BOOK REVIEW: Contact Your Spirit Guides, by Asandra

Contact Your Spirit Guides

Schiffer Publishing
ISBN #: 978-0-7643-3719-2
Paperback, 8 ½” X 11”, 132 pp.

In a nutshell,  Contact Your Spirit Guides provides you with all the information a person would need in order to establish and maintain contact with their spirit guides.  I should know.  I’ve been channeling and working with my spirit guides since 1980.  Back then books on metaphysical/new age subjects were not as numerous as they are today, nor as easily available.  I grew up in Waukegan, Illinois and back in 1980 there were no new age bookstores near me.  Amazon and ordering over the internet did not exist.  My method for contacting my own spirit guides was slowly and painstakingly developed over a period of approximately 3 years through the process of trial and error – mostly error.  How I wish I had this book back then!  Life would have been so much easier.

Now, all within the pages of a single book is all you need to help you contact your own spirit guides.  Asandra is a respected professional medium who shares her personal approach with us.  Many books exist that offer a particular approach to a goal and I never give them my endorsement unless I’ve tried the author’s approach and found it to work for me.  This is the first such book I can fully endorse because the method that Asandra discusses is pretty much the same method I use.  I have received many emails over the years from a wide variety of people asking me if I’ve read a certain book and asking me what I think of the author’s approach or method.  Most of the time I have to suggest to the person that they use their own best judgment.  Just because one author’s method doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else.  The method outlined by Asandra is simple, it’s direct, and I believe it has universal appeal no matter what your preconceived notions or walk of faith may be.  You will find this book to be highly useful.

In addition to the book there are 24 cards that are attached at the back of the book on perforated card stock.  They consist of simple, but colorful geometric shapes and each has a number and a title.  The interpretation can be found at the back of the book.  These cards are to be used in order to receive a message from your spirit guides through these cards.  So, even if you are unable to establish contact with your spirit guides right away using the method outlined here, you can at least begin using the cards.  I found them to be very insightful.  In fact, the first reading I did for myself really surprised me, but not until three days later, as I received the exact same message from a friend who had no idea I was seeking guidance regarding that topic.  Her words were literally the same as the interpretations to one of the cards in the book.  I doubt I shall ever forget that experience.  It not only validated to me what I’ve always known – that spirit guides often speak to us through the mouths of others if we’re unable to directly tune into them; but, the experience also validated the cards to me as being a viable tool for connecting with spirit guides and receiving higher guidance.

The book contains a set of 24 cards.  The cards measure 4 1/8” X 5 ½”.  They are perforated and rectangular so be sure to bend the cards along the perforations prior to carefully pulling them apart or you could tear them.  What I did to mine was to give them a slight trim with a paper trimmer.  I trimmed off the very edge of every card, along each side to eliminate the tiny ridges created by the perforations.  Then I took a corner rounder (I’m a scrapbooker so I have these tools just laying around my house, for those who don’t, I ***highly*** recommend the Personal Trimmer and the Corner Rounder by Creative Memories) and used it to round the corners, which really helps in shuffling.  Card images are reminiscent of mandalas, are multi-colored, presented against a white background.  The images are not near the edge of the cards so trimming is easy.  You don’t run the risk of trimming off part of the image.  The card number and title appear on each.  The card back is a geometric pattern against a purple background. 

Asandra discusses establishing sacred space from which to conduct your spirit guide session, methods of tuning in and focusing, but what I really appreciated about her approach was that throughout her book she reiterates the importance of calling upon spiritual protection first, before attempting to establish contact.  I have a page at my site on how to contact spirit guides (if you google “contact spirit guides” my page comes up as Number 1) that attracts a lot of people.  I have been contacted by quite a few who attempted to contact their spirit guides without first calling upon some form of spiritual protection.  BIG mistake!  They end up attracting something that isn’t a spirit guide and then have a difficult time sending it back.   If you take NOTHING ELSE from this book, do come away with this:  ALWAYS invoke spiritual protection FIRST, and this is even if you are in regular contact with your spirit guides and have a session every day.  I cannot stress the importance of spiritual protection enough.

For those of you who are interested in channeling, each chapter concludes with a channeling session with Asandra’s spirit guides.  I found these sections to be quite interesting and for many, I believe, the channeling sessions will answer a lot of questions people have about spirituality in general. 

Contact Your Spirit Guides is very well-written and is easy to read.  The information within each chapter is presented in a clear and organized manner that makes reading the book very fast.  The author does suggest you read the entire book before attempting to contact your spirit guides and this is because important information is contained throughout the book.  There is no fast, easy, or short-hand way to contact your spirit guides.  Just like anything else worth having you need to work for it. 

One more thing – contacting spirit guides requires two things:  repetition and patience.  You simply cannot rush the process, mainly for two reasons.  Spirit guides were once people just like you and I.  They often retain some of their personality they had while living.  Therefore, some spirit guides, like mine, are chatty, while others may be shy and reserved.  Depending on the personality of your spirit guides, they may start communicating immediately, or it may take quite a few attempts before you sense anything.  Also, do not be surprised if one or more of your spirit guides turn out to be animals.  That’s really an animal totem spirit, not exactly the same thing as a spirit guide, but when you open yourself up for spiritual communication and if you have one, they often do come forward with a message or just to let you know that they are with you.  In the end, just like with any other skill, practice makes perfect.  Even if you do not sense, feel, see, or hear anything during your sessions, please do not give up.  The payoff is tremendous and is well worth the wait.

Contact Your Spirit Guides is a wonderful contribution by an expert in the field of mediumship who has been generous enough to share her expertise with the general public. I do hope you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and purchase this book for yourself.  You may even end up purchasing a few copies for like-minded friends, as well.
Nefer Khepri, Ph. D., R. M-T.

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