the type she has never had before. She will move way up in her social status. What is higher than the presidency?

Summing it up let’s examine Crossroads + Sacred Cow. This is telling us that a decision made will lead to a huge windfall, investments pay off. I see a successful outcome here.

The quintessence (this is when you add the card numbers all together to arrive at a single number that will represent a 6th card for the reading) is 22 + 34 + 19 + 6 + 15 = 96.  There are not 96 cards in a Lenormand deck so 96 is further reduced by adding the digits together, which gets us 9 + 6 = 15.

The quintessence of this reading is Card # 15, which happens to be Sacred Cow. A windfall.

Based upon this reading, I’m predicting here for the record that Hillary Clinton will win her bid for the White House in 2016. Furthermore, as many head to the polls to finalize their decision (Crossroads), when paired with Sacred Cow, it looks like Hillary very well could win in a landslide. The quintessence of the reading also supports that conclusion.

And there you have it, but do keep in mind this is a yes/no question & as such there is a 50% probability of getting it right OR wrong. We will all know the answer come November 4, 2016.

How Are Card Readings Useful?

Have you ever wondered if getting a card reading would help you? Is there a decision weighing heavily on your mind? Or perhaps you wish you had more information about a certain situation in your life? People get card readings for all sorts of reasons, but the most common reason over the years seems to be the search for validation of their own intuition. You may have a hunch as to what you should do about a certain situation, but you have no way of knowing for sure how your actions would work out. Obtaining a card reading can present you with guidance as to not only how your proposed actions would work out, but if they would NOT work out then the reading ought to provide you with additional guidance as to what sort of action would be required. Here is an example I’d like to share with you.

The situation is that a woman is dating a wonderful man right now, but an ex recently came back into her life. She was wondering if she should continue on with the new man and forget her ex or if she should give him a second chance. The reading consisted of two Lines of 5 readings. A Line of 5 is a typical Lenormand spread consisting of 5 cards that are read left to right in a type of narrative style while paying attention to every 2-card combination. I pulled 5 cards on Man 1, reshuffled the deck & then pulled 5 more cards on Man 2.

From the card draw she received it became immediately obvious to me which man was the better choice for her. Looking at the two images below can you also tell which man is the better choice?

The Egyptian Lenormand, by Nefer Khepri (Schiffer Books, 2015)
The Egyptian Lenormand, by Nefer Khepri (Schiffer Books, 2015)
The Egyptian Lenormand by Nefer Khepri (Schiffer Books, 2015).
The Egyptian Lenormand by Nefer Khepri (Schiffer Books, 2015).

Briefly, Man 1’s cards are overall much more positive than Man 2’s cards.

Man 1’s reading begins with The Stars, a very positive card. It represents guidance from Above, meaning from your angels, spirit guides or God Him/Herself. This is the card of illumination and it casts its light on the darkness, thus bringing important things to light while destroying the shadows. It overcomes negativity and brings blessings.

Mountain represents obstacles, delays, obstructions, things that slow us down or cause us problems (big or small, but mainly big!). Mountain can also represent lofty goals we hold for ourselves that may take some time to achieve. Man 1 has been dealing with some difficulties for a while. These are things that may have been blown out of proportion, though. They are not insurmountable and I feel he may be coming out of the problem-time right about now or very soon. In the meantime he’s been very worried and preoccupied about it and he may not have told my client the whole story, if anything at all.

The Letter represents just that – a letter or some other form of written documentation; such as, a prescription, diploma, report card, passport/visa, and other important documents. This is something in writing.It’s odd for the Letter to appear in this type of reading unless it is providing some details about Man 1’s  interests. The Letter would indicate he likes to write. It may also indicate he enjoys reading quite a bit. Related to Mountain, The Letter is telling us that the worries are over something written, so there is written documentation of the problem and Man 1 is now having to deal with it.

The Sarcophagus is the card of endings and transformations. Major change is afoot when Sarcophagus appears in a reading. Something is about to come to an end so something new and better can begin. Sarcophagus brings the preceding cards to an end, so what I’m seeing here is that those problems caused by something written are coming to a close. Everything is nearly resolved now and should be over with shortly. Sarcophagus is telling us that this situation is transitory and it shall soon pass.

The Key concludes the Line of 5 on Man 1. Like The Stars, Key is also a very positive card. Keys open and lock doors. Therefore, The Key can signify new opportunities on their way, success, and safety/security. Following Sarcophagus, The Key is saying that the ending that is coming is going to lead to many new or much better opportunities in the near future. So whatever this is that Man 1 has been worried about will not only pass, but once it clears out things are going to be much better for him in general and he can look forward to much better times ahead.

Things do not look so bright for Man # 2, who is the ex. Sickle represents cutting, separation, harvesting, and sometimes danger or cuts and abrasions. Sickle is one of the few Lenormand cards that is directional, meaning that it’s very important to see which way the main symbol of the image is pointing. Where the tip of the Sickle points that is what is being cut. As the first card Sickle represents the past so this is the past break up between my client & her ex. The tip of the Sickle points to the next card, Garden.

