The Christmas/Yule Spirit.

Did something unexpected and/or wonderful occur for you on or around Christmas/Yule? This season has always been viewed as magickal & growing up I heard many stories. Here is one I experienced myself when I was 14.

I was kind of depressed as Christmas Eve rolled around that year. Most kids are all excited about presents, but I had been raised an only child. Consequently, I had no older siblings or older friends to tell me Santa wasn’t real & I believed in him until I was 13. That year I snuck a peek & saw my dad putting out my presents. I cried myself to sleep & that has gone down in history as the worst Christmas ever.

The following Christmas I was in my room. It was Christmas Eve & I was listening to Christmas music on my stereo. I was waiting for midnight. I had special permission to stay up late because I wanted to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. As midnight arrived I sang, then got in bed. 

As I pulled the blankets over me I heard a sound like bells off in the distance. I held my breath. Where could bells be coming from? We lived on a fairly busy street so there wouldn’t be anyone out there at midnight ringing what sounded like sleigh bells as they came closer to my house. I then realized the sound wasn’t traveling along the street, which ran parallel to my bedroom. The sound was coming from the east, so from across the street & the neighboring houses. 

I got out of bed & stood there for a minute to make sure that’s where the bells were coming from. They suddenly grew louder and very close and at that point I realized the sound was ABOVE me. Our house was 4 stories (basement, 1st & 2nd floor, & full attic). My bedroom was on the first floor.

As I stood riveted to the spot holding my breath the bells grew increasingly louder until they were directly overhead. Then I heard some weird thumps up on the roof. 

ImageNow I really froze. I wanted to run to my parents & yell, “SOMEONE’S ON THE ROOF WITH SLEIGH BELLS!” But, I was paralyzed. I wasn’t afraid, but my mind was reeling. The logical side of me was saying, “Oh, some crazy neighbor decided to play a prank,” while my inner child was jumping up & down screaming, “SANTA! IT’S SANTA!” 

I heard a few other sounds up on the roof, like someone walking around and some other tiny thumbs (reindeer hooves?). Then I heard a swooshing sound. The bells began tingling again & they faded off into the distance, moving west behind our house & across the backyards of our neighbors. I went to sleep not knowing what to think.

The next morning I woke full of the Christmas Spirit. As my parents and I opened our gifts I told them what I had heard. They well remembered how traumatic the previous Christmas had been for me and I’ll never forget what Mom said.

“What you heard was the Spirit of Christmas, who took physical form as the original Santa Claus. The Christmas Spirit decided to visit you & gave you a great gift & one day you’ll discover what that gift is.” 

I was 14 at the time. That was the year I began reading tarot cards. Hence, my “gift.”

Wishing you all a very blessed & merry holiday season.

Nefer Khepri, PhD, R. M-T. 

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