Deck Review: Inspiring Butterflies: A 27-Day Course of Self Discovery

Inspiring Butterflies: A 27-Day Course of Self Discovery   

Marge Richards & Ginny Zaboronek

Artist: Charlotte Garrett

Schiffer Books Publishing

ISBN # 978-0-7643-3969-1

USD $39.99

The importance of color regarding balance and harmony of the human psyche and physical well-being cannot be over-stated.  Inspiring Butterflies


goes beyond the parameters of an oracle deck.  It has 27 cards and yes, there is also a guidebook and the cards can be used as an oracle.  However, Inspiring Butterflies is much more than this.

Also containing a 7 3/4 X 5 3/4″ spiral-bound journal filled with exercises meant to be done over 27 days at the reader’s own pace, the cards serve as a colorful tool that can bring increased balance and harmony to the hcakras if used with that intention.  As a reiki master-teacher the possibilities of Inspiring Butterflies intrigued me.

The intent behind Inspiring Butterfliesis threefold:  to serve “as a tool for insight,


self development, and to connect with higher consciousness” (guidebook, p. 3).  Each butterfly card through its colors resonates with a particular chakra.  color affects us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Color acts on our subconscious and each of the seven main chakras is associated with a particular color.  The colors of each card of Inspiring Butteflies allows a channel of healing energy to be opened.  The 3 1/8 X 5 1/8″ 48-page guidebook begins with information about the general meanings of particular colors and a brief discussion of the associations of each of the seven main chakras.  The remainder of the guidebook goes into how to use these cards for healing, an interpretaioin and affirmation for each card, and concludes with meditations on several cards that correspond to the seven main chakras so there is a meditation included for each of the seven main chakras.

Inspiring Butterflies is a multi-level tool that can be used for balancing and harmonizing the chakras, healing, meditation, and as an oracle.  But wait!  There’s more!

Included with the deck and the guidebook is a spiral-bound journal meant to be used as a 27-day course working with the Inspiring Butterflies deck.  The journal has 128 pages and concludes with 7 lined pages for additional notes.  Coincidentally (or not) there are also 7 main chakras so the reader may wish to assign one page per chakra.


The journal begins with a brief discussion of the 7 main chakras and their associations.  Each Inspiring Butterfly card is assigned a day (1 – 27).  Each card’s section runs 4 pages.  The first page is a full color depiction of the card, its title, and a positive phrase.  The second page begins with a discussion of the energy of that particular card.  The third page offers an exercise you can do involving the card and a writing area is provided to note your personal thoughts an d observations about the card and exercises.  The fourth page includes an assignment for that day and a positive affirmation.  Space for note taking is provided on the third and fourth pages of each card’s section of the journal.

Inspiring Butterflies comes houses in a 12 X 6 X 1 3/4″ hinged heavy duty laminated cardboard box with a hinged lid and magnetic closure.  The cards rest in a recessed well beneath the guidebook and measure 5 1/16 X 3 1/16″.  The guidebook rests on top of the cards.  In a larger recessed area rests the journal.  All together it’s a very attractive presentation of a unique product that I know readers would find to be helpful and also inspiring.  This is a beautiful set for butterfly lovers and for those of us interested in experiencing new tools of self discovery.

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    • How funny, Anton. You sound exactly like me! Since you work with color I know you will love this deck & you will probably discover even more uses for the cards, maybe even make them a part of your color therapy practice. I thought of you while reviewing this deck & was going to email you about them so I’m glad you saw my review ❤


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