Garden represents socializing, social activities, groups of people, friends, co-workers, and can represent large gatherings in parks or attending movies or concerts. What was “cut” by Sickle was socializing. Man 2 may have been very controlling and may not have allowed her to see her friends as often as she would have liked. This could have lead to the break up.

Snake is the central card. The central card is the focal point in the Line of 5 reading. The Snake represents vindictiveness, manipulation, and is usually an older woman who is very intelligent yet bitter. However, I’ve seen Snake to come up for a man, especially when he can be “catty” like a woman can. Following Garden the Snake is saying that there was someone within their social circle who caused issues with the relationship. They may have taken a dislike to one of the partners. Also, her friends may have viewed him as manipulating her and if he was insisting she spend more time with him and ignore her friends they may have been very resentful of him and wished for the couple to break up.

The Moon represents fame and recognition for one’s work. This is also a card of creativity. Here, it is trapped  between two very negative cards, Snake and Desert Fox. The Moon says that Man 2 has a reputation and it isn’t a good one. Due to the presence of Snake he can be deceptive.

The Desert Fox concludes the Line of 5 on Man 2.  The Desert Fox is deceitful, very intelligent – but in a cunning/tricky sort of way. He loves to pull the wool over a person’s eyes. He will appear in one guise to you, but with someone else he will be a totally different person. He excels at putting on airs, taking on different roles, and is quite the actor. You can never be sure if you are seeing the real him or not when you’re with a Desert Fox man. They wear all sorts of masks and they excel at keeping their inner selves hidden completely. As the relationship went on she may have discovered some things about Man 2 that really shocked her, or she may have suspected these things existed.

In conclusion, it could not be more clear-cut than this, which is why I love the Lenormand card system so much. They tell it like it is and they are to the point.

Immediate feedback from my client was that she was guessing Man 1 was the better choice, but she had to be sure. She also said she was already listening to her intuition and had basically decided to stay with Man 1. In this case she used a card reading to validate her own intuition or gut hunches, which is one of the main reasons people come to me for Lenormand and Tarot readings.

In short, card readings are useful because they can validate our own intuitive gut hunches. It’s scary to simply follow a hunch, but with a card reading backing it up it gives a person a great deal more faith in their own judgment and they are then better equipped to carry through with their decisions.

The Egyptian Lenormand is now shipping from,,, &  If you would like a SIGNED copy directly from me, you may order at I ship worldwide. If you would like a Tarot or Lenormand reading from me you can place your order at

The Egyptian Lenormand Goes to Press!

I am currently hard at work on my forthcoming deck, The Turtle Lenormand (now open for pre-order & limited to a print run of only 50 copies), however, I have

Egyptian Lenormand box cover.
Egyptian Lenormand box cover.

discovered today that my soon-to-be-published deck, The Egyptian Lenormand, is already receiving recognition although physical hard copies are not yet available.

My deck has been available for pre-order on Amazon for approximately 2 months and has always been well ranked in the New Releases categories of Divination and Fortune Telling, and lately, also in the category of Tarot.

I am honored that there is so much interest in The Egyptian Lenormand before it is actually released. From the very beginning that deck was a tremendous honor for me. Here is the reason why.

I did not create it.

Sure, I drew the pictures and colored them with Faber-Castell watercolor pencils & Caran D’Ache watercolor crayons. Yes, I was the one who put a great deal of work into the deck & many nights made my family scrounge food for themselves because I was “in the zone” creating without time to cook dinner, but the images were given to me by the Egyptian deities with Whom I have been working since 1998.

The first image to arrive into my consciousness was The Key card. Now, at the time, I thought it was just a nice image, a one-off and that would be that. A few days later I heard the collective voice of the gods say, “Now, We would like to see Father Thoth. Perhaps standing in front of a moon.” I thought to myself ,”oh! That would be such a nice image.” So I created it. As 2 more images quickly followed I realized what this was becoming ~ The Egyptian Lenormand.

My Mother. Circa 1940.
My Mother. Circa 1940.

I dedicated The Egyptian Lenormand to the memory of my mother, who was an outstanding woman who overcame a major life-threatening physical disability, racial discrimination, and gender discrimination. She outdid the doctors’ estimate of living to only 30 by living to be 82. She did not follow their advice when they told her to abort me & gave birth to me via c-section with four doctors in attendance. She went to school when no one wanted to help get her there & she had to walk nearly a mile while wearing a metal brace on one leg her entire life due to spina bifida. She was the best mother to me and a fine example I struggle to live up to everyday. She NEVER complained & it wasn’t until she was on her deathbed that I found out the spina bifida had caused her pain every single day of her life. She never told anyone, not even my father.

Me hanging out in my Grandpa's bar at the age of 3 with my grandpa.
Me hanging out in my Grandpa’s bar at the age of 3 with my grandpa.

