Virgin Mary Appearances, Visitations and Dreams

Photo copyright Bernadette Krause, 2014. Used with permission.
Photo copyright Bernadette Krause, 2014. Used with permission.

When the Virgin Mary appears She always has a message to deliver. The Virgin Mary has always been very active in the spiritual realms as She focuses on the well-being of humanity as a whole. Religion and race do not matter to Her.  There is a long history of what are termed Marian Apparitions that go back far into recorded history, the first being recorded by Saint James the Apostle (aka St. James the Great) in Zaragoza, Spain in AD 39.  This is the earliest report of a Marian apparition and it occurred PRIOR to the Virgin Mary’s Assumption, meaning, she was still in physical body at the time. The Marian Apparition most well-known in the Americas is that which was recorded in 1531 by Juan Diego in Mexico (see below). The most well-known of Marian Apparitions in Europe occurred in Lourdes, France and Fatima, Portugal.

Today, the Virgin Mary is still active here on the earth plane. She visits people as apparitions, She speaks to us through an inner voice, in dreams, and She has been known in recent times to cause Her holy image to appear in the strangest of places:


  • Statues that weep. The statues are located in both churches, private homes & even graveyards
  • Food (yes, like Jesus in a tortilla, the Virgin Mary has at times blessed food with Her image)
  • Trees – Her image has been known to appear in the bark
  • Clouds
  • Water
  • Smoke
  • Roses – a friend of mine went on a pilgrimage to her shrine at Medjugorje, Yugoslavia and photographed a rose bush in bloom in WINTER time outside the chapel in which Mary was appearing to several local inhabitants. At the time, everyone in her group remarked how unusual that was. Upon returning home and having her photos developed we were shocked to see the face of Mother Mary within the petals of one of the roses – clear as day! This was long before the days of Photoshop or home computers.

And now, Saturday in Texas Mother Mary decided to manifest

The Virgin of Guadalupe appearing in a coffee spoon. Copyright Bernadette Krause, 2014. Used with permission.
The Virgin of Guadalupe appearing in a coffee spoon. Copyright Bernadette Krause, 2014. Used with permission.

Her holy image within a few drops of remaining coffee on a spoon. Something so insignificant and incredibly mundane, yet there She is. This photo was taken by my friend, Bernadette Krauss. She has a Virgin of Guadalupe candle next to the coffee maker in her kitchen. She made a cup of coffee, set the spoon down, and when she returned she noticed the image that had formed within the bowl of the spoon.

Can there be any doubt that this is an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe? Her history is one of the most startling of all the Marian Apparitions because she left behind undeniable physical evidence that has never been debunked despite a number of attempts over the centuries.

The Virgin Mary appeared as a beautiful woman surrounded by a golden light to an Aztec (Nahautl) Indian peasant named Juan Diego in 1531 on the hill of Tepeyac outside of Mexico City. She told Juan Diego to go see the bishop and have him build a shrine in Her name on that very spot. Juan Diego did as he was told and was laughed out of the room for his trouble. Another day he walked along the base of the same hill and saw the glorious woman again. This time She told Juan Diego to remove his cloak and lay it on the ground. He did so. She then instructed him to pick up his cloak and without opening it take it to the bishop and she said then he will build the church.

Juan Diego did as he was told. When he unfurled his cloak in the presence of the bishop and other dignitaries everyone was stunned to see it was full of roses of all colors in full bloom. It was winter at the time in Mexico. Roses do not bloom in winter. Once they recovered from the shock of the roses they were in store for an even greater surprise for there, painted into the very fabric of Juan Diego’s cloak was the image revered by Mexicans and Catholics the world over and known today as the Virgin of Guadalupe.

The cloak has been analyzed and it has been determined the pigments were not of paint that existed at the time. This is not an image that some contemporary incredibly gifted artist painted on the peasant’s cloak. Furthermore, recent computer analysis of the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe had revealed within the PUPILS of Her eyes a smaller image. The image is of the bishop, Juan Diego and the dignitaries who were present in the room when Juan Diego unfurled his cloak exposing the miraculous roses. It is as if Her eyes on the cloak were a camera that captured the entire scene as it unfolded.

Needless to say, the bishop of Mexico City ordered the church built. Today it stands as a cathedral and thousands visit it in pilgrimage annually.

Bernadette's angel feather. Copyright Bernadette Krause, 2014. Used with permission.
Bernadette’s angel feather. Copyright Bernadette Krause, 2014. Used with permission.

