How to Activate Your Third Eye Chakra

Special thanks to Darcy for sending me a question on Facebook that inspired this post.

I get asked all sorts of questions all the time & here is one I think many of you have so I am sharing my response to Darcy.

Clear Quartz Crystal.What do you do if you wish to be more intuitive?  Darcy realized it’s important to activate & balance your Third Eye chakra, but she wondered how she could do it ? There’s a very simple method and all you need is a clear quartz crystal.  Size doesn’t matter, just be sure 1 end of it terminates in a point.

First you’ll have to cleanse it. I do this by putting the crystal in a bowl of spring or filtered water with a teaspoon of salt mixed in & leave it under the moon over night.

Next, it is ready to be charged. Give the water to the earth, then rinse the bowl & place in it only spring or filtered water, no salt this time. Place the crystal in the bowl of water & set it out in the sun all day long.  Your crystal is now cleansed & charged, ready to use.

Next, you need to set your intention for your crystal. You hold it up to your Third Eye, point facing upward toward the top of your head & state your intention SEVEN times & be SURE your intention is worded the same EACH TIME.  You may wish to write down your intention first.

Something like, “In the Name of All That is Good (or, in the Name of ______ <insert name of God/dess>), I charge this crystal to help open & balance my Third Eye chakra.”

Repeat 7 times, then your crystal is ready to be used. You can keep it on you in a pocket or purse, or keep it by your bedside table at night (warning: quartz can keep you up at night, just FYI), or in a sacred place in your home. Everyday hold the crystal up to your third eye & repeat your intention 7 times to help open & balance your third eye.

A quartz crystal is the only kind that can hold up to 3 unrelated intentions, so you can use it for other things like protection, love, prosperity, whatever. You can charge it up to 3 intentions the same way as above, except leave out the moon cleansing & sun charging since it only needs to be done once.

Should your crystal seem to stop working for you, or if it cracks or grows discolored, Amethyst stone with chevronbefore buying a new one, try the lunar cleanse & solar charging again. If that won’t work then the crystal has served its purpose and it’s time to buy a new one & return that one to the earth from whence it came.

ImageOther crystals good for third eye are: Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, & Fluorite (purple), also Sodalite.  Azurite is particularly good (but can be hard to find & kind of expensive, if you can find it, get it tumbled as it’s so pretty tumbled), & any other purple or dark blue stone.

There are particular crystals & stones associated with each chakra. If you wish to combine stones & crystals with your chakra work there is plenty of information online.  Remember, Google is your best friend 🙂

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