All my life, since the ripe age of 2, I have loved to color & draw. In Kindergarten I was hauled off to the principal’s office for coloring goldfish purple. The teacher was walking the rows of desks looking at our work & when she came to me, she stopped & asked “why are your goldfish purple?” I was 5 at the time. I looked up at her & said, “Because they’re PURPLE goldfish!” Didn’t she understand that?? She took that as insubordination instead of the opportunity to foster a child’s creativity. The principal merely told me to color what I wanted & sent me back to class, but following school policy he had to call my mom. My mom had a friend drive her to the school (we had only 1 car & Dad drove it to work) & raised holy hell about what happened. I’ll never forget. I could hear her screaming from inside my classroom since the principal’s office was only about 5 doors down. My teacher looked white as a sheet, then SHE got called into the principal’s office & we didn’t see her for 3 whole days! That was the first time I can recall someone standing up for me & my creativity. It made a lasting impression.

By the time I was in high school I had already had a one-woman art show at a local mall – twice, & my art had won a few local awards. It was my high school academic counselor who told me, “there is no money in art unless you’re dead, so choose something else.” That single negative statement also made a lasting impression upon me that I regret to this day.

So, what did I do? I focused in college on Archaeology instead, yet another career in which there isn’t any money! I guess I showed them, didn’t I? I never made much as a lecturer prior to receiving my doctorate and then realized I’d never make any decent money unless I published a book that sold well and made a name for myself in academia as did my mentor, Linda Schele, who did VERY well for herself until she unfortunately passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1998 – a tremendous blow to the field of Mayan epigraphy and iconography.

Once I couldn’t find a post-doctoral position I got lost one day in the town to which my husband and I had just moved. I wandered around driving to see if I could find a familiar intersection when I found a new age shop. I decided to check out what they had & ask for directions.

I walked in to find the owner on the FLOOR in TEARS while this young guy was standing over her screaming!! As I took a step into the shop my first reaction was to yell, “Hey! What are you doing?” He stopped, told her he quit & ran out. I immediately got on the floor to hug and comfort the poor woman. She was so upset and told me that now she had no one to watch the shop when she had to attend to other business at times and she pointed out how everyone knows how difficult it is to find good help these days.

I then told her, “well, I need a job. I have a doctorate & can’t find anything in my field. The way things are I’m willing to work retail if that’s what it takes.” So we talked, we hit it off and in about 2 hours I had had a nice lunch AND a new job. I started work the next day and that is what soon gave birth to my site and business,

That was in 1995, but it wasn’t until late 1997 that I began my business out of my home reading for local clients and not until 1998 that I founded my website, which has been at the same URL ever since. But in all that time, from the start of graduate school in 1985 and opening my business in 1998 I had not created a single piece of art. I had left it behind – my big life-long dream was no more, or was it?

I made friends with a local artist named Vasu and she encouraged me to return to my art. She kept after me and kept after me and finally, just to get her to leave me alone I created something, showed it to her and she loved it and said, “now you have to keep creating and never stop.”

That is the BEST advice ANYONE has EVER given me. I followed it, more or less, but I wasn’t serious. I was trying to keep my business afloat while taking care of a new baby I had in 1998, my husband and our new house. It wasn’t easy and my days were filled with responsibilities and little time for myself with a delightful little girl to raise. However, in my spare time I focused on my art and bit by bit the muscle memory that is so crucial to making decent drawings returned to my left hand and I could see a steady improvement in everything I drew.

Then in October, 2012 the images and the voices began for what was to become The Egyptian Lenormand. It wasn’t until I had the first four images completed that I realized it was to be a Lenormand deck. I figured at some point the well would run dry and the divine inspiration that had been coming through would cease.

The card back to the "Egyptian Lenormand." (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.
The card back to the “Egyptian Lenormand.” (C) Nefer Khepri, 2014.

But that’s not what happened. Instead, the gods saw me through the entire deck, even the design of the card back was dictated and described to me by Them.

Thus, my dream has become a reality. I never completely released my dream of being an artist and I’m very happy to say that now my visionary art (Soul Portraits and also Manifestation Mandalas) is selling to clients around the world. My deck is about to be published, I’m nearly finished with my next deck, and am also working on a pictoral oracle deck based upon my vacation photos I took on 3 different trips to Maui, Hawaii. Where will it all lead? Only time will tell, but in the meantime I am truly enjoying the process of creating.

I am deeply grateful to everyone who supported me along the way by liking the Page for The Egyptian Lenormand, joining the group, liking and commenting on my posts about the creation process, & I’m also very thankful to the 90+ people who purchased a copy of the self-published edition. I still have FOUR copies remaining if anyone is interested. I also appreciate the continued interest, and along with all who are interested, I’m also really looking forward to the day I can finally hold the Schiffer edition of The Egyptian Lenormand in my hands.

That day is coming soon. Stay tuned to my blog for further details as to the exact release date and the availability of signed Author’s Copies.

Dreams DO come true. Believe and reach for the stars!

~ Nefer Khepri, PhD., R. M-T.

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