I was unaware of Bernadette’s miraculous photo until this morning when she shared it to her timeline on Facebook and to my Magickal Musings group, also on Facebook. She has kept the spoon next to her candle of the Virgin of Guadalupe since. Also, after sharing her pictures with us in the group she found an angel feather at her feet when nothing had been there before. This is just more validation that the pictures and the message are real and come from the One known as the Queen of Heaven and Queen of the Angels.

Now, what struck me is this. Images of the Virgin Mary are almost always accompanied by a message from Her. Bernadette had no message, just the image, BUT, last night, even before I saw Bernadette’s photo, I received a message in a dream.

I dream of holy figures, but just once in a very great while. Usually, I dream of the Archangel Michael and he will give me guidance that then helps greatly with a client’s case. I have never dreamt of the Virgin Mary, to my conscious knowledge, until last night.

Within the dream is the message I feel needs to be shared along with the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Bernadette’s coffee spoon. This message is VERY important and crucial for the times in which we currently live so I hope sincerely you all take it to heart and do what is asked of you by the Virgin Mary Herself.

In my dream I’m in a place of all white light. I can’t see anything but white above, below & all around me. I can’t tell where the walls are, or if there are any, or a ceiling. A light shines from everywhere. I then can see 2 figures walking towards me – a very tall male and a petite woman. As they get closer I realize it is the Archangel Michael, whom I have seen in dreams before, and the Virgin Mary.

Michael doesn’t speak. Mary does all the talking and she does so telepathically. I never see her lips move & I can’t be sure if I was speaking back to her verbally or telepathically.

This is the message Mary shared with me. Although I use quotation marks it is a paraphrase since I can’t recall Her exact words, but have retained Her meaning clear as a bell. Her message is as follows:

My child, the time has come. The time I have always foreseen. Forces of evil have taken over one of the Eastern religions. You know the one. The one that uses terror to subdue, subject, and murder, all supposedly in the Name of God. This is evil. It is not religion. It is evil created by the hearts and minds of men who are warped.

“I have always admonished children of God to pray. Pray for peace. Pray for the earth. Pray for one another. Pray for the angels that they have strength to fight against darkness and to always prevail. Now I am no longer asking. I am TELLING YOU TO PRAY. PRAY EVERYDAY. PRAY HARD. PRAY WITH EMOTION.

“What you fear as a possible World War III is brewing now. It brews due to the warped souls of those whom you call terrorists. It brews in the minds of militant Muslims who have corrupted the true and peaceful purpose of Islam into one of hatred, murder and eventual world domination. That is what they wish for – WORLD DOMINATION. Nothing less will suit their dark purposes.

“So pray, my child. Ask your family, your friends, all to pray. Pray for peace. Pray for the hearts and minds of the militants to open up to the TRUE message of God the Father, who would never wish for harm to befall any of His children no matter their religion or race. Pray now like you have never prayed before.”

That last line, “Pray now like you have never prayed before,” that’s a DIRECT QUOTE. Those are the only words I can be certain I recall verbatim. And now She has appeared in Bernadette’s spoon. So there is the physical manifestation and now you have just read the message. There is always an important message tied to all of the Virgin Mary’s physical manifestations. We all need to pray and we all need to make this a DAILY PRACTICE, SEVERAL TIMES A DAY.

I felt a great sense of urgency in the dream. Also, as I was hearing Her message my left ear began to ring like crazy in the dream. This was a chronic problem with me for several years. I finally decided to pray to the Virgin Mary for a healing since She had graciously permanently healed my knees when we visited Her basilica in Rome in 2012 (see that blog post here). My ear stopped ringing after I prayed to her several months ago and has not rung since; however, last night DURING THIS DREAM it resumed ringing to the point it woke me up. I think the ringing is coming from Her making sure I share the message. So I share it here.

I originally shared this dream earlier today in my Magickal Musings group. Upon posting it to the group’s wall, that very minute the post went up the ear ringing reduced in volume by 50%! I was stunned. Meanwhile, in discussing the matter with Bernadette  her ear was also ringing. We both took that to mean Mother Mary wished for us to combine our messages and share them. When I announced in my group I was going to blog about the entire situation suddenly the ringing in my ear completely stopped! It was as if someone simply flipped a switch from “on” to “off.” Since I decided to blog about this I have not experienced any ear ringing while this morning it was so awful it was almost at the point that it was making my ear ache.

Do I think that my dream, the image that appeared in Bernadette’s spoon, and the ear ringing  are all coincidences? NO, I do not. Although my dream occurred 2 nights after the holy manifestation in the spoon, since Bernadette and I have actually met in person, I truly believe the manifestation & the dream are connected and that these messages were meant to be delivered together.

So, as the Virgin Mary has asked you, I am now also asking you. Regardless of your faith and spiritual beliefs, if you believe in a higher power, PLEASE start praying TODAY. Pray every single day, several times a day. Pray for the forces of good to overcome the forces of evil. Pray for the hearts and minds of men to open and be receptive to the Light that is attempting to enter in order to cleanse their hearts and souls. Pray that humanity comes to its senses before it is too late.

I also ask that you all share this blog post. The more who see it and heed Mother Mary’s message, the more good that will be done in a concerted effort by us all.

Finally, coincidentally or not, I just realized my friend Bernadette shares her name with Saint Bernadette, who was the young nun who witnessed and spoke with the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes, France!

Also, I was raised Catholic and my birth name is Mary. I was named after the Virgin Mary. Coincidence also? I think not. What do you think?

Wishing you all many blessings,

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  1. I dream last night to play the part of Mother Mary in school then I was about to look for a dress as exactly she worn like white long dress and a vale or something for the hair to cover but then again it didn’t happen because I woke up already.


  2. I would like to start out by saying I am not an avaid follower.
    I have however used the pharse Oh Mother Mary please help in some sistuations that have no time to control,
    Well latley I have ran into some health problems and paryed on what to do, and how to be forgiven. That night I had a dream I seen Mother Mary she was dressed in white I did not see her full face but I seen and felt her hand on my shoulder that warmed me all the way to my heart, two words were spoken “Holey Trinity.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience. You have been touched by Our Holy Mother. That is incredibly rare & a tremendous blessing. We are all Her children & She is there for each of us. All we have to do is ask.


  3. i had a dream where i saw the virgin of guadalupe up in the sky.we were a group of people but only i and a colleague could see her. and besides her was the face of Jesus.


  4. I am a catholic and I had a dream i was in a very dark lane and just ahead, I could see the virgin mary , I felt very scared only for a few seconds, so it seemed and then I ran towards her and felt overjoyed and then I awoke.


  5. I have had two dreams seven eight years ago and somehow i cant forget the details of the dream. In my first dream i saw a lady in a red sari (an Indian attire) in an underground drain. She was surrounded by a group of big men who looked like thugs trying to rape her and i was on the other side of the drain screaming my lungs out for them to let her go. I shouted please let her go don’t do it please let her go my heart was racing and i was so helpless . The lady was pushed and pulled and crying and she then suddenly looks straight into my eyes calm and composed and rises her had and whispers wait . There was a bright light and the lady in the red sari levitated and all the men fell to the floor. The lady turned into Mother Mary in her white robe and she looked at me and smiled. I get goose bumps just narrating the story.
    the other dream happened the next day or they day after and at that time i was admitted in the hospital for some reason . So in my dream I see the status of mother Mary at the foot of my bed and everything else seems normal and I was just asking everyone why the statue was at the foot of my bed and then i wake up. I still dont know if I actually saw my MAMA Mary or if it was just a dream. But I was so happy that she came to me in a dream and if there is a message for me in it i will be more than willing to be her daughter and help her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I realize the first dream was stressful for you, but I wonder if Mother Mary wanted to show you that you as a woman are powerful in your own right & an overcome the obstacles that face you. If it were my dream I would think that is what She was trying to tell me. Thank you very much for sharing.


  6. Last night i dreamed Mother Mary having on my side, following me while i am in my garden. I noticed that one of her fists was closed….we don’t talk to each other. I was busy doing something on my plants while She just followed me and standby with my side. I alsi recognized her blue belt. What could be the meaning of this dream? I have that garden in real life. I’m a roman catholic and a believer of Virgen Mary.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is a lovely dream!

      My intuition tells me that Mother Mary is about to give you a blessing. That is what She was holding in her closed fist. It’s something that would have very little or next to no meaning to others, but to you personally it means a great deal. I hope this makes sense to you.


  7. The Virgin Mary came to me as I was praying! I saw 3 images! First a very beautiful red rose! It was bright red & perfect! Then the rose turned into a bright red heart! Lastly, I saw a forehead showing a hairline & beautiful brown eyes! They were loving & made me feel warm & at peace! I knew immediately that it was the Virgin Mary. I was praying the day before my surgery! I was scared! But after these visions…I was not afraid anymore!

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